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  1. FartWaffles

    Cherry is at the Senior Bowl

    Thoughts on Kyle Dugger?
  2. FartWaffles

    Pussy Packers suck

  3. FartWaffles

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    vs. Josh Allen hoists the and Bills Mafia goes on the mother of all rampages!
  4. FartWaffles

    Who to start? (2019 Edition)

    I started Gallman... I'll still win as long as Mahomes isn't outscored by Nick Chubb and Robbie Gould.
  5. FartWaffles

    Who to start? (2019 Edition)

    Surprised this thread hasn't been made yet. Having a bit of a RB conundrum this week. Pick one for me to start. (PPR) David Montgomery @ Melvin Gordon vs. Wayne Gallman vs. Edit: Walterfootball has Montgomery ranked the highest, but I'm leaning Gallman for some reason. Also want to see what Gordon looks like in-game for a week before starting him.
  6. FartWaffles

    How many Hall of Famers are on your team?

    J.J. Watt seems like a lock, and DeAndre Hopkins could get there if he maintains his consistency (which I think he will) Deshaun could get there as well, but it's too early right now. The potential is definitely there.
  7. FartWaffles

    Anyone want to donate a kidney to Haynesworth?

    Matt Schaub would be comedic genius. Real talk though, feel bad for the dude and I hope he finds a donor for him.
  8. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/4872/albert-haynesworth
  9. Goodnight, sweet prince...
  10. FartWaffles

    Texans fire their GM

    Says the Jaguars fan.
  11. FartWaffles

    Texans fire their GM

    This means one of two things... 1. Texans value a former member of their scouting department Mike Maccagnan more than Gaine. Also been linked to Joe Douglas, Will McClay, Nick Caserio, and Monti Ossenfort. 2. This is a full-blown power play for Bill O'Brien to assume control as head coach and GM ala Bill Belichick. Either way, the timing is dogshit terrible and I'm leaning toward it being the latter more than the former. (Which I am not a fan of) I actually thought Gaine was a good GM and did well with the hand he was dealt. (I liked him over Rick Smith) It's just the evidence shows that O'Brien clearly doesn't get along with his GMs, and quite frankly I don't think he's a good enough coach to make these demands...
  12. FartWaffles

    Rip Todd Gurley

    Obviously you can't predict the future, but this is why teams are usually hesitant to pay RBs. Even the elite ones, because it's such a high injury risk position that really wears down the body. Hopefully Gurley doesn't just completely fall off a cliff any time soon and the Rams can get the most of that contract extension, so it's a win-win for both parties.
  13. FartWaffles

    Historical QB Rankings

  14. FartWaffles

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Had a convo with Butta earlier and I'm feeling pretty confident for a / Super Bowl matchup. Stake your claim for 2019. Who you got?
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