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  1. BigBen07

    Last Poster Wins!

  2. BigBen07

    Week 9

    Since the current playoff format was adopted in 2002, teams that start 2-6 have never gone to the playoffs. So long, Browns. Glad that hype train derailed.
  3. BigBen07

    Rams acquire Jalen Ramsey

    This isn't going to backfire at all.
  4. He expects the Redskins to go 6-1 in their next seven games, and possibly 10-6 overall to qualify. How the Redskins offense are going to score against the Niners and Bills defense I have no idea.
  5. BigBen07

    Gun Control Poll

    This 10,000%.^ It's so simple, but the extremes are so blindsided that it gets ignored, and therefore the ideas are thrown out. I also hate it when a ban is proposed; it is too much of a knee jerk reaction by people and never solves anything at all. That happened up here when Toronto recently had an increase in shootings. Thankfully the idea of one was tossed out and different solutions are being looked at.
  6. BigBen07

    Andrew Luck retires

    Management definitely also has a big part to play in this. Irsay needs to get tossed out on his ass for creating this mess by hiring Grigson in the first place. It won't happen though, because people are fucking idiots and don't care...unless it involves $$$ Andrew, I wish you well. Enjoy your life.
  7. BigBen07

    The 18-Game Schedule

    Yeah, good points. The 18-week schedule could also be a huge benefit for teams that play the (still dumb) London games. Extra rest.
  8. BigBen07

    The 18-Game Schedule

    I remember that the NFL tried that back in 1993 but the players found it too disrupting for their routines and the league reverted back to 17. I think the same thing would happen here. This.^ It's why we have massive overexposure.
  9. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    And thus history is made. The St. Louis Blues have ended 52 seasons of heartbreak. Way to go, guys You deserve it. Enjoy this.
  10. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    So this happened in tonight's game: Yikes. Also: https://sports.yahoo.com/bruins-fans-throw-tantrum-after-controversial-2nd-goal-from-blues-025906554.html
  11. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    A playoff primer. Keep an eye out for Easter eggs.
  12. BigBen07

    2019 Baseball Thread

    https://www.mlb.com/cut4/ozuna-climbs-wall-too-early-trying-to-make-catch Ozuna really needs to stop doing that lol
  13. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    I can't find it on the site.
  14. BigBen07

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Enjoy, UT fans.
  15. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    First round predictions: East Conference: Tampa Bay over Columbus in 5 Boston over Toronto in 4 Capitals over Hurricanes in 6 Islanders over Penguins in 7 West Conference: Dallas over Nashville in 6 St. Louis over Winnipeg in 6 Colorado over Calgary in 7 Vegas over San Jose in 5
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