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  1. RazorStar

    Gun Control Poll

    I think the idea is you want to make it as difficult as possible for mass shootings to happen. Background checks are a must, and any seller that doesn't do it properly has just as much blood on their hands as the mass shooter. if you restrict the ammunition a private citizen is allowed to have at one time, you're less likely to have mass shootings. I'm not entirely sure how Red flag laws would work in practice, but it seems pretty dangerous to have family members apply for a situation like that, especially in abusive households. The major reason why shootings are so common in america is a matter of ease. If they aren't going to use a gun, they might use a bomb, or a knife, but those things are either easier to track, or easier to stop, or harder to execute. And that's really what it comes down to. Reduce the problem one step at a time, rather than imagine you'll solve everything at once. As for other major factors, everyone is 'mentally ill', that's not really an excuse in this day and age. You can easily claim that shit after the fact, so why does it matter. Violent media and bloodsport have existed forever, and restricting that by any degree will create blowback that creates a greater problem than the one you're trying to fix. America could try and fix the symptoms, or just wait till the cancer does it's job and kills the country properly.
  2. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    After all, JD is rather violent. 😛
  3. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Oh, you're trolling again, gotcha.
  4. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    France. You mean the country that guillotine'd their way to democracy? Bitch tell me when america gets as hardcore as that.
  5. RazorStar

    Play GM

    Ideally you try and bring him on longer term, but if he still wants a 2+2 after the 6th season, then you've effectively kept him on an extra two years. And it's important to note that having a Mahomes is far better than the alternative.
  6. RazorStar

    Play GM

    then the clear solution is to let him play out his 5th year, franchise tag him for the 6th, and then see if he still wants to do a 2+2 deal.
  7. RazorStar

    Play GM

    Start negotiations, make him the highest paid player in history if you have to, but secure him as long term as humanly possible. Otherwise trade him to Denver for peanuts, that seems like a good plan.
  8. MVP: Joe Flacco, because only QB's can win this award. Realistically, it'd be Von Miller going ham, or Philip Lindsay going for 2000 yards in a weak year for QB's. OPOTY: Philip Lindsay, because he should be the focal point of our offense. DPOTY: Von Miller, because he's a god damn beast. Comeback Player: Joe Flacco, coming back from being benched I guess. OROTY: Noah Fant, but every time i pick a TE to win it they die so... fuck, sorry Noah. DROTY: Justin Hollins? it probably won't happen.
  9. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I think it's far less likely, but we're talking about 1 percent to zero here.
  10. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    He doesn't need to be a puppet to serve the interest of the russian government. Keep your enemies unstable while you're dealing with your own instability.
  11. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The conceit is basically not to get Gabbard to win (she won't), it's to get Biden or Warren on the ballot so Trump can beat them. Russia fears Harris and what she can do and would rather have a weak president in charge of America.
  12. RazorStar

    Play GM

    Damn it Blots, Denver isn't just some dumping ground for white QB's who can throw 70 yards on their ass
  13. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Yeah the Russians are doing a real good job with this one.
  14. RazorStar

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    You aren't gonna hear it from me, Cousins is great efficiency wise, the problem is his teams are always 7th, 8th best in the NFC so he's seen as a disappointment for the money put into him. And people conflate "well Case Keenum got them to the NFC Championship game". In any case, Matt Ryan at 69 is a joke, and is definitely not nice.
  15. RazorStar

    Historical QB Rankings

    The Actual Tom Brady writeup: Tom Brady combines legitimate skill with ungodly luck, and all of that puts him in the front runner position for winningest QB of all time. Throughout his career his defenses have been rock solid, aside from a few weak years here or there, the Patriots are not only good on scoring defense, they turn out among the league's best. That sort of thing happens when you're paired with the best head coach of all time throughout your entire career. In the 18 years since Brady has been a starter, his defense has fallen outside of the top ten in scoring defense just three times, and never below 17th. In addition, Brady has had arguably the best offensive weapon in the league on his team since 2007, ignoring the times when prime Randy Moss and prime Rob Gronkowski have been injured. That's not to say that it all comes down to luck, but when you have free agents willing to take paycuts to join your organization, you know you're getting a step ahead of the rest of the pack. Another understated thing in the Patriots favour was the divisional realignment of 2002. You can see how well Peyton Manning did in his career, and the realignment took the Patriots greatest competitor out of the division entirely. Sure the Jets were looking like a contender thanks to their strong running game and an efficient young quarterback, but the Bills and Dolphins had started a tailspin ever since losing Marino and Kelly, and have never reclaimed those heights at the position. Then of course Chad Pennington struggled with injuries throughout his career, and the competition the Patriots have faced for division titles has been laughable for the most part. In addition, and this isn't all luck, Brady has been remarkably healthy his entire career, only missing one season because of a torn ACL in 2008. Since 2001 the Patriots have won 16 of the past 18 division titles, missing only in 2002 (super bowl hangover), and 2008 (Brady lost the season because of Bernard Pollard). Just as well, in both seasons they were tied for the division lead only to lose it on tiebreakers and miss the playoffs entirely. That means in every postseason run Brady has had, the Pats have had a guaranteed home game. In addition to that, the Patriots have had 13 first round byes in those 16 trips, and seven of those with home field advantage throughout the postseason. It is quite absurd how blessed the Patriots are by a weak division that never seems to get it right. Brady is 81-21 against division rivals, 30-3 against the Bills, 27-7 against the Jets and 22-11 against the Dolphins. If you were to give an average quarterback defenses that never gave up more than 23 points, they would still have a worse winning record than Tom Brady. To say that the notion of parity has been completely ruined by the Patriots is an understatement. Brady's splits are absurd, being both second overall in games with good defense (92.82%, just behind Peyton's 94%), and second overall with bad defense, eclipsing the 50% mark along with Daryle Lamonica. I think the most interesting thing about Brady is that we could easily be talking about a Tom Brady who could never win the big game until the very end of his career thanks to this Rams self own. In 2001 you've got the Tuck Rule game, if the called had stood, the Raiders and Steelers would be playing in the AFC Championship that season. In addition, the super bowl was decided by a last second field goal, miss that and we've got OT with the greatest show on turf. 2003 had John Kasay kick it out of bounds on the last kickoff, giving the Patriots easy field position to get another game winning field goal. 2004, if McNabb doesn't get the flu you might see the Eagles perform better, but this is probably the biggest stretch in that regard. You've got the legacy of spygate hovering over each of those super bowl victories though. 2007 has the perfect season stopped by the Giants, and the Giants would silence them again in 2011. If the Seahawks just run the ball into the endzone on the last drive of Super Bowl 49, they win 31-28. If the Falcons literally didn't shoot themselves in the foot on every single occasion in the second half after going up 28-3, the Patriots would have been 0-8 in super bowls. At least with the Rams super bowl, there is no excuse, they literally just got outcoached and outplayed. The real controversy was the fact that the Rams were their opponents and not the Saints, but that's not a hypothetical we can dig into and say anything about what the result would be. But yeah, it's just an interesting thought exercise. Point is, Brady combines incredible skill, with incredible luck, and that's why he ends up being the QB with the highest wins above average on this list.
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