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  1. seanbrock

    2019 TGP Mock Draft (Discussion Thread/Sign-ups)

    I'll take the 9ers, Eagles and Skins
  2. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Just to play devil's advocate here, we see a team go from worst to first every year. Gruden is an offensive coach. They already nhave committed a fuck load of long term money on Carr. If the plan is to go out and get the best receiver in football and invest themselves in getting better up front so they have a running game then maybe it will work out. I mean, even if Oakland trades a first for Brown they still have plenty of draft capital to execute any kind of plans they have. I mean, if they can get him to agree to a massive 2 year 100% guaranteed deal or something I think it's a gamble but you have to roll the dice in this league sometimes. Brown is also the kind of player that gets them on national TV, commercials etc, which is something that while Mack might be arguably more valuable as a player, I don't think you can sell tickets and merch with him the way you can David Carr and AB.
  3. seanbrock

    Historical QB Rankings

    Bills fans have been through a lot, man and it looks like Allen is pretty easily the worst QB in the draft class but it's still early lol. Whatever happens I think they should keep McDermott around. He's done a decent job. I mean, they're at least respectable now.
  4. seanbrock

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Nah, that was a solid deal in my eyes. I mean you can't really complain when. You get a guy that is looking like a hall of famer in the prime of his career. They still have a lot of work to do though.
  5. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Raiders might not look so dumb if they turned Dallas' first into AB. Lol they need to do SOMETHING to save face at this point don't they?
  6. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Rice and Brown could have definitely won a ring if they had anyone but Bill Callahan coaching them lol. Idk man, I still say you can pay a guy like Brown who can get wide open in even triple coverage a ton of money if you build the right offense around him. He's the kind of player that opens up your offense for everyone on the field and when worse comes to worse you can force it to him and end up with better statistical outcomes than anyone not named DeAndre Hopkins and I would be willing to bet that they're comparable in that area. I would try to give him everything up front if possible exactly the way he wants too because honestly you're pushing your chips to the table but there's an exit strategy in the not too distant future. Bringing him in means you sell jerseys and all kinds of other merch. I would do it tbh.
  7. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/feb/19/kamala-harris-jamaican-father-donald-harris-rips-2/ Donald Harris might have just killed his daughter's campaign. This is beautiful. Might be a two horse race between Biden and Hillary now. How long will it take for her campaign and the donor class to paint him as a crazy person and discredit him?
  8. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Idk man, the guy obviously works his ass off. It's hard to argue against him being the best receiver in the game. He honestly might be the best route runner ever. I think that speaks a lot to the kind of person and football player he is. It's funny that the people who have him most are all about hard work and capitalism. Idk sorry to be the dude that politicizes everything. As for WR not being an important position, I disagree. There is more than one way to build a team. Look at the 70's Steelers, the 49ers and Jerry Rice. The Greatest Show on Turf, Harrison and Wayne. Antonio Brown is working his way into some discussions of some real elite players. He's not a 4.2 40, 6'4" freak with pogo sticks for legs either. He's earned his stripes.
  9. seanbrock

    Historical QB Rankings

    This kind of illustrates how hard it is to find a good QB. This is 40 years of the 100 best QB's and most of these guys are pretty bad so far. A couple surprises in guys you would think would be higher on the list but still. Imagine if you ranked all the best RB's over the same period of time. The whole list would be full of studs lol.
  10. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    I won't be coerced into voting for second worst. Look at California. Should be a liberal paradise because it's been Democrat run for decades. Instead they have the worst homeless CRISIS in the country. They let the banks do whatever they want so now regular people can't afford to live there increasingly. They're the leading states on fracking and they're on a fucking fault line lol. They also think it's cool to use slave labor to fight the wildfires. Look at the record of Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein and Brown. If you think putting people like that in office is the answer man idk what to say. We have to draw a line. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sfchronicle.com/news/amp/SF-tourist-industry-struggles-to-explain-street-12534954.php https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-homeless-how-we-got-here-20180201-story.html%3foutputType=amp We need a political revolution, not a return to the status quoe that is destroying our country.
  11. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    AB would open up the field for all those YAC guys you have. I definitely wouldn't want to have to choose between doubling AB and having CMac running wild on me all the while Moore turns a 5 yard catch into a 50 yard gain because he only has to make the first guy miss.
  12. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    If they want him he's there's. Nobody can realistically outbid them. Unless Pittsburgh figures they still have a win now window with Ben, in which case I think teams that could offer an elite veteran would make sense but idk how this works out cap wise.
  13. seanbrock

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Carolina should go all out for him. I would trade Luke for him. He's a great player but oft injured and the Steelers would kill to have him on their defense.
  14. seanbrock

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    The East plays a different kind of basketball too. They still shoot a lot of 3 threes but the East is just a more physical conference imo. GS should have kept McGee who is a better defender than Cousins. They have a lot of scorers. Also am I the only one that just doesn't even recognize Harden's season as a true 30ppg season? Stars have always gotten calls but wtf man? Lol. Iverson shot a lot of ft's when he averaged 31 but he also rountinely got pummled in the paint lol. If you watched Iverson, he earned his free throws. Kobe got calls of course but he didn't get anything like Harden is getting.
  15. seanbrock

    Historical QB Rankings

    Who said alcoholism doesn't pay?
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