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  1. Chernobyl426

    Cherry's 2019 Scouting Notebook/BS thread

    First report is done! Will need to wait till end of year for athletic testing and stats of course, but the tape grade is in. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XnKgztty-M31ZU-NJ2WFK5KVlo22CxUFXL5HDujVcbs/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Chernobyl426

    Cherry's 2019 Scouting Notebook/BS thread

    I added some people to the team this summer, and one of em had his top five linebackers set prior to season.
  3. Chernobyl426

    Cherry's 2019 Scouting Notebook/BS thread

    So uh... NEW SITE HOME PAGE AND URL, BITCHES. www.whatsondraftnfl.com
  4. Chernobyl426

    You all are old as hell

    Wonder what changes from what I've already been doing.
  5. Chernobyl426

    Cherry's 2019 Scouting Notebook/BS thread

    Imgur forced it to convert to JPG so RIP to quality but oh well.
  6. This summer when I'm on schedule has been get up at 5. Start working on draft stuff around 6. Work until around 6 or so. Dick around for like an hour or two on Twitter then go to bed at 8. When school starts up again it'll be get up at 5, go for a walk, start draft stuff around 5:30. Work until around 9 or 10 depending on classes. Classes/lunch with any time in between working on draft stuff or homework. Finish classes between 1-4 depending on the day. Work on more draft stuff until around 8. Repeat. Time with GF is occasionally thrown in there whenever she wants to hang out, but I usually like my weekends free because I have more time to work.
  7. Chernobyl426

    Ngata's Top 10 fighters in the UFC.

    Nunes has faced a higher level of competition. Until Cyborg takes on a chick who has decent power or halfway decent ground game I just can't put her on my list. Smashing the Leslie Smiths and Tonya Evingers of the world doesn't do shit for me.
  8. Chernobyl426

    Ngata's Top 10 fighters in the UFC.

    Note: I'm a mouthbreathing fan who should have his takes considered with a big fucking grain of salt. 1. Mighty Mouse - Yes I know Cejudo just beat him but I think that's just because Cejudo is absolute fucking kryptonite. Mighty Mouse is the most well-rounded fighter in the UFC and arguably of all time. Technical wizard who knows how to get out of pretty much any situation in a flash. Cejudo rematch will be FUN. 2. Daniel Cormier - Maybe not the most talented guy around but his wrestling is near unstoppable and the power translates at heavyweight. Wish Bones didn't have the PED questions because clean DC vs clean Jon is biggest matchup ever in terms of talent vs. talent. 3. Khabib Nurmagomedov - The most dominant guy in MMA on the ground. I think he's honestly going to walk through Conor just because Conor's ground game is simply not there. RIP to Mystic Mac. 4. Henry Cejudo - Like Ngata said, he's evolving and evolving fast. The win of Mighty Mouse was huge, but watching his Reis fight you could tell he's becoming something special in all areas. I would not be shocked if he finishes his career in the GOAT discussion if he can pull off the second win against Mighty Mouse. He's truly a special talent. 5. Tyron Woodley - Explosiveness meets timing meets fight IQ. Woodley has taken on specialists in Wonderboy and Maia, so he's had to fight super careful over his time as champ. But I'm convinced the Till fight and potential Colby fight will bring out the best in him. Few people have the physical gifts that he has. 6. Max Holloway - Blessed era, assuming he can stay healthy from here on out. Dude is old school as hell and game to scrap at all times. Very precise with combos and has the cardio that won't ever quit. I think Ortega has a good shot because of the ground game, but Holloway's resume speaks volume. 7. T.J. Dillashaw - I was really tempted to put Dillashaw higher because of his dissection of Lineker and Assuncao, but he was way too quick to brawl with Cody, and his chin isn't anything remarkable. When he's in the zone Dillashaw is probably a top three guy, but he takes too many risks IMO. Also, I'd love to see him against a really special ground fighter, which isn't present at 135. 8. Robert Whittaker - Know how Rogan says "Air of greatness" when talking about Bobby Knuckles? I love it. He's hittable but his takedown defense is bulletproof and his striking is at a very high level. Go watch him knock out Brunson in Aussieland and try to contain yourself. 9. Stipe Miocic - I think Stipe's resume is enough to draw debate on his placement here, but I don't love any part of his game. He did a great job of outwrestling Ngannou but he KOed a charging Werdum, glass chin Overeem (after being knocked down), and JDS. He's been eating up veterans in a period at HW when nobody presents a real challenge. Beat Blaydes and Volkov and regain your title, then we're talking. 10. Amanda Nunes - She's cleared her division so badly that Cyborg is the only fight to make. I'd love to see her face Holm because of the striking prowess Holm possesses. But Tate, Rousey, Shevchenko (I had VS winning BTW), and Pennington? That's a resume for women's bantamweight.
  9. Why you wanna fight, Seanijuana? You just over here with the No True Scotsman shit for Christians. If you really that bored I can have you do draft shit for me
  10. Can you be Christian and kill someone? Can you be Christian and say "God damn"? Can you be Christian and homosexual? The definitions vary from person to person and are largely opinionated. Saying you can't be Christian if you're XYZ is just a personal stance.
  11. Whatever serves your purpose during your time on this Earth is what you believe. Religious texts are just a method of reinforcing your personal beliefs in many cases. Is it hypocritical and confusing to be a "greedy" Christian? Sure. But it's human. Religion isn't the glove people fit into. It's the hand people want to fit into the glove.
  12. Chernobyl426

    Cherry's 2019 Scouting Notebook/BS thread

    Rearranged the site and have been working on scouting reports on an A-Z basis. Podcast is up and running again as well. https://www.whatsondraftst.com/articles
  13. Because every individual has a different conception of morality and piety. Some people see being a "good christian" as not harming others and occasionally saying some good things. Others view it as giving every second of their life to helping others and creating change. It's impossible to box in all fiscally conservative individuals as non-christians.
  14. Chernobyl426

    Preseason Thoughts (and prayers)

    Baker looked fucking smooth. Stepped around the pocket with ease and looked the same way he did at Oklahoma. Incredibly natural thrower off platform with elite ability to alter throwing lanes. He's gonna be a fucking magician. Will Hernandez looked pretty solid in run game from what I saw, but I would've liked to see him be a bit quicker in pass pro. Lateral quickness was a major question coming out and he was late to pick up blitzers and stunts at times. Fucking pumped for Rosen one. Also, RIP Guice. He looked FAST compared to his 2017 tape. Peak Guice is a better RB than Barkley, but there's a good question of whether or not we'll ever see him at full health again.
  15. Chernobyl426

    You all are old as hell

    I just turned 20 a few days ago. Y'all some fucking dinosaurs.
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