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  1. blotsfan

    Patriots Get Happy Ending

    Kraft is denying it all, which is a bold move when they claim they have video.
  2. blotsfan

    Biggest Douchewad in the NFL?

    Tough call between Vontaze and Jerry, but I went with the former. Though I would've gone with Snyder or Spanos or even Goodell if those were there.
  3. blotsfan

    Historical QB Rankings

    Literally nothing about that 08 Titans team makes any goddamn sense.
  4. blotsfan

    Joe Flacco Traded to Denver

  5. blotsfan

    '08 Steelers were up until 8AM the night before XLIII

    Just because you won't be at 100% doesn't mean you will literally fall apart. Obviously it wasn't smart of them, but its not absurd or anything.
  6. blotsfan

    Eagles Expected to Franchise Tag QB Foles

    I think that would backfire for philly.
  7. blotsfan

    Julius Peppers hangs 'em up

    It's pretty amazing how long he was able to be a good player. He was still really good in Green Bay and still pretty decent even these last few years in Carolina.
  8. blotsfan

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Absolutely horrendous trade for the Knicks. They're probably getting the Dallas 2021 and 2023 picks but unless they don't expect Porzingis to recover, thats just an awful return.
  9. blotsfan

    Alex Smith may miss entire 2019 season

    He done.
  10. blotsfan

    What was the last movie you watched?

    But then we'd never know how Han Solo got his last name!!!
  11. blotsfan

    Bware's guy is actually a selfish cunt?

    I'd imagine wentz feels a lot of pressure being the franchise guy when the backup won the super bowl. No too surprising that'd he'd push back against Foles (and this recent run probably didn't help). However, he's a young guy and they have a good coach so I bet they will work this out.
  12. blotsfan

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Man, the Warriors are gonna win the title lol.
  13. blotsfan

    Alliance Of American Football

    The Iron are associated with the Bills and Mizzou so it's an easy choice for me.
  14. blotsfan

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Ben seems like a bigger diva than Brown. Remember when he trashed his receivers after he had a bad game this year?
  15. blotsfan

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Blotsfan' #HotTake: If the beef between AB and Ben can't be resolved, the Steelers should choose Brown and either start Rudolph or get Teddy/Tannehill.* *There is a zero percent chance that this happens.
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