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  1. He left AGAIN over the helmet thing
  2. BC

    The 18-Game Schedule

    SteVo's new plan sounds really solid. But there's just something so comforting about the idea of keeping it the way it is. The NFL gained popularity from the way it was; not the way it is now. All this BS about defense-less receivers, not being able to land on the quarterback anymore or even incidentally touch one above the shoulders has me terrified about changing more aspects of the game we love.
  3. BC

    2019 TGP Fantasy Football

    If we don't get enough interest we could just merge this into my league I got 4 unattentive dingbats I need to kick out haha
  4. BC

    2019 TGP Fantasy Football

    edit: and hey Vin are you still participating in my league you joined a few years back? I can fill your spot or keep you in there either way just wanna know your plan. I don't think you logged in after the draft last year though
  5. He might not be the fastest or flashiest. Might not make obscenely ridiculous grabs. But you really can't cover the guy. He stays healthy unlike Julio. He gives you the consistency you need. He's the perfect age. There are no weak spots in his game. His character seems to be fine. He's a nightmare to play against. He just seems like a really sure thing. Maybe a little too much, but he's also a really safe investment. With his size, durability, and athletic ability I can't see him falling off as far as production. If he was a player my team had, I would be absolutely devastated if a player like him ever got away to the point where I would be okay with over paying him. I predict the nay-sayers eat crow years from now.
  6. Signed WR Tyrell Williams, traded for WR Antonio Brown. Drafted DE Clellan Ferrell, RB Josh Jacobs, CB Trayvon Mullen, S Johnathan Abram Traded for Odell Beckham Jr, DT Oliver Vernon, signed Kareem Hunt, DT Sheldon Richardson, drafted CB Greedy Williams, S Sheldrick Redwine, LB Takitaki. Signed Tyrann Mathieu, traded for DE Frank Clark, drafted WR Mecole Hardman, Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia, Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois, Signed S Earl Thomas, RB Mark Ingram. Drafted Marquise Brown, WR Oklahoma, Jaylon Ferguson, Edge Louisiana Tech. Miles Boykin, WR Notre Dame. Signed Nick Foles, drafted Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky, Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida Signed HaHa Clinton-Dix. drafted RB David Montgomery, WR Riley Ridley Traded for RB Jordan Howard, signed WR DeSean Jackson, drafted G Andre Dillard, Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Stanford, WR Traded for DE Michael Bennett, drafted WR N'Keal Harry, DE Chase Winovich, Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt. Drafted Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State, Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State, Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State, Bryce Love, RB, Stanford Signed C Matt Paradis, DT Gerald McCoy, OLB Bruce Irvin (lolz), drafted Brian Burns, EDGE, T Greg Little Drafted QB Kyler Murray, CB Byron Murphy, WR Andy Isabella, DE Zach Allen, WR Hakeem Butler, S Deionte Thompson
  7. BC

    John Fox: Bears Had Worst Off Season in NFL

    Well he's a paid professional analyst so he's naturally going to be giving his opinions for as long as that continues. Anytime he gives an opinion on a former colleague or employer other media outlets, especially during the slow news periods like the one we're in obviously can feast on such criticism and make it a front page headline in bold text with a salty looking photograph on their facebook page where you can create a dramatic string of pissed off emotional fans with nothing better to do than post their overreactions all damn day long to make it look like the story is the most egregious thing ever. We've discussed in multiple past years how the teams that "win" the offseasons as far as acquiring all these huge names rarely ever pan out. It's not like the Bears needed to go out and make moves. They already have the upper hand in their division and are a top 5 team in the league. The kicker thing is a valid point. They had Cody Parkey doink-doink it off the upright six times during the regular season. It was a bad stat but honestly quite impressive. Each of those six kicks were that close. It's still a fairly accurate kick when you miss by a matter of a couple inches. His miss that ended the Bears postseason run was also tipped. It was just a lot of really bizarre bad luck, as well as him going on the Today Show making light of the miss which led to Parkey being shown the door. Having a good kicker is super critical for a Super Bowl contending team. Close games in the playoffs against a team that has a stout defense often require a top notch kicker who you have the utmost confidence to send out there on the 30 yard line in a 4th & 2 kind of situation. Seattle not having a good kicker since Haushka left certainly would have spoiled any deep playoff run we would have pulled off. The position is obviously pivotal for Chicago after the horrendous year they had from a guy they paid millions to. The solution in the free agent pool were also really not there. The good ones left are in their 40s, Gostkowski wanted to stay in New England, and Robbie Gould made a bonehead decision to sign with Frisco and now has his house for sale to attempt to build leverage to get the hell out of there. The Bears are likely waiting to see what happens with Robbie Gould. We're not even into July yet, so given the fact that kickers could probably be had for a 5th round draft pick from a team that won't make a run this year (Prater or something), it seems to make sense to wait this one out. 1. The point by Fox is valid. 2. The best opportunity to get a kicker is probably in the next few months. 3. The story of Fox saying this due to the motive of wanting to shit all over the Bears organization from his lack of success there is probably being blown way out of proportion to score some clicks and make someone's boss happy. 4. JD posting this article is probably to satisfy an urge of wanting to do what the author here is attempting to portray what John Fox was trying to do to Chicago because he's insecure about his Packers become the suckfest they've become and Chicago rising to a likely Super Bowl contender these next handful of years.
  8. Pretty high on David Montgomery and Josh Jacobs this year aint gon lie. Also, plenty to room in my 12 man PPR league. Vin is in, and we probably don't have enough to make a TGP league this year do we? Just jump in.
  9. BC

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Saints aren't a good bet? U a dumb
  10. BC

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    :Pats: :Saints: The Chiefs (with last years' roster) seemed like a great bet to make the SB. Tyreek Hill was that X factor though. Mahomes is amazing and will definetely still be a top QB but without Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt both, I have a hard time thinking the Chiefs will top everybody else in the AFC. I mean sure the Chiefs got a good WR in the draft but not even close to Tyreek Hill, and not nearly as good of a WR as the Pats got in N'Keal Harry. Even though the Pats didn't get a TE in a great TE class they got great value and got multiple players that shouldn't have, and N'Keal Harry could break records as a WR with Brady as he has a huge ceiling with no weaknesses. The Colts make no sense as they had their doors blown off in the first round last year and didn't really add anyone. Had they gotten Leveon Bell and some great draft picks then sure, but no way with the offseason they had. Raz was being sarcastic so I won't touch that one. The Eagles could maybe happen I suppose with their QB and defense. The Steelers weren't getting over the hump with all they talent they had, and now they have even less of it. The O-line and defense are great. They thinned out at WR a bit, however. The Packers don't make a ton of sense as their draft wasn't really much to write home about. The Rams lost Ndomakung Suh and a few other guys, plus Gurley has arthritis in that knee and for some reason they aren't resigning CJ Anderson. Goff isn't too bad but he's not a carry the team on his back type of QB. I've just got to think there will be someone else who will emerge to knock them off after they win the NFCW with a mediocre record. The Giants inclusion was downright stupid. They piss away OBJ and didn't get enough in return. The dude from Michigan they got isn't really translating to the NFL. The draft they had was laughable to put it modestly. Golden Tate was a decent signing I guess but now they have a bunch of slot receivers and no field stretcher. Eli isn't going to take that team to the playoffs with Saquon and Tate as really the main playmakers. Even keeping OBJ they probably weren't gunna put it altogether. For me, the top contenders this year are: :Pats: :Saints: :Chargers: :Eagles: :Chiefs: :Vikings: :Bears: :Rams:
  11. BC

    Patrick Peterson Pegged For 6-Game PED Ban

  12. It's cuz he's a Jaguar and realizes they suck
  13. BC

    What are we motivated by?

    I'm more motivated by pursuing more avenues of freedom than any of that popularity crap
  14. BC

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    If you could have anything to do with who your team selects, who would you be pushing for to go and get, or how should your team use its resources? Include the positions you want your team to select, and then a few names. only have 5 draft picks this year as of now. If you trade up it better be only a couple slots to land Ferrill Hockenson or Burns. We often trade back, but if one of these guys are available at #21 we need to stay there and take them. 1. Clellan Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson (He has no business falling this far but if he does and you don't scoop him up, please quit). 2. TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa 3. Brian Burns, EDGE, FSU As I was typing this post, the news about Frank Clark broke, so now we have the 29th pick which I'm just now imagining the possibilities. We now have nothing good at DE. With having this selection, if we don't trade down with our 21st, then I really think we might need to trade down with 29 because there is no end at 29 IMO that is worth grabbing. After Burns and Ferrill it seems there is a huge drop off to where you wait until the 2nd round unless you want to make a big reach. If we don't move down at 29, here is what I'd like to see: 1.. N'keal Harry, WR, ASU 2. DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss 3 Byron Murphy, CB, Washington 4. Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama If we trade down and get a pick in the 2nd round, I'd like to see: 1. Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan 2. Nasir Adderly, S, Delaware 3. Irv Smith Jr, TE, Alabama 4. JJ Arcega-Whiteside 5. Zach Allen, DE, Boston College 3rd round: 1. Oshanes, Ximines, DE, Old Dominion 2. Ben Banogu, DE, TCU 3. D'Andre Walker, DE, Georgia (need to study Banogu and Walker and see who I like more) Here is basically what we need in the order of importance: 1. EDGE on the left 2. Possession WR and/or TE 3. EDGE on the right. 4. Safety 5.Corner And I am absolutely ok with switching up the order of importance if huge value is there at another position in the first three rounds.
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