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  1. Barracuda

    Browns @ Raiders

  2. Barracuda

    Browns @ Saints

    I said it a few days ago in the box, ever since the Browns cut Phil Dawson they have not given a shot about special teams. It's a revolving door now, it has cost them games over the years and its cost them one arguably both games so far this year. Find a guy you can rely on and keep him as long as you can. Larry Obu-whatever is turning out to be quite a force up the middle, if we can get a rush from the left side of the line that'd be nice. Tyrod needs to stop turning the ball over at critical moments or hes gonna be on the bench even sooner than I guessed.
  3. Barracuda

    Steelers @ Browns

    Never should have went into overtime. Bonehead call to throw for the TD with 20 seconds left when all you needed was 7-10 yards for a reasonable FG attempt. Offense was pathetic the whole game, receivers getting no separation causing Taylor to hold the ball to long or look to run to often. We relied on penalties to move the ball. Tackling needs to improve big time, way to many missed tackles. I really wish the NFL did away with ties, just play until someone wins.
  4. Barracuda

    The Times... They Are A Changin'

    Cool beans
  5. Barracuda

    Jimmy garoppolo and Kiara Mia

  6. Barracuda

    Jimmy garoppolo and Kiara Mia

  7. Usually get up anywhere between 4-6 depending on where Im going that day. Get home between 5-7. Eat dinner. Do shit. Nut, sometimes with a gal sometimes with a hand I draw a gals face on. Sleep.
  8. Barracuda

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I am so happy this is real.
  9. As a member of the NRA, they do advocate responsible gun ownership, offer training and several other benefits to gun owners. Trust me, I get the fucking magazine every month whether I want it or not. They also advocate more gun ownership, which is fine, even if it truly was the only thing they did. Just wanted to clear that up.
  10. Barracuda

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    So I just today caught up on this show. Completely missed season 3 when it first aired. I had to go back into season 2 a bit and refresh my memory. Good show. September aint to far away now. If this is the last season, I really really want some kind of Omaha conclusion.
  11. Barracuda

    BPitNFL Ranking Round #17-24

    +5 Joe Thomas +4 Zack Martin +3 Gronk +2 collins +1 Atkins
  12. Barracuda

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I really wouldnt care what the Browns did, I just want them to take whoever they think is gonna be great. I don't know shit and couldn't tell you anything about how well these guys will do. I can say though that from what little I've seen I definately think this Mayfield guy is a much better all around passer than the one past disaster everyone has been comparing him too. So there's that.
  13. I have no real interest in actually participating. I just wanted to stir some more shit into the pot. Please forgive me.
  14. Fuck weapon and the newly minted Browns "fan." I want em.
  15. Barracuda

    Browns only decent player retires

    I know you guys know, but some people just don't get how incredible of a player this guy is. 10 Pro bowls his first ten years. The ONLY other players to do that were Lawrence Taylor and Barry Sanders. He gave up 30 sacks in his career. His backup gave up 11 in 11 games. He's right up there in terms of best lineman ever.
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