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  1. Lost Viking

    Who to Start? Running 2014 Thread

    Need Advice. I was gonna start Chargers Def this week against the Jets, but they're really beat up with a lot of starters out or questionable. Should I drop them and pick up the Bengals Def against the Patriots?
  2. Lost Viking

    CJ2K: I'm the same player I've always been

    Lol, he got benched! I feel awful for the titans. Caveat Emptor I suppose. Guess this helps squash the "who's better, AD or CJ2K?" debate
  3. Lost Viking

    Report: Vikes sign AP to seven-year deal

    3 weeks later.... 100 rushing yards total over the course of 3 games for CJ AP is performing like always
  4. Lost Viking

    Report: Vikes sign AP to seven-year deal

    on the field, they are both incredible athletes. I'm not going to hassle who's better, that would be too nit-picky. Its the off-field stuff where AP is clearly the bigger man. CJ acts like a complete moron, bashing fans, holding out, and whining. AP only missed a bit of training camp to be there for the birth of his son. Its the class AP showed that made it easy for Wilf to open his checkbook to keep his talent. Its the talent CJ has that made the Titans owner make the deal while gnashing his teeth at CJs poor attitude
  5. Lost Viking

    Report: Vikes sign AP to seven-year deal

    Not really. AP showed class and security in himself by letting the situation play itself out. CJ was whiny and disrespectful, showing definitive immaturity in behavior and his twitter.
  6. Lost Viking

    Fitz Sr. predicts Fitz Jr will come back home in 2012

    Ignoring all the noise above, this would be pretty sweet if it were to happen
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