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  1. RazorStar

    Trump Regime thread.

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/opinions/wp/2018/09/19/some-interpersonal-verbs-conjugated-by-gender/?utm_term=.649cec9bc031 This is how it keeps happening,
  2. RazorStar

    TGP Pickem 2018

    If I had known that before hand I wouldn't have chosen to use it, since that's pretty silly.
  3. Remember to get your picks in for Pickem this week!

  4. oh no, another half time show I'll not watch, whatever will I do?
  5. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    He's always been bad, it's just he usually pretends otherwise for a few weeks.
  6. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    For two seasons in a row, we have a Chiefs QB fighting for the top spot, and all the glory. I don't think anyone expected we'd see Patrick Mahomes be this good, this soon, except for maybe Andy Reid. At the moment he's competing against the unflappable Drew Brees who is a constant mainstay on this list, and the unfathomable Ryan Fitzpatrick, who usually spends his time around the bottom third of these lists. Because it is only week 2 there are a lot of movers and shakers, with Matt Ryan making the largest leap going up 16 spots. However Kirk Cousins, Blake Bortles, Jared Goff, Cam Newton, and Nick Foles all made substantial leaps as well. On the opposite end, Sam Darnold and Joe Flacco failed to deliver on the promise that week 1 showed us, which is expected of the inconsistent Flacco, and the young rookie. Case Keenum, Russell Wilson and Alex Smith made substantial tumbles as well. At the bottom, we've got an interesting set of quarterbacks, now that Nathan Peterman fails to qualify for passing attempts. Of all people this year, Sam Bradford is sitting at the bottom, the Arizona offense has barely been a factor against the Redskins, and they got stone cold shut out by the Rams. Competing with him for the top of the dung heap is the inconsistent rookie Josh Allen, the Browns soup du Jour Tyrod Taylor, and the recently highly paid Jimmy Garoppolo. This is going to be one hell of a season. Week 2 QB Rankings 1. Patrick Mahomes 11 (+2) 2. Ryan Fitzpatrick 13 (-1) 3. Drew Brees 17 (-1) 4. Philip Rivers 23 (+3) 5. Kirk Cousins 32 (+8) 6. Andy Dalton 39 (+2) 7. Aaron Rodgers 42 (-3) 8. Cam Newton 45 (+6) 9. Tom Brady 49 (+1) 10. Jared Goff 52 (+6) 11. Blake Bortles 55 (+9) 12. Ryan Tannehill 57 (-1) 13. Derek Carr 60 (+4) 14. Alex Smith 64 (-5) 15. Andrew Luck 69 16. Matt Ryan 70 (+16) 17. Dak Prescott 70 (+4) 18. Joe Flacco 71 (-13) 19. Sam Darnold 72 (-13) 20. Ben Roethlisberger 73 (+3) 21. Case Keenum 80 (-9) 22. Eli Manning 82 23. Mitch Trubisky 85 (-4) 24. DeShaun Watson 88 (+1) 25. Nick Foles 92 (+8) 26. Matt Stafford 94 (-2) 27. Russell Wilson 95 (-9) 28. Blaine Gabbert 96 (+3) 29. Tyrod Taylor 99 (-1) 30. Jimmy Garoppolo 101 (-3) 31. Josh Allen 102 (-5) 32. Sam Bradford 114 (-2)
  7. RazorStar

    Browns @ Saints

    Better keep the seat warm for Baker. It's his time! Time to throw a Baker's dozen picks.
  8. RazorStar

    Bills DB Vontae Davis Retires At Halftime LMAO

    Ok like... i get it, you're done, but like... at least play out the rest of the game. That's a total weaksauce move and if you're gonna retire at least finish what you start.
  9. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jSFZYF1Qz4R6a9kzGmLMhzOaA-e5la5LvfEkIBviM8c/edit?usp=sharing The increased carries did wonders for his adjusted completion percentage rate, and they stabilized his yards per attempt some. Not turning it over early in the season also tends to put you up pretty highly.
  10. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    Another season starts, and it starts in the worst way possible. Most of you are familiar with the general premise of what I do for these rankings, basing it solely on offensive efficiency. These stats are completion percentage, TD/ATT, TO/ATT, and Yards per Attempt, with sacks, rushing attempts and fumbles factored into the equation as well. For my numbers, a fumble counts as 1/2 of a turnover whether the offense ends up giving the ball away or not, as sometimes you have scenarios where a guy fumbles 15 times but never loses possession, while a guy who only fumbles 5 times and loses possession every time should not be punished more for variance. Any ties on my list are sorted by Yards per Attempt, as I find that is the best measure of determining a winning QB. Week 1 has already brought back the Lolions and Lolsaints corollary, where even mediocre QB's will take a dump on them and rise to the top of the rankings early. Sam Bradford was put in the number position after killing the Saints last year, so it does not surprise me at all to see Ryan Fitzpatrick of all people take the top spot early. Time will sort this out, I'm certain, it's just a perfect conflux of factors leading to Fitzmagic's early success. Nathan Peterman owns the bottom spot with a conventional passer rating of zero, and my rankings don't give him any more help in that regard. There have been a lot of poor starts this season though, and there is a clear dividing line between 16th and 17th place at this early stage. Week 1 Rankings 1. Ryan Fitzpatrick 6 2. Drew Brees 14 3. Patrick Mahomes 27 4. Aaron Rodgers 30 5. Joe Flacco 33 6. Sam Darnold 41 7. Philip Rivers 43 8. Andy Dalton 44 9. Alex Smith 51 10. Tom Brady 51 11. Ryan Tannehill 52 12. Case Keenum 57 13. Kirk Cousins 57 14. Cam Newton 57 15. Andrew Luck 57 16. Jared Goff 62 17. Derek Carr 75 18. Russell Wilson 77 19. Mitch Trubisky 77 20. Blake Bortles 80 21. Dak Prescott 85 22. Eli Manning 89 23. Ben Roethlisberger 90 24. Matt Stafford 93 25. DeShaun Watson 93 26. Josh Allen 93 27. Jimmy Garoppolo 94 28. Tyrod Taylor 94 29. Marcus Mariota 95 30. Sam Bradford 105 31. Blaine Gabbert 107 32. Matt Ryan 109 33. Nick Foles 114 34. Nathan Peterman 128
  11. RazorStar

    Seahawks @ Bears

    Gonna be a long game for the Seahawks, the Bears should make that front even more miserable than they did the Packers. 21 16
  12. RazorStar

    Pats @ Jags

    Jags repeat the same mistakes. 30 20
  13. RazorStar

    Raiders @ Broncos

    If our defense can be as disruptive as it was last week, we should pulverize the Raiders. I'm a bit concerned about our turnovers on offense, but we suddenly have a really good 1-2 punch of rookies to lean on, while the Raiders seem stuck in the stone age. We should win this game, but it's a divisonal game and the Raiders will play us close I'm sure. 31 25
  14. RazorStar

    Lions @ 49ers

    The Lions better figure out their offense, because apparently teams have a read on exactly what they're doing. It doesn't matter how talented your offense is if the opposing defense has the playbook. Give me the 49ers here in a low scoring affair. 20 9
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