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  1. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    That last line wasn't a shot, just illustrating how crazy I would have to be.
  2. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    So you are correct. 11,000 people die a year thanks to homicides committed by firearms. There are more gun deaths but gun control inst going to stop someone from committing suicide imo. If its not a gun it will be a rope, razor blade, pills or whatever. Medicare sucks isnt really a huge generalization. It has some good parts but overall is ass. Patient satisfaction scores are dog shit for them. Hospitals hate it, doctors hate it, there are a few good things, mainly it costs the patient nothing. Outside of that it is a shit insurance program. I think you misinterpreted or I did not explain my position. I think universal healthcare being funded through taxes is not really looking at the problem and just throwing money at it. If you want to solve the problem instead of the symptoms you quickly realize you dont need a dollar bill, you need a pen. Throwing money at something NEVER works. If the war on poverty can not be solved by throwing money at it then healthcare sure as hell wont get it done. You really dont need it though. You could TRIM SO MUCH FAT off the healthcare system with looking at the problem and not the outcome but that is not a good sound bite. What sounds better to a poor voting base? "It is not your fault, it is this big evil kabal over here making sure you stay poor, and I dont want you to do anything, you keep being you. We will make sure that rich Kabal pays for it in blood." OR "There are problems with healthcare that are going to change. We need to come up with a plan that is going to make patents on drugs harder to attain for generations, and create a 10 year recovery of assets period, we are going to reduce bureaucracy and paperwork, and use federal grant money as leverage to get these things done, or even talk about taking accreditation's away from hospitals to ensure they comply with a comprehensive healthcare reform." Its easier to pander to poor people by absolving them of responsibility for anything and saying it is not their fault there is an evil unseen hand. And a huge reason the middle class is shrinking is because of liberal policies. Or I should say liberal fixes to conservative policies. I think we can all agree that Republicans funnel wealth to the top. Then the do-gooding liberal comes along and passes tax reform to help the poor, and they take those taxes from the middle class because the top has so many loopholes they dont pay taxes anyway. So both parties are terrible for the middle class. The Republicans are evil and the Democrats are incompetent. I dont mind revamping healthcare. What I dont want is my family to suffer from a standpoint of the standard of care we receive. I make more than enough to survive whatever taxes they want to throw or whatever recession is coming so the money issue is not important to me what it is the standard of care. If Macy or Gabe come down with something I dont want to be fucking around waiting 3 days to get into see a doctor because now there are 5000 people ahead of me on our hand dandy dog shit system everybody thought they wanted. If my wife were to find out she had breast cancer, I dont want to sit here and have her waiting in line with a bunch of people who are ahead of her and are so because of my dime. Nope. My responsibility is to my family, not yours or anyone elses. If every one else succeeds that is great too, but asking me to pay for others so we can all have shitty healthcare sounds like an ass plan to me. Here is an example. Everyone in my wife's family that was a woman has died of ovarian cancer before 55. My wife is 35. 2 years ago when we started to get a bit of wealth we decided this was a problem we could deal with ahead of time. So thanks to my bad ass private insurance we were able to have her genetically tested and see what the likelihood of her getting those cancers were by decoding the genome. It was expensive, and worth it. She has under a 10% chance of getting either and if she were we know exactly what she would have so treatment could commence immediately. So that brings us to why America has an outstanding system. CRISPR is something we are pioneering and nobody is even close. All those wonderful universal healthcare systems around the world are years behind us in technology. Of the top 15 most advanced hospitals on the planet 11 are in the US. CRISPR is going to treat things are the DNA level. Theoretically meaning that all of the conditions people have from birth or congenital defects will be fixed because we will modify the DNA. Think about that. We could see a literal wholesale destruction of diseases to children and guarantee health from birth. And the US will have it long before anyone else. What funds this ? The government, hell no. They take a triage approach. There are limited resources and we are going to use them for cases they deem the most worthy, they wont try out the fancy new fangled technology because it is too much of an expense. FUCK THAT. As to public services, that is extreme. I mean I am for doing away with toll roads anyway, fire departments are closing down in mass, and people hate cops and people are leaving the job and are seeing record low recruitment because people see one 10 bad cops a year and treat them all like assholes. So we may soon find out what it looks like. I am for taxes paying for this because there are no other systems in place. Insurance covers these things. If I get in a car accident and you hit me, your insurance pays, if not mine pays. This is how it should work. It should not be up to the guy 9 cars behind me to pay for it. If I do it at work the employer should pay for it unless it is my stupidity and then my personal insurance should because it is my fault. The person who pays should be the person at fault, at least in my mind that is what makes sense. I should not ask you to pay for something you didn't do. If you didn't swill 30 2 liters and ate 16 pizzas a day for 30 years and then washing it down with some scotch and Vicodin and then smoke a pack of cigarettes you shouldn't pay for it. I own nobody anything that I did not cause to happen. I should not have to subsidize poor people if they have the same opportunities as everyone else. Now they dont always and that is sad, something should be done there. The top 1% is 400,000. You really think we should tax that guy until he makes 120,000 (70%). That is fucking criminal imo. I just dont see why you guys trust the government so much. This is the same government that implemented mass incarceration, they privatized the prison systems, created PAC's and Super PAC's, has toppled regimes for oil creating generational instability and hatred towards us, Have created the war on drugs to drive up cocaine prices so they could make a profit through drugs and illegals arms deals, the same government that uses our social security fund to fund wars, basically the same government that has created the worst problems we have. Oh and by the way somehow lets epstein get killed on suicide watch, after he warns he has been "roughed up" lets his ass get suicided to protect the top. These are the people you want me to trust with my family's healthcare and give my guns too? Have you lost your fucking mind.
  3. Omerta

    Happy Birthday OSU

    It is one of my favorite members birthday. Solid dude, glad to hear your beginning your post scholastic journey. I hope it serves as a springboard to your success. Happy Birthday man.
  4. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    So this is just me, I wont speak for anyone else here or anywhere else. And my response will be for America only, as other country's aren"t my business. So the reason people say it is a right and healthcare is not is fairly simple in my opinion. It is in the "Bill of RIGHTS." I didnt capitalize it to be a dick, but those first 10 are guaranteed to every American citizen in this country thanks to the following amendment where we figured out black people and women are not inferior people. I capitalized it because it is a lot easier to call it a right than it is to say," It is a right afforded to me by the constitution of The United States." So people just call it a right. And not just guns but, speech, rights for court and so on. There is nothing in the Bill of Rights explicitly stating that healthcare is guaranteed to all citizens or we would have it. I also think that people who dont support medicare for all get lumped into "anti-healthcare." Call it psychopathy or whatever you want but I care very little of others. So the appeal to me better nature with," What about your fellow man?" does not work for me. The benefit to that is that I am also not for holding others back because I think they deserve what they get or whatever the narrative is. Here is what I do know, Medicare sucks. This is well documented, so why do you think I would want to put my family on that shit ? That is nuts. I laid out what I would do for healthcare and it had nothing to do with universal healthcare, raising taxes, or disbanding private insurance. If this country can come up with a way that isnt some dumbed down marxist drivel of," lets take all the things from the bourgeoisie and give it all back to the proletariat" nonsense. I am all for people having healthcare, but it is not going to come at the expense of me or my family. I am not going to be satisfied with some horseshit medicare for all. I also think that almost all of us really dont think about human rights. If we are talking about rights as they pertain to humans as a whole, how many people really think about that? I mean most people only think of rights that pertain to them or a group they care about. This conversation for example. Why cant it be a right to have guns and healthcare? Why does one group want to take the rights to abortion, and the abortion group wants to take guns? The truth is we care very little about the rights of others just so long as those we value are preserved. We dont ever stop to think about humanity as a whole, and what rights should be guaranteed to use as human beings ? We only see what is right in front of us. So I am not really pro-gun anti-healthcare, but I am not some rube who is going to jump on the liberal bandwagon with some cheap appeal to my empathy with a shit plan and a whole lot of propaganda. Not going to happen. I dont think immigrants are going to steal my job, and I dont think it is my job to take care of someone else. A far as why do I believe it is our rights to have guns. Well first and foremost I dont believe we all should. I believe people like me should. What I mean by that is this. I have no domestic violence charges, I have no felonies, no mental illness, extensive training on using the weapon, and have no criminal history other than a DUI in 2009 and a parking ticket for parking in a bank parking lot 4 years ago. I am no danger to anyone who is not posing a threat to me and my family so I should not be penalized for the action of a few people. I also think that this "Mass shooting Problem" is extremely disproportionate to the actual problem. Seriously less than 500 people a year is such a small percentage that I think we should be dedicating a bit more outrage to things that kill more people like Diarrhea, measles, nutritional deficiencies, drowning, falls, fires, and syphilis. As fr as if guns are a moral right or a constitutional one, I think that it is both. I think it is a moral right because I dont have anymore right to take something from you than you do from me if I have harmed nobody. Abortion kills 500,000 viable fetus's a year, and it is never a mans right to have a say in anything woman. Why do people who dont own guns get to mandate something that kills less that 10,000? Why do we have to worry about taking anyone's rights. Why dont people agree to leave each other alone? i have shot nobody or done anything violent or shown signs of slipping into the abyss why does someone get to take something that brings joy to someone. It just doesn't make sense to me that people get to tell people what they can and cant have if they are not hurting anyone. You also cant attribute to me something that my gun has not decided to do. The Constitution is pretty damn clear on this. "Shall not be infringed" kind of says all that needs to be said and their are no specific restrictions on it. Now as to what you said earlier there is a distinction between AR's and ICBM's. In the military we have something called discriminatory fire. Or target discrimination. A bomb is an indiscriminate killer. An AR is fired with intent of specificity on a particular person. meaning that person has to look at that person and kill them. A bomb has way more potential for destruction, and it is an indiscriminate killer. That is a massive difference imo. This was longer than I intended but this is about as thorough as I can get.
  5. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    His point still stands. When you say why cant we have tanks you're going to an extreme to illustrate a middle of the road point. Assault weapons, still not a thing, are slightly more dangerous than handguns, a lot more dangerous than bolt actions, and a lot less dangerous than pipe bombs or bazookas. That is the equivalent of me saying well cars kill more than people than guns let's ban them. Or force everyone to take public transportation and ban everything that isnt a hybrid to lower our carbon footprint. A bus can do the same thing as a car, why do we need them. Its lazy and a bad and meaningless place to start an argument.
  6. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Yes it is a right. And you can own all of those things. Permit required of course.
  7. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Didn't you say we should ban guns? I swear we went around this.
  8. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I think that is inaccurate. Most people who do these have AT MINIMUM major depression. Even the study you linked said that.
  9. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    1st and foremost thank you for the articles. The 2nd one you reference to, the PDF file, was far and away the best. It was Interesting, because they were talking about mass murder and mass shootings in particular. There are several takeaways, but the most important one was the fact that these things are extremely rare, thus making them hard to predict and model. The 2nd salient point is that it is usually done by children who have experienced traumatic events, have isolation is traits, or have parents who are not present in their lives. I think all of these things are extremely important, they are definitely contributing factors to what is happening. The FBI and CIA studies that they referenced were also extremely interestings. If you have not read the whole thing I certainly would recommend it. As to the 3rd when you referenced comment was still a good article. I just don't think it has as much substance as the 2nd. That being said an interesting thing they brought up as that 59% of people who commit mass shootings should have been banned from buying them in the 1st place. I have said before that I am all for universal background checks, if you could cut out 60% of mass shootings, this problem becomes even smaller. The 1st article though, was pure dog shit. It cited very little data, used Twitter as a source, didn't reference any material that you can look back to in say there was a streamlined and efficient methodology. It was certainly not a scholarly work, it was an opinion piece. The author keeps saying that doctors agree with this comment doctors agree with that, but they only talk till 1 or 2 doctors from what I saw. That is an extremely small sample size to then extrapolate out to the rest of the community. Especially when you followed up with that 2nd article that you had from the American psychological association. There was a brilliant piece of writing, the 1st article would have done well to cite that period
  10. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I meant assault. God damn auto correct. Most people who own assault rifles dont. The percentage of people who own assault rifles are less than those who have mental health issue. I am interested in that study so I will read it shortly. Those shootings all have people in common too is my point. I won't comment on the study you cited until I have read it.
  11. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I can tell you why it works other places, but not here. Or at least my theory. Culture. We are not the same as far as national identity, customs, mannerisms, or personality. One of the reasons you have to be nuts to fight the US is because we love violence. We always have and always will. That is why combat sports are GINGANTIC here and not so much other places. Guns are a part of who we are. We won our freedom with them. We settled the west with them. We have shaped our country and the world with them. We have an attachment to them that cant really be found elsewhere. By you're logic we would ban the burka because the rest of the world doesn't have draconian laws against women. Why cant they just get on board and be part of this whole thing? It is their culture. We have ours and they have theirs. Or we would tell France to quit letting people marry dead people, but we don't, or shouldn't anyway. The point is the US is uniquely different from the rest of the world and I see no reason to conform for something that kills less than 500 people a year. It is an overreaction to take those things from millions of people who have done noth in ng wrong. And I really couldn't disagree more with how you interpret the second amendment but that is a different conversation but a few quick things. What about foreign occupation? I can legally buy body armor. It is far from obselete for our own government. Tactics beat technology. Any field commander will tell you that. We wouldn't win but we could make it so bloody and drawn out it would be pointless. Iraq was far from technological but those IED's still work. Suicide bombing still worked. These are the least technological th h in ngs in the world but massively effective. Its All about tactics.
  12. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I'm fairly sure that is the one I have read, I have not seen the one Thanatos is talking about.
  13. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Can you cite this? I have only found things citing the correlation between and depressants and coming off and mass shootings. I have not found one saying the opposite, I would like to read it. I know Lanza, The Urora shooter, and the parkland kid ( I think but not as sure as the other two) were on them. That said there are more people who owns all rifles you don't kill people, than there are people who are on antidepressants and dont.
  14. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    You just said it. There Is 2 causes of gun violence and neither one of them are a gun. Why would you take the gun? Maybe it's not for our government, what if China decides they want to take over when they realize we're never going to pay them back. Now granted I will give you, I don't think there's any 2 countries in the world that could beat us, but Hey you never know. They have a standing army of over million people, ours is 300000 on a good day. That being said there's 330 million people in this country in the majority on guns, that beats a million man army every day. Or what if they're just fun to shoot, that's OK because that's my right granted to me by the Constitution.
  15. Omerta

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I agreed with you until the last few sentences. I'm not one of those people, we can address health care all day long, just because I don't believe in raising taxes for everyone for some convoluted plan that isn't going to work, does not mean I don't believe in health care reform. I believe there are many ways to do it without having to do that. As far as both parents having to work, you're absolutely right there. I am certainly for a living wage, I have also said several times over that I believe every job in this country should be unionized. I'm not saying that so that way everybody here can see how woke I am saying it because I truly believe that that would drastically change with the outlook of our country looks like. There would be more time at home with parents, now hopefully these parents are engaged, but under ideal circumstances we will be able to raise better kids, we would be able to have kids around their parents enough to know that they're there for them. We would have parents who would know there something wrong with their child. These are things I absolutely believe in. Any amount of money you wanna spend on repairing the American Family, spend it. I would donate 90% of my wealth if it meant the American Family were repaired. Now I'm not that rich, but I would certainly be all for the government taxing people like me and who make more than me over 90% of our wealth to repair the American Family. Well to a point, the US government has proven that throwing money at something doesn't really work Look at the war on poverty. In simple terms you would think it would work. These people have no money, let's throw more money at them. And yet poverty has risen. Although in principle I would be for a tax for the American family. That is the one thing in my life I could not live without. If we recognize we have a mental health problem, why do we lash out and decide to take guns from millions of people? It doesn't make any sense. There are some gun control measures I'm all for. If you wanna have universal background checks, all for it, you wanna have the gun show loophole closed, all for it, you wanna have a centralized database for people who have mental health issues or felony records, all for it. That being said, for law abiding citizens who have no mental health issues, there is absolutely no reason I shouldn't be able to own 1 because 3 or 4 assholes in this country don't know how to behave per year.
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