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  1. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/08/21/nfl-preseason-predictions-team-records-playoffs-super-bowl-liii-champion This ought to be good for a few chuckles.
  2. BigBen07

    2018 Kickoff and Anthem Rules Changes

    Hey, now, he's gotta take something and spin it so it's all about him, don't you know .
  3. BigBen07

    2018 Kickoff and Anthem Rules Changes

    Sweet backpedal, Ross. You really got me convinced.
  4. BigBen07

    2018 Kickoff and Anthem Rules Changes

    I don't even... what an idiotic thing to do.
  5. BigBen07

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Good thing the Cards have the better chance of recovering in the offseasons than lolToronto.
  6. BigBen07

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    Which obviously won't happen, as we all know the players would protest.
  7. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    Never saw that coming.
  8. BigBen07

    2018 Baseball Thread

    In regards to your question BC, the 1995 Indians did it in a strike shortened 144 game season. They lost to Atlanta in the World Series in 6.
  9. BigBen07

    Official Soccer Thread

    Holy shit. Iceland pulled off a 1-1 draw vs. Argentina. Crazy. Edit to avoid a double post: LOL Germany loses to Mexico 1-0 and Brazil is held to a draw! A lot of the top teams are struggling early.
  10. BigBen07

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Belated Happy Birthday, blots
  11. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    Just wear it underneath the work clothes. This Caps team deserves it for sure. They really came together after last season's disappointment. Love the end of Ovi's interview Also loved how excited he was when he went to get the Cup and when he lifted it. Always makes me smile seeing that.
  12. BigBen07

    Official Hockey Thread

    Not even a broken clock could stop Washington. Congratulations on winning your first ever Stanley Cup, Capitals! Also congrats to Oochy and Than and to the rest of the fanbase.
  13. BigBen07

    Dwight Clark Passes Away at 61

    Thanks, Razor. Yeah he had it for 2 years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAjvGFO3Ruc RIP Dwight.
  14. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23698130/former-san-francisco-49ers-great-dwight-clark-dies-61-battling-als Aw, man... Condolences to his wife and family... Can someone edit the title please? Typo by accident.
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