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  1. Barracuda

    TGP IDP 2019

    In, twice, on accident. You prolly have to remove one of them as I can’t find anyway to do it myself.
  2. Plus, everyone knows not a single black guy ever walked into a diner in Bloomfield, NJ. They were not there for the food. Bye bye Tony.
  3. Wrapped up quite nicely.
  4. Yes, get off my lawn with your petitions.
  5. Right? It’s supposed to be fun. Petitions aren’t fun.
  6. What sort of thing happens all the time? Things that you don’t necessarily agree with? Bad TV show endings? That’s called life guys. Venting is just the same as whining. Call it whatever you want. Some people just need to learn that their opinions and emotions, whether it be about Game of Thrones or abortion, just aren’t things anyone needs to hear about. Just shut up.
  7. You realize how ridiculous this sounds right?
  8. I believe this quote is attributed to Bruce Willis: “It’s a movie, so move.” At the end of last season we knew this giant war was about to breakout. We don’t need two seasons in between to lead into it. Thats what the books are for.
  9. Did people not want to see the Hound and Mountain fight? Isn’t that what we wanted since like season 1? Did people really want a fantasy ending where Jon and Dany get married have kids and live happily ever after? Did people really expect Jamie to either kill Cersei or just forget that she and their child are about to certainly be killed? I don’t understand these people. The show has to end, or else is lives to be The Walking Dead which has been unwatchable now for many years.
  10. Also, I don’t know what this says about me but I found the actress playing Dany 10x more sexually attractive in that scene where it seems she hasn’t eaten or slept for a week.
  11. Sure, we as the all omnipotent viewer have most of the context and understand that the things Jamie did were generally for the best. He did some good things, and did some bad things. My only point with Jamie is that the majority of the characters don’t have that context. They just know him as the Kingslayer that fucks his own sister. I just assume most of them don’t think of him as a “good” guy and that’s partly why he doesnt think so either.
  12. I also don’t think that was out of character for Jamie, it was apparent from the first episode he would do some fucked up shit for Cersei, he was just throwing a pity fuck to Brienne because she saved his life a couple times. He was always the “bad” guy, at least thats what almost everyone in that world thought of him after he killed the Mad King and he believed it a bit himself. I was hoping for a clear victor in the Cleganebowl but they both got what they always wanted it seems. Now the the question is who gets to kill Dany and her Dragon.
  13. Well, if that doesn’t get everyone on team Jon I don’t know what will.
  14. Very true. Dany is gonna all out try and fuck everyone up Mad King style. Unless, Tyrion and Jon can talk her out of it, but Tyrion hasn’t had much luck doing that the past season or two.
  15. Dragons are not nearly as powerful as once thought. That thing was done in a matter of seconds.
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