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  1. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    You and Chris Wallace are completely lost on that one. Is the KKK even still a thing? And so-called "white supremacists" seem few and far between , but then again I don't live in the south. And the ones that are rioting and burning/looting businesses are BLM/Antifa. Check out the mugshots out of Portland... trust me those people are not voting for Donald Trump lol. Hilarious but not surprised that Biden is in complete denial about Antifa and BLM.
  2. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    MSM won't cover this, but they'll of course come out with a hit piece where Trump supposedly said he hates the troops (which gets eaten up by hardcore leftists such as Thanatos). Can you imagine the absolute chaotic outrage that would happen if Trump said this? Lol
  3. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Someone send some Kleenex and Vagisil over to Thanny. Guy is having an absolute mental breakdown. The obsession over Trump is WILD, man lmao. There's nothing like seeing a leftist throw a temper tantrum because Trump. Love to see it every time.
  4. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Dementia Joe got lost backstage, couldn't remember his speech so he played Despacito in some desperate type of pandering form lol. This is the guy that's supposed to crush Trump in November? Oh boy, you guys have some high hopes. no need to worry guys, Biden is up 5-10 points in the polls..all is well. #BidenLandslide2020
  5. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    New Yorkers are getting sick of the Dems' bullshit. Cuomo is a joker that forced COVID patients into nursing homes which in turn caused thousands of deaths. Bill de Blasio is slowly trying to turn NYC into a socialist, crime ridden utopia. Anything the Dems touch turns to dog shit.
  6. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Cute how you claim I'm a "cultist" and "no longer care about reality" while you constantly repeat the same common leftist rhetoric like a parrot. "Trump's deranged", "He's entirely responsible for the mishandling of COVID response", "Trump's a moron and he needs to go to jail", etc. It is the same exact shit that every mentally unstable leftist spews across the internet. So what's next? If you get your ultimate wish of Trump losing the election, is America fixed all of a sudden now? What do you see in Joe Biden that makes you think he can improve America? I'm all ears. And another question, after Trump is eventually out of office, who'll be the next person that entitled and unhinged leftists blame for all their problems and oppression they're dealing with? Or will they still be blaming Trump years after he's gone?
  7. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Miles Taylor works for Google. The House Dems denounced his hiring in November and sent a scathing letter to Google's CEO. Miles Taylor putting out a "testimonial" clip on evil orange man is nothing more than to cover him and Google's ass, and to fit in to the liberal big tech world. This guy also didn't have a Twitter account until 8 hours ago lol. Of course, idiots like you that don't do any research will run with it and say "SEE GUYS!?!? EVEN TRUMP'S FORMER DHS CHIEF OF STAFF IS SAYING HOW DANGEROUS AND TERRIFYING THIS MAN IS!! ITS OVER FOR TRUMP HAHAHAHA!!!" We get it dude, you hate Trump.
  8. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This is how sick and unhinged the left and MSM are lol. Almost every single day there is some radical leftist hashtag trending about Trump. I almost never see any negative tags towards Biden because the MSM manipulates algorithms to fit their narrative. It's all an illusion. Social media gives off the illusion/perception that the entire country hates Trump and that Biden seemingly will win in a landslide. Too bad social media isn't real. The silent majority is a lot stronger than dancing tiktok teenagers/"woke" influencers/gullible millennials that won't bother to vote or aren't old enough to vote. Let 'em keep chirping away over the next couple months. They won't be smiling on November 3rd.
  9. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    "I don't see any way the GOP doesn't get curb stomped in November" - Thanny in summer 2016
  10. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    You need to see a therapist, man. So much rage. So much delusion and denial. I'm worried about you come November. I feel as if you may completely go off the rails after Trump's victory is confirmed. I see a total, psychological meltdown forthcoming. I wish you well, truly.
  11. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Liberal spin: "Yeah, Biden might not be there a little bit, but he's a far better option than racist dictator Trump" After Trump wins in November, instead of crying about Trump for the the following four years, how about moving elsewhere? Canada? Mexico? Venezuela? Plenty of options if you hate America.
  12. DJT20

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    "40 minute ad for Joe Biden". lol. Joe Biden can't be coherent for 2 straight minutes, let alone 40. He can't even read correctly off his teleprompter. Trump will nail him in a coffin when the debates get going. The world is going to see how lost Joe is and how his dementia/mental illness is beating him like a drum. Btw still waiting on a breakdown on why Trump is so bad for America, fellas. I'll wait.
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