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  1. SteVo

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 3

    Toughest bracket yet for me. Had to give serious thought to each matchup.
  2. SteVo

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 1

    I went chalk without much thought except for the 49ers/Eagles matchup. That is an absolute coin flip to me, and I found it within myself to counter my own bias and vote for the Niners. *waits for Sean to roast me*
  3. SteVo

    Greatest Team in the Super Bowl Era

    Razor saves the offseason again. I am ALL IN on this.
  4. The San Francisco 49ers select CeeDee Lamb, wide receiver, University of Oklahoma. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock.
  5. SteVo

    2020 Mock Game?

    Yeah I think the free-for-all is probably the only way we could do it this year. I wouldn't have time to commit to a team but I can definitely make some picks here and there. Happy to complete the Tank for Tua.
  6. The Miami Dolphins select Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback, University of Alabama. The Los Angeles Chargers are on the clock.
  7. Thanatos: We need to keep up social distancing or deaths will skyrocket. DJT: We need to get the economy back or deaths will skyrocket. Surely there must be middle ground here? Surely the fate of the country doesn't come down to the simple dichotomy of let's go into a depression vs. let the virus kill people?
  8. Ya but if Trump says go back to work, we go back to work, and the virus spikes again...that costs him the election, doesn't it? I know an overwhelming majority of Trump's supporters will vote for him no matter what he does, but I still think this is something that leaves him vulnerable. This isn't rhetoric or political; this is actual people dying. And there's no plausible way he can blame it on anyone.
  9. SteVo

    Trump Regime thread.

    Just like 2008, most of the bailout money will go to the corporations. Some things never change.
  10. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Just further proof. Bernie would have been an AWFUL president. GTFO.
  11. One advantage of Covid-19 forcing me to spend a lot of time at home? More time spent writing. (Vin, fire up that SOON picture again.)
  12. I tried a thread to get some sort of simulation going, similar to the Trolls, TGP University, the Vindicators, etc., but I've decided an idea like that has flaws. The frequency of the updates depends on my availability and readiness to a) simulate games on my PS2 (yes, I still rock a PS2) and b) post updates about it. Even the funnest of these simulations go dry after awhile, so I'm seeking another solution, and I think I've found one... A weekly installment of NFL-related fiction, with TGP based characters. The plot centers on an NFL team. Those interested all create characters, except this time we get a more personal experience. Your character can be a player, a coach, a coordinator, maybe a die-hard fan, a sports radio personality, whatever. I integrate these characters together into a story with weekly installments. Think of it as a piece of TGP fan fiction. So...epic or terrible idea? Who would be interested in creating a character for the story? Who would read it every week? -------------------------- Character List Chance Phillips, General Manager [sarge] Caden Daniel, Head Coach [F4E] Merle Harden, Defensive Coordinator [bware] QB Jonathan Maverick [Maverick] RB Jerome Jaxson [bangy] RB Marcus Jameson [bigBen07] WR Alex Johnson [badgers] WR Da'Jamiroqaui Jefferspin-Wilkes [theMileHighGuy] WR Joseph Watson [Thanatos19] TE Logan Bishop [Vin] LG Chase Grodd [RevisFan81] C Brian Penner [MOTM] LE Sam Luck [eightnine] NT Damian Jones [bay] LOLB Zack Grantzinger [ZoS] ILB Briggs Randall [Chernobyl] ILB Marlon Martin [RazorStar] ROLB Sean Brock [seanbrock] CB Malik Rose [ATL] FS Griswold "Flash" Johnson [Dmac for HOF] SS Chet Ripka [GA_Eagle] SS Robert "Bobby" Schwinn [FartWaffles] Adam Javad, Beat Writer [JF4L] Jay Cooper, Disgruntled Fan [barracuda]
  13. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Say what you will about Trump but a Republican President openly wanting to just get cash into Americans' hands is pretty remarkable.
  14. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Warren, Harris, Abrams, Klobuchar. One of them is on the ticket.
  15. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    By not voting for Biden you vote for two more conservative Supreme Court justices.
  16. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    A lot of black voters don't like Harris, though. Would that not matter, since Biden does well with black voters already? I agree that Castro would be a solid choice.
  17. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Someone like Warren makes sense to throw the progressive wing a bone, but I think Biden will pick someone a little closer to center. He could always give Warren something like Secretary of Education.
  18. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    If we're going to use that kind of logic, let's envision a Trump vs. Sanders election. All the GOP has to do is run ad after ad with Sanders describing himself as a Socialist. The election is over. Sean, you need to come to grips with the fact that the far-left pact of the Democratic Party is a much smaller portion of our electorate than it seems. Because they are by far the most vocal on social media, it has been easy to envision the Democrats taking a big step to the left this election cycle. But there are far more blue-blood, moderate, centrist Democrats who flocked to candidates like Biden, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg. And the votes prove it.
  19. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I think Biden has a real shot because he can connect with all the rural voters who grew disillusioned with Obama, who were completely ignored by Clinton, who voted for Trump. That's why Clinton lost states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Biden brings those back into the fold.
  20. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The Bernie bros are much more like Trump than they realize, Thanny. And F4E called it: Bernie's coalition wasn't as strong as it appeared in 2016; it was just that plenty of Democrats could see Hillary sucked. Too bad the DNC couldn't. I would call Trump the favorite for sure, but Biden has much more of a chance than a self-described 79-year-old socialist who recently had a heart attack, fair or not.
  21. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Agree with every word of this.
  22. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This is why you pay attention to math in school. Holy fucking shitballs.
  23. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Well, if Bernie loses the nomination it'll be because he failed to grow his base from 2016. Like F4E alluded to, the people who like Bernie really like Bernie, but how many more people have joined that group over the last four years?
  24. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Bloomberg has dropped out and is endorsing and bankrolling Biden. The establishment wing of the Democratic party hath come down hard and swift in the last 48 hours. Get rekt, Bernie.
  25. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Elizabeth Warren raised a ton of money last month too.
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