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  1. .AirMcNair.

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    How the hell does Derrick Henry make this list and Kevin Byard doesn't?
  2. .AirMcNair.

    Historical QB Rankings

    Kerry Collins was surprisingly good in 2008 when the Titans needed him to be, and for that I'll always love him.
  3. .AirMcNair.

    Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

    I have to imagine either Baltimore will lose at LAC or Pittsburgh will lose at NO, if not both this week(just need one of them to lose to control our destiny for the 6 seed), and surely we can take care of business vs a Josh Johnson led Redskins team(if not obviously don't belong anywhere near the postseason). Having to beat Andrew Luck to get in to the playoffs in week 17, if that does end up being the case, is probably the tallest task you can ask of this Titans team. Would rather play pretty much any other team than the Colts to have to get in. Luck just owns the Titans soul.
  4. .AirMcNair.

    Eagles @ Titans

    I'm still trying to figure out which relative or significant other of his that Mariota fucked to make him hate the guy so much, much less figure out who Trevor is.
  5. .AirMcNair.

    Eagles @ Titans

  6. .AirMcNair.

    Texans @ Titans

    Gotta get Bill O'Brien the hell out of there before he ruins Watson.
  7. .AirMcNair.

    Texans @ Titans

    When you can't beat a Titans team that doesn't have Mariota, Lewan, Conklin, Walker or Kelly(starting the #4 and #5 OT, the #5 being a guy signed off the practice squad) you should just fold up the franchise, Houston.
  8. .AirMcNair.

    NFL Distribution Maps (Week 1)

    Titans/Dolphins Steelers/Browns Cowboys/Panthers
  9. .AirMcNair.

    Preseason Thoughts (and prayers)

    Well therein lies the issue as well. The only people preseason matters to is guys who never really see the field if they do make the roster, are often guys that are inactive on Sundays, etc. The % of fringe roster guys that ever actually make anything of themselves in the NFL is so minuscule that it's hard to give a shit. And the thing with taking anything from these fringe roster guys is that they're going up against other fringe roster players or players who won't even make it in the NFL past this preseason, so their accomplishments are even harder to care about. I think a big issue with the preseason(and this isn't the NFL or preseason itself's fault, but just a fault with the NFL community) is we see all this stuff on twitter from analysts breaking down players and actually talking like it's anything meaningful, which leads the casual fan to believe at as well. I mean just looking at the Titans/Packers game, the Packers sat like 18 key players or some shit. The Titans had a few starters sitting and the ones that didn't like Mariota, Lewan, Casey, Morgan, Butler, Ryan, Byard, etc all played less than 10 snaps, so the players who did shine for the Titans and Packers, it's almost meaningless cause they did it against people that aren't even gonna make impacts on Sundays. I know the Titans broadcast team was kinda going overboard on hyping up both Harold Landry and LeShaun Sims for the Titans. Landry was a 2nd round pick, and a 1st round talent in most people's eyes that fell due to injury concerns, and they got all hype because he bullied some backup tackle that doesn't belong on the field. LeShaun Sims is the 4th CB on this team but he's probably good enough to be the 2nd or 3rd CB on a lot of teams, just stuck behind our loaded CB depth chart, and he was making quite a few plays, think he had like 3 pass break ups among other things..but that's just it, you'd fuckin hope he'd dominate against 2nd and 3rd team QBs and WRs. Taking anything from snaps where it's 3rd stringers vs 3rd stringers is such a weird idea to me, because I think beyond noting if they ran the play correctly/etc, there's only so much you can take from it cause they're playing against people that aren't gonna be in the NFL in a month.
  10. .AirMcNair.

    Preseason Thoughts (and prayers)

    It's preseason and literally none of it(good or bad) matters. That's the only thought you need.
  11. .AirMcNair.

    Jameis Winston Facing 3-Game Suspension

    If your footballs don't have enough air in them, you get suspended 4 games. Sexually assault a woman and you get 3 games.
  12. .AirMcNair.

    Jameis Winston Facing 3-Game Suspension

    How many times does he need to commit sexual misconduct towards women for it to become more headache than it's worth? Brings more scrutiny to him being accused of rape in college too. Clearly he has no sense of personal boundaries. Dude seems fucked in the head. The company he keeps doesn't indicate the clearest of heads either.
  13. .AirMcNair.

    Razor's 2018 Mock Draft (With Trades)

    I'll give it an A+ just cause you spelled Keith Bulluck's name right.
  14. .AirMcNair.

    Best Player in the NFL: AFC South Wild Card

    +5 Jonathan Hankins +4 Rashaan Melvin +3 Yannick Ngakoue +2 Marcus Mariota +1 Brandon Linder
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