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  1. Chiefs: embarrassment of riches :D

  2. AL_Royalty

    Worst... List... Ever???

    Right, but if actual talent/ results factor(s) more heavily than perceived potential, this list nearly defies the law of physics. Also lol Minshew. The mania is just one more thing you can thank the 2019 Chiefs for. Sorry Nick Foles career gets shelved twice by KC.
  3. AL_Royalty

    Worst... List... Ever???

    NFL networks Greg Rosenthal made what may go down in my personal media archival rankings as the WORST rankings of anything sports related ever compiled. If you have NFL mobile app, check if out. Top 4 is no brainer easy, with Mahomes at one and the next 3 in any order all being acceptable, defendable opinions. It goes a great distance off the rails after that. His own criteria is changed and challenged early and often by his own disregard for any adherence to it. For starters: 14. Brady 15. Goff 16. Brees Then: 22. Minshew 23. Josh Allen Etc... am I crazy, or is this super- trash? Check it out. Let me know what y'all think.
  4. AL_Royalty

    Crazy Off Season This Year

    I get the feeling Brady is going to Oakland. I could see Dalton replacing him in New England. Dak stays put, as does Stafford, and Carr ends up in Florida. A.J. Green is interesting to me. Does he really wanna spend his last good years with an unproven kid fresh out of school? Does he go to the Pats, and if so does that get in way of Dalton potentially landing there? I dig all the uncertainty.
  5. AL_Royalty

    Cam: "It's Funny Hearing a Female Talk Routes"

    He's been acting like this from the time he cashed his first check from football... at auburn. His Peter fucking pan ass ain't ever gonna grow up. He's never been given a real reason to change.
  6. AL_Royalty

    NFL Rookie of the Month (September)

    The kid is for real. Toledo is in the building. Defenses get tired of tackling him once the third quarter gets rolling, and he just starts gashing teams.
  7. AL_Royalty

    Who starts down the stretch for Kansas City?

    Before the games started counting, I was eagerly anticipating the eventual inevitability of change at QB- not this season - that is coming. After 4 weeks of Alex Smith, I now truly believe in the unrivaled power of PEDs. Who the hell is the guy talking snaps in KC? He looks like Alex Smith, sure, but it can't be him. Alex Smith can't throw long... or with zip... on a rope... on the run... and accurately when doing it... can he?
  8. AL_Royalty

    Razor's QB Rankings 2017

    Alex Smith for president.
  9. Go CHIEFS!If Smith keeps hitting on the deep ball and playing like the kid who got drafted #1 overall over Rodgers, they'll stay on top. I could go on about them, but y'all know what it is already. Sorry... had to get that out of the way. Good list Than. Only things I'd say I have a legit gripe with are the Pack so high and, even more so than that is the Pats (logistically) being in the last playoff spot. You mean to tell me that you'd favor every team above them in a neutral - sight game? I just don't see the east as up for grabs at all. The last time I recall them not being in first after losing to the Chiefs in primetime in the first four games of the season, I'm pretty sure they won the super bowl. As for the Packers, I completely agree with your assessment. As goes Aaron, do goes the fate of the Pack. The problem with that formula is that it NEVER seems to hold up in January. Couple that with the glaring inadequacy known as the Packers defense, and by your own account they're at least the same team as the Pats and certainly not 7 slots higher. Rodgers can raise his play to Brady-like heights at times, but there's only one hoodie. With the run game looking pottery suspect at times, it's Rodgers vs the NFL. I just can't wrap my head around that.
  10. AL_Royalty

    TGP IDP 2019

    It says the league doesn't exist or I'm not in it.
  11. AL_Royalty

    How bout the AFC WEST

    Good. I hope they're overconfident, too. This ain't the same team that laid an egg in week 4. Also put down the fag rag (li'l terrible towel lol). No more home games for you. That's my picks coming into the playoffs. Back where it all started. Super Bowl I rematch! I feel like Bart Scott. CAN'T WAIT! I'm sorry but unless they find a QB, and fast, Denver's window is closed. They were tits with Peyton, but that's over now. Philip Rivers' best years are behind him, and with the move to LA shaking things up I can't see a one year rebound, leaving it as a 2 horse race in my eyes. The Raiders, as good as they are- and they are really good- still don't have any answer for the Chiefs. Derek Carr, unlike the other QB's in this division, is only gonna get better, and that's scary, but the Chiefs (Carr kryptonite) aren't going anywhere.
  12. AL_Royalty

    How bout the AFC WEST

    We'll see in a week. Time will tell for sure, but I know nobody wants to see this Chiefs team right now. Nobody.
  13. AL_Royalty

    How bout the AFC WEST

    This is the best Chiefs team I've ever had the privilege of rooting for. They've built this thing from the top down and bottom up simultaneously. They didn't bring in some flashy aging vets in a crazy boom or bust attempt to win it all in one year. They didn't try too hard to splash the draft. They didn't hire Herm fucking Edwards. This could be the year, but if it's not, they aren't just gonna fall off the map. The Raiders will get Carr back and have those stud defense stars. The Broncos defense is a terrific unit. The chargers, well, who knows, but the AFC West is definitely what's hot in these streets right now.
  14. AL_Royalty

    Aaron Rodgers is Ruining Football

    Finally somone tells it like it is! While we're at it, let's do away with fake field goals and punts, pump fakes, and that tricky ass play action. Where is your pride, Aaron Rodgers? What's next? The Statue of Liberty play? Maybe a hook and latter? Just disgraceful... :smh: Leave the tricks to the magicians, you slippery David Blaine wannabe.
  15. AL_Royalty

    The Johnny Manziel thread

    Josh and Johnny..... This has Adult Swim written all over it. For only like one season though. It'd just get cancled.
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