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  1. I concur with Cherry. You cannot rush greatness.
  2. Thanatos

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, blots!
  3. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    This man is fucking insane. Now he's spreading Qanon bs: https://imgur.com/gallery/uVQ1vvW
  4. Season 8, episodes 4-6 were the worst three episodes of the entire series. Ending a fantastic series with the three worst episode in a row is not a good look. It's a fantastic show with a godawful ending. Doesn't mean I don't like it. I love Mass Effect. Same deal. Shitty ending doesn't ruin the whole thing it just makes me a bit sad with how awesome it could have been.
  5. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    "In order to move the major party that most closely aligns with your views, TOWARDS your views, you MUST, you MUST, be willing to NOT VOTE for them." If the left always votes Democrat, the Dems have zero reason to ever move left, and will continue moving towards the center.
  6. "How dare you not like an ending!" You're the Karen here, bud. George can do what he wants. It's sad that its taken him 30 years lol. He's not writing it, he's just doing his shows and stuff now. If that was his original ending, I trust he makes it make a hell of a lot more sense than that.
  7. I said that I've ever seen. Haven't seen Dexter.
  8. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    It wasn't removed, that's what he keeps saying, is that he got censored. They left the tweet up, they just put a disclaimer underneath it linking to proof he was lying. I don't think Trump has a leg to stand on here. The president has no authority over twitter. If he does anything, Jack could just kick him off the platform entirely if he wanted to. Trump's been allowed to lie with no consequences for his entire presidency,. About time twitter started doing this. Jack said it was because his tweet was misleading about an election, as people might erroneously think they were going to get a ballot no matter what, (in CA), when only registered voters were. So it still wasnt about Trump lying about mail in ballots not being secure (they are), and that voter fraud is a huge worry, (its not). This is about the GOP going full on suppress the vote, since they know its really the only way they win at this point.
  9. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Another black dude just murdered by police, the President is tweeting conspiracy theories about an NBC host murdering a staffer despite the dead woman's husband begging him to stop, and Twitter is now apparently fact checking the President's lies in real time. Oh and btw, we're still in the middle of a global pandemic that just saw spikes in 3 states that opened up two weeks ago. Exactly as predicted. We're in a crazy time.
  10. I've rewatched it recently. It's even worse than I remembered lol. Still easily the worst ending to a great show I've ever seen.
  11. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I disagree with this. He will at least try to serve two, IMO.
  12. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Agreed. Honestly the Dems best strategy is to keep him locked in his room for the next six months. Whatever excuses they come up with will be better than him sticking his foot down his throat over and over again.
  13. Thanatos

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Biden's such an idiot lol. I will point out Trump said basically the same thing about Jews being loyal and not a peep from the same people crowing about this... but Biden's still an idiot. The Dems need to offer us more than just "Im not Trump."
  14. You're not really worth wasting my time on now that I know you're a idiot who thinks we found a half-dozen natural cancer cures and suppressed them, bud. I'm perfectly fine talking with people on the opposing side- my best friend voted for Trump- but not when your brain is hard-wired shut from being in your cult. I sincerely hope you wake up some day. Until then, I have no further reason to respond to you.
  15. Apparently he's looking hard at Amy Klobuchar. Aka female Tim Kaine. If the economy is still in the shitter in November, Trump loses in a landslide. If not, none of the leftists are going to vote for that ticket, so Trump probably wins.
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