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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2018/9/19/17874240/banks-heitkamp-tester-banking-bill-donations BLUE NO MATTER WHO!
  2. Tulsi and Bernie would be a fucking iron clad duo if you chose running mates in the primary process. Bernie was getting hit in the knees by his own party for being the white candidate and being sexist. If you had a Jew and a woman of color team up you can only hit them from the right and that's hard to do with Tulsi and her miltary background.
  3. Dawg there are Democrats who ask how we're going to pay for universal health care and saying we need to strengthen the ACA. Then turn around and vote to give a president they claim has committed treason a 60 billion dollar increase to a military budget that is the largest in the world by a wiiiiiiiiiide margin. The Democratic party has been infiltrated. When's the last time they did anything to support a Union, besides campaign about how much they love unions?
  4. One primary win. That's not going change much. The Democratic Party is owned by people who hate us and who actively work to make it so everything we want is torpedoed. They know all they have to do is be marginally less unhinged than the opposition to sufficiently threaten people into voting for a continuation of the oligarchy and Cleptocracy. We have to break their backs. Some parties have just died. The Whig party doesn't exist anymore. We need to nuke the Democratic Party and smash the neo-liberal elite. They're more of a threat to progressives than any Republican could ever hope to be. Look at how corporate and conservative the last two Demcratic presidents were. Look at head the DNC as it's chair. Perez is a fucking Pharma lobbyist. Pelosi control the Dems in the house and Schumer in the Senate. What liberal Democrat has ANY power within the Party?
  5. Yeah but I think we all know that the establishment of the party would do everything they could to prevent her from getting the nod. The Democratic party would be harder to get a real candidate through because they blatantly rig their primary and just in case someone liberal won they can over turn it with the super delegate votes. I wish her, Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez would leave to start a new party. Take Nina Turner and Dennis Kucinic and people like that, Nader etc.
  6. I think economically they believe the free market bunny or fairy or whatever the fuck they believe is the answer economically but politically libertarians think you should have the right to bribe elected officials but I don't think they want to vote for people to give corporate welfare to billionaires. I think they believe money is free speech but we have the freedom to not vote for that person. Obviously dumb BUT if we can get them to agree not to vote for Republicans that are bought then I believe that is a win.
  7. There is obviously a lot of differences but we do have some things in common. We do have common goals that we can only accomplish as a United front. Is it possible to form a coalition? Is it possible to bring people together on singular issues. I believe that it is. 1. Put a stop to endless war or at least wars without congressional approval- How many Americans are here on this. Does anyone know why we're still in Afghanistan? 2. Stop the corporate capture of politics.- What can we do here? We need to convince people on both sides that we can't vote from people who take corporate money or PAC money. RANKED CHOICE VOTING!!!! I think we could come together on this if the effort was made to organize people in this way. I don't think that effort is there but it should be. There is power in numbers. All the money in the world would not be able to stop a coalition of this size. We must organize. We have to smash the establishment to pieces with no mercy.
  8. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    I would read that but I will NEVER give money to the Washington Post. Maybe you could summarize? Lol
  9. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    Yeah idk who was in his ear on these appointments. This dude is president in name only. The books and movies about this will be gold. I don't think he wants the job of president or any of the responsibility. I think he just likes to say he's president. It's like this was all about bragging rights for him. Sad. If we don't do something about the way we election our officials we WILL get another Trump. It could be worse, the next Trump could be competent.
  10. seanbrock

    Vikings @ Packers

    Idk man, Green Bay is pretty good in pass pro. I was pretty shocked to see Bulaga get handled by Mack like that.
  11. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    Right, so if that's the case though I don't think your theory makes much sense. To be honest I think it's pretty clear that a lot of the GOP elected reps have no issues with stuff like this and I wouldn't be surprised if half if them were predators themselves.
  12. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    I think some people do but more reasonable people know that he's just you average billionaire oligarch. I think Jews have as much of an agenda as the Knights of Columbus but they've been pretty successful at it. Muslims don't believe in interest so they pull money together through their mosques to buy houses and start businesses. They have an agenda. Some of the more prominent Jewish power brokers on the world stage are fucking scum but I know Jewish people that hate what Israel does. I certainly wouldn't say my government represents me. Idk maybe it's because I'm not Jewish but it seems to me some of them are paranoid that everybody hates the Jews. In the US it seems to me nobody really cares. Again though, I'm not Jewish. People sure do seem to love Jewish Writers and comedians and musicians.
  13. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    That is weird but are we even sure that the Court would get the chance to weigh in? Would the Republicans impeech? If the Dems win the midterms and have the votes to impeech Trump he'll probably just resign. I don't think anyone goes after him because him going down for what he would go down for fucks up the money for all politicians potentially.
  14. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    That's why the Republicans are bitching about Dems holding onto the info. The Dems clearly just want to prolong this process as much as possible and see what happens. Which is what they should do. I think it's possible that they didn't know about this one and the Dems played it close to the vest. That conspiracy theory gives some of mine a run for their money though ha.
  15. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    I think another thing that hasn't been mentioned but should be a gimmie here for everyone is that this guy is looking at a lifetime appointment. He should be vetted with finest of toothed Combs. Isn't that commons sense. If it's not true what's to fear from an investigation?
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