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  1. BwareDWare94

    Dissonants Unite

    "Extremely sharp as a Congresswoman" She is literally nothing more than the face of extremist fear-mongering radicalism.
  2. Al Riveron needs to go, period. Should the league's franchises demand that he is fired? My answer is a resounding yes. What about you guys?
  3. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    What's the proper viewpoint about the airstrikes controversy? Obviously you don't want the President authorizing such things without consulting Congress, but at the same time, multiple dangerous terrorists are dead. Is that not a net positive? Our politcal leaders and partisan media on either side are making this a black and white issue based on party affiliation, but who's going to acknowledge the shades of gray? Lastly, the Democrats and partisan left media who are openly outraged and pretending that these guys weren't terrorist threats are putting the final nail in Trump's 2020 landslide victory.
  4. BwareDWare94

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    The instant their running attack isn't phenomenal, he'll be forced to make more difficult throws than he has had to thus far. It's not going to be pretty relative to how smooth this offense operates right now. I don't mean to root against him--I just find his passing ability to be drastically overstated.
  5. BwareDWare94

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    And Baltimore has to win their next Super Bowl in the next couple of years because there's a very small window for Jackson being as effective as he is right now. Defenses will catch up. They better be all in this year.
  6. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    You do realize that the majority of this "bullying and hatred" from the right wing is a constructed perception used as a political device by the left wing, right? It's their go-to line when right wingers don't get in line immediately on every ridiculous idea Democrats have to address social issues. You look at what most right wingers are actually doing and saying on trans issues, and you find it comes from logical questions that come to mind. Even the hated guys like Ben Shapiro aren't saying things worth getting riled up over. Also, define bullying, because we've all known people who took the slightest thing and claimed it was bullying. Trans people are already insecure and susceptible to suicidality. Is it not possible that they perceive a lot of bullying that isn't actually there, or isn't intent to be bullying? Let's actually look at trans interaction with non-trans people and try to find out how much bullying actually occurs, what kinds of bullying occurs, and then let's address the actual problem instead of just taking their word 100% and creating legislation with a vast, overreaching umbrella that sets dangerous precedents and will never make it into law. I mean, would you not agree that bullying in general is ridiculously overstated? Look in our workplaces--most reported bullying comes from lazy and/or incompetent people. You can call that a blanket statement that can't be proven if you want to, but if you've worked with a crew of more than 10 people, you've seen it firsthand. I'm not using wrong or made-up pronouns. I'll just address the individual by name.
  7. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Until hormone therapy and catering to delusion actually curbs the suicide rate among trans folks, we haven't figured out how to treat it.
  8. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    I'm not saying I'd actually be rude and mean to a transgender person. That being said, I would refer to them by name and not use pronouns at all if asked to use a pronoun contradictory to their biological sex, or a pronoun contradictory to reality (the ridiculous x and z pronouns), or a plural pronoun such as "they." Not going to happen. Reality for others doesn't change based on delusions that our medical community has stopped trying to treat after years of no real answers found.
  9. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    There's a significant difference between the absurd idea that gender has nothing to do with biology and the progressive insistence that the concept of gender identity dictates reality. "Reality is reality"? I'm not sure what you're getting at there. A biological male can't be a woman, and vice versa. Some of us are never going to pretend otherwise for the sake of feelings.
  10. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    It really is. And knowing that the progressive stance on it is total nonsense is supposedly offensive
  11. BwareDWare94

    Week 9

    Super pissed about today's loss, and it falls at Zimmer's feet because his defense is loaded but they don't produce. This is the second backup QB who looked like a good QB against this defense. Check that, the third because Case Keenum is also backup quality. Chase Daniel, even though he's pretty clearly better than Trubisky, is a backup quarterback. Matt Moore is a career backup. I'm so tired of this team. We get the QB going and the star-studded defense falters.
  12. BwareDWare94

    How many Hall of Famers are on your team?

    Stone Cold Lock(s): Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr (so long as Barr maintains his level of play) Had potential but is slowing down: Xavier Rhodes. If he regains form and carries it for 2-3 more seasons, I think he has a chance. I don't see it happening, though. I think he's washed. Young but with the potential: Dalvin Cook, Danielle Hunter, Stefon Diggs, Adam Theilen. MAYBE Eric Kendricks
  13. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    ^the video of that person screaming in imitation agony is one of the most satisfying things to watch. I enjoy it every time.
  14. BwareDWare94


    Thursday Vikings Sunday Seahawks Eagles Bears Lions Buccaneers Colts Rams Saints Jags Panthers Patriots Texans Packers Monday Steelers
  15. BwareDWare94

    2019-20 NBA Season Thread

    Reactions from Night 1, 10/22: Is Fred Vanvleet a potential star in this league? I don't want to overreact to one game by any stretch, but since the ECF last year, he's playing at a completely different level. He's likely too small to find ways to score high totals when his 3s aren't falling, but he's a pitbull who will find other ways to contribute. Toronto needs to commit to the defensive side of the ball in order to have any chance at repeating in the Eastern Conference. Even of they do, Siakam has to take another step offensively. He had 34 last night. We shall see. Not a good look for LeBron and AD to lose to Kawhi + role players.
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