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  1. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Good thing I got off to a red hot start in this league because I definetely set my lineup but the stupid thing didn't save it, or apply the changes or whatever and I had to run out really fast to go on a road trip. Made all the right acquisitions during the week and would have sodomized all you hoebags. You're all about to get your asses kicked. Consider your seasons over, dingbats.
  2. BC

    Jalen Ramsey Tees Off On Opposing QBs

    and be humble
  3. I would like to bring attention to this once again now that we're almost a quarter of the way through the following season. This was as controversial and nonsensical of a start / not start decision in the history of the Super Bowl and the NFL as a whole. He was the best player on that particular unit that got absolutely torched and continues to get torched in his absence, and the evidence supporting the decision still makes zero sense. The Patriots now sit at 1-2 and are as out of sync as we have seen them in the last two decades, coming off a brutal loss to the lowly Detroit Lions who will be lucky to win 6 games (sorry DMac). Malcolm Butler now of course plays for the Titans. I havn't gotten a chance to see any Titans action, but I'm curious to learn if Malcolm's play has dropped off or if he has been in the news for any character or personal issues. Belichick is one fascinating individual and I can't help but wonder if his decision to essentially just dispose of his best defensive player was justified, or if this was just a case of a head coach having his age, pride, and mental state get the best of him.
  4. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Reaching for James Conner in the 10th has paid off. Kamara and Conner seemingly never come off the football field. Might not help me in December but barring a crazy losing streak I should be putting up a fight til the end. We'll see if Jimmy Graham ever gets consistency. He's my only concern really.
  5. I think the Giants and Texans are talented enough to where if they just make some little tweaks here and there on offense, they could steal a few close games and sneak into the playoffs. To me, both of those teams are just under-performing and out of sync a little bit. Neither of them are teams where I would see them on the schedule and go "okay sweet, that's a really favorable matchup." The 2018 Bills are one of the first teams I've ever seen. Vontae Davis' retirement at halftime showed you what they are. A joke. They aren't just barely losing. They're getting killed and making whoever they play look like all-world squads. They have a real chance to become the third 0-16 team.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000962974/article/bills-cb-vontae-davis-retires-at-halftime-vs-chargers
  7. This is kinda random, but when looking at point totals, and also fantasy football point totals from this last week, it seems like the numbers are significantly increased. And it actually contradicts what I thought I was seeing this past sunday. It felt like a majority of the offenses were really struggling to get into sync. Lots of quarterbacks showed week 1 rust, (Stafford, Garrapolo, Deshaun Watson, Roethlisberger & a few others), I guess due to the fact that nowadays the preseason is so watered down because everyone is trying to preserve their studs for December playoff chases. It's weird that it negatively affects some but others thrive on it. Stafford for instance is normally a really fast starter, and typically plays the way that he did three days ago in December. Can't seem to find a clear pattern of logic.
  8. BC

    Evaluate Your Team, Week 1

    Won't at all be worried when my opponent has any of our units in fantasy football
  9. BC

    Predict a Darkhorse Team

    Giants Bears Browns.
  10. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    You're slamming your own teams top 2 targets, ya dumb. Serious question though: how do you feel about Jimmy Graham being on the Packers? How big is his impact to the team?
  11. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Roethlisberger Davante Adams Stephon Diggs Alvin Kamara Chris Carson Jimmy Graham Chris Hogan Will Lutz Jacksonville Jaguars
  12. BC

    Falcons @ Eagles

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