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  1. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I'm not really against war, it is business. That is how the world works when you step back and see the pieces that have been in play for decades. It's nothing personal to anyone except those fighting it. I wish we could say it was for better causes but it won't be. If you really look you can see where the next one will happen or at least narrow it down to three. We still have about 10 years before it comes, bit it will. As to them getting knocked off, better people die every day so to quote my favorite Russian, "If they die, they die." I literally would not be crushed to see any of them go and I wouldn't differentiate how it happened. There are homeless and drug dealers that did far less to screw me and mine that die so, it's whatevs. I will say I like this Sean that has some bite, more than the one who is all," kumbaya, my brothers let us all get along" bleh.
  2. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    To be fair, I saw that shit in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that was started as early as the 80's. This is all old hat.
  3. Omerta

    Need Advice w/ Losing a Pet

    There is no good advice in my opinion. Losing anything that meaningful is going to hurt no matter what. One thing I will say is you never regret the moments you spend with something you love. As much time as you can devote to her, do it, it will not be a regret. It may also help to be positively patient with yourself. Realize that it is going to suck and you are going to be hurt, and there is no time table for it. It will take as long as it takes for the grieving process, and there really is no arbitrary measurement for how long it takes to get over it. She truly will be in a better place. Whether that be heaven or not suffering, she will experience peace. She won't be in agony every day. I think we all have a point where suffering is no longer preferable even for those we love. The last thing is remember you were the center of her world. She loved you immensley and love will always stay with you. And do not second guess forgoing chemo. It is not a bad decision. She is going to need you and I have always found that we can learn lessons from death about a life well lived. She will pass with people around who lover and love in her heart. That is something to be revered.
  4. Omerta

    What was the last movie you watched?

    SPOILERS SPOILERS. I WARNED YOU. See, I am in the same boat. I am an Absolute genre nut who love the first one.I thought it was one of the most groundbreaking horror movies ever made, and I absolutely saw this is a chance for it to build on something and make this franchise unequivocally the greatest of the slasher films. The problem was there was Zero plot development. You have him in a mental Asylum, he escapes. That parallels the series, which I thought was a decent start, and then there was a pretty good action sequence after that. Then boom, here's Laurie strode's daughter who has an estranged relationship with her, and the only thing we ever get out of it is that it was because she was trying to prepare her for evil incarnate. And it's a bunch of whining and incessant bitching, and there's a granddaughter who there's absolutely zero development of the character for, and Laurie Strode is played as a loon throughout the entire movie. Come to find out she is correct common he's indeed after her. Then there's the final showdown with her and her family, and the most anti-climactic ending, and final "gotcha" phrase in recent memory. It was almost as bad as Busta Rhymes "Burn Muthafucka" line. then there's the crazed dr. Loomis replacement that has no backstory, place a prominent role for two whole scenes, and then just vanishes. I thought the movie was atrocious, I really was expecting so much better from this film. I got installed you from the very beginning, and the first two or three minutes when he first on the mask, and then 10 minutes and I figured out this was going to be nothing like the great memories from the past.
  5. Omerta

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Halloween. It was ass, like complete and total shot. No character development good 15 to 20 minute lapses of nothing going on. A garbage final act, it was just a shit movie. I am disappointed, fans of the original deserved better.
  6. Omerta

    Jalen Ramsey Tees Off On Opposing QBs

    From what I have read is he is not playing like a number one corner, and is ranked outside of 32. Kind of a puppy dog ass for an alligator mouth this year.
  7. Omerta

    Jalen Ramsey Tees Off On Opposing QBs

    He is awfully quiet. Apparently having QB’s spanking you and your defense doesn't give you a lot of room to get fiesty. Sit down bitch.
  8. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Something like a trans league ? That seems like it would turn into people viewing it more like a freak show than legitimate sport. I hope not, but I don't trust people to treat it with any modicum of respect or legitimacy. I don't want trans women fighting dudes either because Odds are they get just as fuckes up in that as their opponents wooden the female sports.
  9. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    she doesn't want to fight men, at least I haven't read anything that said she does. I haven't even heard sources that have crappy credibility say that. I would be open to it, but everything I've read from your standard MMA Outlets have not said she wanted to fight men. She said she's a woman thus she should fight women. I think it may have been in that documentary about her called Game Face. It is actually pretty good documentary comment paints her in a decent light, actually I think it would be fair to say they paint her in a good light. Which is fair. I don't know how to really approach this situation. I think it's very difficult. She has put a lot of time and effort into her craft, now granted she still relies on a lot of her brute strength to get her through fights which is why she can be beaten by Fighters with better technique, but no fighter I've seen her against has been able to overpower her. So the question becomes should we let her beat women that have a biological disadvantage? If the answer is no, then where does she get to Showcase her skills? I definitely think she should have a platform to Showcase your skills, because it is her passion and she has worked hard to do it, and I would feel uncomfortable taking away her right to compete.also, what are you going to have her do? Are you going to force her to fight men against her will? Let's say she is willing and I missed it, if she fights men that's unfair to her. She fights in the bantamweight division, right now the bantamweight division is ruled by a guy named Tyler Jeffrey Dillashaw. that man is an absolute killer, he took the best the MMA world had to offer, and made them all look silly. So do you really throw a woman in there, or if you view her as a man, do you throw her in there to get absolutely butchered by Dillashaw? That hardly seems like a good solution either because now you have somebody who was willfully putting themselves at a physical disadvantage, and getting absolutely beaten up. if you say she should be allowed to fight women, how do you Rectify that with her natural advantages. I have seen a lot of people try to attack this from an idiotic perspective. In 2004 the international Olympic Committee said that transgender athletes could compete as long as they had a reassignment surgery, we're on hormone replacement therapy for a year, and we're legally recognized as a female. Now everyone takes that study and touted as evidence that there are equal, but they're really not. That study just says the testosterone levels of a trans woman is lower than that of her female contemporaries. Now that part is absolutely true, that cannot be denied. the problem is what else can I be denied is the fact that if you transition when you're 30, you've had 30 years of benefits from testosterone. Your reaction time is faster, your muscles are bigger, and they have developed differently, your bones are stronger, your jaw develops in a different way, the bones in your hand and wrist or thicker, they're really is no way to undo those completely. Now sure taking hormone replacement therapy will dissipate some of that, even most of that, but when you see what the margin of error is for all of these high-level athletes it really does give you a competitive Advantage even if it is a small one. Think of the NFL, a guy who is two tenths of a second slower is all of the sudden a slow wide receiver. John Ross ran a 4.26 40-yard dash, if a receiver were to run a 4.46, then they're looked at as more of a possession receiver. 2 tenths of a second is the difference between a combine record and a possession receiver with decent speed, not great speed but decent. 2 tenths of a second.hormone replacement therapy is not going to undo all of those advantages, even if you keep a little that's a Competitive Edge, and most keep some I won't put a number on it, just because I'm not a doctor and I don't know definitively, and most doctors won't assign a percentage to it either they will just say they keep some of it. I am all for transgender people being able to Showcase their skills, but this is definitely going to be one of the problems that you run into in a society that we have. I think it's great she's following her passion, and I wish her well, I really do. I just don't wish her to beat up on people that she has a natural biological advantage over. I also don't want to see her fight men and get killed, I really think if she was in a five-round fight with TJ Dillashaw he would kill her, not intentionally but the head trauma alone would be severe. I am open to Solutions, because I sure as hell can't think of any good ones. And if this wall of text comes out looking messed up, I have had it on talk to text for a while now.
  10. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I can't definitively say no, however I'm pretty big at all sports, and as of right now I know of no transgender man who is competing with cisgender men, in any mainstream sport.
  11. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I'll raise. What what do we do about a man beating the shit out of women? Where's all the liberal feminist now talking about assault? I'm fine with Democrats, I actually even like a lot of their policies when it's talking about unions, Health Care reform, immigration reform, legalization of marijuana, and general equality, but these far-left people are absolutely insane. they want superiority in Progressive to be so bad they don't care that biological women get hurt in the process. in a weird sort of way though, it's almost as if the universe is trying to achieve balance no matter how far we try to go with things. We start letting girls into the Boy Scouts, but girls won't let poison to the Girl Scouts. So now boys are just going into women's sports and winning everything. So I guess we're taking away sports from them. By the way with a little cyclist guy, it's crazy that he thinks it was a legitimate win. I mean it's legitimate the sense that he probably cross the finish line first, but to think having years and years of testosterone build your system, things like bone density, muscle density, muscular contraction, where muscle attaches to the Bone for leverage, fast twitch muscle fibers, are all incredibly advantageous and far more prominent in men than women. That's not to say some women don't have physical advantages over some man, that's absolutely case, but by and large it just seems like we're kind of ignoring the advantages men have as far as physicality goes. I think it's actually pretty unfair for men to compete in women's sports, or at least women who were born as men. I would not be opposed to having a transgender League,a place where all of the participants have the same advantage, and they all know that going in. I could definitely see them being upset about that though cuz it's like we're singling them out, but realistically what do we do? I don't think allowing men to beat the hell out of women is there right answer. I don't think exclusions the right answer either, this is just such an odd predicament.
  12. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Kleenex had to rebrand "mansized" Kleenex's. This is why we need finusm guys. Seriously can we no longer identify anything by a gender, even as a joke? In a weird way I feel like they were playing on the FACT men are bigger than women, and these Kleenex's are bigger than average. Although it was probably trying to take women's right to vote. Freaking oppressive Kleenex's. What a bunch of mansized bitches.
  13. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    He is definitely the reason Trump won, he is the reason he has a chance again lol. Leftists like that douchebag are the best anti-liberal advertising there could possibly be.
  14. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I agree. At least in so far as that it's not a societal epidemic. This Harkens back to what I was saying earlier, but when you really think about it what else can we do? At least on a widespread level? Yes there are definitely entitled assholes out there, I don't think anybody can disagree with you. I am also very aware of how women are treated on a day-to-day basis. My wife is a beautiful lady, and I mean gorgeous, and she can't walk down a city block without somebody throwing her a glance. It used to bother me, but I think there are definitely some biological imperative there for a lot of that behavior, and what am I going to do fight every man that looks at her? That would literally become a full-time job. And it does scare me, my wife is more than capable of taking care of herself, but her a gun just to make sure. That being said I'm raising a daughter, and I know the last kind of guy that I would want my daughter to date is someone like me when I was 16 or 17, I only had one thing on my mind and it sure as hell wasn't good behavior. I think most men are that way in their adolescence, and again I think there are some biological factors at play here, but I also think that as you get older you should develop the self consciousness to know when things are appropriate or they're not. One of the largest issues I see with that statement, is that we're kind of redefining welcome and unwelcome conduct. Rape is always been bad, it always will be bad, and it will never be a good thing. That said there are a lot of other things that are covered under the umbrella of sexual harassment that are changing. Not to sound like an old man here, but it used to be that if a woman put extra effort into making herself look nice, you could compliment her it wasn't a bad thing. For instance, if you have a secretary who's going out on a date, and she's doing everything she can to make herself look nice, and she comes in ready for the day looking like a million bucks, used to be able to be an environment that you could say hey, look very nice today, he's a lucky man. And that was okay. In this day and age, sometimes it isn't, and sometimes it is. The problem is it's hard to know which one that is without actually saying something. I also understand there's a massive Chasm between saying hey you look very nice today, and hey sugar tits that's a sweet ass. so that notwithstanding, it is still getting very hard to know which is which. and then you see stories of women who think men should have to have consent before they say anything to them, and that is just odd to me. I can understand if you say something vulgar, but if you're in line at a coffee shop, and you strike up an innocuous conversation, somebody can literally think you're trying to harass them. Now if somebody says hey leave me alone you make me feel uncomfortable, then by God you should do that. But if they don't say anything, then how do you really know? I just feel that there's a lot of gray area when it comes to sexual harassment in so far as words are concerned. now any sort of physical touching is completely inappropriate, and things that society as a collective would agree or vulgar or definitely inappropriate. However I do believe a guy can say something that is meant with a fairly innocuous intent, and get made into something it isn't. Not granted these are rarely life-changing because I think most people can see the difference, but it just puts men in an odd place when it comes to being able to talk to women. there's also some parallels with racism in those statements. I think from a legislative standpoint, things are about as good as they can get as far as race and sex is concerned. I mean literally what else do you do that you can make it federal law that is fair to make things better for either black people or women? I just don't know that you can. Now that's not to say as a society we don't have things we need to fix, but that's more on the individual level. I definitely agree that racism and sexism still exist, but how do you get that out of society? I think racism will slowly dwindled down, but I'm not sure we'll ever fully go away, and the same thing goes for sexism. Humans have been on this planet for Millennia now, and we came a long way as far as dwindling down idiocy, but it has never gone away, nor do I think it will unfortunately.
  15. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I would say that's fair, I would however like to add a caveat. When you're talking about things on a micro-level you have to generalize, because you really can't get a good consensus of the entire picture when you're trying to break down the individualities of everything. Taking privileges an example, there certainly groups that have it easier than the others. White people generally have easier than black people, but that doesn't mean is that you get to languish at your station and blame everyone else for staying there. I have no problem admitting that it's extremely likely the overwhelming majority of black before I going to get a fair shake that's success. Let me send the overwhelming majority of people won't have the same footing for Success anyway for a myriad of reasons like you're alluding to. It just so happens race plays a factor. what is a tough sell for me though is when white women want to talk about men having all the privilege, when they all realize they're on Extreme privilege. Men get longer prison sentences, are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, handicapped and civil courts because for some reason mothers are more important than fathers, they have equal opportunity coming out the ass, they have more advantages in college, there are more of them in college, there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars spent on battered women shelters to the federal government, and not a single dime contributed to battered men shelters. so when we're talking about privilege really have to step back and see what we're talking about. I'm not saying he's a man I need help, I need help to right the wrongs in my life, but to ignore the fact that there are thousands of men out there who get beaten, abused, and stabbed, and sometimes worse by their spouses and they literally have no places to go, and there's hundreds of stories of men's being turned away from battered shelters because they only take women, and men are seen as the aggressors in domestic violence situations. They don't want men triggering women who have fear of men. Now I can totally understand women being afraid of minutes if you get out of an abusive relationship, but what happens to the men who get out of an abusive relationship. Where do they go? Got none of this is the fault of women as a whole, it's a very small minority that keeps talking about how they're so underprivileged to a man, that it's ridiculous. That means that the overwhelming majority of them are just trying to live their lives and get along the best they can just like everyone else. I was raised by a single mother, I saw my mother struggle every single day of her life to give me better opportunity than what she had, only to die before she was 30 years old and never reap the benefits for hard work. my heart goes out to his single women, especially those were busting their ass every day for their kids. Everything I have is because of my mother, I had a good father, or stepfather, my unrelenting work ethic was definitely something that I gathered from watching my mother day in and day out. I'm all for helping these people, but I am not for his handicapped and other people who need help to make sure you get that little extra leg up. to your point of using broad Strokes here, I don't know any other way to address this issue, because it is something that is systemic. You have to be able to chunk problems, to be able to solve them, because there's no way you can sell this issue on an individual level. Not unless all of the sudden you can wave your wand and say something like stop beating each other, stop abusing people, stop using drugs, take care of your kids and all those other great things that great parents do. And have people listen and follow through. so yes I certainly agree with your sentiment, but if we're going to solve problems not macro-level you have to put people in boxes, or at least so far as I've been able to rationalize. If you have a better way, and alternative perspective I'm all ears man.
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