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  1. BwareDWare94

    Socialist Idea

    They might not do that, but eventually certain people will gain power in those co-ops and turn them into cash cows for themselves and screw everybody else. You're placing too much faith in people, in my opinion. I like the general idea of this thread, though.
  2. BwareDWare94

    Official Hockey Thread

    I'm really hoping the Wild have their shit together, now. We can't keep wasting Dubnyk. We just can't. The guy is probably the most underrated goalie in the league (never see him on Top 10 lists). He's kept us in games throughout his career in Minnesota. It's time to help the guy out a little bit.
  3. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    If it's permanent he has my vote in 2020. Unless he approves cuts to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. If he stands firm on his support of SS and passes permanent tax cuts for the middle class, he'll have my vote. That's one of two ways I'll vote for him. If he strikes a brilliant deal with China and gets the soybean market back in gear, that'd go a long way, too. If none of that happens, I will be voting Democrat unless the nominee is a leftist loony, in which case I'll vote 3rd party or write-in. Democrats need to nail the nomination in 2020.
  4. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Here's the question: was her technically he?
  5. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Any sort of physical combat--a biological male should not be able to fight in the female divisions, period. ANY sport where being male provides a competitive advantage, a biological male should not be able to compete in the female divisions. This is not that complicated. Good lord.
  6. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Well then she shouldn't be allowed to compete at all. Either men's or nothing
  7. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2018/october/transgender-man-who-says-hes-a-woman-wins-womens-cycling-race%3famp What do we do about this? Because even the inclusivity folks have know this is wrong.
  8. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    This x 10. I myself have been using variations of the term narcissist too much, too. It's so complex. Childhood trauma is at the root of so many psychiatric disorders. It's a heavy topic.
  9. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Trump will win easily again as long as things continue down the path they are right now. Now, if the pubs really do cut SS and Medicare, they're going to doom themselves
  10. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    It's a good thing to be passionate, but to allow that passion to manifest itself in chastising and insulting others only serves to make divisions worse. He's actively derailing what he wants and doesn't realize it.
  11. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    It's not sexist to suggest that white women have the easiest lives in America. It's a point of view that has a good argument behind it. It's not necessarily true or false, but it's also not so blatant false that it's absurd or so openly true that it doesn't need saying. Your response to it is just classic "not the preferred mainstream liberal narrative so it's racist/sexist/[insert monority here]phobic" by default.
  12. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Blots, if you want open evidence of everything wrong with your debate skills and moral posturing, it's right here in these 2 sentences. Sean said that men are more likely to be victims of violence (which is true)....not that women don't get hit by men. You completely change statements all the time because you lack any real counter punch. Now you've reached a new low by making it personal when twisting words by itself wasn't enough. Great job, kid. Send in your application to MSNBC already.
  13. BwareDWare94

    Gay Cakes Are A Problem

    Also a false equivalence because the mouth is used to stimulate in other ways, too. Sticking in the hole that shit comes out of? Not so much.
  14. BwareDWare94

    Gay Cakes Are A Problem

    I wasn't aware that the translation didn't specify. Can we not infer that it views sodomy as a grievous sin if male-on-male sexual contact is strictly prohibited?
  15. BwareDWare94

    Gay Cakes Are A Problem

    For the record, the Bible also prohibits sodomy. It considers it to be a grievous sin. I can find it in Scripture if need be. That's not my objection to sodomy, though--it's not a natural act. The rectum is not a sexual organ. I don't think these things should be illegal or that people should be frowned upon for it, though. Do whatever you want. It doesn't affect me because I don't take part in it and people can do what they want. The only point I was trying to make is that choosing how and who you have sex with is way, way, way different than your race and heritage. For the record, I am Catholic. But it's not about other people for me. It's a personal decision due to the fact that I simply feel better when I go to Mass regularly. And my life seems to work out better on a day-to-day basis. I had my back and forth with atheism. Perhaps I still don't believe--I'm not sure. I like the structure, the story, and the easy means to do good in this world that the church provides, and there is nothing at all like a good Priest or pastor or whatever-you-call-him/her that can give a homily/sermon that moves you on a weekly basis. There's nothing like it at all. A priest in my area has drawn me back to the church, so there's my religious stance as of right now. Back on the ranch, we don't oppose interracial marriage because it really is just marriage. I don't oppose gay marriage, either. Some could make that assumption because I defend Jack Phillips, but I've supported gay marriage on this forum for years. I've been replying on Mobile until now so have not head a chance to type out what I find to be a sufficient response to blots, Than, etc. I believe Jack Phillips, due to his religious beliefs, should be allowed to refuse to design and bake a cake specifically for a gay wedding, or if we're talking about recent events, a transgender birthday. Of course I don't think he should be allowed to outright refuse service to such people, but that's not what he did. He offered to find a way that he could provide them with a product, and they could decorate it however they wanted. This guy won't even make Halloween cakes, for pete's sake. This isn't an "I hate gay people and trans people" situation. It's not that black and white, no matter how badly politicizing the matter wants it to be.
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