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  1. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

  2. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Greens, Libertarians and other people running for a 3rd party should hold an election betweem them and like we used to do to select a president have the winner on top of the ticket with the runner up as VP. We have to turn out and unite people who are outside of the political system. We need to form coalitions because the elite are in lockstep regardless of party.
  3. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I'll say this. Beware of MKultra Pete. If Biden drops out and it's handed to him, i guarantee you he and silicon valley will expand the surveillance state in terrifying ways.
  4. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    If you think about it, Joe Biden is the perfect representation of the democratic party. An old, declining, empty husk controlled by lobbyists and think tanks. He's a hired con artist selling the American people the biggest con of all, the illusion of choice and democracy that currently exists in this country. The only choice on the ballot is corporate power.
  5. seanbrock

    Trump Regime thread.

    Trump and the GOP are now using the DNC's Russiagate playbook to try and hide their incompetence in dealing with Covid lol.
  6. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    So they can bend the knee to Pelosi and Schumer while we send them more of our money? They don't have the courage to call out party leadership because they're afraid of not getting on a good committee? Well what has that gotten them? Remember when like 5 people from the Freedom Caucus held congress hostage? Lol let me give a sports analogy here. In what sport are you successful playing scared? What do you ever accomplish in anything by acting out of fear? They couldn't even try to force an actual vote just to make sure there was some accountability because they're scared of optics I guess but the thing about optics is that they change. Remember how popular the Iraq war was innitially? How does it look for those who just went along with it now? This stimulus bill wasn't just a bad vote or a mistake. This is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the country from the bottom and the middle to the tippy top and the only "resistance" they could muster was meaningless, grandstanding speeches and twitter posts after the fact. The funny thing is that the Republicans are still saying Dems held up the bill and they're still deficit hawking and calling us Commies. Lololololol
  7. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Yeah, lets go with the capitulation strategy. That's a proven winner.
  8. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/15/trump-expansion-federal-health-care-role-187216 You sure about that? I know they have to go through McConnell to do that but medicare for is more popular than ever. If they really fought for it, i think they could get it.
  9. The Philadelphia Eagles Select Antonio Golden-Gandy WR, Liberty
  10. The Pittsburgh Steelers select Joshua Kelley RB, UCLA
  11. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Because it's not medicare for all. It's giving more money to insurance companies who are going to raise their premiums when this is over. It's executives profiteering off of the pandemic by stealing tax money.
  12. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Ultimately Trump's ego would never allow himself to pass on being center stage in that way. He still talks about TV ratings as president lol. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/2020/4/14/21219461/democrats-new-plan-keep-laid-off-workers-insured Remember when i was bitching about nobody standing against Pelosi being elected speaker? This is how we got the garbage 4 trillion dollar give away to the 1%. She's more worried about making sure the health care industry can capitalize on this pandemic than she is people's lives. Not just the quality but with peoples lives. Why vote blue when all AOC can do is chastise but vote for anyway? People are so worried about the optics of taking a stand. Optics change. The Iraq War was popular at first. Almost everyone voted for it but years later it gave everyone that opposed it almost instant credibility. Make a stand, fight for the truth. The time for electoral politics is over. We need action. We need more stuff like in Michigan and Cali where people are using their cars since they can't gather in numbers. We need that and mass strikes. Our leaders are cowards.
  13. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    http://chng.it/FLFds65m We have to try and do SOMETHING. Please sign this.
  14. seanbrock

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    It's time. #sansculotte
  15. The Philadelphia Eagles select Nick Harris C, Washington
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