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  1. SteVo

    TIme to move to France

    I saw the headline and thought Vin was facing some early-life crisis and actually moving to France, never to be seen on TGP again.
  2. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    Was that the year the Titans started 10-0 or something? I remember them and the Giants were both undefeated and TGP had some HEATED discussions about which team should be #1 in the power rankings.
  3. SteVo

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Assuming the final 4 in the east is Milwaukee/Toronto/Boston/Philly, the semis and conference finals are gonna be some great basketball.
  4. SteVo

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Celtics are still the Sixers' kryptonite...
  5. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    I'm sure Razor's mathematical approach means we are going to see some huge names at surprisingly low positions on the list. Anyone want to take some guesses?
  6. Why do people keep thinking Christian Hackenberg can play QB? This has frustrated me for years.
  7. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    Ah, I was wondering where Jaws would be on this list. Now we're on #McNabbWatch.
  8. SteVo

    Time Flies...

    Always a treat when old regulars come back. Hope you are well, dude, and good to see you.
  9. The quality of football was surprisingly good (better than I thought, anyway), the pace of play was fantastic, and I absolutely love the transparency of video reviews. Methinks the NFL will learn from this league.
  10. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    So we have our TGP offseason highlight. Razor, I look forward to logging in every day to see this.
  11. SteVo

    Super Bowl LIII: Pats v. Rams

    Sean McVay is turning into Andy Reid. When his game plan works, it's great. When his game plan doesn't work, he can't find a way to fix it. Jared Goff also sucks.
  12. SteVo

    Super Bowl LIII: Pats v. Rams

    I'll take the Rams in this one. I think it's a close, back-and-forth game, with less offense than everyone expects. The 1st and 3rd quarters come down to coaching; the 2nd and 4th come down to execution. 27 24
  13. SteVo

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    If there's anyone who can save Jameis Winston, I guess it's Arians. I love the coordinators he has hired (Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles). With good QB play, we could see a quick turnaround in Tampa. Also, I'm a little surprised Adam Gase hasn't been hired yet. It seemed like he was a hot candidate for interviews as soon as Miami fired him. Then again, there is a ton of misinformation floating around these days...
  14. SteVo

    Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

    Thanks for posting all this, Razor. I've been trying to figure out what week 17 game is most likely to be flexed to Sunday night. I guess Colts/Titans if the winner gets the #6 seed?
  15. SteVo

    QB Study: Kings of the 90's

    Wow, Jim Kelly is underrated... Fascinating stuff, Razor. Always appreciate a mathematical dive into football.
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