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  1. 235 Oakland Raiders Cortez Broughton, DT, Cincinnatti :Smug:
  2. 231th New Orleans Easton Stick. QB. North Dakota State. SHIT WE THOUGHT WE WAS OAKLAND SORRY
  3. Without further ado... #218.... the Oakland Raiders ... TONY POLLARD. ??? KR / WR / RB ???. MEMPHIS Dude isn't ranked high because he never had a "home" as far as where he lined up on the field. He was also overshadowed by Darrell Henderson. But the dude had SEVEN touchdowns on kick returns in just 87 returns and ran wild when he got the ball. Saints lost Mark Ingram and don't have enough young receiving options. He lined up as the wild cat QB quite a bit. Imagine him and Kamara running options plays...
  4. 202nd pick New Orleans Saints select . . . SAQUON HAMPTON. DEFENSIVE BACK. RUTGERS.
  5. Oakland Raiders 196 MALIK GANT. SAFETY. MARSHALL.
  6. BC

    Best Defensive Player of the Decade

    Yeah aint no way Thomas wasn't the best player on our defense in that window. Earl Thomas, JJ Watt, Aaron Donald are all pretty tough to choose between. Watt might have a slight edge over Thomas. Donald is just getting started. For all we know Donald could set a new all time career sacks record by the time he is done.
  7. With the 159th pick the Seattle Seahawks select JAMES WILLIAMS. RUNNINGBACK. WASHINGTON STATE.
  9. #124. Seattle Seachickens. :Seahawks: Jimmy Moreland. Defensive Back. James Madison University. Undersized but a phenomenal explosive athlete and he's going to replace our slot corner (Justin Coleman) that we let get away from us in free agency.
  10. With the 106th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select . . . KADEN SMITH. TIGHT END. STANFORD. We sure did let all the quality edge rushers get away from us, but we get great value here as hardly anyone is taking tight ends in this draft, so we'll capitalize and grab someone who shouldn't be available right here.
  11. Stealing is wrong. And there's a lot of it occurring here lately. I'm getting tired of you people and all your bullshit.
  12. With the 84th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select . . . EMANUEL HALL. WIDE RECEIVER. MIZZOU. Baldwin got old. Lockett and Jaron Brown are just "pretty good." John Clayton reported yesterday we're bringing in Jordy Nelson for a work out. Nah dude. Just nah.
  13. With the 66th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select . . . TRAYVON MULLEN. DEFENSIVE BACK. CLEMSON. The Raiders still have a lack of pass rush except for my one decent DE pick, but this dude is long, fast and ballhawked as a two time national champion, so he is too good to pass up here. Lord knows they'll need a duo like him and Byron Murphy to go with safety Lamarcus Joyner as they face Mahomes and Rivers twice a year. Recap: 1. Byron Murphy CB 1. Jaylon Ferguson EDGE 1. Marquise Brown WR 2. Mack Wilson LB 2. Josh Jacobs RB 3. Trayvon Mullen CB
  14. With the 62nd pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select . . . IRV SMITH JR. TE. ALABAMA. How are you still available my friend. Saints had Ben Watson retire and never really replaced Jimmy Graham. Until now. The Saints don't need a lot, but with someone like him you'll have to think twice about doubling Mike Thomas and/or Kamara.
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