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  1. Whatever you like to tell yourself.
  2. "The democrats blatantly rig their primaries." Expresses admiration for person famous for winning democratic primary over well-entrenched democratic party leader. Nobody would love a Democratic Party split as much as the republicans.
  3. I honestly don't know where you get the idea that libertarians are against corporate control. That is the logical endgame of their philosophy.
  4. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Trump doesn't actually understand what the attorney general's job is.
  5. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Ah, the Washington Times. Breitbart for people with some self-awareness. And for the record, I don't much like Soros. I also understand that people tie everything to some massive conspiracy involving him in the exact same way more overt Nazis tie everything to the Jews.
  6. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *breathes* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I don't think they would. Also the dems wouldn't need 67 senate seats which has literally 0 chance of happening this midterms. Even getting 51 is a major longshot.
  7. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    While i wouldn't have a problem with the Dems pulling every trick in the book to stop him from being confirmed before the midterms (Merrick Garland rule anyone?), she gave the letter to the republicans too. That's why they had the letter from the 65 women who he didn't rape ready to go.
  8. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    This is also a thing that should be mentioned. There are other hardcore conservative judges. Hell, I'm sure there are ones without a shady past. As awful as Gorsuch was/is, he didn't have any apparent skeletons in his closet like this. So why are the Republicans so dead-set on pushing this specific judge through? The only thing judicially noteworthy about him over other hardcore conservative judges is that he believes the president shouldn't be allowed to get in trouble for committing crimes. Just saying.
  9. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Of course. I'm not naive enough to think that'll happen though.
  10. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    There are lots of big liberal donors. There's a reason it's always Soros. And again, the standards for jail are different than being named to the Supreme Court.
  11. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Fuck off with the George Soros conspiracy bullshit. That's just antisemitism for people that understand that open antisemitism makes you look bad. And I have yet to hear an explanation for why she'd tell her therapist about it 6 years ago. What does she gain by making that up? And fuck "presumption of innocence." This isn't about whether or not he says going to jail. It seems about the privilege of getting a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.
  12. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    Also to be clear, even if the rape accusations are 100% fake (which seems incredibly unlikely), he still has 0 business being on the Supreme Court.
  13. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    So why did she make up this accusation in 2012 that she had no interest in making public until he was going to be named to the Supreme Court?
  14. blotsfan

    Trump Regime thread.

    So why would she talk to a therapist about it in 2012 just to make it up? She knew he'd be a Supreme Court judge and was planning this takedown 6 years in advance? Also, nice bit of anti-intellectualism there. But no, you're a smart guy.
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