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  1. BC

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    I predict that the winner of the super bowl will score more points than the other team. Beat that PhillElliot.
  2. I've never seen a meltdown this lit before lol
  3. BC

    Yeah, I'ma need a new AFC Banner

    If that's the case lets do the Bosa brothers.
  4. BC

    Pussy Packers suck

    Not to mention the collective IQ of that fan base constantly sniffing they own farts and crying soooo hard every time Russell Wilson or the Seahawks are even brought up in conversation. The players on the team are bleeding out the ears by all the distractive bitching you people do about the fail mary and how bad officiating is somehow our fault. If yall wanted to win that game you should have put some points on the board and not let a rookie QB hang around like he did to you. Blame yourselves. Welcome to the NFL LeFlur. This shit is EARNED and not just handed to you. That bread and butter shit don't work on us you gotta rise up to what we are. Single team Clowney and watch your washed up hasbeen QB get CLOWNT on bitch.
  5. BC

    Pussy Packers suck

    Lol @ these predictions people thinking we have no shot at all. Aaron Rodgers sucked butt this year he was carried by Aaron Jones and his defense. Dude is old and a vegan now and doesn't talk to his own family members. They couldn't do any better than Jimmy Graham at TE who couldn't catch a cold in Siberia. ZOMG ITS GUNNA SNO N LAMBEAU FIELD SEAHAWKS CANT HANDLE THAT. All these bogus remarks. Does it really matter that Seattle hasn't won a game at Lambeau recently? You make it sound as if all those teams of the past have all the same players on them. There's like 4 of our guys that were on the roster the last time we played in Lambeau and like 5 on the Packers. People that can't debate sports with relevant and intelligient factual information should have their fingers and lips chopped off so their bullshit opinions can't contaminate and waste the bandwidth. Good thing it's gunna be frigid out so you people can ice up right as you're getting your bitch asses smoked
  6. BC

    Calling all Big people.

    Maybe just try to start writing down a bunch of those things he loves and figuring out which of them could apply to a diet and build a similar love/lust for looking better?
  7. Before I post the stats, I wanted to see if there's a decent place to find the statisctic of QB pressures / hurried passes? In my opinion, people place too much emphasis on the sack statistic while overlooking the fact that there have been defensive players that have been very disruptive and have had A LOT to do with their defense giving up less points thanks to getting in the fact of the quarterback, despite not racking up a bunch of sacks. People have made the case that Clowney is complete garbage despite only having a few sacks, even though he made life miserable for several QBs this year, for example.
  8. MARSHAWN LYNCH INTO THE ENDZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. my post was sarcastic for laughs thanatos you dumb fuckin fuckbag
  10. BC

    Merry Christmas you buttholes!

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