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    I'm not sure there are many, if any at all, Falcons fans here so maybe I'll be talking to myself - but I do that on a daily basis so I guess who cares at this point! First thing, I actually liked seeing 2 offensive lineman for the Falcons. I'm not sure if they were the correct 2, but only time will tell. I really didn't know too much about McGary, but from everything I've read on him, he was expected to go late in the 2nd round to the middle of the 3rd if not a little bit later. This has me a bit skeptical on him. I'm not sure that Atlanta needed to give away a 3rd round pick to grab him but if that's the guy they wanted, you never wait! I really REALLY like the pick of Lindstrom, I know that many had a couple guys higher, but this guy is an absolute mauler and I think he was the best guard in the draft which is a position Atlanta was in desperate need of. Regardless, if things work out they may have just grabbed 2 long term starters along the line. I've seen a few analysts talking about the possibilities that these 2 guys could bring about an offensive line era that of the Harvey Dahl, Tyson Clabo glory days - you know, when the team absolutely sucked but they had a good line... Lol. Second thing, this is an after thought after seeing two offensive lineman in the first - I definitely am still worried about the defense. The Falcons couldn't rush the passer last season AT ALL, and to make it worse they couldn't seem to cover a bloody nose. The one player that was doing well for us (or at least better than the rest) was Robert Alford, and they let him go. I just don't get not grabbing Lindstrom and then moving up and taking a defensive back with that late first. If the Falcons don't take a DB with their next pick, they're going to be in trouble. Lindstrom and McGary better be damn good because Atlanta may very well have to score 35+ points again like in 2017 due to the mere fact that other teams will be scoring at will. I really think they are banking on Desmond Trufant returning to form, but he's been absolutely terrible since going down with an injury a season and a half ago. Also for Jalen Collins to get his head out of his rear and not only play a full season, but also play to his talent level. Quite frankly, the Atlanta secondary is in trouble IMO. I'm hoping for a corner in round 2, but we'll see.
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    Was searching through google for a football forum. This place popped up. Been quietly stalking the forum seeing how things operate here. Looks like it's a good place to come for some discussion!
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    51. Jake Delhomme (New Orleans Saints 1997-2002, Carolina Panthers 2003-2009, Cleveland Browns 2010, Houston Texans 2011) 2nd Place Panthers QB Career Record 62-45-0 (57.94%) 34th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 48-18-0 (72.73%) 68th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 14-27-0 (34.15%) 22nd out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 66/107 (61.68%) 15th out of 102 (-36) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.483) Well that's it, the last of the average quarterbacks on my list. One Jake Delhomme, a QB so unworthy of notice that I'm not even going to say anything about him. Ok fine, that's not fair to the dude. Jake Delhomme's career took a rocky start, he was undrafted in 97, and ended up going to the Saints as a camp arm. Well, they liked enough of what they saw out of him to send him to NFL Europe for a few seasons, where he developed his game, and even won a championship in the developmental league. He ended up being the third string QB for the Saints from 2000 to 2002, but because he did so well in the preseason there was always a clamoring to get him onto the field. Eventually Delhomme decided that he had enough of being a backup and went to Carolina for a chance to compete. His chance came quickly, when Rodney Peete was pulled in halftime of the first game of the season. Delhomme led a 17 point comeback against the Jaguars, and his era had finally arrived in the NFL. Delhomme led 7 game winning drives throughout the season, and got the Panthers into the post season with an 11-5 record. They handled the Cowboys in the wild card round, beat the Rams in a thrilling double OT game ended by a 69 yard TD pass to Steve Smith, and choked out the Andy Reid Eagles in the conference championship in a 14-3 defensive struggle. However Delhomme could not keep the magic going against the New England Patriots in the super bowl, and his best chance at glory came short thanks to the legs of John Kasay, and Adam Vinatieri. The Panthers stayed competitive in Delhomme's time there, but had issues mustering consistent winning seasons due to a combination of injuries, poor coaching, and whatever the hell is in the water in Carolina. The Panthers would make the postseason a few more times, falling to the Seattle Seahawks in the Conference Championship in 2005, and to the Cardinals in the wild card in 2008 after Delhomme started to see age catch up with him. After seeing Delhomme play the worst game of his career against the Cardinals in 08, they decided to extend his contract for 5 years... needless to say that didn't go very well for them, as Delhomme went 4-7 in 2009, throwing 18 Interceptions to just 8 TDs, and the writing was on the wall. Delhomme was cut in the offseason, the Panthers drafted Jimmy Clausen (and Cam Newton the year after that), and Delhomme was left drifting in the breeze. Luckily when shit come down river, Cleveland is right there to pick it up. He spent a season as Cleveland's starter, before hitching a ride to Houston to end out his well traveled career. Delhomme greatly benefited from his coach's style of conservatism. John Fox never met a third down he didn't like to punt on, after all. His defenses were some of the better ones among all QB's on this list, and when the offense needed him to step up and make big plays, he was there a lot of the time, far more often than you'd remember from a guy who was basically just there to get it to Steve Smith. Though his time as a starter was very short, he made the most of his time in Carolina, and helped keep them in the competitor discussion far longer than they probably should have been. Dude was a perennial underdog, but he grinded in the league for years before finally finding a spot to make the best use of his talents. And all of that is worthy is respect. Coming up next: The Good Ones (QB's who average 0.5 - 1 Wins Per Season above Average)
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    This was a much better battle episode than the one at winterfell. Better lighting helps of course, but having it just be a rout was glorious. Sure there were a few contrivances here and there, but the action was shot a lot tighter, and the dramatic moments had way more gravitas to them. Cleganebowl was fucking hype, Jamie and Cersei dying in each other's arms was poetic, and Arya's mad quest for revenge was dashed by one angry gorl and her drogon. What I'm really saying is, All hail Queen Sansa.
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    They just do things off-screen is the problem. The reason why the Scorpions can shoot further is because Qyburn gave them upgrades. Yet there is no mention of this in the show, just the directors telling us off-screen that this is the case. Dany believing Cersei will get stronger over time makes literally zero sense and the fact that no one has told her this is just stupid. They're rushing the conclusion to end it quickly, but cmon man. No one points out she has a merc company? That she has to pay? The longer they wait the WEAKER she becomes.
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    53. Marc Bulger (New Orleans Saints 2000, Atlanta Falcons 2000, St. Louis Rams 2000-2009, Baltimore Ravens 2010) 3rd Place Rams QB Career Record 41-51-0 (44.57%) 88th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 26-7-0 (78.79%) 44th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 15-44-0 (25.42%) 63rd (T) out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 33/92 (35.87%) 101st out of 102 (+48) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.475) Bulger is an interesting QB, and one I was particularly keen on taking a closer look at when I started to do up this topic. Bulger is one of those guys who is often forgot about when you mention high quality quarterbacks, and from the way Bulger played early on, he was looking like one of the next great QB's in this league. The 2000 QB class is reviled for taking 6 guys above Tom Brady, but two of them were actually fairly good, even if they both suffered from injuries their entire career. Although Bulger's path was not nearly as streamlined as Brady's was. He was taken by the Saints in the 6th round, but between the free agent signing of Jeff Blake and Aaron Brooks breaking out, the Saints had no room for him. The Falcons were his next destination, but he only lasted a couple of weeks in camp before heading to St. Louis as a member of the practice squad. And he stayed there for all of 2000, but the Rams liked what they had in him, and kept him as an inactive 3rd QB for the entire 2001 season. In 2002 he got his opportunity after both Warner and Jaime Martin went out with injuries during a disgusting 0-5 start. Bulger took charge and won the next 5 games, bringing the Rams back into the playoff hunt after what should have been a lost season. But coach Mike Martz was committed to Warner, and went back to him once he was healthy enough to play. Predictably, the Rams lost their next three and declaring the season lost, the Rams put Bulger in to finish the season. He went 2-1 in his last 3 games, and the Rams had a new quarterback controversy. Warner had taken the Rams to the super bowl in two of the past four seasons, but Bulger won 8 out of his 9 games in the season. Well, coach Martz went with Kurt Warner once again to start the 2003 season, but after a rough loss to the Giants where Warner was concussed badly, he immediately changed course and rode out Marc Bulger, who had an incredible 2003 season, going 12-3 in the regular season, and put up a ton of big numbers (including a ton of big interceptions). Despite the great performance, the Rams were bounced in the divisional round in a heartbreaking double overtime loss to the Carolina Panthers where Bulger threw three interceptions. With Warner shipped to the Giants in 2004, the Rams were officially Bulger's team. but the collapse had been written on the wall, as the greatest show on turf was starting to dissolve due to injuries, and the best players on the Rams defense were moving to greener pastures while the youth movement failed to keep up. The Rams went 8-8 in 04, which was good enough for a wild-card berth that year, and they even upset the division winner Seahawks (who were also 8-8, blech) before losing in the divisional round again to the Falcons this time after Michael Vick put up a 40 burger on them. 2005 was where he started to suffer injuries, as his shoulder nagged him all year and he only played half the season, going 2-6 in his starts. 2006 was his best performance yet, as he put up 4300 yards, 24 TD's and only 8 INT's as he took the ailing Rams to a 8-8 record after a lot of effort. By this time Orlando Pace was a shell of himself, the defense was constantly giving up 30+ points a game, and the Rams had to struggle for wins. Needless to say, it was all downhill from there. After immediately getting a big contract, he slogged through injuries, threw more INT's than TDs and went 3-13. In 2008, he was benched for Trent Green, but after Scott Linehan was fired to let Jim Haslett become the head coach, Bulger became the starter once again. He went 2-13 as the Rams had allowed 23 or more points in 12 of 16 games that season. His completion percentage continued to plummet and it seemed clear that he was no longer the same player. He played one more season in 2009, but was placed on IR halfway through a disgusting 1-7 start, and that would be the last time he played football. He was released from the Rams in 2010, and signed as a backup on the Ravens for a season before finally calling it quits. Bulger had some incredible highs, but the team around him was just so bereft of talent that he only had two years to take advantage of what the Rams had built in that 1999 Greatest Show on Turf Season. Bulger comes onto this list with the second worst defenses out of all the players looked at, only Jeff Blake had worse teammates in that regard. And while Bulger had amazing weapons in Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and the tandem of Steven Jackson and Marshall Faulk, the defense was so miserable that wins were nearly impossible to come by. The offensive line wasn't the same either, as Bulger was ragdolled by opposing defenses. He ends up being one of those great what if stories, because there was a lot of potential there to be an all time great, but Bulger is just another flash in the pan, a piece of trivia for Rams fans to chuckle over as they remember the dark ages of their franchise.
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    Such a pet peeve of mine, it still needs to make sense in the respective world. iTs fAnTASy isn't an excuse for bad writing, this is HBO not SCI-Fi.
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    Something has been itching at me ever since season 7, and now that Razor and F4E have alluded to it, I want to try to spell it out... Moving past GRRM's source material has exposed Benioff and Weiss for their lack of ability to balance--if that's the right word--the storytelling. In the first six seasons, this wasn't so much a problem because there were always between five and eight plotlines going on throughout Westeros and Essos. So it was pretty easy to spread things out, make sure each episode had some sort of climactic moment, and methodically build each season up to its own climax. Now that all the plotlines have formed into our final conflict, everything feels very rushed. In the span of one episode we go from the mass funeral at Winterfell to the preparation of the big battle in King's Landing. Oh, and in between: Drogon destroyed by Euron, Missandei beheaded, Jon's identity revealed to everyone, Varys plotting to turn against Daenerys. I'm not saying it's terrible or that the show has lost itself or anything like that. It's just a little jarring for a show that had a consistent feel and pace to it for six seasons to suddenly turn into this. I hope some of this makes sense.
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    Remember when Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, Gary Payton and Phil Jackson lost to the Bad Boy Pistons part II? Pistons didn't have as much talent but they were a tough team and they played hard. There was trouble in paradise for the Lakers and I think everyone just expected them to crusie to another championship. Well, that didn't happen did it?
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    This is exactly how I feel. I generally like Steve Keim's moves, but this whole situation was handled ridiculously unless Kyler truly is the real deal. To me, though, I think he has "bust" written all over him. He played 1 fuckin' year and had stats identical to the guy that played ahead of him in the same system...He's fuckin' tiny and frail and looks like a walking injury. The Cards were apparently worried about Rosen's outside interests, yet they drafted a dude that originally committed to baseball and whose agent insisted he wasn't going to the NFL...
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    Idk, I have mixed feelings. One gripe I have is how dirty the show has done Tyrion. We also didn't learn anything about who the Knight King is. I think his motivation and just him as a character has been a massive let down. I'm a lot more salty about that than I am how he died. I think the show runners had way too much of a hard on for Arya. Don't get me wrong, I love her character but idk, why not give Jon the Viscerion kill? I think by extension I'm very disappointed in how little we have learned about the 3 eyed Raven/bran. The last two seasons were just completely lacking the depth of the rest of the show. I think I'm still enjoying I because of the quality of the production and the actors portraying the characters we love but I'm with Than. This show has gotten so lazy.
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    A lot of Steeler nation believes that the hit he sustained from Burfict fucked him up because that concussion coincides with the start of all of the drama with him. imo that's a bit of a stretch, but could definitely play a part. Brown was a big part of the christening of the "young money crew" in Pittsburgh (AB, Sanders, and Mike Wallace all got drafted around the same time and were all beating their chests and calling themselves that). Brown always had an attitude, but waited to exercise it until he had leverage. I am super pissed that the Steelers let him negate the Buffalo deal, because that would have been amazing to watch him suffer with a garbage QB. He'll prolly get his stats with the Raiduhs, but it still won't mean anything. Fuck him. Bell, to me, is not an asshole, but a colossal moron. He held out for a year thinking he was going to make money, but ended up taking less than the Steelers offered him to play for the fuckin' Jets. He turned down two contracts that beat his new contract to go vacation for a year, get fat, and go to a shitty team fighting to be the best of the scum NE stomps all over twice every year to guarantee a playoff berth. Charging $50 for his party when he was about to be worth millions?
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    At this point it has to be Antonio Brown right? You know how people say they think someone has a screw loose? Well, it seems to me that he has 3 screws loose and there were only 4 screws to start. I don't think Le'Veon Bell is that bad. The hold out deal was pretty lame, but I guess I can kind of see why he did it.
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    Leave it to Sean to boil it down to the power of the vag. True story, though. In all seriousness, really good question. Aside from the usual social needs we have as humans, such as love, family, etc...in some ways for me it's money. Not the pursuit of wealth...more the pursuit of financial freedom. I'm 32, and I've been in debt since I was 20. Basically my whole adult life. I don't need much money to be happy. Job satisfaction does way more for me in the long run. I think a lot of people fail to realize just how far $50-60K a year can take you when you aren't paying off loans and credit cards, and that's all I really want. I want every penny I earn to be mine to do with as I see fit. More than money, though, I've found I crave mentorship and teaching opportunities at this stage of my adult life. Not curriculum...I despise structured education. Just everyday situations where I have the chance to teach a younger peer something about the job or how to be a better Airman or NCO, or just a more responsible adult in general. It's extremely rewarding when you see that moment where it clicks for them, and now they're that much wiser and independent. I want to teach them how to fish so they won't need me when I retire, and if they end up surpassing and replacing me, I'll feel like I did something right. And thirdly, pussy.
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    I mean, I did ask for consequences for fuckups. But dear lord was that incredibly fucking stupid on Dany's part. Firmly on team Jon now. Official reason? "Dany kinda forgot about Eurons fleet." - Benioff, the writer, producer, creator of the show. Uh huh. The fleet that they were talking about like less than a day earlier, that fleet? The one they specifically said they would use the dragons to take out? Knowing the Lannisters had weapons that could at least hurt dragons from when she toasted Jaime's army back in S7? I mean at least have a damn scout, lol. This had some good moments, but just more epic fuckups in writing things that simply stretch the imagination to the breaking point. Just godawful strategy from the "good" guys the last two episodes. This entire assault on King's Landing makes absolutely zero sense. Arya and Sansa are 100% correct for two reasons. A) You rest your men after a war. Even her dragons were hurt and needed a breather. And B) The majority of Cersei's forces are MERCENARIES. This isn't like some "pay for me once and I'm done with it, I'll follow you forever" like the Unsullied. This is the Golden Company, a renowned and revered mercenary company. A very, very, expensive renowned and revered mercenary company, assuming we're still roughly following the books. Let them sit in King's Landing and rot. Dany has been fixated on the actual throne instead of ruling the very actual kingdom she could rule. From Winterfell or wherever else she wants to. Let Cersei sit in King's Landing. She can't pay the Golden Company forever. Stay off the ocean because Euron has a much larger fleet than you do- if you have any at all- stay in Winterfell and lick your wounds for awhile, then begin cutting off all supply lines to the city. She can't pay the Golden Company forever. I do not understand why Dany is under the impression that the longer they wait, the more powerful Cersei gets. The opposite is true. What's so dumb is that Dany *was already doing exactly this strategy.* In season 7, destroying the supplies is the reason she attacks Jaime's army in the first place. What happened to that perfectly understandable and feasible strategy? Dany has gone on full on mad queen/idiot queen. Also Brienne going all weeping maiden over Jaime leaving is entirely out of character. Just a minor annoyance compared to the rest, but it just irked me a bit. Don't get that at all. Good bits: Bronn with Tyrion and Jaime was fucking hilarious, the Starks in the woods scene was fantastic, and Gendry getting shot down by Arya made perfect sense and came off very well. The conversations between Vayrs and Tyrion make me think Vayrs is about to try to pull something to possibly assassinate Dany. I know that seems like a drastic overstep, but if he actually pulled it off, I don't know. Clegane and Sansa talking was a great callback. Heartbroken Tormund was hilarious. Like the Stark girls, I have zero trust in Daenarys any longer. If she wins she will go full on Mad Queen.
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    The scene at the Fist of the First Men beyond the Wall is also in the books. In the books, the Night King is "the Great Other", and there is no way Martin just ditches the prophecy of Azor Ahai like has been done in the show. There was simply too much build up. We also know about Crastor from the books, and the details about the White Walkers comes from Bran's conversations with Benjen Stark, because Benjen is the one who saves Bran in the books.
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    I hate how these global conflicts and our interference have become so normalized in our culture and society. Why is our typical go-to option to cause havoc, mayhem, and death ? And why are people okay with that?
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    Nah, @DalaiLama4Ever They built up to wargs and 3 eyed Ravens and all this magical power. Did the whole thing with Sam going to the Citadel to learn about it. It appears neither Sam nor Bran, nor Tyrion could figure ANY of that shit out. They had basically all human knowledge in Westeros with all kinds of forbidden books and two of the smartest book nerds in the seven kingdoms and they did nothing. Hell, Missande is pretty fucking smart too. I wanted to know more. Not acceptable to me for them to leave it THAT open and just not explore that at all. If Cersei is the big bad, fine but I want closure on what was at least half the story of the whole thing. I'm not buying that the story has always been about politics because it's always been about religion, nature and mysticism/magic too. If they don't explore that aspect of the story it's a massive failure imo. They still have time to tie up loose ends. There could be more twists to come but if the last couple episodes are just about the Iron throne it will be a let down for me. I don't have a problem with the battle or how TNK got taken out. We just didn't get any closure. I think it was a big mistake to try and do that whole thing in one episode. I just don't feel we got any closure on that storyline.
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    I think it would be kinda cool to know more about the Night King, but idk how consequential all that would be. Plus, as I was alluding to earlier.. The undead are not the end game here. With the way that story arc ended, I don't see a ton of reason to go really in depth on who it is/was or its purpose. Again, it would be kinda cool side story to hit up in the books... but for the show and what time we have left (even looking back at the entire series) it just doesn't seem very necessary to me. I've found an unlikely ally amidst all this chaos. It isn't so much the destination as it is the journey. When all is said and done, I think the character interactions we get over the last episodes will long be the talk of the series. Naturally people will be interested on the "who" sits on the throne but the "how" will surely dominate the conversation post-series. IMO, Cersei almost assuredly losing / dying almost doesn't matter right now.. It's all gonna come down to how we get it. How Jamie, Tyrion, Jon... whoever takes her head. That will be some great TV right thurrrrrr! Can't wait!
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    Dany has two dragons. The idea that Cersei could actually beat that is silly. We've already established back in S7 that Dany could take the city 100% with ease, she just wants to avoid civilian casualties. Or rather, Tyrion convinced her to avoid them. The only thing Cersei can do is lure them into the city under false pretences- and they're idiots if they fall for that after her lies about helping them- and then blow up the whole damn city with the wildfire the mad king left.
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    Lighting was an easy way to save money on the battle scenes, I bet. Because we needed the overly produced, cheesefest that was Dany & Jon's dragon ride together earlier in the season. The showrunners even said in the recap that battle scenes are boring.. uh what???? Pretty anticlimactic, Jorah sacrificing himself for Dany was a given. NK & his lieutenants did nothing. No showdown, nothing. Doesn't seem like it followed Arya's storyline at all either as her talents weren't even used. It was a surprise, I'll give them that. I was hoping we would also get some dialogue between Bran and the NK at the end. Lastly, wtf was Bran doing the entire time?
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    Let’s not forget about Lyanna Mormont ! Biggest badass confirmed. The Mormont line has come to an end, but that didn’t stop anyone from doing what they get they had to.... Jorahs death, by the way, near perfection. If you had to draw up a plan or story to kill off Jorah it couldn’t be better than what we just got. Also, I think that is the brilliance of that episode. We’ve been shipped, as an audience, to believe Dany and Jon are the big heroes of the series. We’ve been waiting for their team up for years... and in the final battle of the living vs the dead.... it isn’t them who saves the day. You have Jon just kind of wondering around like he finds himself doing far too often. Being trapped inside Winterfell... You have Dany ditching the plan after she sees her horde or Dothraki be obliterated... I can’t blame her all the way for that one, she finds herself in the middle of the zombie horde helpless and alone until Jorah saves the day. But those are the heroes.... the Mormonts, Theon, even the Lord of Light puts in work — telling Arya exactly what she needs to hear to get her ass moving through Me. Beric for saving her and the Hound, taking way more wight stabs than anyone should have to. Those are our heroes. Don’t forget it!
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    Bold Prediction: Kyler Murray doesn't go first overall. Bolder Prediction: Kyler Murray falls out of the top 10. So Bold we ran out of Ink Prediction: Kyler Murray falls out of the first round entirely.