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  1. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

    u aint shit
  2. BC

    **TGP On Discord**

    Peckers seck
  3. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

    Packers suck
  4. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

    Fantasy draft tomorrow night. HYPED
  5. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

  6. BC

    Today is my Birthday!

    Happy birthday, homie How u is m8?
  7. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

    With how rare it is that anyone logs on anymore, I'm fairly certain I will actually win this
  8. I actually think the Cardinals and Steelers are two of the toughest teams. Chiefs Steelers is going to be such a magnificent sight to behold on the AFCCG and can't wait to see who pulls that one out. If we can get some supreme health and consistent play from the defense we can hang, but it won't be smooth sailing...
  9. BC

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Man there some dumb dumbs up in here. All the Kyler Murray hate and he's one of the best players in the league this year and might win the Super Bowl. Also.... DK METCALF BITCH
  10. Bay you should delete all your posts. Bitch.
  11. BC

    Post your 2020 rosters

    IM PISSED 12 teams PPR QB. Brees WR. Tyreek Hill WR. Courtland Sutton RB. Johnathan Taylor RB. Cam Akers W/R. Devin Singletary TE. George Kittle K. Lutz D Pats bench RB. D Williams (KC) WR. Emmanuel Sanders WR. Brandon Cooks TE. Fant RB. Pollard WR. N Harry QB. Garrapolo
  12. BC

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Happy b-day m8. Don't do anything I wouldn't do
  13. Hi. I run this place. What you want.
  14. Waaaait a minute, are you saying that this year there's a 3rd wild card spot? I thought the new rules that were implemented such as the 17th game and all that took effect next year. You're usually right a lot more often than myself though. So I'm assuming you're gunna be right. Wow. There's a "sky judge" official this year too. Somehow the Saints will probably still get screwed anyway
  15. Would be interested to hear how perspectives and opinions on this have changed. From the get-go, I kind of took this "keep-going-mostly-normally-but-with-added-caution-and-extra-grace-shown-to-others" kind of approach, and that seems to be the way. Obviously it will be a half of year before we see a world where the circumstances will have us forget this ever happened, but we obviously have to keep doing all the things. I've been out hiking a ton. For those couple weeks in March when tensity was at its peak I didn't go and got extremely depressed. It's keeping me in line emotionally right now like nothing else can. Anything politics lately has just made me really depressed and makes my skin crawl. It always did but to absurd extremes lately.
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