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    Every fucking Republican and Democrat- Imma call out Feinstein since she's on the left- that went and did insider trading the DAY of the coronavirus briefings; and especially the ones that then turned around and told people on twitter the media was just hyping it up; should be arrested and thrown in jail and their seat vacated. I don't give a rats ass who did this, anyone who did this committed a crime and should be in jail.
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    Nancy Pelosi is refusing to discuss UBI without some form of means-testing. Fuck Democrats. EDIT: And to be clear.. if we were talking a permanent UBI I would be more open to a means testing. I don't really like it, but if it got the job done and both sides to the table with a VERY HIGH ceiling... I could deal with it. But in this emergency situation where the White House has already said we just need to get money into peoples hands as fast as possible... and the fact they want it done within 2 weeks. Now we have Pelosi slowing shit down both in legislature and slowing down those checks after legislation is passed for people to be approved for it? Such bullshit. Party for the working class my dirty asshole (sorry, TP is in very short supply here).
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    Tulsi Gabbard introduces legislation that would fund a temporary UBI for every American ($1k a month) to combat coronavirus. Meanwhile the Fed has authorized 1.5 trillion dollars to artificially prop up money markets and banks. This money could fund UBI for every American for the next 6 months. But ya know, fuck actually helping people.
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    She's a moron, but she has a point with this one...
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    I hate politicians. Democrats have counter proposal that has it's ups and downs... Increases amounts to individuals and families, which is great. But they also threw in there stuff about companies who take government money be forced to raise minimum wage to 15$, tells the airlines they need to cut carbon emissions, and they want to cancel a bunch of Trump EOs... No matter how great these things are individually, sticking them in this bill makes it seem like it won't get far. Republicans are asshats, Democrats are asshats... Why do we need to throw in all this corporate favoritism and grandstanding political cornerstones ... just makes it that much harder to get this thing passed in a timely fashion. And why do all these bills (not just this one) have to have 5 million different things in it. Why can't we just focus on one thing at a time and get it done.
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    What a fucking asshole. LMAO.
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    One advantage of Covid-19 forcing me to spend a lot of time at home? More time spent writing. (Vin, fire up that SOON picture again.)
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    We just have to make sure people get infected at a slower steadier rate, enough so the hospitals and clinics can handle the cases at a reasonable pace. It's going to take a while for herd immunity to work, unfortunately. Because it's not just the people who get the virus who are risk. It's the people who get into accidents and the hospital can't take them in. A mild heart attack that could be fixed with a AED but doesn't happen because first responders can't get there in time. Stay safe Americans, you need to be way more cautious than I am, and I'm already quarantining myself.
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    Why? We bailout corporations all the time yet somehow putting money directly into our hands is the bad thing?
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    This is a bunch of SJW virtue signaling bullshit. A vote for Biden is a vote to keep the SC from becoming stacked against the progressive cause for a generation. Good luck getting anything progressive through the SC even if you win all three branches of government in 2024 if you let Trump stack the court 6-3. At least. And some of these attacks on Biden are idiotic and are from 30 years ago. 30 years ago Trump was a Democrat. A segregated public school system? Get the fuck out, lol. Biden is an ass. He's not an incompetent lunatic threatening to upset democracy like Trump is. The Dems chose him. Pretty resoundingly too. I get voting 3rd party last election when we didnt know how bad Trump was gonna be. If you do it again this election and you claim to be a progressive and care about progressive causes, you're a fucking idiot. Letting Trump have four more years sets us back thirty.
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    But one of Bernie's campaign slogans is, " My good friend Joe Biden "
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    By not voting for Biden you vote for two more conservative Supreme Court justices.
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    The exit polls say he (Biden) has a better chance against Trump. And while I agree that Trump has an edge, I am thinking that that is shrinking more and more. These states... turnout is pretty damn good. I don't know if it will be enough or if it will even carry over to the general... but it is encouraging to see actual numbers up, because that's where the Dems need to be -- especially in places like Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, etc etc. Biden is winning those areas over Bernie by HUGE numbers. There is zero doubt left in my mind that Biden is the better candidate to take on Trump (relative to Bernie). Bernie is too hostile to people who think differently than him, and that is very off putting to me. Even during his press conference today... He refused to pivot his campaign, he refused to extend an invitation to moderates or even Republicans that hate Trump... He spent the whole time pandering to his base even more, just like he always does. He talked about how dominantly old people like Biden... Which is true. But Bernie needs those people too... lol. The youth and latino vote alone is not winning him this election. If there was ever a time to start bringing people together and extending your hand to those who may disagree with you on a few things... Last night / tonight was it. Bernie failed. AGAIN. He is consistently failing but refuses to change anything. I am really beginning to wish Bernie never ran at all. Another thing I am more convinced of than ever is that Bernie was never going to get anything done if he did get into the White House, as Stevo and I were discussing a few pages back. He would've never made any ground on anything. Guess who did extend a hand? Biden... He thanked Bernie in his speech. He said he wants those voters and how valuable they are come the fall. That's a leader. That's a president. Bernie is incapable of adapting and because of it he is going to lose the nomination to a guy who can't remember his own name. That's sad. Depending on how Bernie bows out of this thing and if he helps bridge the gap between progressives and moderates... he could do some serious damage (or serious good) to the party or to the progressive cause in general. I still think he can make some noise at the debate, but I am not convinced he will do anything new or different from what he has already done or said.
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    The Bernie bros are much more like Trump than they realize, Thanny. And F4E called it: Bernie's coalition wasn't as strong as it appeared in 2016; it was just that plenty of Democrats could see Hillary sucked. Too bad the DNC couldn't. I would call Trump the favorite for sure, but Biden has much more of a chance than a self-described 79-year-old socialist who recently had a heart attack, fair or not.
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    Because this is absolutely zero evidence of conspiracy, merely incompetence. You gotta have actual proof not just this looks bad.
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    Tradtionaally we waited until the major free agents were all scooped up in the real NFL. Last year we hauled ass ASAP to get done before the NFL draft began.
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    Tulsi needs to drop out. Needed to a long time ago. She has no path and hasn't had any for awhile. When Yang didn't have a path, he left, as he should have. Tulsi is not going to be allowed on the debate stage, nor should she, she's not a serious contender at this point. Just because someone refuses to face reality doesn't really mean they are still a candidate. I like Tulsi, quite a bit, but she has no business to still be running for the nomination. Needs to be just Bernie and Biden and let them go at each other.
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    I'm down to take teams but I don't have the time to run it this year.
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    They are the ones who ignored Yang all the time. #Math clearly isn’t their thing. Lol
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    You know I'm down for it.
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    If you say so man. It's not like your exactly neutral. I think MSNBC is every bit as bad as Fox. CNN is 50/50 imo.
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    After spygate part two, I was curious what would happen if the NFL decided to remove a team’s wins retroactively, as if they couldn’t win those games without cheating. As the Patriots have been cheating for years, we can remove all of their wins since 2001 and see what happens. Obviously this has some butterfly/ripple effects that would make drastic changes in the NFL seasons to come, but hey let’s ignore all that. Brady and Belichick stay a battery as they lose every single game on their schedule for nearly 20 years. Let’s see what happens. 2001 The first Patriots super bowl victory, or in this case, the first Patriots winless season. Tom Brady comes off the bench, game manages the team into winning 11 of the next 14 regular season games and starting a legend. That uh… never happened in the correct timeline. 0-16. Colts and Bills get 2 more wins, and the Chargers, Falcons, Saints, Jets, Browns, Dolphins and Panthers get another win. That makes the new AFC East and playoff picture look like this: AFC East 1. New York Jets 12-4 (H2H tiebreaker over Dolphins) 2. Miami Dolphins 12-4 3. Indianapolis Colts 7-9 4. Buffalo Bills 5-11 5. New England Patriots 0-16 AFC: 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3 2. New York Jets 12-4 (up from 6th seed) 3. Oakland Raiders 10-6 4. Miami Dolphins 12-4 5. Baltimore Ravens 10-6 6. Seattle Seahawks 9-7 (unseeded) NFC: Unchanged With the scenario like this, I think it’s actually the Steelers who outlast and survive the Raiders in the AFC Championship, while there’s no reason to believe the NFC wouldn’t belong to the greatest show on turf. However in that super bowl, I’m taking the Rams to beat the Kordell Stewart led Steelers. I do like slash historically, but he’s not a player who I’d ever associate with a super bowl winner. Hines Ward and Plaxico Burress were 1000 yard receivers for this squad though. New 2001 Super Bowl: Rams > Steelers 28-23 2002 The Patriots didn’t make the playoffs this year, as Brady hit a slump, and the team had a serious super bowl hangover. However, they were literally some bad tiebreakers away from both a divisional title or a wild card berth, and could have very easily snuck into the dance in this season. The division realignment meant they no longer shared a division with the Colts, which was to both Brady and Manning’s benefit back then. Now it’s to the Colts detriment, since they don’t get two free wins a season anymore. The Bills get 2 more wins, and the Jets, Dolphins, Steelers, Chiefs, Bears, Vikings, and Lions all get 1 more win. AFC East: 1. New York Jets 10-6 (5-1 Div) 2. Buffalo Bills 10-6 (4-2 Div) (H2H over MIA) 3. Miami Dolphins 10-6 (3-3 Div) 4. New England Patriots 0-16 AFC: 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-4-1 (up from 3) 2. Oakland Raiders 11-5 (down from 1) 3. Tennessee Titans 11-5 (down from 2) 4. New York Jets 10-6 5. Buffalo Bills 10-6 (unseeded before) 6. Indianapolis Colts 10-6 (down from 5) (H2H over MIA) NFC: Unchanged So again, I see no reason to believe why Tampa’s great defense wouldn’t take over the NFC once again, so I’m giving them the NFC rep. The AFC is a lot more interesting however. The ripple effect boosts the Steelers into home field advantage in a messy and close race at the top. Titans and Jets win the wild card rounds, Oakland and Pittsburgh should win in the divisional rounds, which gives an interesting Steelers / Raiders Conference championship for the second season in a row. This time the Raiders take it, and eventually lose the Super Bowl, but it’s interesting to see just how much better the Steelers are with the Patriots gone. 2002 Super Bowl. Unchanged. Buccaneers > Raiders 48-21 2003 The Patriots defense was absurd this year and probably would have won games without cheating? Blasphemy, that’s quitter talk. We’re taking out 14 patriot wins and distributing them to teams who deserve it. Capitalism at its finest. The Dolphins and Jets get two more wins, and the Bills, Eagles, Titans, Giants, Browns, Broncos, Cowboys, Texans, Colts, and Jags get another win. AFC East: 1. Miami Dolphins 12-4 2. New York Jets 8-8 3. Buffalo Bills 7-9 4. New England Patriots 0-16 AFC Playoff Picture: 1. Kansas City Chiefs 13-3 (Up from 2) 2. Indianapolis Colts 13-3 (Up from 3) 3. Miami Dolphins 12-4 (Unseeded) 4. Baltimore Ravens 10-6 5. Tennessee Titans 13-3 6. Denver Broncos 11-5 NFC Playoff Picture: Cowboys and Seahawks switch wild card seeds (Dallas becomes the 5, Seattle the 6) So this is the first time the Patriots make a real impact on the NFC, changing the wildcard seeds ever so slightly. Eagles unanimously win the first seed instead of getting it on a tiebreaker, but it’s likely that the NFC remains unchanged with the seeding shifts. Carolina still comes out on top there. With the change to the AFC though, the Colts and Titans are the two best teams in the conference, and one of them is beating the Chiefs and their porous defense like a drum. With HFA on their side and likely a weaker road to the playoffs, I’ll take the Colts to appear in their first super bowl. Just as well, I’ll also take them to win over the 2003 Panthers squad in the super bowl. New 2003 Super Bowl: Colts > Panthers 35-24 2004 And the Patriots first threepeat is… well they’re on a 64 game losing streak now. Time to distribute some more wins, and to crown a new champion as a result. The Jets and Bills get two more wins, and the Dolphins, Colts, Cardinals, Seahawks, Rams, Bills, Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, Bengals, and 49ers all add another win to their tally. AFC East: 1. New York Jets 12-4 2. Buffalo Bills 11-5 3. Miami Dolphins 5-11 4. New England Patriots 0-16 AFC: 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 15-1 2. Indianapolis Colts 13-3 (Up from 3) 3. New York Jets 12-4 (Up from 6, H2H over SD) 4. San Diego Chargers 12-4 5. Buffalo Bills 11-5 (unseeded) 6. Baltimore Ravens 10-6 (Tiebreak over Denver) (unseeded) NFC: Unchanged, Rams are the unanimous 5 seed rather than winning it on tiebreakers. Once again, I don’t think the NFC changes with these results. The Eagles are far and away the best team in that conference, and walk away with it. The AFC however is a massive clusterfuck. The Jets are in a position to shake things up, the Colts get a first round bye, and the Steelers were a 15-1 team that season. My gut says the Steelers beat the Colts in an ugly AFC Championship game, as Hines Ward catches a game winning TD in the final minutes, or Mike Vanderjagt chokes it away. Something heartbreaking I’m sure. Steelers win the AFC to face the Eagles in the battle of Pennsylvania. Terrell Owens goes ham, wins super bowl MVP, and the Eagles are your super bowl champion. New 2004 Super Bowl: Eagles > Steelers 24-20 2005 Ah yes, the years where the Patriots decided to finally stop winning super bowls for a while, give other teams a chance to play meaningful football in January. They still won their division at 10-6, so let’s fix that. They were actually the worst team in the postseason by record too. In any case The Jets and Bills gain 2 more wins, and the Dolphins, Raiders, Steelers, Falcons, Saints, and Bucs all gain an extra win. Just notice how chaotic the AFC East becomes without the presence of the Pats, the Jets and Dolphins practically flip flop the spot year in and year out. AFC East: 1. Miami Dolphins 10-6 2. Buffalo Bills 7-9 3. New York Jets 6-10 4. New England Patriots 0-16 AFC: 1. Indianapolis Colts 14-2 2. Denver Broncos 13-3 3. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 (up from 6) 4. Miami Dolphins 10-6 (unseeded) 5. Jacksonville Jaguars 12-4 6. Cincinnati Bengals 11-5 (down from 3) NFC: 1. Seattle Seahawks 13-3 2. Tampa Bay Bucs 12-4 (up from 3) 3. Chicago Bears 11-5 (down from 2) 4. New York Giants 11-5 5. Carolina Panthers 11-5 6. Washington Redskins 10-6 I don’t think the playoffs change much in either conference as a result of this. The Steelers still play the Bengals in the opening round, bully Carson Palmer and take off with a victory, beat Denver handily in Mile High, before playing that disgustingly close match with the Colts as a proper AFC Championship.They just get a home game this time around. Seahawks walk through the NFC with home field advantage, before falling to the Steelers in Super Bowl 40. 2005 Super Bowl Unchanged. Steelers > Seahawks 21-10 2006 You know, it’s downright therapeutic to write Patriots 0-16 over and over again. Almost like fulfilling an ancient prophecy, or summoning a demon or something wild. The one bad thing about doing it for this season is that removes the amazing 2006 AFC Championship from history. But that’s a price I’m willing to pay. The losing streak is at 96 games and we’ve got 12 wins to distribute. The Bills win two games, and the Jets, Dolphins, Bengals, Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions, Texans, Jags and Titans all get a win as well. AFC East: 1. New York Jets 12-4 2. Buffalo Bills 9-7 3. Miami Dolphins 7-9 4. New England Patriots 0-16 AFC (We have created an enormous 9-7 clusterfuck I dunno what the fuck) 1. San Diego Chargers 14-2 2. Baltimore Ravens 13-3 3. Indianapolis Colts 12-4 (H2H over NYJ) 4. New York Jets 12-4 (up from 5) 5/6/7/8/9/10. Buffalo Bills / Kansas City Chiefs / Denver Broncos / Cincinnati Bengals / Tennessee Titans / Jacksonville Jaguars 9-7 I think the Chiefs and Bengals are the teams that make it out of that clusterfuck, but I could be wrong. In the NFC, the Packers supplant the Giants as the 6th seed, but I don’t think it changes anything major in the conference. The 14-2 Bears sweep through the conference with their HFA. In the AFC, I think it’s likely we see a Chargers vs. Colts AFC Championship, as the bullshit that plagued the Chargers in the divisional round against the Patriots never happens, and instead they beat up the Jets. With the MVP and hot new QB Philip Rivers, the Chargers win the AFC over the Colts based on their heavy run game. And so that takes us to the Super Bowl between two 14-2 teams, top seeds in their conference and… New 2005 Super Bowl Bears > Chargers 33-17 The Chargers lose in heartbreaking fashion because they kicked to Devin Hester multiple times. Rex Grossman, super bowl winning QB. This is the timeline we deserve.
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    Vin is the white bread of opinions.
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    Tulsi's brother said on facebook she has tried to drop out numerous times and endorse Bernie and he refused her endorsement.