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  1. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    So long as Joe understands that a nationwide lockdown/stay-at-home order simply will not work because nobody will listen. I hope for a nationwide mask mandate, though.
  2. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    No. It ensures that every part of the country has a say in the Presidential Election. It works as intended.
  3. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    You can remove the benefit of the doubt. I'm tired of public decapitations within horrific terror attacks, exploding human beings in crowds, and mass slaughter of Christians at worship in foreign countries. I'm ready to see the difficult decision made to do what it takes to rid our world of this nonsense. It's 2020. This is not an acceptable reality of the human condition. Nobody capable of critical thought ever believed that Joe Biden is a leftist radical. I agree with you there. As for voter fraud, I also agree with you that there isn't a significant amount. So lets confirm that and make Trump and all his allies lose all credibility. There are some things that cannot happen moving forward, though. No court packing. No removal of the electoral college. We cannot be under indefinite single-party rule. If Democrats even try, we have to fight it with all we have. I expect even reasonable democrats to agree with that take.
  4. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    @Thanatos way late on "what should we as the world do about radical Muslim violence?" My answer--whatever it takes, even if that requires an ethical compromise. We have got to live in a world without this nonsense. On the election: super surprised. I honestly thought a Trump landslide was imminent--apparently less people are terrified of leftist radicalism than we realized. We're not going to descend into that so long as Republicans hold the Senate, thank goodness. I'm not upset about Biden, but Kamala Harris is every bit as terrible of a human being as Donald Trump. She could be really dangerous. I really wish it was Tulsi up there. I want to see a real investigation into voter fraud. Let's just find out how much occured and who it most benefited. Either we find out we have to address a real problem, or Trump looks like even more of an idiot than he already does. It's a win-win proposition.
  5. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    A radical Muslim terrorist beheads a woman and kills two others in an attack at a church in France today. Similar recent attacks in France and continued violence perpetrated by radicalized Muslims in foreign countries. This nonsense has to end. It has to no longer be tolerated by the rest of the world. We must welcome Islam because of the majority of non-violent, non-radicalized Muslims, but we do not have to accept this violence as a reality. The rest of the world has to collectively eradicate this nonsense by any means possible. Even at the cost of upsetting others.
  6. BwareDWare94

    Guys I need some serious fucking advice

    I'd love to hear any updates you post on this. You'll do a great job.
  7. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Debate take: Trump--demonstrably rude. Biden--strugggled to string coherent sentences and thoughts together. Last night was simultaneously terrifying and depressing. Trump doesn't need to denounce white supremacy out loud. He's not a white supremacist and clearly doesn't support white supremacy. White supremacists make up the tiniest of tiny factions of the American population. It'd be nice to eradicate that abhorrent belief system, of course, but it's not a grand scale problem.
  8. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    "Hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths." That's not just a stretch--that's a tear. Good lord.
  9. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    What's really irritating to me is the knowledge that our death and infection totals aren't accurate due to incentives. We don't have any way of knowing the real scope of this pandemic within the US. It's nothing short of insanity to allow such things. We needed to know the real numbers, period. We should all be furious about that.
  10. BwareDWare94

    Knights of Andreas: General Info Thread

    I'm excited about this :D
  11. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The Democratic Establishment refuses to give any real backing to their by far best female candidate (Tulsi). Warren and Klobuchar both epically failed, then the Democratic Establishment blames misogyny. The irony is just astounding. The Democrats are an unholy circus of incompetence right now.
  12. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Taxing the middle class--openly acknowledging that your ideas will require it--is campaign suicide. Bernie doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.
  13. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    As a farmer, I will confirm that there are dumb farmers. At the same time, I know a lot of brilliant farmers. It's an industry that makes man-babies (big farms that daddy or grandpa built being passed down to entitled little pricks) or it makes self-made men. I have a lot of respect for any farmer who started from scratch or close to it, or generational farmers who weren't entitled assholes who built upon a strong family foundation. Bloomburg is just Trump without a toupee
  14. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Their platform has allowed room for the crazy, and the crazy is wreaking havoc on their public image. It lost them 2016 by a convincing margin, and will lead to a 2020 landslide loss. The only way to come back from this is to start saying "no" to the crazy. Will they have the balls to do it?
  15. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This could not have gone worse for Democrats. It's either fishy because it's rigged or they're so fucking unorganized that it looks fishy. Democrats are the laughingstock of our society at this point in history. Whether they should or shouldn't be, they've done it to themselves.
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