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  1. Ross Tucker summed it up nicely. Leaving at halftime isn't retiring; it's quitting.
  2. SteVo

    Giants @ Cowboys

    Indeed. If the Giants had an offensive line, they would be scary. Landon Collins actually said, "If we get the ball in Dak's hands, we have a better chance to win." Your move, Cowboys.
  3. SteVo

    Giants @ Cowboys

    This is a pretty huge game for week 2, especially for the Cowboys. If they go 0-2, the heat is ON in Dallas.
  4. SteVo

    Ravens @ Bengals

    Joe Flacco is no longer elite.
  5. SteVo

    49ers @ Vikings

    Kirk Cousins Jimmy G
  6. SteVo

    Texans @ Pats

    Looks like we can ease up on the Texans hype train.
  7. SteVo

    Bengals @ Colts

    Ok guys let's talk about our first ejection of the season.
  8. SteVo

    Bears @ Packers

    Brutal opening loss for the Bears, but you've still got to be encouraged by Nagy and Trubisky. Though I do think they should have gone for it on 4th and 1 at the end there. The FG does nothing. You knew Rodgers was going to rip your heart out. Play to win!
  9. SteVo

    Chiefs @ Chargers

    Only one game, but hot damn Patrick Mahomes looks good.
  10. SteVo

    Titans @ Dolphins

    Aside from some bad throws, Ryan Tannehill looked pretty sharp. And Frank Gore is still getting it done.
  11. SteVo

    Cowboys @ Panthers

    Travis Frederick is a huge loss for the Cowboys, who have reached Andy Reid levels of stubbornness on offense. Bad interior O-line? Run Zeke up the middle. Dez Bryant and Jason Witten leave? We're fine there.
  12. SteVo

    Bills @ Ravens

    Joe Flacco is elite and the Bills are trash. All is right with the world again.
  13. SteVo

    Steelers @ Browns

    A lot of thoughts about this one: I've always been old school about ties. Love 'em. Sue me. If Le'Veon Bell reported to the Steelers this morning, he would ride the bench for a while, wouldn't he? No reason to freak out about Roethlisberger (yet). Remember his 5-INT game against Jacksonville last year? Serves Hue Jackson right for both what Cuda mentioned and at the end of OT, playing conservatively and just kicking a long FG in the rain...rather than trying to get a little closer. Maybe Hue doesn't trust Tyrod Taylor, in which case, you can't blame him. Speaking of... How long until Baker Mayfield starts in Cleveland? Josh Gordon is back.
  14. SteVo

    Bucs @ Saints

    If Fitzmagic plays like this the next two weeks, there's no way you can justify starting Jameis. But we all know how big of an "if" that is. Meanwhile, does the Saints defense suck again?
  15. SteVo

    Jags @ Giants

    The Giants probably won't be awful this year--gotta give them credit for hanging with Jacksonville--but they haven't fixed their offensive line, and it will be their undoing. Saquon is the new Adrian Peterson: he'll churn out 2- and 3-yard carries, then suddenly explode for a 50-yard TD.
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