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  1. FartWaffles

    Official Hockey Thread

  2. FartWaffles

    Official Hockey Thread

    Fantasy trade offer: I need advice I'd trade: Oshie and Pacioretty For: Svechnikov and Parise What do you guys think?
  3. FartWaffles

    Official Hockey Thread

    Not trying to be prisoner of the moment, but I hope Grubauer quickly shows improvement, because I'm under the impression he is being groomed to be Varly's replacement. Barring injury (which Varly is prone to) it looks like Varly might have a stranglehold of the job for now. Hopefully Grubauer pushes him.
  4. FartWaffles

    Official Hockey Thread

    Well Bay, you're the only one on the right side. Beating the Mild is always a good thing!
  5. FartWaffles

    Official Hockey Thread

    Crazy he ended up in San Jose. Their PP is going to be so damn deadly! So who's hyped for Wednesday? I gotta admit, I've been looking forward to hockey season even more than I was for football this year. Even trying fantasy hockey for the first time. Here's my team... Centers: Nathan MacKinnon, Patrice Bergeron, Matt Duchene Wingers: Mikko Rantanen, Max Pacioretty, Tomas Hertl, T.J. Oshie, Mark Stone, Max Domi Defensemen: P.K. Subban, Darnell Nurse, Ryan McDonagh, Cam Fowler, Seth Jones (I.R.) Goalies: Pekka Rinne, Semyon Varlamov, Craig Anderson Hockey hype!!!
  6. FartWaffles

    Cherry's 2019 Scouting Notebook/BS thread

    Weird way to spell Seneca Wallace.
  7. Bias vote, but the Texans are talented enough to finish with the best record out of the group listed. With that said, still don't see them making the playoffs. Seahawks are right in there too, as they're so damn similar to the Texans it's scary. Bills be trash doe.
  8. FartWaffles

    Texans @ Titans

    That's pretty much the sentiment of the majority of Texans fans. Problem is he was just given an extension and new GM Brian Gaine is "his guy." Sadly it seems like he will throw Rick Smith's mediocre tenure as GM as a reason to stick around longer. If O'Brien is here next season, he better hire someone to be the OC, because his play-calling is beyond atrocious and will ruin Watson's development.
  9. FartWaffles

    Texans @ Titans

    I mean you're not wrong. Completely unacceptable. I guess the good thing is that I've been a jaded Texans fan for several years now, so there's nothing that catches me off guard or makes me angry any more. I just sit back and laugh at the mediocrity.
  10. FartWaffles

    Sports Illustrated's 2018 NFL Predictions

    Good to know that after starting the season 0-2, the Texans will only be losing five more games.
  11. FartWaffles

    NFL Distribution Maps (Week 1)

    I usually just go to sports bars for Texans games, but it's good this weekend I can watch it at a friend's place.
  12. FartWaffles

    Falcons @ Eagles

    Boring game is boring...
  13. FartWaffles

    Who winds up with the #1 pick?

    Just a complete shot in the dark... Going with
  14. FartWaffles

    Rate Me ;)

    You have what I would say is the ultimate risk/reward team I could ever come up with. You could very well win/go deep in the playoffs, or be one of the worst teams in your league. 1. Garoppolo - Has a whole 7 starts under his belt, and while they've mostly been good, who knows what you're getting with James G. 2. D. Adams - Having Rodgers as your QB is nice, but Jimmy Graham could cut into his production, especially in the red zone. 3. T.Y. Hilton - Not a fan of his situation at all. Great deep threat, but his production hangs in Luck's health/balance. 4. L. McCoy - Great RB, but the whole ex-gf scenario could totally fuck him and your high draft pick on him. 5. Chris Thompson and Aaron Jones - In the nicest way possible, who?! Thompson may be decent, but you're gambling on what AP may cut into his amount of carries. I had to look up who Aaron Jones is, so that's bad. Jamaal Williams seems like the only GB RB worth owning in fantasy, but Jones might be able to carve out a role. 6. S. Michel - Could be a good value pick, but Belichick RBs are always a gamble, and the only one who seems worth betting on is Burkhead. 7. M. Williams - Injuries and solid depth at wideout could hurt him, but he does have talent. Needs to carve a role with Keenan Allen, Tyrell Willams, Travis Benjamin, and they just re-signed Gates. Don't have a clue where his role could be... 8. J. Wilkins - Could be my mailman for all I know. Colts RBs are not worth anything bro. 9. O.J. Howard - Like his potential. Good backup TE to have in case of an emergency with Walker. 10. J. Flacco - Meh. 11. T. Ginn - Inconsistent deep threat. Not PPR relevant IMO. 12. A. Ekeler - Only relevant if Gordon goes down. Might be good for PPR. Edit - 13. S. Barkley - Like the dude, but he's a rookie RB in what appears to be a pass-happy offense. Please don't take offense BC, but I am not a fan of what your team at all, although of somehow the stars align just right, I may look extremely stupid on my criticism.
  15. FartWaffles

    Nathan MacKinnon sig request

    Bump! Need some MacK goodness. Will definitely look better than what Bay has going on.
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