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  1. I told yall a few weeks back about my college friend that got COVID and died in 3 days. Well, his wife got it as well, (unlike him, she had multiple pre-existing conditions, which is why he was doing the shopping in the first place) presumably from him, and she had severe complications from it. They thought she was getting over it and then I get a call out of the blue yesterday (she had put me as her emergency contact- unbeknownst to me) that they had found her non responsive and rushed her to the hospital. She never regained consciousness. They're not sure what happened, they thought she was through the worst of it, it was some sort of problem with pneumonia. Here is where the advice comes in. The reason why I was listed as her emergency contact is because they have literally no one. Her parents are dead, his parents gave him up for adoption and he went through the foster system and never bothered to find them. Neither set of grandparents are alive. Her only brother is dead, and he was an only child. I mean, they have friends, but we were pretty close and his wife and I had talked a lot over the past few weeks. I don't know if she had any really close friends, (I would assume she did, but the fact that she made me her emergency contact makes me wonder if she did). This is the issue. They have a kid. A 3 year old. His name is Cooper and I met him about a year ago before this all started. I am seriously considering trying to adopt him. I feel like I am nuts for considering it, but I cannot shake the feeling that I should do it. I know my friend had horror stories about going through the foster system and I know he'd never want his kid to face that. My fiancee and I have a big enough house, we have two stable jobs, we are doing ok on income, (setting aside about $1k/mo atm for savings while overpaying for the mortgage to get it paid off faster and Im sure we could tighten things up a bit more). I have no kids atm, and my fiancee has PCOS so its far less likely she'd ever be able to have kids. (Not by any means impossible, just would be much harder.) This has come out of the blue like lightning, because this has all happened so fast. A month ago I wasn't even thinking about this. Hell, I wasn't thinking about it two days ago. I am terrified that if I do this I'd be horrible at it, but I keep telling myself that I can't possibly be worse than sending the kid to the foster system. Of course the other issue is I barely know the kid. He seemed to like me, but I mean, he was 2. They like everyone. Am I completely crazy for considering adopting a kid I basically met once? Am I entirely overthinking this and I should absolutely do it? Any advice at all would be appreciated.
  2. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    ** THIS IS A RANT I AM SICK AND TIRED OF DEALING WITH BULLSHIT FROM THE FUCKING CULT 45 and Q ANON BULLSHIT AT WORK FEEL FREE TO SKIP ** Trump has now claimed Coronavirus deaths are low if you ignore blue states. Yet another lowpoint from the scumbag. First of all, its basically New York that's jacking up the blue states, and secondly, of the top 10 states in COVID deaths, its an even split 5-5 in terms of red vs blue. This is besides the fact that is the United States of America and not the Red States of America. Trump is a fucking moron that is actively getting people killed by feeding the conspiracy not to wear a mask. His entire admin are a bunch of crooks. Biden is an idiot that doesn't know what he's doing. It doesn't matter. Biden could be a pet rock for all I care. People acting like he has dementia can go fuck themselves, that's not dementia, he's just an old man. And any Trump supporter saying that Joe has dementia when Trump tries to argue shit like 1) The death rate per infection being low somehow means the US is doing better on the virus than "the world" 2) Claims a test for pyschosis a five year old could pass had really hard questions doesn't have a fucking leg to stand on. 3) Trump, who holds an indoor rally in Nevada where hardly anyone was wearing masks in direct violation of Nevada law that says you can only have 50 people in a room. 4) Trump, who writes love letters to Kim Jong Un. 5) Trump, who ADMITTED ON TAPE that COVID was five times deadlier than the flu in February and then went out and told people it was no big deal and the flu was worse. 6) Trump (well his entire fucking admin) who has done literal JACK SHIT to prepare us for fall when we re-open schools and now "SURPRISE FUCKERS* we're having to close again because you're super spreading COVID. 7) Trump's admin, who blocked a plan by the USPS to send five facemasks to every household in early April, because "it might cause a panic to send people masks." His admin is ACTIVELY KILLING AMERICANS with his idiocy and refusal to face reality. LOOK AT THIS FUCKING CLIP (i linked yall to the right timestamp): **hurr durr officer, i tested positive for COVID a week ago, so Im quarantining at my house and INVITED 30 OF MY FRIENDS OVER TO HAVE FUN** I've had it with people who support Trump at this point. Wear a goddamn fucking mask you pieces of shit. This isn't a fucking political matter. America has adopted the moronic strategy of "Cant have a second wave if you don't get over the first." ** END RANT **
  3. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I mean they stole money from a children's cancer charity lol. They had to pay 2 million in damages. This guy has so many scandals at this point its hard to keep track of them.
  4. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I think the level of violence depends on the results. Landslide either way- sure, what SteVo said. If its close and either side thinks the other has rigged it, (and lets be honest Trump is already claiming it will be rigged, he's going to stir his followers up if its close), I think we're going to see a big outbreak of violence. There's no way Trump is going to win the popular vote, IMO, but he could still win enough electoral votes that it wouldn't matter. Nightmare scenario is Trump is ahead on election night and declares victory and then Biden pulls ahead after all the mail-in ballots are counted, (which is a damn likely scenario, since Trump has convinced half his base COVID isn't dangerous, far more Dems will vote by mail in than GOP), and Trump cries foul. I'm not sure Trump would accept a SC decision that gave Biden the presidency- and for that matter, I am also not sure Biden would either the other way around, although Biden would have far less power to do anything.
  5. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I dont understand why in the everliving fuck Trump gave him these interviews. Woodward has already written a book critical of the Trump administration. Why give him 18 MORE hours of content to bury you with? Makes no sense at all.
  6. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Biden should blast this from the rooftops. Trump knew the virus was far worse than the flu back in January. Bob Woodward has him on tape admitting he knows that, admitting he downplayed the virus to not cause a panic, (actually not necessarily a bad idea, just went about horribly), right before he went out and told people it wasn't as bad as the flu. Woodward has the tapes. He also has 25 of the 27 letters from Kim Jong Un and Trump addressing each other, calling them "your excellency". Un says if they meet again it will be like a scene from a fantasy. This is not an anonymous anything, even though anonymous sources have been the backbone of journalism for ages. This is Trump, on tape, admitting things from his own mouth. I know his base won't care, they're in a cult. But this could seriously make a difference to anyone who somehow is still not sure. This is the whole article, there are three damning clips in here. I would pull them out here, (honestly don't like CNN all that much) but I'm not sure how to do that. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/09/politics/bob-woodward-rage-book-trump-coronavirus/index.html
  7. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Trump saying dead soldiers were losers, according to the Atlantic, WaPo, and Fox News, might actually hurt him. Military never liked him going after McCain, for starters, and him lying (again) claiming he never called McCain a loser when he literally still has the tweet up where he does just that is hilarious. Trump knows you can delete tweets, right? His followers calling everyone else snowflakes is hilarious when Trump is the biggest snowflake of them all. He didnt even want the USS John McCain visible at one event and they had to cover the name, lmao. He's such a fucking child, it still blows my mind that 35-40% of this country appear to back him at all costs.
  8. Kinda plays into their hands, I guess, since they were gonna fire him anyway.
  9. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Who the fuck thinks Biden is only up 5% in New York lmao.
  10. Zack needs to tell someone. For Brigg's own good. Too many careers were ended that way. This is a much darker turn here with this story, SteVo, not that that's a bad thing.
  11. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Since I assume Phil has been responding to my posts, given his has been directly after mine like four times here, I wasn't kidding when I said I was done talking to you. You've been on ignore since then. Just so you can quit wasting your breath. In other news, the bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee has confirmed Trump lied to Mueller and knowingly engaged with a Russian agent to get dirt on his opponent. Of course no one's gonna hold him responsible since he can basically shoot someone on 5th avenue at this point.
  12. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The man is deranged. Here he is claiming the US has better numbers than almost all countries in regards to COVID, then he goes on to say he should get four more years since "they spied on my campaign." Of course both claims are pure lies, but cult45 no longer cares about reality and eats it up.
  13. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Trump's former DHS Chief of Staff, talking about how horrible he is. How he didnt want to give CA help to fight the forest fires because they were a blue state, for starters. The man in the White House is a moron and a criminal, but he is also an active threat to people's lives with his incompetence. He has to go.
  14. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I said recently. In 2019, she was. I dont think she's actually that liberal for a microsecond, I am simply trying to explain why Biden would pick her- which was to appease the far left. This both sideism has to stop. The Dems are nowhere near as fucking bad as Trump and the GOP. Not at this point. Trump said out loud during a Fox News interview that he is stopping the COVID relief bill because it includes funding for the USPS and if they don't get that funding, they won't be able to handle the mail-in voting. The man is upfront admitting he is trying to steal an election and the GOP is sitting on their hands. Fuck them all. Trump is a direct threat to the democracy of this country. Biden is a senile old man. I'll take a pet rock over the traitor currently in the White House. Sure people call him out on his shit. He still gets away with it and the GOP enables him to do so. Like, this is a crime. Even Fox is calling him on it. Is anyone going to do anything about it? No. I'm fully on board with sean now. Time to break out the guillotines: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-seeks-to-starve-post-office-to-limit-mail-in-voting
  15. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Not really sure where you're getting your info from. If you're talking about the extremely small % online, sure. Again, the idea that Bernie supporters are anti-Dem is a fabrication. They voted more for Hillary than her supporters did for Barack. They (and me, for that matter) definitely want to push the party to the left. But right now, Trump is an actual threat to the US remaining a democracy. That supersedes the desire to push the Dems as far left as possible, because the country cannot afford four more years of Trump and the GOP ramrodding their fascist agenda through. Not to mention we'd lose a lot of lives with the GOP deniers in charge. The desire by the DNC to blame the Bernie bros for their defeat in 2016 has led them to refuse to do any actual post mortem of why they actually lost- it was not because those who supported Bernie in the primary- I was one of them- stayed home. They then turned around and nominated yet another establishment candidate. If Trump wasn't so utterly awful and incompetent at his job, and if his utter failure at managing COVID19 wasn't a fact, I probably wouldn't vote for Biden. He's not liberal. He's a center to center-right old guard Democrat. If it weren't for my firm belief that Trump gaining four more years would probably result in several hundred thousand dead Americans, I'd be sorely tempted to let the Dems lie in their bed they have made. But I can't. My vote is absolutely anti-Trump more than pro-Biden. Biden has announced several policy changes to the left. He's not going to ignore the left wing of the Dem party, at least I hope he won't. And the Kamala pick is absolutely an attempt to reach out to them. Harris is the single most liberal senator recently. It was absolutely a play to appease the far left. You're not going to please everyone, but that's exactly who the Biden campaign was trying to appease.
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