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  1. blotsfan

    Today is my Birthday!

    I'll stop when I die.
  2. blotsfan

    Last Poster Wins!

    I know, right?
  3. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    I won!
  4. blotsfan

    Guys I need some serious fucking advice

    I mean, its getting a kid. Kinda makes sense.
  5. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Thought I'd forget?? You were almost right. Saints Bucs Jaguars Texans Seahawks Cowboys Covid Cardinals Ravens Rams Bills Colts Eagles Chiefs Packers 69
  6. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    I don't know why I'm doing this. broncos.
  7. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Falcons Eagles Texans Patriots Rams 49ers Vikings Browns Chargers Colts Cowboys Cardinals Bucs Packers Ravens 54 points.
  8. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    If a man picks the Jaguars and no one is around to see it, did he really make a pick at all?
  9. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts New York Giants Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers New York Jets Washington Arizona Cardinals Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints Las Vegas Raiders MNF Total Score: 53
  10. blotsfan

    Guys I need some serious fucking advice

    For one, I'm really sorry, that's just an awful situation. People literally travel to another continent to adopt kids so only meeting the kid once should be fine. For one: talk to your fiancee. This is obvious, but i didn't want it to be left unsaid. As far as if you'd do a good job, I'm almost 100% certain you'd be better than the kid bouncing around the foster system for the next 15 years. Obviously it'd be a lot of work, but I'm sure you could figure it out. Every parent justness started out at some point. i don't mean to undersell the responsibility adopting a kid is, but if your only concern is whether you'd mess up the kid or not, I'd tell you you probably won't.
  11. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    How long will I keep this up for until i get bored? Idk. Maybe I'll even keep track of scores if I'm not the only person Browns tonight.
  12. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Up 1-0 on the field. LFG CHI @ DET CLE @ Bal GB @ MIN IND @ JAX LVR @ CAR MIA @ NE NYJ @ BUF PHI @ WAS SEA @ ATL LAC @ CIN ARZ @ SF TB @ NO DAL @ LAR PIT @ NYG TEN @ DEN Titans Broncos total score: 52
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