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  1. Omerta

    Theoretical AFC Championship scenario

    I saw for once in my whole life the refs call a game that wasn't blatantly slanted. Ok some hyperbole there, but it is mostly true. There always bullshit call extending drives for the pats. The 2 tripping calls in Dallas could well be a 4th loss, but alas here we are. We have played the top 5 defenses this year and averaged 3 TD's. The Pats arent scoring that on us or any other top 5 defense. And we will be away from Gillette so BB can't send our equipment to Sweden, or pay off Jerome Booger or Clete Blakeman. We would win handily. I hope we get the rematch. The chiefs though, boy that is going to be tough.
  2. Omerta

    Razor's QB Rankings 2019

    How much of Lamar's grade is passing versus running ?
  3. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    It IS NOT the job of Jeff Bezos to make up for others shortcomings. If anything he brings more goods and services to low income neighborhoods than any other business. This whole idea promulgated by the left that is others job to take care of you is frightening. If you think this problem is as simple as make the rich give more than your missing the picture. The top 5 philanthropic givers in the US gave over 10 billion. ALL THE WEALTH of the one percent in this country would barely be a drop in the bucket, so the idea this is some solution is dumb as hell. The top 10 richest Americans won't get you $700 billion. I'm not sure why people think that the methodology of tax the rich until their middle class will generate enough money. It Won't. Here is the real fact. We give too much money to idiots. The U.S. takes in about 4 trillion a year. So when Warren says she wants to raise 2.75 trillion in 10 years, this is not some huge life changing sum. We bring that in plus 75% of that every year. The problem is we have morons and corrupt morons running the show. We don't need more taxes we need a straight house. The rich will not solve this problem. The funny part is Dems hat the flat tax, but it would extract more wealth and an equitable amount, but they don't want that. And I disagree with public schools. The richest men in the world learned plenty about it from public schools. And kids are.fucking dumb these days because we have shitty parents who aren't engaged. Which is more common 2 parents working 80 hours a week a piece or two shitty parents who raise their kids on electronics where they waste their lives? It's not schools, it's parents.
  4. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Do you know that gangs keep impoverished areas poor ? Do you know what one of the most important factors for businesses is when deciding where they are going to bring jobs? Crime. Why would someone open up a business in an area where profit margins are going to be a problem because of gangs? So actually eliminating gangs would help with the poverty situation. And I agree the stat about kids is sad. I love kids, one of the few groups of people I can say that about. That said, why is it on Bezos to fix it? This is something that is a common sentiment and I get it comes from a good place. However, why are we not holding the parents more accountable? Wouldn't you say they have a lot larger role in this. I think one of the bigger problems in the US is we tell people so what you want, instead of be practical and provide. Then we also allow them to blame Jeff Bezos because he isn't giving up half his fortune to pick up their slack. Everyone wants accountability, but no responsibility. Now are there working poor, of course. Are there people who have gone to college and do all the prerequisites to be successful, but because they pick social work, or teaching will NEVER be paid what they are worth? Sure. And that is the problem. I don't know how we have arbitrarily decided what is more important but if you have a sensible degree and work in that field you should not be in poverty. Now all the gender studies horseshit, yeah you deserve to be poor for wasting for years on something useless. That said it is a rarity.
  5. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This is correct. That's why I like it. Damn it, if you're going to combat gang violence, than be in it to win it.
  6. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Not if you're better at it. What's the alternative, get killed because you would rather use non lethal force to combat lethal force? Have people die on principle...yeah fuck that. What Mayor Pete is talking about is a solution for the area in which it's applied. These dumb shit gangbangers are just moronic dudes who aren't smart enough to do anything else. Using tactics that are tried and true among elite combat squads the world over might make for less bloody engagements. For the good guys anyway. You have 3 real options here. Leave the status quo and let the gangs do their thing, and let them keep recruiting the young people in those neighborhoods. Wipe them out wholesale in certain areas, and make the world better. Try to compromise and have the gangs get to play the victim because we don't just let them do what they want. And before we get on this poverty routine . Yeah sure let's accomplish the impossible and eliminate poverty. After that gangs will go away. Or human nature takes over and hands try to get richer. What's the solution here. Do nothing ? Send cops in with rubber guns? Not exactly a solution.
  7. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Basic rule of combat meet force with force. When gangs start exploring non legal options, then yep, I'm with you. Until then, do what you gotta do. And I'm not sure how effective it would be. The reason there isn't the anticipated boom in Canada and US started that have legalized some sorts of drugs, is because there is still a massive black markets and they are cheaper
  8. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Well I mean even if we ended the drug war, you think gangs just up and go away? Even if we legalized all drugs there would still be a black market. And if a gangbanger dies...so?
  9. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Why because gangs aren't domestic terrorists?
  10. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The Democratic party is in shambles. Biden is still winning most aggregate polls, despite CLEARLY having dementia. Warren sunk herself. She put herself in an impossible spot. She either backtracks on a staple of her campaign or continues to sink with an economic policy average Joe KNEW wouldn't work. Tulsi screwed Harris. I'm not sure what to make of Buttigieg. His policies on guns I can live with. His stances on religious freedoms I don't like. His stance on paths to citizenship I like. Him encouraging immigration, I don't. I don't like him allowing women in combat roles. I like his stance on marijuana. So he is a candidate I'm 50-50 on but would not be mad about. Democrats still don't want Bernie. Yang and Gabbard are in the same boat. Yang is more liberal, Gabbard is more moderate. Neither have a shot but a strong showing could be parlayed into a cabinet position. Clinton is killing the party but the egomaniacal cunt can't help herself
  11. Omerta

    Last Poster Wins!

    It's not a long trip, but it's not in Seattle either. You can live other places than Seattle for cheaper, it will be cleaner, less people, better views, and closer to the outdoor recreation.
  12. Omerta

    Last Poster Wins!

    The homelessness doesn't effect anyone? Stay out of the pot shops breh. You have clearly never stepped in human shit in Seattle. Alaskan is a literal shitshow. Seattle is top 5 in homeless and not even top 20 in population. As far as the mountains, sure. But you're what 3 hours away from the south entrance to Rainier and 2 on Maple Valley highway? My Baker and the Olympics are all at least 2 hours from Seattle. Outside the waterfront there is Alki beach and that's it.
  13. Omerta

    MVP race 2019

    It's Action Jackson. If he beats the 9ers next week he has a stranglehold on it. My God what a game that is. It is going to be a tough fuckin game but I think we get them by a field goal...maybe lol.
  14. Omerta

    Week 12

    I'm thinking the NFC isn't the end all be all like we thought. Seattle is good but great. GB is streaky, they can look like world beaters, then they lose badly. The saints defense has been looking suspect as shit. I think the 9ers stand alone.
  15. Omerta

    Last Poster Wins!

    It has 1 thing going for it. The waterfront is nice. It is just awful. There are all the liberal pussies a man could ask form. Outrage culture is huge. There is literal human shit on every street corner because of the homelessness crisis. The traffic is awful because of poor layout and city planning. For instance they just tore down the viaduct (a 4 lane road) with downtown exits all through seattle., For a tunnel that has 2 lanes and no downtown exits, that will be tolled. Seattle controls the whole state. They just had an initiative to cap car tags prices that were exorbitant (almost 700). It passed because people were getting screwed, but Seattle wants to Siphon billions more from transportation grants. They are the definition of liberal corruption gone away. The average home process is almost 500k, but median income is less than a 10th of that on King county creating a heavily taxes welfare state. Mind you I say this as a 1 percenter who gets blamed for the city's woes. That said, it is still a shit place to live unless your a business owner or Union member.
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