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  1. OSUViking

    Vikings @ Packers

    Didn't know Kendricks had a similar call.
  2. OSUViking

    Vikings @ Packers

    Cousins was almost perfect. INT was even his fault, just off the hands of Treadwell. The game is obviously different with a healthy Rodgers, but our special teams was the only reason this was a tie. GB only scored one TD on offense and we held them to 5 FGs, that should be enough to win but when our own ST can't put up points or actively concedes a TD, well it's just a good sign we even tied this game, bad call on Matthews or not.
  3. OSUViking

    Vikings @ Packers

    It was bullshit when they called something similar on Sheldon Richardson a week ago and it was bullshit here as well. NFL officiating is a joke. Nothing we can do about it and unfortunately it stole a win from GB.
  4. OSUViking

    Vikings @ Packers

    I would agree that Everson Griffen is overrated but I think Hunter has a great future. We did NOT tie because of our defense. This was 100% on our special teams. We left 9 points on the field from missed field goals and also surrendered an easy 7 because of a blocked punt. Edit: Originally said 12 points but I'm dumb it was only 3 FGs. It took our kicker missing that last OT field goal for me to realize that I have not been logged in on my phone for a while. Whoops. Offense looked awesome, defense looked like it stepped up when it needed to. I'm not sure what happened with Cousin's pick, or Treadwell, but the announcers were really dogging on Treadwell so I'm going to assume the two are related. The call on Clay Matthews was bogus but it is what it is. They're going to start calling that stuff which is annoying. I don't know how they expect players moving so quickly and through tight spaces like the pocket to control their weight when they are tackling someone. Dumb rule.
  5. OSUViking

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Damn. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl triggered all of my emotions to an uncomfortable degree lol. Great movie.
  6. OSUViking

    The good news thread

    Bit of a difficult one for a lot of people I know to wrap their heads around, but I've been clean from weed for over 3 weeks now. Ever since the mental health stuff started, I don't think I'd gone longer than five days without. Reached a prolonged period where literally everything about my life and day was centered on how I could go get high. Took a look in the proverbial mirror and recognized the role these habits have played in worsening mental health, eroding my relationship last winter, and preventing me from growing as a person. Hasn't been easy. A lot of people have kind of looked at me as if I'm an idiot for thinking 3 weeks is impressive at all, don't think they could understand how those cravings and sensations manifested for me.
  7. OSUViking

    Post a pic of yourself...

    If you're willing to do it for free I'll give you a time and a place right now.
  8. OSUViking

    Necessary Podcasts: Shapiro/Rowe

    I think psychology and sociology can be useful. Gender theory, I absolutely do not think that should be taught in colleges. Maybe even toss out sociology, but I think studying groups of humans and their behavior is useful. The reason I say "maybe toss it out" is because just last Spring I took a sociology class on TECHNOLOGY and the professor still made it about victims vs oppressors whenever he could. Left a sour taste in my mouth tbh. Maybe psychology isn't considered humanities, I've always thought it was. Absolutely a useful field to study, but I agree with Than that there are way too many people in that field... And many don't even go on to contribute as psychologists or therapists of whatever kind. Edit: I don't know if history, languages, etc are considered humanities but they have their relavance.
  9. OSUViking

    Necessary Podcasts: Shapiro/Rowe

    I think more people who go into fields like the Humanities should pursue other opportunities. I don't want to sound high and mighty because of an engineering degree, but I don't think college is appropriate for someone to explore an interest or hobby. I think colleges sell that narrative so they get more money. I wonder if college would cost as much if the faculty and resources were trimmed a good amount, and so college was more so a way for aspiring professionals to learn skills to specialize.
  10. OSUViking

    Post a pic of yourself...

    Lol that's fair. When I shared the pic on Quora I had people remarking that I didn't look anything like what they thought I would. Think this is the first photo I've shared on her, otherwise JD is the only one I've added on FB.
  11. OSUViking

    Trump Regime thread.

    The term has roots in what people describe as traits expected of men that are harmful to both men and women. That's a fair term imo, and there's the argument that there are traits "expected" of women that are harmful for both sexes. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to agree with the terms, but those applications aren't so far fetched. But that's not how they're used. A dude is an asshole now and it's because society promotes "toxic masculinity". No, the dude is just an asshole. A classic example of people warping a term and applying it's stigma across the entire demographic. Same thing happens with feminism. Not all, and in fact most feminists I know, are the toxic shitters you see ranting about patriarchy and toxic masculinity. But some of them have warped the term. Kinda looking at it from both sides. People broadstroke men a lot these says, but especially with movements like MGTOW and MRA I see them applying the same bullshit logic to women.
  12. OSUViking

    Trump Regime thread.

    Incels are dumb but people talk about toxic masculinity as if that's the inherent problem. It's a symptom of a few things, all of which also contribute to piece of shit female human beings as well. I can recognize there are societal factors at play with that behavior but the majority of men aren't even close to that pathetic, tells me it has more to do with how those individuals grew up (parenting, how they socialized at school, how those two things affected their interpretation of the aforementioned societal factors, possibly how their genetics affected all those things... So complex). I don't take the term toxic masculinity seriously. I saw a movie preview that highlighted it will have a lot of "taboo" concepts, including "toxic masculinity" and "fragile male egos". The irony behind the last one is precious. Plenty of people are insecure and they make that other people's problems but again, the majority of men aren't shitbags. Just another term to reinforce victim culture.
  13. OSUViking

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Don't think I'm gonna watch that around other people. Shit made me tear up just seeing the preview at the theaters.
  14. OSUViking

    Post a pic of yourself...

    This is a dumb selfie that I took for my Quora avatar but figured I'd post it. First picture I've taken of myself in a really long time. The weight that I put on from my meds at first made me insecure as fuck but I've slimmed down quite a bit. Don't have any before/after pics, though. https://imgur.com/a/nyhkhc6 Was having issues getting a preview to show up so there's a link.
  15. Respectable. I suppose by "you" time I figured that would also include time for your family based on the posts you've shared about them. The gap between 7-2 still seems so tight though, but seems like you have it working. What exactly does your business provide? I think people get a bit too cocky with salaries sometimes. There are some jobs that genuinely require a shitload of money, but yeah most often $100k+ is good money for any individual.
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