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  1. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Are Democrats primarily responsible for the current overregulation of the over the road/long haul trucking industry? Because some of the after effects of that are a prime example of good intentions with horrific unseen consequences. Democrats throw their capes on, come in to save the day, then leave everything in a state of FUBAR and noticeably worse off than it ever was. IE: poor communities in most major cities.
  2. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    One side being clearly better than the other used to be the truth. Now the left just has better promises. Problem is, there's no budgetary feasibility that comes with those promises that doesn't involve taxing the shit out of the middle class. The right says, "hang on a minute, we can't possibly afford that" and then they all get thrown in the same bowl as someone like Mitch McConnell, who I consider the worst of the worst hard right.
  3. BwareDWare94

    Week 6

    The officiating is bad, but the rulebook is the size of a Bible. It's time to shrink the rulebook and streamline all reviews. It's also time to mandate minimal flags. It sucks to watch a game with more flags on the field than football being played.
  4. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    It fits their preferred narrative of Trump doing unprecedented things, which is obviously false. You can't combat evil with lies and expect the American public to get in line with you. We might be unfathomably unintelligent as a whole, but there are enough smart voters (which consists of everybody in this thread, regardless of disagreements) to know bullshit when we see it. The irony is that each side points out bullshit with more bullshit.
  5. BwareDWare94

    NFL Distribution Maps (Week 6)

    Bucs/Panthers Chiefs/Texans Jets/Cowboys Vikings/Eagles I have no idea why we have Jets/Eagles over Broncos/Titans. I'm thinking that might be a misprint. We get nearly every Broncos game.
  6. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Years from now, History books will be unkind to Trump for obvious reasons. Here's to hoping they're as unkind to all the petulant, whiny, violent protesters we see in this country these days. But of course, they'll likely be portrayed as heroes, even if they're all cowards. That poor bastard who had someone spit in his face in Minneapolis. I'd love to give him 5 minutes alone with the prick who spit on him. He'd likely be kind to the asshole, mind you, but our world could use a little more frontier justice. I mean, seriously, these protesters can't even articulate what they're upset about. A good 99% of them are just sheep following the shepherd of fabricated, practically non-existent problems, or false equivalences, such as LGBTQ people facing discrimination similar to black people in the past (yawn--it's not similar. We all know that). We're seeing resistance mostly to the absolutely, 100% crazy elements of their group (which consists of a very small portion of LGBTQ people). Take the forthcoming SCOTUS decision regarding trans discrimination. One of the cited cases is a funeral home being unwilling to let a man wear dresses while at work, looking strange and out of place while a grieving family is trying to focus on final care for their deceased loved one. When the employee refused to comply with wearing sex-appropriate clothing, they fired him. And rightfully so. You can do and be whatever you want on your own time. If your workplace has reasonable expectations of you, you comply or deal with the consequences.
  7. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    18 people is not enough to determine causation. Let's be honest here
  8. BwareDWare94


    THURSDAY Patriots SUNDAY Bucs Seahawks Chiefs Redskins Eagles Saints Ravens Rams Falcons Broncos Cowboys Chargers MONDAY Lions Total Points: 44
  9. BwareDWare94

    One down.

    He didn't really deserve it until the end of the season given how bad they are talent wise but oh well. Thing is, why make Callahan interim coach instead of the young OC? Makes no sense. You're not going to hire Bill Callahan as your head coach after the season.
  10. BwareDWare94

    Womens Sports and Pay Equality in Sports.

    What's reasonable? There are certain sports where equal pay is impossible. If that undeniable fact is conceded from the beginning, we can find the places with it's possible and implement it.
  11. per ESPN. I'm not going to lie--knowing it was this bad is a huge red flag. Here's to hoping it's just a bump in the road.
  12. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    A major problem with Democrats in 2019 is that they not only believe that they're correct about everything, they also believe they're the intellectual superiors of our society by default. Why else did they allow an open disdain for the Midwest and for rural voters after Hillary lost? This complete dismissal of differing perspectives, especially about hot-button issues, is and will continue to be their political undoing. This open arrogance turned off swing voters during the 2016 election season. It turned off moderate voters like myself who are neverTrumpers in a moral sense but are not guaranteed Dem votes, and it is doing the same things during this election season. Donald Trump is going to win rather easily in 2020, and it could be a landslide victory. Until Democrats jump off the hyperbole and superiority bandwagon, they'll continue to fail. They're doing things Republicans have done from other perspectives for years, things they've called Republicans out for, and despite their sure belief in their intellectual superiority, they're not smart enough to realize it. Pot, meet Kettle.
  13. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Biden did something shady and Trump did something shady in response. Two wrongs don't make a right, but I'm not going to get all up in arms over it. Democrats are acting like Trump ran over Biden's dog and bragged about, for Christ's sake. Moderate American voters are desensitized because these things get blown so far out of proportion.
  14. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This Ukraine thing wouldn't bother most of us no matter who was President. It's just not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I'm not personally bothered by it, but I also wouldn't have been bothered if President Obama had done something similarly. This Ukraine thing was never going to swing people. What should have swung people away from him was Stormy Daniels, because extra-marital affairs (forget just Stormy--Trump has many) should bother every single morally centered and emotionally stable person on the planet. Trump's immorality is exactly why I didn't vote for him and won't vote for him, but I refused to vote for Hillary and barring a complete surprise, I'll likely also refuse to vote for the Democratic candidate in 2020. To me, it's more important to have a better option to elect than it is to elect somebody other than Donald Trump. If Democrats provide a stomach-able, not absurdly radical about finances or social issues candidate, I'm in.
  15. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Our political and social climates are so interwoven now that truth bends to the will of the individual in question, and we're all guilty of it. The point at which our country progresses and improves is the point at which we rediscover what the word "truth" means. ^Interesting concept but I don't see any real revelation or obvious purpose.
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