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Registration Terms

Welcome to The Gridiron Palace! The Gridiron Palace (TGP) was created on December 8, 2006 with the intent of creating a unique and enjoyable forum for football fans around the world. In order to keep everyone's experiences here at TGP enjoyable, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:


By registering to The Gridiron Palace, you agree to comply with the following terms and guidelines. They are listed alphabetically, not in any order of significance, and will be enforced equally by the staff.


Advertising: Unsolicited advertising of other websites or services via post, signature, avatar, PM, board e-mail function, or any other communication function available on TGP is prohibited. Doing so will result in a loss of privileges and possible account disablement. See "Affiliates" for more.


Affiliates: The staff here at TGP does encourage the fostering of relationships with other websites and forums. If you and/or your forum or website would like to affiliate with The Gridiron Palace, please send an email with the headline "Affiliate" and including all vital information regarding your website or forum to us at GridironPalace@Gmail.com . Affiliates may display banners of their website or forum via post, signature, and/or avatar as long as it does not conflict with other areas of the Terms of Service -- including but not limited to Spamming and/or Harassment.


Harassment: Under no circumstances will harassment of other members be tolerated. Hurtful/insulting remarks against another member's family, race, religion, or similar entity is prohibited. Repetitive/unnecessary attacks or insults against or continuously posting with the intent to instigate arguments with other members will result in disciplinary action from the staff. Additionally, threats against other members are completely forbidden and will lead to your account being permanently disabled.


Image Rights: Use of The Gridiron Palace's logos or any graphics/artwork found on the site is absolutely prohibited without prior permission from our administration, or its creator.


Inappropriate Content: The staff of TGP asks you to keep your posts free of racial/religious/ethnic slurs and the discussion of illegal behaviour/content.


Multiple Accounts: The creation of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. Anyone found creating more than one account will have all but one of their accounts deleted at random. Any member, who is found to have created an alternate account after already being disciplined, will have all offending accounts deleted and their IP permanently banned.


Profanity: The forums do not employ an automated word censor; thus, members are trusted with the freedom to judge their own use of profanity. However, any such use in an openly distasteful way, including the continuous insulting of other members or general overuse of profanity, is prohibited.


Questioning the Staff/Administration: While we do encourage you to make suggestions to our board, calling out the staff publicly is absolutely prohibited. This includes any posts questioning any aspect of a staff member's ability to perform their expected duties. Offending posts will be taken the same way whether stated directly or inferred. If you have an issue with a staff member, please PM an administrator and the issue will be dealt with on our best judgment. The staff were appointed to keep TGP running as smoothly as possible, so please treat them with respect and provide any and all cooperation where needed.


Signature and Avatar Images: Signatures as a whole may not be greater than 600 x 400 pixels. This includes signature images, userbars, text, quotes, etc. Signatures over the limit will be edited down to fit the size regulations. Avatars have maximum dimensions of 150 x 200 pixels. If an image is used with larger dimensions, it will be re-sized automatically by the site. Signatures and avatars promoting pornography, racial prejudice, extreme political view points, or anything of similar nature, for the purpose of controversy, are prohibited and may be changed by a staff member and may be edited or removed without your consent or warning.


Spamming/Flooding: Making useless/random posts with the intention to increase post count will result in your account being disabled. All posts deemed as spam will be deleted and repeat spammers will be subject to permanent bans.


In all cases of suspected behavior against the aforementioned, staff will first determine if a violation of the terms of service has occurred, and consequential disciplinary action may be taken.


By joining this forum, you agree that the administration has the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic/post at any time should they see fit. Please be respectful to the staff as they all run the site on a voluntary basis.


The administration reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time. Any changes made will be announced to members, and they will be responsible for following the updated rules.


Terms of Service ©2013




Discipline System


When the administrative staff determines that a violation of the terms of service has occurred and that disciplinary action is required, the violating member's warn level will increase according to the following system. Please note, this is not necessarily official and exceptions may be made as the administrative staff see fit.


1. Warning

2. Final Warning

3. Three-Day Suspension

4. One-Week Suspension

5. Thirty-Day Suspension

6. Account Disabled/Permanent Ban