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  1. Bangy

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

    Have no fear Blots, this year it's serious bidnizz. Now that Tyrod Taylor is the man confirmed and that he's lost Goodwin and Woods, whilst having an injury prone Watkins as his main threat. Williams to me was the perfect fit, he's imo a day 1 #1 WR for the Bills if Watkins continues to be injury prone. Has great, size, speed and hands that you'd expect from a play maker.
  2. Bangy

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

  3. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Then if you're wanting to play ranked, be prepared to get whooped quite regularly. It's a really fun game and you can get really damn lucky with the free packs you can earn but if you want to get up the ladder you need to buy packs.
  4. Bangy

    Brandon Marshall stays in NY

    Really happy with this move. As much as I love Cruz, he didn't return to the level of play needed to be a #2 and it was a bit too much for Sterling in his 1st year. OBJ now gets more protection and likely more big play opportunities, Sterling gets time to improve from the slot, Eli gets a proven WR that can play the possession WR role. This will also ease some of the focus on Perkins in his second year and Vareen on his return.
  5. Bangy

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

    I'll take the Bills as my second
  6. Bangy

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been getting used to Madden 17, and it's so much different to what I've previously played. I'm struggling with the run game but in all it's really good. Going to build the 49ers up as there the worse team on the game.
  7. Bangy

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

    I'll take a second, don't mind who exactly so long as they aren't in the NFC East
  8. Bangy

    How is your team doing in free agency?

    Man the NFC East it going to be lit this year with the Iggles WR improvements. I'm stoked that Brandon Marshall has been signed as he gives OBJ protection, Sterling the chance to improve away from the main spotlight plus the bullshit that happened at the end of last season won't be happening with BMarsh there. He's a vet now and he's been there and done that shit but he wants that ring and is in as good as a position to do it, he wont take shit anymore as he showed with the Jets, I'd love the Giants to take a shot on Menelik Watson for two reasons. The first it keeps the UK player trend alive, secondly because if he can find a way to stay healthy his run blocking will be a big improvement to what we have in the tackle department right now.
  9. Bangy

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

    WHERE'S ATL? This is what you're known for.
  10. Bangy

    2017 TGP NFL Mock Draft Discussion

    I'll take the Giants boys.
  11. So long as Jaxson makes a mention, I'm happy here.
  12. The first 4 chapters have been unreal Stevo. Really pulling it out this season.
  14. Bangy

    Who's The Best WR In The League?

    Shit as much as I love OBJ he's not the best receiver in the league. Once he gets his emotions in check and can play better in the cold then yes. Otherwise he's not far off. This is tough for me, Julio has been at this level for a good few years now but injuries and an awful Falcons the last few years had him under the radar. Brown has been ridiculous the last couple of years, been on an average team but has avoided the injury bug and been huge in keeping the Steelers competitive. Right now I'd love to say Julio just because of his play this year but I've got to say Brown. Green is definitely in contention as well, 9/10 straight seasons with over 1000 yards receiving ain't nothing to be sniffed at.
  15. Bangy

    TGP NFL Award Ballot

    Really? Yes they probably wouldn't have the numbers and success that they've had with out the line they have but come one man. Both have played to a ridiculous level as rookies and have been a huge part of the success the Cowboys have had. This is virtually the same line that Romo has been behind and they were no where near as good in previous years than they have been this year. Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Coach of the Year Offensive Rookie of the Year Defensive Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year Place holder till tonight.
  16. Bangy

    OBJ Puts Hole In Lambeau Locker Room Wall

    With how bad a performance he had and the offence had and in the end the defence because they were on the field so much. I don't blame him for being pissed and emotional. I don't have any problem with him showing this emotion but he needs to do it in better ways than this. He will get fined and pay it but the whole Miami thing is blown out of proportion same as this pretty much. Just needs to learn to channel his emotions better.
  17. Alright JD seeing as it is the Giants vs Packers this week how about we have a little sig/name/avi/title bet? Loser has to wear it until the new season starts. What do you say JD? and tell me how the Packers will run the table when the Giant's abuse their defence?
  18. Giants Dolphins Steelers
  19. Nah not if you get the Giant's overwise id of said yes
  20. Come on you can't be ducking me bro! Alright what's your terms
  21. I'm more than happy if JD accepts for the community to chose all of the above for the loser
  22. Bangy

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 17

    Shit I thought I'd done it this week. My bad
  23. Although I got that your original message was towards the system, the fact it was about the players missing these games is also a shade towards them.
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