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  2. DalaiLama4Ever

    Liberal, Libertarian, independent coalition

    Money isn't partisan.
  3. Hey Sparty what where u saying again? Good seeing ya. See ya in another 5 years lmao

  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2018/9/19/17874240/banks-heitkamp-tester-banking-bill-donations BLUE NO MATTER WHO!
  5. BLUE

    Pats @ Lions

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  6. BLUE

    Cowboys @ Seahawks

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  7. BLUE

    Bears @ Cards

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  8. BLUE

    Chargers @ Rams

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  9. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Okay, somebody has both Joe Mixon and Delanie Walker in their starting lineup, what the hell? EDIT: Le'Veon Bell too, c'mon man
  10. Good, the last ten years have been a fucking tragedy. Lady Gaga, fucking no talent hack. Beyonce...please The last good one was Tom Petty or MAYBE Springsteen. The halftime show is such a waste of time these days. I use it to pee and better runs.
  11. I agree, there are a few things in common that these groups share but as blots said/hinted, typically through completely different means. There are probably a few issues that are low-hanging fruit that all would agree on, sure. 1. To help provide stability and to counter/manage insurgent groups like ISIS until the Afghans are built up enough to manage things themselves. 2. Nothing? Had every reason to boycott the major parties last pres election and no one did.
  12. lmfao Mariners, dear lord, quit baseball

  13. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players Not On Your Team

    1. A.J Green 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Drew Brees 4. Odell Beckham 5. Xavier Rhodes Honorable mentions: Aaron Rodgers Todd Gurley Harrison Smith Luke Kuechly Denadre Hopkins
  14. Yesterday
  15. DalaiLama4Ever

    Vikings @ Packers

    Plot twist... NFL released their weekly video of things to do and not do. Clay Matthews’ hit on Cousins wasn’t on it.
  16. Vin

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Both, probably.
  17. DalaiLama4Ever

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Is it that or just all the weight loss.
  18. Last week
  19. Vin

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Man, Huell got old.
  20. Tulsi and Bernie would be a fucking iron clad duo if you chose running mates in the primary process. Bernie was getting hit in the knees by his own party for being the white candidate and being sexist. If you had a Jew and a woman of color team up you can only hit them from the right and that's hard to do with Tulsi and her miltary background.
  21. DalaiLama4Ever

    Liberal, Libertarian, independent coalition

    Joe Rogan asked her (Gabbard) if she would entertain being Bernie's VP ... long pause, no real answer. I think she'd totally do it. Bernie has a lot of fantastical ideas. He is ant-war though so I would have to give him a very hard long look if he were to run again -- especially if Tulsi was his running mate. Plus, Bernie looks like he could croak any second. If she could get in as a VP, and Bernie keels over... that might be her realistically best shot at securing the white house. Great listen
  22. We beat the Texans with no Mariota Lewan Walker or Conklin as well. Beat a divisional opponent missing That much playerd and we can talk then. Until then 26 Ls and got swept last yr Titans aint afraid or no pussycat lol

  23. Dawg there are Democrats who ask how we're going to pay for universal health care and saying we need to strengthen the ACA. Then turn around and vote to give a president they claim has committed treason a 60 billion dollar increase to a military budget that is the largest in the world by a wiiiiiiiiiide margin. The Democratic party has been infiltrated. When's the last time they did anything to support a Union, besides campaign about how much they love unions?
  24. Whatever you like to tell yourself.
  25. One primary win. That's not going change much. The Democratic Party is owned by people who hate us and who actively work to make it so everything we want is torpedoed. They know all they have to do is be marginally less unhinged than the opposition to sufficiently threaten people into voting for a continuation of the oligarchy and Cleptocracy. We have to break their backs. Some parties have just died. The Whig party doesn't exist anymore. We need to nuke the Democratic Party and smash the neo-liberal elite. They're more of a threat to progressives than any Republican could ever hope to be. Look at how corporate and conservative the last two Demcratic presidents were. Look at head the DNC as it's chair. Perez is a fucking Pharma lobbyist. Pelosi control the Dems in the house and Schumer in the Senate. What liberal Democrat has ANY power within the Party?
  26. "The democrats blatantly rig their primaries." Expresses admiration for person famous for winning democratic primary over well-entrenched democratic party leader. Nobody would love a Democratic Party split as much as the republicans.
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