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The Panthers wont make the playoffs or Super bowl this year

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if I'm wrong?

If I'm wrong its just efing sports talk. Nothing in my life has ever changed or improved because a favorite team won or lost. No woman has been impressed,no job has been lost or gotten or was I given a raise because so and so won or lost. Cant put a team logo on a resume.

and if you arent working,who wins at sports is really trivial to think about.

None of my honesty or integrity or morals have changed or improved or declined because so and so won or lost whether I knew they would or not.

it doesnt improve my health or help my finances or make me a hit with the ladies.

Actual truth right here.


Unless I got money on a game (and sports betting has definitely desensitized me like I've mentioned before), sports really means jack shit in terms of affecting my life. At this point, it's not much more than another form of entertainment. Way too much other shit to worry about in life. :sigh:

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Cam was their entire offense last year.

The defense will have to compensate this year because he wont be that lucky this time.

and with a rookie pass defense/corners,that wont happen



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