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  1. BC

    Crazy Off Season This Year

    I'd like to see an announcement of everything in the NFL pushed back 4-6 weeks. Announce it at the draft. A March Super Bowl wouldn't hurt anyone. Players and coaches really need two full months to prepare for an NFL season. Brady would probably be throwing with Charles Godfrey and Mike Evans and already have a little rapport. But just having preseason games in August with nothing else and then just all systems go just like that? Players new to systems / schemes, or teams with new coaches like Dallas not getting to build any rapport before going to battle. They've officially added two minutes to each teams "on the clock" time for the NFL Draft due to video chats being the main communication medium between all GMs, war room members of each team, man... is this even gunna work? Aren't there scenarios that have happened in the past where they had to internally fight and quarrel mere seconds before a selection is made? Like when someone had to rip the Johnny Manzel draft card out of Jerry Jones' hand that one year? Are we going to see war room brawls break out on live TV?
  2. With the 45th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select . . . Clyde Edwards-Helaire. RB. LSU The perfect RB for the Bucs. In an offense with Brady, Godfrey, Evens, and OJ Howard, this guy will make this offense go. The ultimate security blanket for a QB who will need to get the ball the hell out of his hands ASAP like Broncos Pey-Pey. Not sure why Jonathan Taylor is ranked above him. Maybe the most versatile playmaker in this draft.
  3. With the 39th pick the Miami Dolphins select . . . Laviska Shenault. WR. Colorado Another one of those "why is this dude even available right now" picks with many ranking up right behind the Bama receivers over the Tee Higgins and Mims. Beast at YAC. Could be the best WR in draft classes that don't have other-wordly talent like this class has. RECAP: 1. Tua Tagovailoa QB 1. AJ Epenesa DE 1. Xavier Mckinney S 2. Laviska Shenault WR FartWaffles and ONLY FartWaffles with the Houstan Texans is on the clock. If it becomes Friday and he has not selected, it is up for grabs.
  4. With the 38th pick, the Carolina Panthers select . . . Jeff Gladney. CB. TCU
  5. With the 33rd pick, the Cincinnatti Bengals select . . . Ross Blacklock. DT. TCU
  6. With the 27th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select . . . TREVON DIGGS. CORNERBACK. ALABAMA. So hard to not take Fulton or Okwara but the brother of a great athlete, former WR, more versatile, big physical like DK Metcalf like Pete and our scheme like em, and just plain nasty makes us fall in love.
  7. With the 26th pick, the Miami Dolphins :dolphins: select . . . Xavier Mckinney. Safety. Alabama
  8. With the 18th pick, the Miami Dolphins :Dolphins: select . . . AJ EPENESA. EDGE. IOWA
  9. With the 8th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Arizona select . . . Jedrick Willis. OT. Alabama. The Jags are on the clock. Picking twice in this round mind you...
  10. THE 2020 TGP DRAFT IS OFFICIALLY OPEN R1. 1. Joe Burrow. QB. LSU. - Cincinnatti Bengals - BC 2. Chase Young. DE. Ohio State - Washington Redskins - oochymp 3. Jeff Okudah. CB. Ohio State - Detroit Lions - Razor 4. Mekhi Becton. OT. Louisville - New York Giants - Cherry 5. Tua Tagovailoa. QB. Alabama - Miami Dolphins - SteVo 6. Justin Herbert. QB. Oregon - Los Angeles Chargers - Fart Waffles 7. Jerry Jeudy. WR. Alabama - Carolina Panthers - Razor 8. Jedrick Willis Jr. OT. Alabama - Arizona Cardinals - BC 9. Isaiah Simmons. LB. Clemson - Jacksonville Jaguars - FartWaffles 10. Tristan Wirfs. OT. Iowa - Cleveland Browns - oochymp 11. Derrick Brown. DL. Alabama - New York Jets - seanbrock 12. Patrick Queen. LB. LSU - Las Vegas Raiders - Cherry 13. CeeDee Lamb. WR. Oklahoma - San Francisco 49ers - SteVo 14. Andrew Thomas. OL. Georgia - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Fartwaffles 15. Kenneth Murray. LB. Oklahoma - Denver Broncos - Razor 16. Javon Kinlaw. DT. South Carolina - Atlanta Falcons - seanbrock 17. K'Lavon Chaisson. EDGE. LSU - Dallas Cowboys - FartWaffles 18. AJ Epenesa. EDGE. Iowa - Miami Dolphins - BC 19. Henry Ruggs. WR. Alabama - Las Vegas Raiders - seanbrock 20. CJ Henderson. CB. Florida - Jacksonville Jaguars - FartWaffles 21. Justin Jefferson. WR. LSU - Philadelphia Eagles - SteVo & seanbrock collab 22. Josh Jones. OT. Houstan - Minnesota Vikings - Cherry 23. Rae'Kwon Davis. NT. Alabama - New England Patriots - Razor 24. Jordan Love. QB. Utah State - New Orleans Saints - seanbrock 25. Yetur Gross-Matos. EDGE. Penn State - Minnesota Vikings - FartWaffles 26. Xavier Mckinney. Safety. Alabama - Miami Dolphins - BC 27. Trevon Diggs. CB. Alabama - Seattle Seahawks - BC 28. Matt Hennessy. C. Temple - Baltimore Ravens - Cherry 29. Zach Baun. EDGE. Wisconsin - Tennessee Titans - oochymp 30. Denzel Mims. WR. Baylor - Green Bay Packers - Cherry 31. Kristian Fulton. CB. LSU - San Francisco 49ers - FartWaffles 32. D'Andre Swith. RB. Georgia - Kansas City Chiefs - Cherry R2. 33. Ross Blacklock. DT. TCU - Cincinnatti Bengals - BC 34. Tee Higgins. WR. Clemson - Indianapolis Colts - FartWaffles 35. Isaiah Wilson. OT. Georgia - Detroit Lions. - Cherry 36. AJ Terrell. CB. Clemson - New York Giants - seanbrock 37. Austin Jackson. OT. USC - LA Chargers - FartWaffles 38. Jeff Gladney. CB. TCU - Carolina Panthers - BC 39. Laviska Shenault. WR. Colorada - Miami Dolphins - BC 40. Brandon Aiyuk. WR. Arizona State - Houstan Texans - FartWaffles 41. Ashtyn Davis, S, California - Cleveland Browns - Cherry 42. Terrell Lewis. EDGE. Alabama - Jacksonville Jaguars - FartWaffles 43. Jalen Reagor. WR. TCU - Chicago Bears - seanbrock 44. Jaylon Johnson. CB. Utah - Indianapolis Colts - FartWaffles 45. Clyde Edwards-Helaire. RB. LSU - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - BC 46. Robert Hunt, OG, Louisiana-Lafayette - Denver Broncos - Cherry 47. Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois - Atlanta Falcons - FartWaffles 48. New York Jets 49. Pittsburgh Steelers 50. Chicago Bears 51. Dallas Cowboys 52. LA Rams *did not pick round 1 53. Philadelphia Eagles 54. Buffalo Bills *didn't pick round 1 (Stephon Diggs trade) 55. Baltimore Ravens 56. Miami Dolphins * their 5th selection 57. Houstan Texans - reserved for FartWaffles 58. Minnesota Vikings 59. Seattle Seahawks *pick again in 6 60. Baltimore Ravens 61. Green Bay Packers 62. Tennessee Titans 63. San Francisco 49ers *third pick already 64. Seattle Seahawks *third pick already With the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cincinnatti Bengals select . . . JOE BURROW. QUARTERBACK. LSU. The Washington R-Words are now on the cock.
  11. BC

    Crazy Off Season This Year

    Did he really have the leverage to force them to pay that much, or did they just willingly do it? Keep in mind though the league just expanded to an 17 game season, raised the total cap allowed went up as well. So comparing this contract to any other is comparing apples to oranges. I think they should have paid him less and that its a longshot to pay off, but its still not as crazy as it looks at first glance after you digest the new changes that the new CBA launches. NFL players voted to approve a new collective bargaining agreement with the league's owners, ensuring NFL labor peace through at least 2030 and clearing the way for a 17-game regular season as early as 2021. About an hour after the vote was released, sources told ESPN that the salary cap for the 2020 season would be $198.2 million, an increase of $10 million from last season. Overall player costs, which also counts benefits and the performance-based pay pool, per club are $242.9 million.
  12. Spring training for MLB. Suspended. MLB regular season: delayed for two weeks (for now). NBA season: suspended with two of its very own players (Utah Jazz) now testing positive for the virus. The NCAA just announced they are going full on cancellation for ALL remaining basketball games for the season. Not delayed, not prohibited from having any spectators. March Madness and all tournament / championship games will cease to even exist in 2020. A lot of you are probably assuming due to the timing of NFL season that the NFL won't be affected by this. You're actually dead wrong. I'm not trying to join the hysteria or become one of those people that are trying to blow this out of proportion or anything. They said on SportsCenter just a lil bit ago that the league is trying to find a uniform way for all teams to operate under. Apparently teams in the areas that are more affected by the virus than others are taking this so seriously that they aren't even visiting with free agents or potential draft picks due to potential health-risks. This creates an unfair advantage for franchises in areas that aren't affected by this virus, or at least to the same extent. Where do we go from here? Is it right to just outright cancel events rather than delay them and keep all possibilities open for May, June, etc? Are we going to just have the NFL draft be held over the internet and television like its fantasy football or something? Does the MLB season get cut in half, or do we have the season go into the 2021 year and play in the frigid snowy seasons and just cancel the offseason?
  13. BC

    Crazy Off Season This Year

    It's going to be interesting for sure. There's been all kinds of smoke flying all over the NFL. What we're still waiting for is to find out what the cap is gunna be and this whole CBA thing. That is the main thing that's holding everything up and I havn't really done my homework on what that falls into place but with the draft next month it must be soon.
  14. BC

    2020 Mock Game?

    Tradtionaally we waited until the major free agents were all scooped up in the real NFL. Last year we hauled ass ASAP to get done before the NFL draft began.
  15. BC

    2020 Mock Game?

    I'd be in and good for 4-5 teams but would anyone else care...
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