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    I shouldn't doubt Mahomes, but that 49ers D is just so good. I'm probably less confident in this pick than any Super Bowl pick I've made in a long time.
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    I can't believe we have been doing this since 2010. Holy shit. We should try to compile the 32 teams draft selections since then and see how some of us stack up. I've drafted some hall of famers, some all pro's and pro bowlers and some wtf's but i feel like i'm probably at least somewhat close to thit rate of an NFL team.
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    Every word of this post is gold.
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    So some cool things to note - Weigh-ins are fucking wild and I loved taking all the body notes. Planning to release some articles about it. - Joe Brady, conductor of the LSU buzzsaw, sat about 15 feet to my right during the practices. - Sean Payton walked into the tiny hole-in-the-wall pizza place I was eating at last night. - I sat and watched tape beside Reggie McKenzie in the XOS film room.
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    Congratulations, Cherry. We're all so fuckin' proud of you. This is amazing, truly. And FUCK Mike Tomlin.
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    This is epic, Cherry. You are officially TGP's NFL insider.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.insider.com/dnc-debate-qualification-rules-bloomberg-donation-2020-2%3famp We need to be done with this party. Their corruption is astounding.
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    Ya, crazy how that works isn't it? lol Iowa has only missed the Democratic nominee twice in the last 50 years. There were rumors and articles before about how the DNC was pushing hard for the moderates in the group, but that's obviously becoming reality. Biden was probably supposed to be the chosen one... but on account of him being a corpse, they had to shift lanes a bit. I still wouldn't be shocked if Warren pulls some stupid deal out of her ass, as she's slowly kinda edging a little more middle of the road. Mayor Pete can't even run the city he is mayor of... Where is this shit coming from? lmao
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    Follow the money... I mean... I know this stuff goes on... but it still makes me sick to read.
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    What have i been saying all along? Biden isn't leading. I think that much is pretty evident, so that right there tells you the polling is rigged. You don't go from leading to a distant 4th. I know it's one state but that's a big drop in the numbers. Even from the second place 21% he had in Iowa going into it. Bernie Sanders is by FAR the most popular candidate. He has the most money raised by the most people. He has the most volunteers. He has the largest attendance at events. You would have to be a fucking fool to believe this process isn't rigged and if Mayor Pete ends up winning Iowa, we know it's also totally fraudulent. It's time to abandon the Democratic party.
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    It’s just anecdotal and only for like 20 or so precincts across the state of people I talk to about local politics and stuff but almost all of them said then Bernie won going away and they have no idea how Pete is leading right now. Its pretty obvious the party saw huge Sanders numbers and shut that shit downnnnn . Even if he ends up pulling ahead (only 62% of precincts have been revealed ) it’s not gonna be the runaway it should’ve been.
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    Anyone who supports Mayor Pete after this rigged primary is a cuck. Plain and simple.
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    I loved Mayor Pete's victory speech before a single vote was reported, lmao. "You shocked the nation, Iowa" Ya, at just how corrupt we are and how much of a stranglehold on Democracy the Dems have. Gross. I know this is obvious, but what a garbage system and process we have for electing a leader. Lmao.
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    San Francisco 49ers (15-3) vs Kansas City Chiefs (14-4) When: Sunday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida | Tickets Vegas line: KC -1.5 (O/U 52.5) ESPN's Football Power Index: KC, 64.8% (by 5.0 points) -------- ---------- ---------- Here's some early advice on Super Bowl LIV: Prepare for a lot of red. TheKansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers advanced Sunday out of their respective conferences, gifting us the NFL's first Super Bowl matchup of teams that employ red as their primary color. (Let it also serve as a reminder that no fact is too minor during Super Bowl hype week.) A more meaningful fact? It's just the second Super Bowl ever between a team that led its conference in rushing yards and one that led in passing yards (Super Bowl VI was the other). The 49ers rushed for 2,305 yards, and the Chiefs gained 4,498 through the air this season. San Francisco 49ers Reason for hope: The 49ers have been in just about every type of game imaginable this season, winning blowouts and nail-biters along the way. But they've never been on the wrong end of a blowout. Even when they aren't at the top of their game, these 49ers find a way to be in it until the final seconds. With an explosive offense, suffocating defense and solid special teams, the Niners play complementary football as well as any team in the league and are unafraid of the big stage despite their relative youth.-- Nick Wagoner NFL on ESPN+ Relive the NFL's greatest games, original series and more. Watch on ESPN+ Reason for concern: There simply aren't many weaknesses on this team -- but there are a few matchups that have been exploited at times. Offenses that have the ability to attack the side of the field opposite cornerbackRichard Sherman have been a challenge at times, and teams with mobile quarterbacks have given the defense fits, too. (Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had 53 rushing yards in each of his postseason games this year.) -- Wagoner The 49ers win if ... they continue to do what they've done most of the year: control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. That allows the pass-rush to create havoc for Mahomes, and the running game -- led by Raheem Mostert -- to dictate the tempo and set up explosive pass plays for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. -- Wagoner Kansas City Chiefs Reason for hope: The Chiefs have reason to believe they'll win in every game they're quarterbacked by Mahomes. They're 27-8 with him as their starting quarterback. The eight losses are by a total of 36 points, and Mahomes as a starter has never lost a game by more than seven points. -- Adam Teicher Reason for concern: For a team with as many great offensive skill players as the Chiefs have, they struggle at times in the red zone. They scored a TD on just 54% of their trips inside the opponents' 20 during the regular season. A failure to finish drives in the Super Bowl would most likely prove costly. -- Teicher The Chiefs win if ... they rely on Mahomes to carry them. He hasn't let the Chiefs down yet. If the Chiefs play to his many strengths, they'll claim their first Lombardi trophy in 50 years. -- Teicher Stat to know Mahomes has been the Chiefs' leading rusher in both 2019 playoff games. There will be plenty of time to celebrate and project Mahomes' passing performance, but his ability to convert first downs and touchdowns via the run has made the Chiefs' offense nearly unstoppable. He is the fourth quarterback in NFL history to rush for at least 50 yards in consecutive playoff games. -- Seifert Big questions Super Bowl LIV Coverage What you need to know: • First look at 49ers-Chiefs » • Reid, Shanahan legacy game » • Full playoff bracket, more » • Super Bowl LIV coverage » More NFL coverage » Does the Chiefs' defense have one more big game in it? At this point, it's fair to assume Mahomes and this Chiefs offense are capable of spectacular things, even against the 49ers' fearsome defense. But can Steve Spagnuolo's group, which held NFL rushing leader Derrick Henryto 69 yards in the AFC Championship Game, find an answer to the 49ers' multidimensional run game? San Francisco tore apart Green Bay on the ground Sunday. If the Chiefs are to deliver Andy Reid his first Super Bowl title, they'll have to find a way to keep the 49ers from controlling the game on the ground and force Garoppolo to try to beat them with his arm. -- Dan Graziano Is the 49ers' defense good enough to stop -- or at least limit -- Mahomes? San Francisco took away Dalvin Cook and the Vikings' run game in the divisional round. It neutralized Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' passing game in the NFC Championship Game. San Francisco's defense is loaded up front with first-round picks playing at a high level. Nick Bosa might be one of the few edge rushers in the league who can run down Mahomes from behind when he scrambles. But can the Niners' front continue its smothering ways against the 2018 NFL MVP and the blistering speed of the Chiefs' offense? It will be the toughest test to date. -- Graziano X factor: Raheem Mostert It might seem odd to classify the 49ers' running back in this category after his outrageous performance in the NFC Championship Game. But the 49ers are in the Super Bowl for two reasons: their dominant defensive front and their NFC-best running game. Unless veteran tailback Tevin Coleman can return from what looked like a serious arm injury, Mostert will take the lead role in an area of the game that is critically important to the 49ers' success. -- Seifert
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    Didn't jump out to me during practices but I need to do a deeper look. He stood out to a lot of people in LB vs RB/TE coverage drills. He's put together nicely but not as long or as athletic as I anticipated.
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    Fellas I've finally made my way to the big time. I'll be at the weigh-ins and media stuff in the AM, and will be attending the practices from Tuesday through Thursday. Let me know if you've got any questions for players or anything you want me to keep an eye out for. Some early notes - Utah DL Leki Fotu and Louisiana OT Robert Hunt are fucking huge. - Heard a Patriots scout chatting with Maryland S Antoine Brooks for like an hour and a half. Insane how in-depth they went compared to a lot of the other interviews I heard around here. - I really liked Utah EDGE Bradlee Anae on tape but he struggled pretty badly in the interview I overheard. Seemed a little bit out of his element and a tick slow with understanding questions. Think some scouts will give him the meathead label. - Cal S Ashtyn Davis and Washington C Nick Harris were pretty impressive. Harris seemed a little small for an interior lineman though. I'm curious to see what he weighs in at tomorrow. BTW I made eye contact with Mike Tomlin and got a "why are you here" look lol. Passed Mayock as well later on in the afternoon. Crazy hearing him up close.
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    Every time someone says some shit like the American dream is dead I just ask them what they're doing to pursue it. Usually the answer is something along the lines of "I don't know" or "I haven't tried".
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    Can't wait to do it this year!
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    I applied for credentials and got em lol. They have it for active media on their website.
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    Dude that is fucking bomb. I’m super proud of you and I don’t even know you. This is the American dream. A young dumb kid with an obsession who is relentless. Look at you dude. So fucking stoked. This is why you NEVER listen when people say the American dream is dead. They are pathetic losers who try to keep others from realizing success. Good job dude.
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    Thanatos, you are such a brainwashed, radical far left fucking snowflake. Dems have wanted Trump impeached since DAY ONE. Since election night in 2016. Tell me the "crimes" Trump has committed. The whole impeachment hoax was based on feelings, not facts. Every Dem that spoke started off with "I believe", "I think", "I feel". No facts, their pussy was just hurt and is still hurt. Also hilarious that you refer to Trump as a "dictator". What makes him a dictator? You do realize that Trump and his administration has accomplished far more in 4 years for America than Obama did 8 years? Go Google "Trump administration accomplishments" and see the FACTS. Now go fuck off and vote for a Socialist in Bernie Sanders. How's socialism worked out in other countries? Answer that one for me. I'll have your safe space ready for you to cry in after Trump gets re-elected. On the bright side, the left will have another 4 years to try to get Trump impeached and removed again. ORANGE MAN BAD!!! TRUMP RACIST, ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS ARE NAZIS!!!!1111
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    Turns out the 1% were hiding some of their wealth in Bernie Sanders's arteries. Too soon?
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