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    Sorry, busy weekend and I just got back, we won't be doing the draft today because I still need to get the team owners settled out. I'm planning on doing the draft Wednesday at 9, if that doesn't work for anyone let me know now because we're down to the wire for getting the draft done before Thursday. As of now, the participants will be as follows: Me Ace Phil MHG BC Than F4E Ngata ATL Vin Bjorn Seanbrock Basically, it's last year's participants with Sean instead of my brother, that way we're back to just members of the board and it's a 12 team league, which I think is the ideal size. Sean has joined so at this point I'm working on getting my brother's team removed and switching F4E to a different ESPN account EDIT: Okay, so we're down to the 12 teams listed above, just waiting for F4E's new email so I can get his team updated, still looking to set the draft Wednesday at 9 ET, sorry for any confusion and inconvenience today.
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    That was in a game that matters. You'll find the Falcons specialize in games that don't.
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    After a few bumps in the road ( like having to perform the full board conversion from my phone).... We’re here! Everything is still a work in progress, so if you notice anything — no matter how big or small — say something so Vin / I can address it. One thing already on tap is a lighter skin for those of you who don’t dig the dark or default stuff. I have a 4 day weekend coming up here so that’ll hopefully be done by the end of next week! Anything else though, anything at all... let us know. See something, Say something!
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    Peterman is actually the greatest QB in NFL history. He just intentionally plays bad because thats what he's been told to do.
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    Incidentally, I can't stand either of them.
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    Uh right, so normally I make a big spreadsheet, and do this whole thing week by week. However I really don't have a lot of free time these days to pull it off, so I'm using the assistance of NFL.com to make my life easier. We're still doing this, it's just we're doing this on NFL.com, that way I don't have to be the only eyes on keeping track of the standings and all that. http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/group/191955 The password to enter is: tgp All lowercase, so it shouldn't be an issue to get in. Anyway, good luck and have fun guys.
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    Sparty shut your raggedy ass up. Lookin like you pulled up to the scene with your ceiling missin.
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    That Matthew Stafford, who has been in the league since 2009 and has played in 126 regular season games, has had seven games in which a RB for the Lions has rushed for 100 yards or more in a game. Seven games. Seven. What?
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    This entire twitter thread is genius and hilarious:
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    We are beyond fucked for the forseeable future. I wasn't big on the Gruden hiring as a HC... let alone the god of football operations. I like all the staff he brought in, I really do, but Gruden himself is a cancer. The ego of trading away your best player and believing in Mr. Carr is going to bite this team in the ass forever. I will forever stick with paying Mack before Carr because Carr never really proved himself outside of 16' since he got hurt that year he's seeing ghosts every play. Second half of the game last night shows that there is something wrong in his head. We have the oldest roster in the league and we are admittedly in rebuild mode? How? Nothing the Raiders have done this offseason has made sense.. the combination of Mckenzie's poor drafts and Gruden's mind will send this team back to the dark ages if we aren't already there. I had little optimism going into this season... Last night confirmed that I should have none for longer than just this year.
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    That may not be a bad thing for the Giants to rely on Saquon. Eli has a bunch of really good targets, but they get even better when Barkley is forcing defenses to stack the box. And most lines are gonna look bad against jacksonville, Campbell, Malik Jackson, and Yannick Ngakoue are a 3 headed monster that I don't think any line in the league can handle for more than a few plays a game.
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    I don't even know how to explain what happened. So I won't. LMAO Bears.
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    I'm going to put the over/under on Peterman being replaced at 35 minutes. Oh, and the game result. Ravens 37, Bills 9
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    Time doesn' exist in the first place..so there, neener neener
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    Saquon as your #1 overall player makes me immediately laugh. But then its BC. I concur with Fart, you have a huge risk/reward and I doubt all of them fall your way.
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    Dragon Quest 11 is out today, kind of wish I could skip work to binge play it.
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    This thread is fun to read from the beginning.
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    I added some people to the team this summer, and one of em had his top five linebackers set prior to season.
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    Finally we get some leftist rhetoric on tv thanks to *checks notes*...Tucker Carlson?
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    I figured I may as well do one of these before the season starts proper. But first, I’ll explain what each of my tiers means, just for argument’s sake. The general rule is that there is a bigger gap between tiers than there is within them, but some players are hard placements to make so you know, more art than science. Tier 1: Hall of Fame Caliber. That’s not to say that other QB’s that appear on this list won’t go into the hall, just that with the way these guys are playing right now, there is no denying that they will be in Canton some day. These guys are clearly the best in the league. Tier 2: Franchise QB. These are guys you want heading up your franchise. No QB is without flaws, but these players minimize their weaknesses, maximize their strengths, and get the best out of their supporting casts. These players elevate their teams and can put games on their shoulders if the situation calls for it. Tier 3: Dependable Starter. You’re happy to have these players at your QB position, and you know you have a shot as long you have these guys heading up your offense. If you have a QB in this tier, you can at least give your team a shot at winning the super bowl without the need of a transcendent defense and/or offensive supporting cast. Tier 4: Average Starter. The middle of the road. The kind of QB that is hard to find and even harder to find a suitable replacement. This is also the home of QB’s with incredible highs and incredible lows, who can’t seem to find that balance when it matters. Their jobs are rarely in jeopardy, but you often hear talk of replacements whispered or screamed in the media. Tier 5: Journeymen and Mediocrity. These are the folks that tend to straggle along, or are young QB’s who can’t or haven’t yet gotten over the hump. Players like these can be found in any age, in any era, and no team wants anything to do with them. But they find a way to survive. Tier 6: Low Grade Starters. Players like this are usually mired in QB competitions, or end up being the best of a bad situation. This is my default tier for highly drafted rookies, so if you don’t like it, I want evidence to prove me wrong before I change my mind. Tier 7: Should be Backups. Utter and complete trash. Your Jimmy Clausen's and Brandon Weeden's of the world end up here. Players here usually only tend to play due to injury, and if you’re starting a guy in this tier, abandon all hope for a good season, and hope to tank to a high draft pick. Tier 1: 1. Drew Brees 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Tom Brady I don’t care what your order is, you probably should have these three guys on the top in some order. Brady’s keen intellect has made the Patriots the super bowl favourite practically every year since 2007, Aaron Rodgers is the most dynamic player in the league and turns the Packers from a bottom feeder into a consistent playoff contender by his play alone. Lastly Drew Brees is the warlord of offenses, combining precision footwork with perfect timing to pick apart even the stoutest of defenses. These guys are the best the league has to offer, and a clear dividing line for the rest of the best. Tier 2: 4. Russell Wilson 5. Matt Ryan 6. Ben Roethlisberger Sometimes the second tier is a lot larger, but as I see it right now, I only have three players in which I can definitely say yes to. There are some maybes further down, but I have zero qualms with any of these three guys being called franchise QB’s, and meeting the criteria of my second tier. Each of these guys has taken their team to the biggest stage, and outside of the greatest comeback in super bowl history, all of them have won a championship. These guys have done it with weapons, done it without weapons, put on clinics few could hope to match, and play their best football each and every week. It’ll be interesting to see how Wilson handles Seattle’s continuous decline, but as long as he’s playing healthy, Seattle has a chance in every game they play. Roethlisberger is on a slight decline, a few years ago I’d have said he’d be in the very top tier, but he’s still an incredible QB even as age catches up with him. Lastly Matt Ryan is just mister consistent, accurate with ball placement, great before the snap, and always knows where to find his second and third options. Tier 3: 7. Matt Stafford 8. Carson Wentz 9. Kirk Cousins 10. Alex Smith 11. Philip Rivers 12. Jared Goff This is probably the tier where things start getting really divisive. So let’s take it from the top. Matt Stafford is right on the edge of the second tier, and I think the big thing holding him back is a lack of postseason success. It’s hard to put that alone on his back, considering there have been a lot of strange circumstances in his career, and he’s probably out and out the unluckiest QB in the league right now when it comes to terrible calls. He is pretty clearly everything the Lions wanted and needed from a QB, they just haven’t done enough to get him over the hump. Wentz is the next guy up and this is another case of feeling premature, but when you watch him play, he just has it from the mental and physical point of view, and he still has a lot of room to grow. We’re looking at the next potential great in this league, the question is can he live up to said potential? Following him is the Vikings new Golden Boy, who finally gets a chance to play with some real receivers. Cousins is deceptively good, and has figured out how to maximize his strengths. On a team with some real talent, it’ll be exciting to see what he can do. And I’ve got his Redskins replacement right after. I think it was a genius move for the Skins to lock up Alex Smith, he’s been ol reliable ever since Jim Harbaugh showed him the ropes. He will rarely wow you with his numbers, but the dude is intelligent, finds his best options, and is a threat to scramble for first downs on any situation. He had an MVP caliber year last season, but he just can’t shake the game manager label that’s been stapled to his hind quarters. Philip Rivers has been a great QB in this league for years, but his game is clearly diminishing with age, as he’s been more prone to turnovers as of late. He’s still an incredible force to be reckoned with, but he has more lapses as time goes on, and this might be his last year at this level. His peers in his draft class are declining as well, so it’s not like he’s alone in that regard. The last guy on my list may be premature as well, but I think having Sean McVay as his offensive guru has done a lot for his development, so I’ll tentatively put him here as we watch his development continue in his third year. Tier 4: 13. Cam Newton 14. Marcus Mariota 15. Derek Carr 16. Jimmy Garoppolo 17. Andy Dalton 18. Ryan Tannehill 19. Sam Bradford 20. Andrew Luck* So this is your average starter in the league. Guys who you have a hard time replacing, or in some cases, are so wildly inconsistent that they go from MVP caliber players to Brett Hundley in the blink of an eye. So a lot of these names are familiar for those reasons, however I’ve got Jimmy G right in the middle of this pack. This is just based on what I’ve seen from him so far, the record is a little deceptive as there just isn’t a lot of tape on him, and this is the first season he’s going into the field as the expected starter, and that can be a large change for a lot of young QB’s. I like what he can do, but I want to temper my expectations. Andy Dalton is flat out the fodder line for this league, and Andrew Luck is just a giant ass question mark. He’s super inconsistent, and he’s coming off an injury that kept him out for over a year. I don’t think he’ll ever be the guy his potential said he’d be, but he might graduate to dependable one day. Tier 5: 21. Case Keenum 22. DeShaun Watson 23. Jameis Winston 24. Blake Bortles 25. Josh McCown 26. Tyrod Taylor 27. Teddy Bridgewater 28. Dak Prescott 29. Eli Manning Another tier where my previous descriptor does a lot of work for explaining what I think of these guys. Keenum had a good season last year and is set to grow from there, however it’s hard to tell whether that’s the real Keenum or not. If he continues to play like he did in minnesota, he could jump all the way to the third tier, or possibly the second. DeShaun has a ton of potential, but I’m not as impressed as so many others are, because a lot of his numbers were garbage time pump ups. He’s still got a lot to work on with his game. The other name of interest here is Teddy Bridgewater, and this is more me hoping he’ll get his game back and that his career isn’t immediately over. Tier 6: 30. Jacoby Brissett 31. Ryan Fitzpatrick 32. Joe Flacco 33. Josh Rosen 34. Baker Mayfield 35. Josh Allen 36. Sam Darnold 37. Lamar Jackson 38. Patrick Mahomes 39. Mitch Trubisky Now this is the real prove it tier. Jacoby Brissett, Joe Flacco and Ryan Fitzpatrick are the gatekeepers of this group, and if you aren’t better than these guys, you aren’t worth crap. Time to step up Rookies. Tier 7: 40. Nathan Peterman 41. AJ McCarron 42. Deshone Kizer 43. Brett Hundley 44. Blaine Gabbert 45. Brandon Weeden (Your boy isn’t listed? He’s probably sitting in this pile of crap.) None of these guys are good enough to waste words on, other than you should probably pray if you have to start someone in this group.
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    Imgur forced it to convert to JPG so RIP to quality but oh well.
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    Hard to argue against Kareem. In his early days, he had Shaq-like dominance. And in his later days, he was still the Lakers #1 scoring and rebounding option until his late 30s, which is insane. He started his career playing against Wilt and ended it playing against Hakeem. And he was elite for all of it.
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    BC might not win a game this year.
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