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  1. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    He doesn't have as much pull, but Allen West is a scary motherfucker.
  2. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I'm not saying you're the Uber whiny, 72 gender, glitter farting, dildo slinging, unicorn horn sitting, do-nothing-bitch, feaux intellectual, self loathing, self pitying, handout taking, entitled, cunt bag type. But you are as far left as you can get while floating between the fringes of reality and firmly planted in it. I say fringes because you see a vast chasm between the left and right that isn't there, and you debate from emotion often. Most of the time you're On it even if we disagree. We will most likely never share a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle together, but I don't disapprove of your very existence like I used to, and still do for Blots and PhilElliot. You're much harder to pin down. One minute I like you, and the next I grab my flashlight and boots to help you find the mind you lost imo. I would say on the spectrum from Rush Limbaugh to Blots you're a Whoopi Goldberg.
  3. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Oh it definitely does. I believe we're all equal, I believe in climate change, and everyone should have healthcare. I am not left in the slightest. You are left and that's a good thing. You are the decent face of the left. You could be a massive pile of shit like Blots left. You are the left this country needs to negotiate towards a middle.
  4. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    You are definitely hard left. That's ok man, just own it. And why do people care what other countries do. Thank God were not them.
  5. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    No their worse to you. Both sides are equally terrible to me, but you're a hard left guy so...yeah. We do live in much different worlds.
  6. Omerta

    2019 TGP Fantasy Football

    So not bragging or nothing but I have a lot of consistent scorers at RB and WR now that Tevin Coleman is back, that I wouldn't mind moving for a top talent.
  7. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    If we have no end game why not call the boys home until we have a competent foreign policy? So we have no end game right now so we should keep perpetuating the dumb shit until we get one? That makes no sense to me. Not all issues are black and white. Most are. That is the beauty of right and wrong. We shouldnt be over there by any reasonable standard and continuing to do so just because people are going to die doesn't mean we have to keep fucking up. Where is the outrage for Eritrea, Uganda, and all the other shit hole places we are in where people die everyday because of Muslim extremists? There isn't because the truth is most people don't give a shit. More people die per day in countries like Africa because of extremism and warlords, even after the US has tried to prop up the opposition. We just can't anymore. Whether it's Africa or Syria we can't keep solving Europe's problems at our expense. Yes The you also fallacy has been a political staple for years, BUT, the left has been using it at a prolific pace. They talk about corruption like it's exclusive to the Republican party, and when the Republicans defend themselves it's whataboutism, and vice versa. All politics and both sides use alternate facts. But I guess that's whataboutism too. Look no further than the hit piece the new york times put out on Gabbard calling her supporters white supremacists and neo Nazis
  8. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Yes you walked it back. You do this ALL THE TIME. You will make a blanket statement, it happens and you don't like it, so you do the Thanatos special. It's, "nuanced" , cut the shit. If someone else did it you would sing from the mountain tops, but since it's Trump it's always going to be bad. He himself could implement universal healthcare, and you would hate it. Then it would become " nuanced" lol. First let's call whataboutism what it is. A liberal buzzword anytime someone brings up historical context. Here is where it gets real stupid. People will bring up something historical or say something is unprecedented and when you try to show them it isn't, boom whataboutism. Such a stupid argument used by morons. Then the dumbest part. To shame the inadequacies of their own arguments, they just fucking make up words. Of course it's an issue. I am well aware, but if anyone thinks shady middle eastern deals started with Trump, or that he is even the worst, they're a fucking moron who lacks any knowledge of what's gone in there. Your assuming option B is an option. Militarily the Kurds are terrible. They have the Peshmerga and that's it. Their defenses would have fallen within a couple days regardless. That is what is being lost here with no American help they fall 72 hours regardless. Was it shitty what he did? Yeah. Do I give a shit if it gets us out of the middle East? Nope not a bit. Now if only we could exit Yemen and get the fuck out if the shit hole known as the middle East. If it were not for oil they would be the most ass backwards place on the planet. 51 Americans have died for absolutely nothing while spending a ridiculous amount. The military budget is something you also rail against, for the record. That is more than enough for me just so Europe can feel safe again. You said it yourself, we need to leave. We're leaving. Trump says You're welcome. You can quabble about how it happens but since this started there is no scenario the Kurds don't get slaughtered without American help. What's happening now would have happened next week if we took your made up option B. Let's talk about option B. Let's say we tell them we're leaving and they say you can't leave. We look like dicks anyway. Unless they can turn into a functioning military in a month. They can't. Not one that can beast the almost equality inept turkey. We were going to look bad no matter what, so we might as well cut it losses and get the fuck out. Not a lot of contrast between MSNBC and CNN I guess. A lot of them don't like it, that's fine. There's plenty who do. If they want military help they can probably contact American civilian military groups for help so the soldiers have to be payed well, and are their on more than orders.
  9. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Oh look, someone who gets it. That's is whataboutism though. Such retarded bullshit.
  10. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    It's not whataboutism. How come you always bring that up when your points are nuts. I bring it up because that is how business is generally done. At some point you leave. This is not exclusive to Trump. The precedent is there and people still want to get in bed with us. Quit acting like this is life altering new thing just because you hate the guy. We were going to leave at some point, now is as good as time as any. Let them figure out their own problems. It's still not or fight. ISIS is dead, mission complete. The fact you walk back your own statements irks you, but you are a victim of your own nuance. It's easy to advocate a war you will/have never bear/borne the cost of.
  11. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Dude are you serious right now? If we should have never gone it hit know that we're committed, why did you say we should take them out not even 2 years ago? And don't act like Trump is the first to do it. Jesus Christ he is not the first evil guy on the fucking planet. Obama was buddies with Erdogan. We backed Hussein only to leave him alone and kill him later. Osama same shit. Every president in this countrys history has backed shit leaders. God damn. It's fucking stupid. You wanted to pull out before you went full blown anti Trump, now that he takes them out of combat theatre you hate it. Whatever dude, I'm done with this bullshit. Make up your fucking mind. Is it good or is it bad. And if you don't like troops taken out of combat your kind of a dick since you're not paying the price.
  12. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    IT'S NOT OUR FIGHT. We have been paying and equipping them for years. Here's what I don't get. For years people said get out of these wars, you yourself said it, and now that we are doing just that it's bad because... TRUMP!!!!!! We have been doing Europe and the toilet of the world a solid for years, it's time they deal with their own mess. And where were all these pussy ass kurd defenders who were protesting the Iraq war, TWICE, when they were being slaughtered by Sadam? That's right, no where. Now that Trump did it, it's a problem. The fuck outta here. If you support the troops, bring them back to their families.
  13. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    That's one way to look at it. Again, I would hardly call 18 a developing problem, Unless it was 1 last year, in which case, I realllllly don't give a shit. Here how I see it. One of three scenarios is true. They all suck at math and can't do percentages. They can do math, and their calling attention to a "crisis" for something that isn't a crisis, they just lack perspective on what real problems are. They can do math but are to self centered to let anyone else have the spotlight. I don't buy the, " it's preemptive" because if doubled every year for the next 5 years ( we have never seen from go up 1/50th of that over 5 years) it would still be less than 600 people out of 10 million. I really think the ones at the protest were just some do nothing bitches wanting attention, and it worked.
  14. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I don't think their intentions are nearly that pure. They knew what they were doing, and it worked. They are cunts imo.
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