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  1. Thanatos

    Luke Kuechely quits football

    Luke was the best MLB in the league for, what, 4 years? 5? The only knock on him is duration. I agree he doesn't get in first ballot, but he's HoF to me for sure. But I said he should have retired a couple years back when he had that one hit that left him completely out of his mind on the field. That was downright scary to watch. NFL is gonna have a lot more of these kinds of things, and probably a lot more people like Borland who realize early on its not worth it.
  2. Thanatos

    Al Riveron--Should Teams Demand His Dismissal?

    To clarify: I'm not saying it would never happen, but I think the amount of times it does would be outweighed by ticky tack PI calls not giving teams 40 yards they didn't earn.
  3. Thanatos

    Al Riveron--Should Teams Demand His Dismissal?

    Personally I don't see this as a major issue, tbh. By the time you realize the dude has you beat that badly, he's likely out of range to be tackled. I think it might end up giving offenses more yards because defenders might try tackling someone who they really could have covered, just in case. An overreaction, in other words. But since I know that would be a counterpoint, I'm proposing splitting it into two penalties to prevent that reaction.
  4. Thanatos

    Al Riveron--Should Teams Demand His Dismissal?

    For pass interference, I have an idea that's been bouncing around in my head here. I'd like to split it into two penalties. The con is that we add a judgement into the equation, but it's already a judgement call. "Egregious Pass Interference"- same as it is now, spot of the foul. "Pass Interference"- the college rule, 15 yard penalty or spot of the foul whichever is less yardage. Really my only beef with PI is giving teams 40+ yards on a ticky tack call, this would hopefully cut down on it. The ability to challenge PI should be removed. The refs clearly don't want it, as they are just not overturning the call 90% of the time.
  5. Thanatos

    Dissonants Unite

    Uh, it was basically half and half. Because income inequality is also a big problem in the US. That was its stated goal: to address the twin issues of income inequality and climate change. Again, not saying she's perfect, but conservative news media scrutinizes every word out of her mouth in an attempt to paint her as dumb. Thus the constant snide references to her going back to bartending, as if she's incapable of doing anything else even were she to lose her seat somehow. You can disagree with her policies all you like, I know I have a snowball's chance in hell of convincing you that the climate crisis is an emergency that has to be dealt with ASAP. I'm just saying she's most definitely not stupid.
  6. Thanatos

    Dissonants Unite

    And Warren? And Yang? What?
  7. Thanatos

    Dissonants Unite

    Have you actually watched her questioning people? The right fears her so much because she is their bogeyman. I ain't saying she's perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but every time AOC opens her mouth there's a dozen articles on Fox News about how she is trying to get people killed because she is a socialist.
  8. Thanatos

    Dissonants Unite

    AOC is extremely sharp as a congresswoman, you're letting your hatred of the policies she espouses cloud your judgement of her IQ. Watch her questioning people in cross examination. The Green New Deal is a desperate attempt to stop climate change. It has to happen or something like it, or we are screwed six ways from Sunday.
  9. Thanatos

    Pussy Packers suck

    It's funny how you directly insult Jimmy Graham and its Graham who ices the game against you. Karma.
  10. Thanatos

    Dissonants Unite

    The left hates her because she sticks with her principles and she's anti-war. Both parties are pro-war. Btw, sean, what do you think about AOC withholding dues from the Dems? And then earlier making the comment that she and Biden wouldn't be in the same political party in any other country?
  11. Thanatos

    Calling all Big people.

    I don't normally get in between you two, but Ngata, blots post is worth reading. I would add what has helped me immensely- I have dropped about 25 pounds in the last two months- is meal prepping. It takes discipline, for sure, but like blots said its really easy to just grab fast food when you're tired from working, rather than taking the time to make a healthy dinner. So you take one of your days that you're off and you make meals for the week. And yeah, they're nothing fancy, but when I know I have some chicken and beans already waiting at home, its way easier to resist going to grab that burger and fries. And then when we do go out, I try to go to Subway and actually get something moderately healthy instead of greasy fast food. It's easy and cheap to get food that will help you stay fat.
  12. Thanatos

    Calling all Big people.

    I concur with Mikey, except that some people need a push. It might behoove him to get a professional to give him a strict set up to follow and give him that push he needs to take off.
  13. Thanatos

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Pretty sure Andy Reid already made a SB. But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they choke and lose versus Houston next week lol. NFL playoffs are chaos and unpredictable. That's what makes them so fun. Hockey and football have the best postseasons.
  14. Thanatos

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Nice picks, son.
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