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  1. Since reading Razors story I remembered how much I used to like writing. I haven't written anything in years so I figured I'd crank out a quick intro today to see how rusty my skills have gotten. I know there's not a lot of depth here but that will come as I continue. Thanks for giving this a quick glance. I'm super open to critique and am hoping for it to a point! Edit 1: Formating ___________________________________________________________________________ Jacen awoke in a cold sweat, the imagined smell of smoke and demonfire filling his nostrils. He shot into a sitting position, his eyes searching for the non-existent flames in the dark dormitory. He had awoken this way many times before, but it always felt as real as the first. Realizing this he fell back onto the stiff bed, its creak helping him calm himself. “You’re ok Jace.” He muttered to himself, attempting to still his still rapidly beating heart. The beams of the roof above him shuddered in the wind of the storm sweeping through the area. The sound of the rain beating off the shingles reassuring the young man of their presence. “Oh good you’ve stopped screaming,” a voice said form the door calmly. “I thought someone had finally decided to make sure you’re dead this time.” “Can it Stephen,” Jacen mumbled through gritted teeth, “You knew what you were getting into when you signed your rent agreement.” The younger man at the doorway chuckled, making his way into the room, settleing into the armchair placed by the large window. “That I did. Doesn’t mean I can’t poke a little fun at how my roomie screams like a little girl in his sleep from time to time.” The youth lazily raised his hand to block the pillow Jacen had thrown at him. “I said can it and I mean it,” Jacen growled angrily this time. He was always irritable after that dream. This old festering mental wound hadn’t healed in years, but hadn’t popped up recently. “Don’t you have something better to do than torment your landlord?” The younger man reached into his pockets, retrieving some keys from his pocket. “Like remind you we have to be at the institute in half an hour? Yes. Yes I do.” The smug grin on his face couldn’t have been any less annoying to Jace. Why he had offered this man housing still astounded him. “Alright, I get it,” huffed the prone man. He righted himself in the bed once again, the sheets sticking to the sweat that still clung to his body. “If you want to prove yourself useful for once can you throw the bags in the car? Since we don’t have time to make lunch now we’ll grab something on the way.” “Don’t get your knickers in a twist old man,” Stephen said as he stood. “I hope we finally get to do actual spell work today, not just read about stupid mages of old. If I have to hear about another one of Merlins’ fables I think I’ll vomit.” “Such is the life of an apprentice. I’m sure they know you couldn’t handle casting a simple luminescence without burning the institute to the ground yet,” Jace ribbed back at the teen. He rose from the bed, “Plus those stories are great!” “Yeah, for a nerd like you Jace” Stephen said as he closed the door. A soft thud cold be heard against the door. Another pillow for sure. Today was off to an interesting start, to say the least.