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    One week from now, you will all have new KoA to read. Happy times! Once again, it'll be a quick stretch: eight chapters. No teasers. However, since it's been so long, I put together a character guide/recap to familiarize everyone before "Four Years Later" begins. Johnathan Maverick remains an elite quarterback, which keeps the Knights an elite team, despite various issues at other positions. In 2019, he marries Trisha Harden. In 2020, he signs an extension that makes him the highest paid player in football at the time. Marcus Jameson remains an offensive cornerstone for the Knights through 2019. In 2020, he is surprisingly released and signed by the Steelers. Jerome Jaxson bounces around the league—first as a running back, then as a kick returner. In 2020, he signs a one-year deal with the Buccaneers. Da’Jamiroquai “D-Jam” Jefferspin-Wilkes remains one of football’s best receivers—and one of its most prolific trash-talkers. In 2018, he converts to Buddhism in an effort to preserve his body and lengthen his career. As of 2020, his yards and receptions have decreased while touchdowns have remained consistent. Joseph Watson enjoys inconsistent success as the Knights slot receiver. In 2020, he is released and signed by the Panthers. Alex Johnson plays a few years for the Packers before being released amid injury (and age) concerns. When training camp opens in 2020, he is still unsigned. Logan Bishop signs with the Jaguars. As of 2020, he is one of the more reliable players on Jacksonville’s roster, an elite run-blocker and a threat after the catch. Chase Grodd becomes the only elite offensive linemen on the Knights roster and establishes himself as one of the best guards in football. In 2020, facing a contract year, he endures an offseason ripe with trade rumors but remains a Knight. Without a new contract, he holds out from OTAs, training camp, and the preseason. Brian Penner resists coaching overtures—as well as his own itch to play again—and enjoys retirement. As of 2020, he is living in Minnesota with his family. Sam Luck enjoys a productive contract year with the Knights in 2017, then signs a lucrative free-agent deal with the Colts. As of 2020, he is a productive edge rusher in their defense and a borderline Pro Bowler. Zack Grantzinger signs a mega-extension in 2017. He wins Defensive Player of the Year in 2018. In the Knights’ new 4-3 defense, he alternates snaps between defensive end and strong-side linebacker. As of 2020, he is still a top 10 non-quarterback in the league and showing no signs of aging. Briggs Randall remains one of the league’s best middle linebackers and smartest defensive players. He is a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year in 2017 and 2019. He receives a contract extension ahead of the 2020 season. Marlon Martin signs with the Broncos in 2017, plays one season, then retires. He resists multiple offers to play as a special teams captain and remains retired through the 2020 season. Sean Brock plays for the Bengals for two seasons, then the Eagles for one, before leaving football for political reasons. Current whereabouts unknown. Malik Rose continues playing for the Chargers, enjoying bi-annual battles with D-Jam against the Knights. In 2020, his contract expires, and he signs a one-year deal with the Lions. Griswold “Flash” Johnson signs a large contract with the Lions. As of 2020, he is no longer an elite athlete but still one of the league’s best safeties. Robert Schwinn signs with the Texans and becomes an underrated part of a strong defense. As of 2020, he is entering a contract year. Merle Harden dies a legend, known as one of the best and most unique defensive minds in the game and one of the most fiercest leaders. He is survived by wife Melinda, daughter Trisha, and pet dog Bowser. Ron McKenzie assumes the head coach position after Merle Harden’s death. A winning culture already established, he settles into the role naturally, though he struggles to connect with his players the way Harden did. He is considered by fans a good-not-great coach reaping the benefits of a top-5 organization. Chet Ripka silences critics by proving a capable defensive coordinator. His greatest strength is his ability not to over-coach, and to let the Knights’ defensive talent run itself. During the 2020 offseason, he is rumored as a possible future head coach, though he receives no interview offers. As of 2020, he has been Hall of Fame eligible (as a player) for three years and has not gotten in. Chance Phillips remains an elite general manager. Though fans sometimes criticize him for not making splashy moves, he maintains a competitive roster without salary cap complications. Wayne Schneider succeeds in keeping a second team from Los Angeles, helping move the Rams to Las Vegas and keep the Chargers in San Diego. As of 2020, he is one of the league’s most respected owners. Adam Javad is hired at the Los Angeles Times and gains the respect of his colleagues and the teams he covers, though his football coverage truly carries his career. Caden Daniel becomes the Packers’ offensive coordinator. His presence creates both resurgence and conflict in Green Bay, clashing with head coach Mike McCarthy. In 2019, McCarthy is fired and Daniel becomes the Packers’ head coach. He leads the Packers to an NFC Championship appearance in his first season. @Sarge @DalaiLama4Ever @GA_Eagle @JetsFan4Life @BwareDWare94 @Maverick @BigBen07 @Bangy @theMileHighGuy @Vin @BradyFan81 @Turry @Zack_of_Steel @seanbrock @Cherry @RazorStar @ATL_Predator @DonovanMcnabb for H.O.F @FartWaffles
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    Brief writing milestone/update: I now have rough drafts for all eight chapters (some more polished than others). So, I will make sure every chapter is exactly how I want it before being published, which I'm very excited about. I hope you all are staying safe, and I look forward to giving you a little escape back into the KoAverse in 2 weeks and change.