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  1. Cherry

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This is awesome. I was really worried she wouldn't hit the donor or polling thresholds.
  2. Cherry

    Y'all are old as hell V2

    I am legally allowed to purchase alcohol now. Hope y'all are enjoying your mid-life crisis while I'm in my prime.
  3. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Hey fuckers, the supplemental draft is today and your team might select one of these two guys.
  4. Will be curious to see how that show plays out because it's going to be largely world-building pre-Aegon era. Way after the OG Long Night I'd assume but no idea where that's going to put us on the timeline. The Gardeners and Durrandons just dicking around if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Forgot to post this a couple days ago, but I watched a fuckton of senior offensive tackles and got notes/grades for 54 of them. Here's the article. https://www.whatsondraftnfl.com/articles/2020-senior-offensive-tackle-rankings
  6. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Been slamming the offensive tackle tape lately plus I've been going through those ACC schools. Results: I've given 12 draftable grades out of 79 guys watched. Here's how they stack up.
  7. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    November. My dude, you upvoted the post in the Good News Thread. Boston College Senior Scouting article: https://www.whatsondraftnfl.com/articles/boston-college-senior-scouting
  8. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    I'm actually really excited for some of their guys this year. Lima might not end up being a good player but he's such an energy on that defensive line. You see they got Pettway from Arkansason grad transfer?
  9. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Onto North Carolina State, which was... disappointing to say the least. I think their safety Morehead has the best bet of getting drafted, but I doubt he does unless he tests well. Their DE Smith-Williams supposedly ran a 4.62 and jumped 38.5 inches in their school's testing, but his tape was disappointing to watch. https://www.whatsondraftnfl.com/articles/north-carolina-state-senior-scouting
  10. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Lmao I already had those tape notes for Clemson done, I just had to put together the graphics and put it into article format. Same for this one. Syracuse Senior Scouting article https://www.whatsondraftnfl.com/articles/syracuse-senior-scouting
  11. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Clemson Senior Scouting article https://www.whatsondraftnfl.com/articles/clemson-senior-scouting
  12. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Spending two weeks at my fiancee's right now and putting together that article was the only thing I really have done draft related for a week. Wifi here is shit and I can't watch cutups, so I'm going a little bit crazy.
  13. Cherry

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    What is this, year four? Shit is still poppin folks. Links for all the stuff below. I just dropped my first real "piece" of the year with my senior QB rankings. Database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QbJONz-aRK6WCaSUH4sGS1wAjN_lkg1j7Mrtp1lGJxw/edit?usp=sharing Website: www.whatsondraftnfl.com Senior QB Rankings: https://www.whatsondraftnfl.com/articles/2020-senior-quarterback-rankings
  14. Cherry

    Cherry's 2019 Draft Stream (Night One)

    Day two is underway folks, let's get this thing poppin. Here we go with rounds two and three!
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