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  1. blotsfan

    Official Hockey Thread

    3 of 5 on a West Coast trip? What is happening?
  2. blotsfan

    Official Hockey Thread

    Its sad that I'm so happy that the Sabres look like a mediocre team this year rather than a complete dumpster fire. At least at this point its clear Dahlin is legit.
  3. blotsfan

    Meet the new Chargers

    While I hate all relocations, Raiders will be fine in Las Vegas. They're a major brand and will be the only NFL team in town. These PSLs were like 75k. Very few regular people can afford that. It's mostly compnies looking to show off for big customers. All these big companies (correctly) figured that the money would be better spent on Rams tickets. Of course, that's why kroenke pushed for the chargers to be the other team instead of the raiders in the first place. He didn't want any doubt over who was #1 in LA.
  4. blotsfan

    Official Hockey Thread

    Its sad that I'm so happy that the Sabres look like a mediocre team this year rather than a complete dumpster fire. At least at this point its clear Dahlin is legit.
  5. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Because it was was sucha comically sexist screed that's a serious response was honestly not worth it. Maybe a twinge of guilt would do some good but obviously not. I honestly don't feel the need to spare others feelings when they're being shitty. Sean, maybe one day you'll be a good person but you honestly aren't one now. You aren't the word that person I've ever met, or even the worst person here, but its still true. I know you won't give a shit hearing that from me but that's what it is. And to the rest of you, why does it bother you so much more when I make an asshole comment specifically to Sean, but not when he makes several about women in general? You shouldn't need a specific face to sympathize with people.
  6. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    It doesn't matter that im not a woman. That doesn't make it ok for Sean to go off on this massive sexist rant. Like, comically sexist. Whether or not something is shitty to say doesn't depend on whether or not it personally applies to someone listening at that exact moment. If he went on a rant about how black people are dumb criminal thugs or something should I just say "meh that's fine I'm white." That level of selfishness (a defining characteristic or Sean) is garbage. He made a comment about how women don't get hit by men? Well I pointed out a damn good counter example. And ngata, if you actually gave a shit about not making stuff personal, I don't know why you'd say Phil was such a great guy. As I recall, he was the one that's called me a "Jew weasel" when he was mad about losing a bet.
  7. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    And that's the difference. I think saying something shitty is bad even if it's behind someone's back. Also this is funny in the context of you men getting so offended.
  8. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Dude literally says this: But civility is so important? Stop being such sensitive snowflakes.
  9. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Glad your mom could help buck the system.
  10. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    And what makes you think that?
  11. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    I mean...being a white man?
  12. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    What the fuck.
  13. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    That article you just sent explicitly says she isn't claiming tribal membership. "I'm x% Cherokee" is such a cliche. Is it a bit dirty to use it on a college application? Sure. Equating it with legitimate accusations about attempted rape is ridiculous.
  14. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    She just said she has some native ancestry. Not that it was a defining part of her life or that she grew up on a reservation. Just that she had a small bit of native ancestry. She proved she was right. And the reason this is different than Kavanaugh is that even in the most damning way to look at Warren, all she did was embellish her resume to get into law school. Kavanaugh's lies lead to attempted rape as well as other crimes. Conflating the two is absurd.
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