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  1. BC

    You all are old as hell

    Sit down and drink your apple juice you little shit
  2. BC

    Cards @ Packers

  3. You know, with how un-malicious this was and the fact that she ssid the N word repeatedly and it was just drunken mischief, I feel like he'll be back. And I want us to be the team to sign him. He gon' be alright
  4. BC


    what a choker
  5. BC

    Predict a Darkhorse Team

    I was laughing at everyone who was picking the Bears. That was way before they traded for Khalil Mack. But yeah. Wow. Good pick guiz
  6. BC

    Jerry Jones

    I don't like him. Do any of you Dallas hoebags actually support this dude? Total senile ridden dingbat.
  7. BC

    Packers @ Pats

    Very dissapointed in the outcome of this game. Not based on who won, but I had this circled as the game of the year. At least the Pats / Chiefs game a few weeks back was epic.
  8. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    lube is overrated
  9. . . Interesting that they don't list the Green Bay Packers.
  10. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Good thing I got off to a red hot start in this league because I definetely set my lineup but the stupid thing didn't save it, or apply the changes or whatever and I had to run out really fast to go on a road trip. Made all the right acquisitions during the week and would have sodomized all you hoebags. You're all about to get your asses kicked. Consider your seasons over, dingbats.
  11. BC

    Jalen Ramsey Tees Off On Opposing QBs

    and be humble
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