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  1. SteVo

    The 18-Game Schedule

    I respectfully disagree. It failed in 1993 for two main reasons: 1) bye weeks scheduled too closely together, and 2) more byes mean fewer games, so fans were getting stuck with bad games on TV. Problem #1 can be fixed by the schedule-makers, I have no doubt. Problem #2 is eased by fixing problem #1, but it's mostly solved by the huge wild card that wasn't available in 1993: RedZone. I don't think fans would be stuck in the same situation.
  2. SteVo

    The 18-Game Schedule

    WIth CBA negotiations supposedly underway, it seems like the idea of an 18-game schedule is gaining steam. So, what say you, TGP? Personally, I've had an idea in my head for a while that I think is a nice compromise that keeps everyone happy. It is: a 16-game, 18-week schedule where each team gets two bye weeks. Players win because the extra bye week gives added rest and should, in theory, help with injuries. Owners win because an extra weekend of football means more money (this is a win for players also). Fans win because it's an extra Sunday of football. Discuss!
  3. MVP: Carson Wentz. Duh. OPOY: Carson Wentz. Duh. The Eagles have too many weapons on offense, so no one person (at a skill position) will have an astronomical year statistically. DPOY: Fletcher Cox. A few other options, but Cox is the clear favorite. CBPOY: Darren Sproles. Not really any contenders here. OROY: Miles Sanders. Duh. DROY: Shareef Miller. He was our only draft pick on defense.
  4. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    It's pretty close to a 1a/1b situation, but honestly the main reason is my feelings toward Belichick. I love Bill Walsh, but Belichick is light years ahead of him in an era where it's so much harder to gain an edge. Montana would have 10 rings with Belichick. (That's an exaggeration to drive home my point; forgive the logical fallacy.)
  5. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Warren or Harris will be the nominee for sure, and some of y'all are gonna be butthurt out the ass. Can either one beat Trump? I honestly don't know.
  6. SteVo

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    Ya wtf is Kirk Cousins doing on this list
  7. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    Razor, thank you so much for this incredible endeavor. I know I haven't been commenting much, but you know I enjoy your mathematical studies of football no matter what angle you're playing. I have enjoyed this list immensely, and I know others have too. All of that said, the data in this study cements the top two on my personal all-time QB list: Joe Montana Tom Brady Don't fucking @ me.
  8. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    So who are the top 2? Brady and...who else?
  9. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    A run on modern QBs before Jimmy Mac, and I'm honestly not surprised to see any of them up here.
  10. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Re: gerrymandering and how to avoid it The problem with "nonpartisan commissions" is they're still run by humans, who are subject to both bias and bribery. It's 2019. Let the math dictate where the boundaries are.
  11. That's funny, I was just in Madison this past weekend. Really cool city, albeit a bit too hipster for my taste.
  12. This is very true, but I want to point out a few things about The Sopranos, since I'm a Sopranos homer. 1) Many fans of the show always misunderstood it. The so-called "hits and tits" crowd thought it was a pure mob show and raged at every episode that didn't have a mob war. So they were set up for disappointment. Was the ending to the final season anticlimactic? Yes. But the concept of anticlimax had been used so often it was firmly established. 2) Sopranos had always been more thematically rich than Game of Thrones. Whereas Thrones is mostly plot-driven and doesn't go much deeper thematically than "power corrupts," Sopranos is much deeper. So of course the finale would be more challenging to viewers. Anyone who went in to that episode thinking its purpose would solely be to reveal the fate of Tony Soprano was, again, set up for disappointment. So basically what I'm saying is the final season of Sopranos was absolutely consistent with the pacing and structure of the show up to that point. I cannot say the same about the final two seasons of Thrones.
  13. Poor Zack is about to be so disappointed.
  14. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I think Biden has a very low chance of winning the primary. And yes, I know what the polls say. But I think he's a high-floor, low-ceiling candidate.
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