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  1. Turry

    Rams @ Raiders

    Raiders 28 Rams 21
  2. Turry


    Thats the thing though conversion therapy doesnt work. Everything about the practice is malicious and has no positives to it absolutely none at all. It destroys families, it destroys the person. You dont randomly wake up one day and just decide oh ya Im done with girls I love dick now So how is it magically possible the other way?
  3. Turry


  4. Turry

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Incognito is your typical meathead douche bag and I have no remorse for him.
  6. Looks like it’s the CFL for me this year.
  7. Both rules are pretty dumb lol, but what else is new. A few decades from now this will all be viewed as one the shittiest times in nfl history.
  8. Turry

    Cowboys drop Dez

    called that shit
  9. Turry

    Official Hockey Thread

    Hope Vegas is ready to get cock slapped by a jumbo jet dick :Obama: Seriously though so good for our city loving walking downtown and seeing the 20 ft goal light go off.
  10. Fact. Both are misleading stats and are fucking horrible to use by itself to judge a defence with not one is better than the other in that purpose.
  11. Turry

    Raiders hire HC Jon Gruden

    back too decades of 3-7 wins seasons.
  12. Turry

    Official Hockey Thread

    From that angle it looks like Marchessault is tied up with the D man and glides into jones. If he was pushed it would been ruled a goal Contact started in the paint with jones. Even if contact was not started on the paint, this is nhl not NHL hitz. A lot of twitter folk seem to forget that. I'd explain more but I'm on my phone.
  13. Turry

    Official Hockey Thread

    It's a good call. You can tell where jones gets affected. He goes to make a save with the blocker on the Intial shot but on the rebound he ends up getting twisted around.
  14. Turry

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    If GS played the way they did the last two games against the spurs. Pelicans will straight up abuse them. How about OKC? 3 rd time in 15 years a team comes back from 25 down to win.
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