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  1. Update: I'm taking Razor's advice. I've had a rough outline on my computer for years, but now I'm fleshing it out, and I'm pretty excited about the stories still left to tell. For now, I think I'll just start writing and see what happens. If I think it's good enough, I'll publish it here. I know not many left on TGP would read it, but that's ok. I know those who would read it will enjoy it. So, brace yourselves. The Knights of Andreas may yet appear on TGP again... @RazorStar @Sarge @Vin @Thanatos @seanbrock @Cherry @Zack_of_Steel
  2. SteVo

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    I actually figured this season would be the last. The fact that they have even more story to tell is really exciting. And I'm with Vin. I really want those b&w flashforwards to add up to something really good.
  3. SteVo

    Pussy Packers suck

    This aged well.
  4. SteVo

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    The 2005 Steelers with Bill Cowher were 11-5. The 2011 Giants were 6-2 halfway through the season. They stumbled in the second half, finished 9-7, then got back to the above average team they were. The 2012 Ravens were 9-2 heading into December. They went 1-4, but three of those losses were by one score. Since the NFL went to a 12-team playoff format in 1990, 26 of 29 Super Bowl champions have been 6-2 or better after eight games. The three exceptions? 2000 Ravens (5-3), 2001 Patriots (4-4), 2010 Packers (5-3). Championship teams do not "get hot at the right time" or "come out of nowhere." The best teams are the best teams.
  5. Ok, in all seriousness, I am considering bringing this back for a temporary run. It would be very short, 6-8 chapters, and essentially just a deeper look at the epilogue of the series. But it would follow the Knights throughout a season (probably 2020) like past seasons have. As a writer, I would love to revisit these characters again, get in their heads, visualize the Knights taking the field, hear the Farmers Field crowd roar, see locker room banter, watch Phillips and Schneider go back and forth. I have some plot ideas, and have had some since I published the last chapter. But I'll only go forward with it if y'all are interested. I feel satisfied with how KoA ended and am more than happy to leave it at that. What say you?
  6. SteVo

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Welcome to the world of big-budget filmmaking. Makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe even more impressive. All those films in the better part of a decade, and were any one of them bad?
  7. SteVo

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    F4E is doing a pretty splendid job of spelling out my own thoughts, which is convenient. Star Wars is a franchise with lightspeed, lightsabers, and gravity in space. If you want to pick it apart with logic, have at it. If you want to enjoy the story, then enjoy it you will.
  8. SteVo

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    I hate picking the hot, trendy team, but how can you not go with Baltimore in the AFC? New England doesn't have the firepower, and Andy Reid will find a way to choke. I think the Saints are the best team in the league, but not getting the bye is a crushing blow for them. The last time a non-bye team even made it to the Super Bowl was the Ravens seven years ago. Again, I hate picking favorites but something about Green Bay doesn't seem right (Rodgers looked listless last Sunday), so I'm going with San Francisco. Ho hum. Rock chalk. > (Watch them both get upset in the Divisional Round now.)
  9. SteVo

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    The big weakness of this trilogy is definitely that they didn't have a three-movie plan when they started. The three movies are much better together than they are as a trilogy. The prequels are more cohesive! That said, I still really enjoyed all three.
  10. SteVo

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Just got home from the theater. Really enjoyed it, but PHEW it is a LOT of movie to process. Will be seeing it again.
  11. SteVo

    MVP race 2019

    I could see Russell Wilson being deserving depending on how the final two weeks go, but it's firmly Lamar Jackson's award to lose.
  12. SteVo

    Week 12

    Disagree on Seattle, Thanny, and I promise it's not because I'm salty. They're firmly in the good-not-elite category. NFC still comes down to the 49ers/Saints/Packers.
  13. SteVo

    Week 12

    Are the Saints more vulnerable than we think because of their defense? Is the Patriots offense good enough to win in January? Are there any good teams besides SF and BAL? Should we cancel the league?
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