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  1. BC

    Patriots Get Happy Ending

    This is what multi billionaire individuals do. It's the "I'm God, I'm indestructible" type of mentality which is typical of people this successful. When I saw that interview he gave on deflate gate and demanded an apology for Tom and Bill, I really got this impression. When Colts owner Jim Irsay had the DUI and drugs found in his car and all that, he was given a medium sized suspension 4 or 6 games I think. That will probably be the fate of Robert Kraft. We could probably add him to that "Biggest Douche" poll.
  2. All of these players are douchebags to some degree or another. Some of these guys havn't done their worst lately, but their reputations are all pretty self explanatory. Whos your least favorite?
  3. Wow. He made a video inviting NFL teams to "work with him." Fast forward to 7:40. He no longer wants to be called "AB." He now wants to be called "Mr. Big Chest." He also states that he doesn't want any contract that isn't fully guaranteed. Go get em Oakland!
  4. Anyone got DMac's contact info? That would help A LOT if we could get him on the Lions + another squad or two.
  5. Do you people read? The Steelers said they will not trade him to the Patriots.
  6. How would he get to the Patriots though? The Steelers say they won't trade him to NE. They also don't strike me as an organization that would pay the top dollar contract that he is currently signed to. And seriously? You think the Panthers would give up the 2nd best player in the history of their franchise to get him? No way. I agree the Panthers make a lot of sense though. Player antics don't really scare them typically and they are a player like him away from a trophy very possibly.
  7. Antonio Brown posted is official farewell to the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase thanking them for 9 amazing years. Adam Schefter also reported that he has requested a trade. If the Steelers in fact don't trade this guy, they're going to be send a very weird message to the team setting a precedent that this type of behavior of putting yourself before the team is okay. The Steelers claimed that they would not be open to trading him within the division or to the New England Patriots. Antonio makes 14m a year and has voiced that he's unhappy with that number and wants more, so if a team doesn't have that much its a long shot that he goes there. John Clayton has made a lot of good points. San Francisco makes sense because he's expressed a desire to play there. Oakland makes a lot of sense due to the fact that they have 3 1st round draft picks this year and have a huge need at receiver. The Buccaneers make sense because Bruce Arians, someone who was around AB a lot in Pittsburgh spoke highly about Brown a month or two ago. Not a lot of other teams make sense as there is an ENORMOUS baggage factor with Brown, he's expensive, he's not young, but there are lots of dumb GMs out there and he will sell tickets and is the best WR in the world from a talent perspective and could make almost any team a playoff contender immediately. I would prefer he not be traded but it looks like a serious long shot at this point.
  8. BC

    FA Market hot

    Man having Tyrann Mathieu would make me super happy, but I'd rather have Earl back No thanks to Cobb too injury prone but I'd kinda like Golden Tate back but only if we were allowed to get rid of his attitude.
  9. BC

    FA Market hot

    Here's your nfl.com's top 25 FA with an additional 20 or so snubs. Feel free to throw names in you'd like to see. Who do you think will be the best overall signing? Best value signing? Who do you want YOUR squad to go out and get? 1. Demarcus Lawrence, DE (probably tagged or resigned) 2. Leveon Bell, RB 3. Jadeveon Clowney, OLB/DE (probably tagged) 4. Nick Foles, QB (tagged but surely traded) 5. Grady Jarrett, DT, Falcons 6. Trey Flowers, DT/DE, Pats 7. Earl Thomas, FS 8. Dee Ford, OLB/DE Chiefs (probably tagged) 9. Frank Clark, DE, Seahawks (forget about, will 100% resign to huge deal) 10. Landon Collins, FS Giants 11. CJ Mosley, MLB Ravens 12. Sheldon Richardson, DT, Vikings 13. Anthony Barr, LB Vikings 14. Ronald Darby, CB Eagles 15. Tyrann Matheiu, FS Texans 16. Lamarcus Joyner, S, Rams 17. Teddy Bridgewater, QB Saints 18. Preston Smith, LB R-Words 19. NDomakung Suh, DT Rams 20. KJ Wright, LB Seahawks (forget about it, will resign) 21. Zadarious Smith, OLB Ravens 22. Ezekiel Ansah, DE, Lions 23. Daryl Williams, OT, Panthers 24. Hasean Clinton-Dix, S R-Words 25. Brandon Graham, DE Eagles This next group they had previously placed in alphabetical order Kareem Jackson, CB Texans Mark Ingram, RB Saints Golden Tate, WR Eagles Stephen Gostkowski, K Terrell Suggs, DE/OLB Kwon Alexander, OLB Buccaneers Randall Cobb WR Tevin Coleman, RB Juwan James, OT Dolphins Bradley Roby, DB Broncos Matt Paradis, C Broncos Jordan Hicks, LB Eagles Roger Saffold, OG Rams
  10. BC

    Time Flies...

    You're probably snowed in like the rest of us around Seattle? Good time to come back
  11. BC

    Rate Me ;)

    he sucked ass. shoulda bought dat warantee....doh!
  12. BC

    Rate Me ;)

    Bumping to prove that you are full of yourself and don't know shit. Saquon had more yards than Gurley, more overall points, and finished 3rd overall. He's also the #1 ranked player going into next year. Stupid retarded bitch
  13. Probably just 1 team. I might be able to take on a 2nd but you'll have to be extremely lenient on not give me any fuckin bullshit for taking a half a day or whatever to make picks for those teams.
  14. BC

    '08 Steelers were up until 8AM the night before XLIII

    Going to bed 8 hours before the game kicks off doesn't work. The body can't do it. Its not rocket science dude and you're not very smart. You gotta be up 4 hours minimum to go through consuming a meal or two, allowing time to digest, stretch, warm up, do a few drills. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
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