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    Am I the only one who would get a kick out of Pitt holding onto him and just benching him on principle? Icing on the cake if they win without him. Does that make me a bad person?
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    I can half-ass the Titans, I at least know what team needs are and there are plenty of sites with player rankings. This'll give me an excuse to get on here and actually post more often.
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    Rules 1) Starting when the first overall pick is made, all NFL transactions in real life are null and void. This includes free agent signings and all trades that involve draft picks. 2) Trades between two separate GMs need only be confirmed by both GMs in the discussion thread. Trades between two teams of the same GM may also be made. If you take issue with any of the trades made, speak of your concern in the discussion thread. From there, a decision shall be made on the validity of such trade. Under rare circumstances a trade can and will be voided due to fairness, but it must be extremely tilted in one direction. PLEASE DO NOT HOLD US UP TRYING TO PURSUE MEANINGLESS LATE ROUND TRADES 3) Each GM will have 24 HOURS from when their team goes on the clock to make their selection. Your teams clock begins as soon as the previous GM announces their selection. As we move further into the draft, later rounds will feature shorter time limits. Missing your pick twice may result in you forfeiting your team. If you think you may be unable to make your pick on time, send a "board" or wishlist of prospects to someone you trust to make the pick for you. This time will be cut after the first couple of rounds. (I'm willing to take any of these boards as a proxy and pick for you.) Draft Order First Round 1. Arizona Cardinals (Cherry) - Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama 2. San Francisco 49ers (Sean) - Greedy Williams, CB, LSU 3. New York Jets (Razor) - Nick Bosa, DE/EDGE, Ohio State 4. Buffalo Bills (Weapon) - Devin White, LB, LSU 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Vin) - Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky 6. New York Giants (Vin) - Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State 7. Jacksonville Jaguars (Vin) - Rashan Gary, EDGE, Michigan 8. Detroit Lions (BJORN) - Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State 9. Oakland Raiders (BC) - Byron Murphy, CB, Washington 10. Miami Dolphins (from DEN) (PD) - Kyler Myrray, QB, Oklahoma 11. Cincinnati Bengals (Cherry) - Devin Bush, LB, Michigan 12. Green Bay Packers (PD) - Brian Burns, OLB, Florida State 13. Denver Broncos (From MIA) (Razor) - Jawaan Taylor, LT, Florida 14. Atlanta Falcons (Weapon) - DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia 15. Washington Redskins (Sean) - D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss 16. Carolina Panthers (Thanatos) - Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson 17. Cleveland Browns (Cherry) - Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma 18. Minnesota Vikings (BJORN) - Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama 19. Tennessee Titans (Ooch) - Ed Oliver, DT, Houston 20. Pittsburgh Steelers (Weapon) - T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa 21. Seattle Seahawks (BC) - Jachai Polite, DE, Florida 22. Baltimore Ravens (BJORN) - Jonathan Abram, S, Mississippi State 23. Houston Texans (Fart) - Andre Dillard, LT, Washington State 24. Oakland Raiders (BC) - Jaylon Ferguson, DE, Louisana Tech 25. Philadelphia Eagles (Sean) - A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss 26. Indianapolis Colts (Thanatos) - Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson 27. Oakland Raiders (BC) - Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma 28. Los Angeles Chargers (PD) - Chris Lindstrom, OG, Boston College 29. Kansas City Chiefs (Cherry) - Taylor Rapp, S, Washington 30. Green Bay Packers (PD) - Nasir Adderley, S, Delware 31. Los Angeles Rams (Cherry) - Erik McCoy, C, Texas A&M 32. New England Patriots (Cherry) - Noah Fant, TE, Iowa Second Round 33. Arizona Cardinals (Cherry) - N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State 34. Indianapolis Colts (Thanatos) - Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama 35. Oakland Raiders (BC) - Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama 36. New England Patriots (Cherry) - Daniel Jones, QB, Duke 37. New York Giants (Vin) - Dexter Lawrence, DT, Giants 38. Jacksonville Jaguars (Vin) - Drew Lock, QB, Missouri 39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Vin) - Greg Little, OT Mississippi 40. Oakland Raiders (via Bills) (BC) - Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama 41. Denver Broncos (Razor) - Zach Allen, DE, Boston College 42. Cincinnati Bengals (Cherry) - Yodny Cajuste, OT, West Virginia 43. Tennessee Titans (Ooch) (from DET) - Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State 44. Green Bay Packers (PD) - Dalton Risner, OT/OG, Kansas State 45. Atlanta Falcons (Weapon) - Oshane Ximines, EDGE, Old Dominion 46. Washington Redskins (Sean) - Andy Isabella, WR, Massachusetts 47. Carolina Panthers (Thanatos) - Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State 48. Miami Dolphins (PD) - Kelvin Harmon, WR, North Carolina State 49. Philadelphia Eagles (Sean) (from CLE) - Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan 50. Minnesota Vikings (BJORN) - Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington 51. Detroit Lions (BJORN) (from TEN) - J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford 52. Pittsburgh Steelers (Weapon) - Miles Boykin, WR, Notre Dame 53. Cleveland Browns (Cherry) (from PHI) - Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame 54. Houston Texans (Fart) - Jerry Tillery, DL, Notre Dame 55. Houston Texans (Fart) - Connor McGovern, OG, Penn State 56. San Francisco 49ers (from NE) (Sean) - Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State 57. Philadelphia Eagles (Sean) - Devin Singletary, RB, Florida Atlantic 58. Dallas Cowboys (Fart) - Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State 59. Indianapolis Colts (Thanatos) - Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina 60. Los Angeles Chargers (PD) - Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State 61. Kansas City Chiefs (Cherry) - Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple 62. New Orleans Saints (BC) - Irv Smith Jr, TE, Alabama 63. Kansas City Chiefs (Cherry) - Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State 64. New England Patriots (Cherry) - Charles Omenihu, DL, Texas Third Round 65. Arizona Cardinals (Cherry) - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida 66. Oakland Raiders (BC) - Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson 67. San Francisco 49ers (Sean) - D'Andre Walker, OLB, Georgia 68. New York Jets (Razor) - Mike Weber, RB, Ohio State 69. Jacksonville Jaguars (Vin) - Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia 70. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Vin) - Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky 71. Denver Broncos (Razor) - Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern 72. Cincinnati Bengals (cherry) - Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn 73. San Francisco 49ers (from NE) (Sean) - Alex Wesley, WR, Northern Colorado 74. Buffalo Bills (Weapon) - Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia 75. Green Bay Packers (PD) - Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M 76. Washington Redskins - Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M 77. Carolina Panthers (Thanatos) - Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State 78. Denver Broncos (From MIA) (Razor) - Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State 79. Atlanta Falcons (Favre) - Michael Deiter, OG, Wisconsin 80. Cleveland Browns (Cherry) - Antoine Wesley, WR, Texas Tech 81. Minnesota Vikings - VoSean Joseph, LB, Florida 82. Detroit Lions (from TEN) - Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt 83. Pittsburgh Steelers - Carl Granderson, OLB, Wyoming 84. Seattle Seahawks - Emanuel Hall, WR, Missouri 85. Baltimore Ravens - Dru Samia, OL, Oklahoma 86. Houston Texans - Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn 87. Chicago Bears (Butta) 88. Tennessee Titans (from DET) 89. Indianapolis Colts (Thanatos) 90. Dallas Cowboys 91. Los Angeles Chargers 92. Kansas City Chiefs 93. New York Jets 94. Los Angeles Rams 95. Cleveland Browns 96. Washington Redskins 97. New England Patriots 98. Jacksonville Jaguars 99. Los Angeles Rams 100. Carolina Panthers 101. San Francisco 49ers (from NE) 102. Baltimore Ravens Fourth Round 103. Arizona Cardinals 104. San Francisco 49ers 105. New York Jets 106. Oakland Raiders 107. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 108. New York Giants 109. Jacksonville Jaguars 110. Cincinnati Bengals 111. Detroit Lions 112. Buffalo Bills 113. Baltimore Ravens 114. Green Bay Packers 115. Carolina Panthers 116. Miami Dolphins 117. Atlanta Falcons 118. Green Bay Packers 119. Cleveland Browns 120. Minnesota Vikings 121. Detroit Lions (from TEN) 122. Pittsburgh Steelers 123. Baltimore Ravens 124. Seattle Seahawks 125. Denver Broncos 126. Chicago Bears 127. Cleveland Browns (Cherry) (from PHI) 128. Dallas Cowboys 129. Indianapolis Colts 130. Los Angeles Chargers 131. Buffalo Bills 132. New York Giants 133. Los Angeles Rams 134. New England Patriots 135. Indianapolis Colts 136. Dallas Cowboys 137. Atlanta Falcons 138. Philadelphia Eagles Fifth Round 139. Arizona Cardinals 140. New York Jets 141. Oakland Raiders 142. New York Giants 143. New York Giants 144. Cleveland Browns 145. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 146. Detroit Lions 147. Buffalo Bills 148. Miami Dolphins (from DEN) 149. Cincinnati Bengals 150. Green Bay Packers 151. Miami Dolphins 152. Atlanta Falcons 153. Washington Redskins 154. Carolina Panthers 155. Cleveland Browns 156. Denver Broncos 157. Tennessee Titans 158. Buffalo Bills 159. Seattle Seahawks 160. Baltimore Ravens 161. Houston Texans 162. Chicago Bears 163. Philadelphia Eagles 164. Indianapolis Colts 165. Dallas Cowboys 166. Los Angeles Chargers 167. Kansas City Chiefs 168. New Orleans Saints 169. Los Angeles Rams 170. Cleveland Browns 171. New York Giants 172. Atlanta Falcons 173. Washington Redskins Sixth Round 174. Arizona Cardinals 175. Pittsburgh Steelers 176. San Francisco 49ers 177. New Orleans Saints 178. Jacksonville Jaguars 179. Arizona Cardinals 180. New York Giants 181. Buffalo Bills 182. Miami Dolphins (From DEN) 183. Cincinnati Bengals 184. Detroit Lions 185. Green Bay Packers 186. Atlanta Falcons 187. Carolina Panthers 188. Miami Dolphins 189. Cleveland Browns 190. Minnesota Vikings 191. Baltimore Ravens 192. Pittsburgh Steelers 193. Baltimore Ravens 194. Green Bay Packers 195. Houston Texans 196. Oakland Raiders 197. Cleveland Browns (from PHI) 198. Cincinnati Bengals 199. Indianapolis Colts 200. Los Angeles Chargers 201. Kansas City Chiefs 202. New Orleans Saints 203. Los Angeles Rams 204. Detroit Lions 205. New England Patriots 206. Washington Redskins 207. Arizona Cardinals 208. Philadelphia Eagles 209. Minnesota Vikings 210. Cincinnati Bengals 211. Cincinnati Bengals 212. San Francisco 49ers 213. Cincinnati Bengals 214. Kansas City Chiefs Seventh Round 215. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 216. Kansas City Chiefs 217. New York Jets 218. Oakland Raiders 219. Pittsburgh Steelers 220. Houston Texans 221. Cleveland Browns 222. Chicago Bears 223. Cincinnati Bengals 224. Detroit Lions 225. Buffalo Bills 226. Green Bay Packers 227. Washington Redskins 228. Buffalo Bills 229. Detroit Lions 230. Atlanta Falcons 231. New Orleans Saints 232. New York Giants 233. Tennessee Titans 234. Miami Dolphins 235. Oakland Raiders 236. Jacksonville Jaguars 237. Denver Broncos 238. Chicago Bears 239. New England Patriots 240. Indianapolis Colts 241. Dallas Cowboys 242. Los Angeles Chargers 243. New England Patriots 244. New Orleans Saints 245. New York Giants 246. New England Patriots 247. Minnesota Vikings 248. Arizona Cardinals 249. Arizona Cardinals 250. Minnesota Vikings 251. Los Angeles Rams 252. New England Patriots 253. Washington Redskins 254. Arizona Cardinals
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    Razor: Has Warren Moon at #71, "gives reasons." Me:
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    Public Assassination?
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    (Pics later, or not) With the 5th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select... Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky With the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants select... Dwayne Haskins, QB, tOSU With the 7th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select... Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan
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    I dunno, it sounds like he's gifted where it counts.
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    The Jets take Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State University. what the fuck
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    By this point .. I think AB is secretly trying to stay in Pittsburgh. Watching all these dumb interviews he’s doing ... all these sound bytes and tweets... how does that not scare suitors away? It has to , right? Here come the Raiders though. Lol
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    I think a lot of this is a smokescreen tactic. If I was running the Steelers, I would not, in good conscience, hand over a weapon of that caliber to a system that just won a Super Bowl without a legitimate WR1. I think any perceived shift simply serves as a catalyst for other teams to come forward with a competitive offer, to prevent something like that from happening. Reverse psychology at its best. Then again, maybe I'm wrong and the Steelers' management is really that stupid...or desperate to get rid of him.
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    If AB goes to the Pats there is zero reason to have the AFC play next year.
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    80. Drew Bledsoe (New England Patriots 1993-2001, Buffalo Bills 2002-2004, Dallas Cowboys 2005-2006) 4th Place Patriots QB and 2nd Place Bills QB and 6th Place Cowboys QB Career Record 100-97-0 (50.76%) 62nd out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 73-40-0 (64.60%) 95th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 27-57-0 (32.14%) 31st out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 113/197 (57.36%) 29th out of 102 (-51) Wins above Average Starter in a 16 Game Season (-0.253) Well we've got the first Patriot to fall, and it was the golden boy himself, Drew Bledsoe. This former first overall pick spent his entire career basically being a cannon. Completely immobile but could fire bombs anywhere down the field. He was famous for being in a lot of shootouts with Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. He had his fair share of success with the Patriots, making it to a super bowl in 1996 but coming up short against a stacked Packers squad. He got wrecked by Mo Lewis, and that started the legacy of a player we'll be seeing a lot further down the list. He was able to relieve mister Brady in the AFC Championship game against the Steelers and get a big win before conceding the starting job to Brady, taking a super bowl ring as a backup, and finding himself exiled to Buffalo. He started three seasons there, but unable to take the Bills to the promised land, they dumped him for their shining star of the 2004 draft class... JP Losman. Yeah, that's rough buddy. He ended up on the Cowboys where he started for 1 and a half seasons, but ended up getting benched at halftime and replaced by another player who will be showing up much later on this list in Tony Romo. At least two of the three guys who ended up replacing him turned out to do pretty well for their teams. Drew was known for three things when it came to his play. Slinging it down the field, throwing costly interceptions, and taking a whole lot of hits. He managed to be pretty resilient, only missing games due to injury once in his long career. He played in a lot of shootouts, and actually did really well in those games winning nearly 1/3rd of them which is incredible when the average is around 22% for QB's overall and is skewed high by basically 2-4 guys an era. However, his gambling style did lead him to lose a lot of games a steadier QB would win, going a miserable 73-40 in games with good defense, and basically ruining the great defenses he played with throughout his career. That number of good defenses kind of surprised me, but then you remember that Belichick and these dynasty Patriots inherited a lot of defensive talent, and the Bills and Cowboys happened to have some real stars in the years Bledsoe was there, like DeMarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, London Fletcher, Nate Clements, etc... So all in all, Bledsoe comes in a little bit below average, but that's more due to inconsistency than game managing like the previous two entries on this list.
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    It's been 7+ months since I last got high. I've had periods where I almost slipped into replacing weed with alcohol but I've come a long way. I spent almost $1,500 on weed in about a year and that was only the Venmo transactions. Although it's positive progress, I still struggle reckoning with the people I pushed away while in that state. I missed a lot of growth and fucked some good situations up so I could get high. I never want to be in that state again, although life hasn't necessarily been easier without it. The actual start date of my sober streak was July 9, 2018. I sent an email to my ex apologizing for neglecting our relationship and her emotional needs for the sake of weed. I don't know if she even cared, but I was fucked up emotionally after sending it and wanted to smoke. Something in me stopped me from doing it and here I am now. Edit: I also accepted a job offer in Madison following graduation. It'll be in a technical support role for a software company. It'll be hard work but I've made it this far. Just have to make it through this semester and I'm finally done with school.
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    83. Daunte Culpepper (Minnesota Vikings 1999-2005, Miami Dolphins 2006, Oakland Raiders 2007, Detroit Lions 2008-2009) 8th Place Vikings QB Career Record 42-58-0 (42.00%) 92nd out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 29-11-0 (72.50%) 70th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 13-47-0 (21.67%) 88th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 40/100 (40.00%) 91st out of 102 (+8) Wins above Average Starter in a 16 Game Season (-0.282) Who remembers Daunte Culpepper? Dude was going to be the next big thing in Minnesota, he and Randy Moss were going to live the dream and be the next Montana and Rice and that... never happened. Randy Moss still had a hell of a career, but Culpepper's career took a big nosedive post 2004. The Vikings made it to the NFC Championship in his first year starting in 2000, but the team could not repeat that success as Culpepper struggled in 2001 and 2002. He got it together in 2003 and 2004, throwing all over the field, using his legs to extend plays and make plays of his own and nearly had a MVP season in 2004 throwing for 39 TDs, 11 INTs and nearly 5000 yards. If his career continued on that track, he would have been a Vikings legend. Sadly things weren't meant to be. Moss was traded at the end of the 04 season because Joe Buck was disgusted by his mooning celebration, and Culpepper had to operate without the best WR in football. He was interception prone and sack prone in 2005, and halfway through the season he got his knee shredded on a nasty hit, and never was the same dual threat ever again after that hit. The whole love boat scandal happened not soon after, and Culpepper was gone from the Vikings. He ended up becoming a Dolphin, struggling there, getting hurt and getting benched. Then he joined the Raiders after Moss had just left, to be JaMarcus Russell's backup, but once again struggled with injuries and inconsistent play. He joined the Lions after a brief retirement, but just happened to be one of the guys who helped contribute to the Lions 0-16 campaign before getting hurt once again. Daunte's tale is one of two different careers, and it's so interesting to see just a dramatic divide between what could have been an all time great, and what ended up being a washed up Qb looking for his last semblance of glory. He's the first QB on this list so far to overachieve compared to his defensive ranking, but his record in either situation with his defense was not impressive and thanks to his prolonged career post 2004, he burned his chance of being considered an above average starter for his career.
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    I feel like there is a deflated balls joke here somewhere...
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    Can't wait for the Patriots to 'overcome this adversity' and win another Super Bowl.
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    Burfict, without question.
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    85. Aaron Brooks (Green Bay Packers 1999, New Orleans Saints 2000-2005, Oakland Raiders 2006) 5th Place Saints QB Career Record 39-53-0 (42.39%) 91st out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 24-15-0 (61.54%) 99th(T) out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 15-38-0 (28.30%) 49th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 39/92 (42.39%) 85th out of 102 (0) Wins Above Average Starter in a 16 Game Season (-0.414) Aaron Brooks had a very weird trajectory for his career, and he's basically just Saints trivia at this point. His career was a very short 7 seasons, but he was the first QB to ever win a post season game for the Saints. While the Saints had made the postseason several times in the Dome Patrol era, they were bounced in the wild card each of the 4 times they showed up. Aaron Brooks led the Saints to the postseason in his rookie year, and outscored the Greatest Show on Turf in 2000 before folding to the Vikings in the divisional round. Brooks never tasted the playoffs again after that, but his play in his rookie season brought a lot of hope to Saints fans. However, the saints were plagued with poor defense for most of the 2000's, and Brooks could only keep the team around .500 before having a major collapse in 2005 that got him benched, got his coach Jim Haslett fired, and Sean Payton brought in. Drew Brees became a free agent, and Brooks' time in New Orleans was done in a rather ignominious fashion. He joined the Raiders the next season, but played musical chairs at the position with Andrew Walter and could never recover the magic he displayed early in his career. Brooks was released at the end of the season, and decided to hang them up at age 30. Brooks was a remarkably inconsistent player, his record when his defenses showed up to play was among the worst of all players in this study, and yet he had a knack for the dramatic, always seeming to match the offenses he faced, and playing a lot of games tight until the 4th quarter. However, he took a serious decline at 29, and it may have had something to do with being unable to adjust to losing his speed as he got older, and his teams lost 18 of his last 21 starts as a result.
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    I will take the Ravens. I can be a flex for some teams as well.
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    Tough call between Vontaze and Jerry, but I went with the former. Though I would've gone with Snyder or Spanos or even Goodell if those were there.
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    " Baby, I've looked at the tape and I've come to the conclusion that you have perennial wife talent. The tape doesn't lie. Will you marry me? "