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  1. DJT20

    Theoretical AFC Championship scenario

    Tough to feel threatened when your team has won 3 chips in the past 5 years and just lost their first game in 320 days.
  2. DJT20

    Theoretical AFC Championship scenario

    Lamar and the Ravens are the flavor of the month just like Mahomes and the Chiefs were last year. Lamar still has yet to prove himself in the postseason. There’s a big disparity from a week 9 regular season game and the playoffs, especially a conference championship.
  3. DJT20

    Trump Regime thread.

    Biological men who are trans participating in women’s sports is total bullshit and shouldn’t be allowed. Absolute unfair advantage. And I hear and see more news about these trannies dominating/breaking records in women’s sports. Get that shit the fuck outta here.
  4. DJT20

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    AB has successfully sabotaged his entire career. A team would have to be incredibly desperate to sign him any time in the soon future. Guy is a steaming hot pile of dog shit as a person.
  5. DJT20

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    I’d want no part of this clown on the Pats. Bill wouldn’t even be able to fix this piece of shit. Dude is severely messed up in the head.
  6. DJT20

    Andrew Luck retires

    Little too late.
  7. DJT20

    The 18-Game Schedule

    The bottom line, bro... money. The league is trying to reach $25 billion in annual revenue within the next decade. Having an 18 game season would be a thing that would help towards that goal. The NFL doesn’t give a single fuck about “player safety”. Dollar sign over everything else.
  8. DJT20

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    AB is threatening retirement because he constantly yearns for attention and drama. Guy’s a fucking clown. Gonna be fun to watch all of the incidents go down over the course of the season. Can’t wait for the cameras to pan to him on the sidelines screaming his head off at Carr/Gruden/coaching staff.
  9. MVP. Brady. Obviously. Still has an absolute horse cock at 42 years of age. Motherfuckers keep praying on his downfall. OPOTY: Sony Michel. LOVE this kid. Pats will be pounding the fuck out of the ball this season. Could see a huge year for Sony. DPOTY: tough call between Gilmore and Hightower. CBPOTY: Braxton Berrios OROTY: N’Keal Harry. Potential monster imo. DROTY: Joejuan Williams.
  10. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    It was only a matter of time before Kamala got torn a new asshole. Fuck outta here with her pathetic pandering, fraudulent ass
  11. DJT20

    Texans fire their GM

    Easterby was at the Pats ring ceremony in June and tried to get cozy with Caserio about going to Houston. Weasel cocksucker lol. Texans fired Gaine the day after the ceremony. Pats slapped em with a tampering charge, of course.
  12. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Plenty of pandering being done already by the Dems. The responses by some of them in Spanish were a gem.
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