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  1. Thanks, guys. I definitely want to have everything written and edited so it'll be as epic as possible when I publish it. I've been writing like crazy, so I should have some more tidbits SOON.
  2. QUESTION: Would you guys prefer me post the chapters during late summer before the NFL season starts, or in September/October while the NFL is going on? (Keep in mind, Covid very well could cancel or postpone the real season.)
  3. SteVo

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Some TGP traditions never die. Happy birthday, blots.
  4. Hey everyone, a few miscellaneous updates regarding writing, and mostly good news: For the last few weeks, I was worried I would have to tell you all there would be no more KoA. I had a beginning and an end to this new story, but no middle. I couldn't connect it all. This morning, one good brainstorming session later, the middle has been found. So I can now confirm... Knights of Andreas WILL return for exactly eight chapters. This will not officially be Part VII; I'm considering it more of an extended epilogue that will follow the Knights through the 2020 season. It will be titled, "Four Years Later." Only 5 original characters are still on the team by this time (Mav, D-Jam, Grodd, Zack, Randall), so this will be a much more character-focused KoA than we've read in years' past. That said, the characters who are no longer on the Knights may still find ways to enter the story. I'm targeting mid/late July for the debut, which means a trailer of sorts should be hitting this thread shortly. Stay tuned... @Vin @Maverick @BigBen07 @Thanatos @BradyFan81 @Turry @Zack_of_Steel @Cherry @seanbrock @RazorStar @JetsFan4Life @Sarge @DalaiLama4Ever
  5. SteVo

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    I still haven't re-watched it, but my thoughts (for the moment) remain the same: thoroughly enjoyable Star Wars movie, its worst flaw being lack of cohesion with the rest of the trilogy. Also I know this is old news, but Trevorov's Episode 9 script sounded awesome. Duel of the Fates is such a great title too!
  6. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    It's too bad people can't protest police brutality peacefully like, for instance, kneeling during the national anthem. I'm sure that would lead to reasonable discourse and effective change.
  7. GRRM has said he had enough material for 10+ seasons of television. I think D&D should have tapped into some of that, because one of my big problems with season 8 is that there's absolutely nothing happening in Westeros for three-and-a-half episodes outside the Winterfell battle. Some sort of peripheral storylines would have gone a long way.
  8. I was about to type, "Holy shit Ferve, it hasn't been 30 years, calm down," but holy shit it almost has! Got damn we're old. But yeah, I definitely hope George sticks to his guns and writes the books the way he wants to write them. I read somewhere that the manuscripts for WoW and DoS are going to be 3,000 pages...EACH. That must be a typo, right?
  9. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Trump is such a selfish crybaby. Mark Cuban said it best: he's the most powerful person in the world, and he's always playing the victim card. Loser.
  10. C'mon, Thanatos...it can't be worse than Dexter, can it? Anyway, my feelings are mostly the same. With the exception of Bran ruling as King, I like where all the characters ended, just hated how they got there. The episode-to-episode pacing is my biggest gripe. They should have stretched the final two seasons into much more than 13 episodes, though I guess I don't know how much additional material from GRRM they could have used. "The Last of the Starks" (8.04) is the worst offender for me. The first half of the episode is pretty great, and then they cram multiple episodes of plot into forty minutes or something. It was just a clumsy, hasty rush to the finish line from a show capable of so much better. That said, I still love and remember fondly the first six seasons, where the show was as good as any drama had been on a bad day, and the most groundbreaking drama ever on a good day. They didn't stick the landing, but it's still one of my favorite shows of all time.
  11. One year later...has anyone's perspective on the final episodes/season(s) changed?
  12. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I think "conduit" is the right word. For the Dems, this election isn't really about Joe Biden becoming President (sorry, Joe). It's just about getting a more stable, liberal guy in the Oval Office who isn't Donald Trump. And perhaps also as a transition to expand the far-left policies, but that will take some time.
  13. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Also key for Biden is his VP pick because whoever it is, should Biden win, becomes the nominee in 2024. Biden is only serving one term. Yes, I know we've mentioned this but it's worth saying again.
  14. I think if (it's a big "if") companies are willing to let employees who are severely at-risk (old, pre-existing conditions) work from home, we should be ok. Honestly I'm just sick of the political back-and-forth from Washington. Trump just wants to open the economy to boost his re-election chances, Democrats just want to moan about the statistics to make Trump look bad, Republicans just want to attack Democrats to prevent Trump from looking bad. And even worse, so many people just eat this shit up.
  15. I think we definitely made a big mistake by not shutting things down sooner, but what's done is done. The situation, as a whole, has given me renewed faith in federalism, since the state/local governments have done a good job managing outbreaks in their areas regardless of what the directive from Washington is. Now we have to somehow walk that fine line of re-opening between having the economy be impacted for too long vs. having the virus kill more people unnecessarily. I still think we won't see fans in sports arenas until 2021, at least.
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