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Kicking Balls and magnets

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Is it possible that the NFL can now control kicks via magnetic fields between the goal posts and the ball itself? Yeah, I know. This sounds like an outlandish conspiracy theory. But hell, I'm the "King of the Sports Conspiracies" so let's consider it for a moment.

For starters, back in 2014 it was announced that "new technology" was using magnetic fields to "track" the football's position on the field. This was inserted into regulation NFL balls, didn't affect their weight or behavior (allegedly), and was designed in conjunction with Disney Research (and yes Disney Research is the same Disney that owns Mickey Mouse and ESPN). How far of a stretch would it be to use that magnetic field for other purposes especially when you have a giant piece of metal known as the goal posts on either end of the field? Remember, too, the NFL has special "kicking" balls (K-balls) which are put into play ONLY for kicking plays, meaning if these balls had this magnetic field technology in them, they would only be in play for things such as field goals and extra points.


telling you they are doing it straight to your face but you cant figure it out.

ball just veers to the right out of no where.


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^ Ya... the winds of conspiracy.


Lerminaughty confirmed. :yep:

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