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  1. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

    Since when is 2 hours or 3 hours a long trip? Especially when you pitch the tent and enjoy the starry night skies and don't drive back home right away.
  2. BC

    Last Poster Wins!

    Traffic is definitely worsening. That aspect definetely forces some creativity as far as where you end up working vs where you live, and when you choose to hit the city. Omerta/NgataChance has always been an exceptionally picky and critical dude, but he's right those aspects aren't so great. The homelessness doesn't really affect anyone, tbh. I don't think it's really as bad as most major cities as far as the homelessness is goes. However, I disagree that there is only the waterfront going for it. I have a LOT of fun around here between May and October, specifically in the many mountain ranges we have around here. instagram.com/benjamin_church
  3. BC

    MVP race 2019

    Both Lamar and Russell gotta player the 9ers still. It feels like a Wilson / Lamar tie right now
  4. BC

    MVP race 2019

    Who should be in the lead for MVP thus far? Lamar Jackson 2,248 yards passing, 19 TDs 5 INTs 66.3& completed 781 yards rushing, 6 TDs, 3 fumbles wins: 8 Russell Wilson 2,737 yards passing, 23 TDs, 2 INTs 68% completed 256 yards rushing, 3 TDs, 1 fumble wins: 8 Christian McCaffrey 1059 rushing yards, 11 TDs, 1 fumble 59 receptions, 517 yards, 3 TDs Michael Thomas 94 rec, 1,141 yards 5 TD, 0 fumbles wins: 8 Dalvin Cook 1,017 yards, 11 TDs rushing 45 rec, 455 yards, 0 TD wins: 8 Patrick Mahomes 2,808 yards, 19 TD, 2 INTs, 65.6% completion 141 yards rushing, 1 fumble
  5. BC

    Theoretical AFC Championship scenario

    I agree. I think purely from an X's and O's standpoint the Ravens have the upper hand here even in Foxboro. Being on the road and having to use the silent count didn't slow them down even one little bit in Seattle; they blew our doors off, having Russell Wilson pretty shook to the point where he played completely unlike himself to try to compensate for how many points we were giving up. The run-pass-option when done right is pretty much nearly unstoppable, and they are doing it better than anyone has ever done it right now. It's to the point where as long as they don't shoot themselves in the foot with penalties, they can go for it on 4th and short and be pretty much guaranteed to make it. If we get this matchup in the AFC Championship, I just might get into gambling.
  6. BC

    Theoretical AFC Championship scenario

    Generally, yes. However, the Raven's victory wasn't by just a score. It was rather decisive. I really hope we get this matchup.
  7. Straight up, who would win the game in an AFC Championship game :ravens: :pats: rematch? We'll assume the game is in New England.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001071099/article/bengals-bench-andy-dalton-for-rookie-ryan-finley
  9. BC

    Rams acquire Jalen Ramsey

    Have fun going back to being irrelevant like you were between Kurt Warner's departure and Sean McVay's arrival. Idiots
  10. BC

    Rams acquire Jalen Ramsey

  11. BC

    Week 3

    The Bills are undefeated? Things I thought I'd never ever say. Like that roster is terrible. How Hats off to the Saints. The punt return at the very start of the 1st quarter really got them going. Their run defense was penetrating us and Carson could never get going. Eli Apple forced a tremendous punch-out fumble which was returned for a touchdown. Bridgewater was getting the ball out insanely quick, and Kamara could not be brought down if our lives depended on us. The :saints: will be making the playoffs and are still very much, in my opinion, the best team in the NFC. Thank God we aren't talking about Antonio Brown anymore.
  12. BC

    Week 3

    Didn't get to watch the bulk of the game but that pass at the end has to be caught. Seemed like they aren't playing too terribly. Like they look like a playoff team
  13. BC

    Yeah, I'ma need a new AFC Banner

    Myles Garrett, Frank Clark, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Malik Hooker
  14. ^ I mean that's kind of what I was trying to get at in my first post. You mean to tell me after watching that instagram video he made of himself talking all that shit while working out.. "call me Mr. Big Chest, not taking no unguarantees, I'm the best in the whole world..." after walking out on his team after 16 weeks of a regular season game, and throwing an enormous bitch fit about not winning team MVP. The Facebook Live incident in the locker room where you hear the coaches specifically saying "keep this off social media!" Those concussions especially the enormous one in Cincinatti a year or two ago and the pattern we've seen with other players, to me the outcome of this was pretty obvious. There's never this much smoke without a significant fire.
  15. BC

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    You're really smart.
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