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  1. Not sure why there is no topic here, you guys disappoint. MAJOR FUCKING SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE FIRST TWO EPISODES I SAID MAJOR SPOILERS. AND I'm using a spoiler tag, you have no excuses: Anyhow, let's get some fucking discussion here! I need some people to talk to!
  2. Idk. I could see him being a good king. I could also see him going full on Minority Report here, (going out and arresting people for crimes before they are committed). We almost have this contrast being "love being the death of duty" and now we have Bran, who has zero emotions at all and is simply cold hard reason and logic. You need both to be a good ruler, IMO. Sheer reason doesn't give you enough empathy dealing with people. Bran being the king is one of the fan theories, and Martin said someone had guessed it. There's a lot of parallels with Bran the blessed or Bran the Fisher King in british folklore. Just like you said, it came 100% out of nowhere in the tv series. There are two problems with Varys telling Tyrion the best king would be someone who doesn't want it. The first is- he says this is exactly Robert's problem. He doesn't want to be king, so he is a terrible one, so he's done a complete 180 with no reasoning. The second problem has to do with Rodger's last point I quoted. His last point is absolutely valid, I've seen it brought up a bit. But if Bran does in fact see everything he wants to, and his comment to Tyrion implies he came to KL because he knew what was going to happen, doesn't he share the blame for orchestrating the whole mess that sent Dany into murder-rage mode in the first place? And thus, he does in fact want the throne, since he orchestrated events to that endpoint? A lot of my issue with it is just its way too condensed. Someone said in here they didn't have enough material for more episodes. That's bullshit times 1000. They absolutely had more material they could use, D&D wanted Star Wars instead. I mean just stuff like no one, not even the Stark sisters, bring up the fact that Jon is in fact Aegon Targaryen? What was the whole point of him being a Targaryen in the first place? Why was Jon even brought back to life? And since when has killing a king somehow disqualified you from becoming king? Jon is the heir to the throne. Or Gendry. Tyrion making one speech somehow convinces them all to give up the entire system? It's just all insanely rushed and it comes off horribly. Still had fun, its still a great show, the first six seasons are the best six years of any show I've ever seen. 7 is good, and 8 is extremely meh with an awful ending. Endings need to at least be satisfactory. That one was very much... not.
  3. Aaron Rodgers agrees with me.
  4. Lmao. I can't believe they actually did it lol. That was just a completely godawful ending in almost every way. When I read that leak that Bran would become king I said no way, surely not. And it was just as cringey as I thought it would be. They all just take Tyrion's word for it? None of them know who Bran is outside of his sisters and Tyrion. Bran being king makes absolutely no sense. The three-eyed Raven does not care about that. His mission, as I said earlier, is to save humanity. If he was intending to become king, then why didn't he help take out Cersei? Jesus, that was like reading someone's bad fanfiction of GoT. What the show needed was more of that conversation between Tyrion and Jon way earlier, and just way more detail put into its scenes. The other episodes of season 8 would be okay if it wasn't GoT we were talking about. That was just utter shit. 4.4 on IMDB seems to agree. Never a good thing when the worst episode of the entire series is your last one. I will agree on Favre on one point only. Dragons are not dumb animals. They have, however, been portrayed as such the entire TV series. In the books, him burning the throne would make perfect sense because he would absolutely recognize that Dany's quest for the throne is what killed her. In the TV series, it's just confusing. Jon petting Ghost redeems the whole season though. Give the good boy some pets.
  5. Says the dude posting an opinion about someone else's opinion on a message board. No one forced you to click on an article about it. And no, I meant people making petitions to "remake" something. That's not and almost never is the point of those petitions. Yall seriously sound like a bunch of old people telling the kids to get off your lawns lol.
  6. Thanatos

    Trump Regime thread.

    Impeachment wouldn't be based on collusion, it would be based on obstruction.
  7. Thanatos

    Trump Regime thread.

    The idea that the Mueller report cleared him of collusion is a fallacy pushed by Barr. What it actually says is that he neither convicted or exonerated him. A vastly different statement to make.
  8. Only to someone who doesn't understand that this thing happens all the time. It's just a way for fans to vent. The vast majority of people signing that petition understand HBO is not actually going to re-make it. It gets caught up the news media and is very bad press for them, which is the real point. Even the starter of the petition, on its front page, says so: I understand its easier to dismiss it as just "fucking millennials" as SteVo puts it, but that is in fact not what its about.
  9. Thanatos

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    That article is all I've done. *posts another article an hour later* BREATHE SON, BREATHE!
  10. Thanatos

    Trump Regime thread.

    A member of the GOP has called for the impeachment of Trump. And he's pretty damn spot on in his reasoning.
  11. Not the point of the petition. It's just to shame D+D and bring awareness to the fact of how they have mangled this.
  12. Thanatos

    Cherry's 2020 Draft Thread

    Holy shit Cherry do you stop to take a breath of air? Or is just 24/7 all draft all the time?
  13. "Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet" is my main gripe with Rhaegal's death. The shots being super accurate is nit-picking. I would argue correctly so, but yeah I agree its nit-picky. But Dany just entirely forgetting about Euron is just piss poor writing. The reason Dave and DB dont want to do more GoT is because they are the ones doing the new Star Wars trilogy so they can't do both.Which I can see that. Just wish we had gotten new directors then if those two just wanted to end it. Imma put spoiler tags on this, feel free to come back to it after the finale: ~SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER THE FOLLOWING IS ALMOST CERTAINLY A SPOILER FOR EPISODE SIX, GIVEN THAT THE DUDE WHO LEAKED THIS WAS CORRECT ABOUT 99% OF THE STUFF IN 4 AND 5. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER~
  14. Sure, sure, all of those valid complaints are just "outrage culture." Sean's right, you really should be the PR guy for HBO. Just looking at polls taken about the season in general- which again, normally are 8+, if not 8.5+, people have this one at a 5.5. Every single place I have seen that grades TV series has this one sitting a good 20-30% behind the others. Feel free to correct me here. But I think its most certainly a majority of people that fall into either A) This season is not as good as the previous ones or B) this season is just shit. IMDB for example. Every single episode from season 1 to season 7. The lowest rated episode was an 8.1- season 5 episode 6. With this sole exception, every other episode is 8.5+. There are multiple 9.9s- Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards, the Winds of Winter- Season 6 ends on two straight 9.9s. Season 8? The highest rated is episode 2- 8.4. This is the only episode of season 8 that is ahead of any other GoT episode- and it just beats one. Rotten Tomatoes? Seasons 1-7 in order (using critics): 91, 96, 96, 97, 93, 94, 93. The lowest audience score is 87. Season 8? 71 on critics- 41 on audience score. Now I'm not saying you can't enjoy season 8 or anything like that. I am merely pointing out this is hardly a small group. The consensus is that 8 is significantly worse than the previous 7, and the argument that Martin can just flesh it out in the books is an exceptionally weak one, especially given the strong send-off to Avengers that stands in such stark contract to 8. I will say, however, that as far as I've seen Cleganebowl has been exempt from most people's complaints. That was an excellent send-off.
  15. This season has definitely brought some awesome parodies though, memes and videos:
  16. If by you guys, you mean the majority of everyone watching the show and reddit and the internet as a whole- which I may add, loved this show even last season- then yeah, sure. Totally just us nitpicking. Criticizing the fact that they have ignored any and all character development to rush an ending so they can do Star Wars is "nitpicking" now. Calling out characters for doing things that are insanely stupid and completely out of character is "nitpicking" now. GoT has *always* been about the characters. Destroying them like this is almost worse than the stupid plotline in general. You can't seriously think this season lives up to GoT levels. That's just objectively wrong at this point. IMDB has it around a 6.5 when every other season has been 8+. It's a shitty as fuck ending to the best show I've seen. HBO originally wanted 10 seasons, these shit writers wanted to be done with it. HBO should have used the intervening year to can the pair of them and get two people that actually want to direct the final episodes of GoT. I will guarantee you that Martin is not going to write the same shit ending DB and Weiss have. I have five books that say otherwise and years of work into a universe he has created. What you are missing is that all that Martin has said is that he has told them how it ends- and so therefore he doesn't think the main points will differ. Even IF we take that at face value, let me give you an example here. If the LOTR skipped Frodo's POV for the entirety of the last two books and then suddenly, right when Aragorn is about to die, boom, Sauron dies because Frodo dropped the ring in, that would be unsatisfactory as fuck. Because we weren't shown the journey, we weren't shown the struggles. Just the conclusion. Is it the same ending? I mean, I guess? You can have the same major plot points and have a vastly different feeling to the ending. It's like one of my favorite comics says about the phrase "one thing led to another." He's like that is shit writing, you're supposed to tell us what happened. Season 8 has essentially been: They killed the Night King. One thing lead to another, and Daenarys burned King's Landing to the ground.
  17. He actually said they would be different, substantially so, as of the end of March. He has also said that fan theories on reddit have correctly guessed the "true" ending. I ain't denying Dany is probably going to go mad and shit, those little clues have been there almost since Day 1. But to act like they're going to be the same because the end-point will be the same is disingenuous. GoT Season 8 is by and large complete and utter garbage when you compare it to the rest of the show. Season 7 had some major fucking plotholes, but we let them go because we were thinking they would be wrapped up in 8. All you have to do is look at how critically acclaimed the show was for the first six seasons at least, even 7 is way better, and then look at the ratings for season 8. Acting like skipping character development to get to the same end-point is somehow a satisfying conclusion to what used to be one of the best TV shows out there is simply living in denial at this point. The battle tactics make no sense, the plot lines make no sense. Hell here's a very minor thing that just rubs me the wrong way. Varys, the master of spies, IN FULL VIEW OF EVERYONE goes up to Jon and tries to convince him- while on an ISLAND surrounded by Dany's forces- that he should... I'm not sure what exactly. Betray Dany and die for it immediately? Did he think he was out of view of everyone else? Seasons 7 and 8 have been and will be known for otherwise smart people doing very very dumb things. Jon, refusing to get on a dragon, instead killing some meaningless wights. Tyrion not even thinking about putting people in crypts with dead people versus someone who can raise the dead, (the actor even calls out how stupid this is). Littlefinger not leaving himself any sort of out if his plan fails. Dany insisting that Cersei grows stronger each and every day they wait when the opposite is true and refusing to give her soldiers or her dragons any rest. Dany "forgetting about Euron and his fleet" despite it having been brought up by Jaime literally 48 hours earlier. Euron simply allowing all of Dany's forces to swim to shore after destroying their fleet and killing a dragon. This show is shit now and its incredibly fucking disappointing. Why should we have a satisfying ending when we can just let the books do it? Maybe the same reason that Avenger's Endgame gave us a thrilling conclusion to Marvel's journey? Because its fucking awesome? We're seriously sitting here justifying shit writing and a rushed as fuck ending because GRRM is going to write about what's in-between? Give me a fucking break.
  18. Not at all. The ending is simply rushed as fuck.
  19. The actors are even talking about how shit this season has been has a whole lol. Lmao. The best thing about this show is the memes now. Sean will like the first one:
  20. Jaime's arc went a full 360 degrees. He deserved exactly what he got, even at the end, even after everything Cersei did to him, he is still trying to save her. There is only one huge flaw I have with this episode and I can't even reveal what it is because I'm pretty sure it spoils episode 6. So I'll come back to it after next Sunday. But the Hound and Arya- especially her calling him by name- Dany sitting on the dragon just glaring around before going to attack. I think the point of it- again, not spelled out on-screen, which I think it should have been via a conversation between Varys and Tyrion- is she knows if its simply about love, the people will side with Jon. More people love him than her. So if she just lets KL surrender, she believes eventually she will lose. The people will side with Jon. So she has nothing left but to make them fear her. So she burns down the city. I also don't agree its out of character for the Unsullied to take part in the slaughter. With the single exception of Grey Worm, who has his own reasons for being unhinged atm, the Unsullied are near-emotionless. They follow their leader. You remember these are the same soldiers that are required to kill a puppy that is given to them after raising it for a whole year. Cleganebowl was fantastic, Qyburn dying to his own creation brutally and quickly was amazing, Cersei literally having her empire collapse on her... this was such a good episode. Now instead of Cersei being the final big bad, its Daenarys. I still think the NK's storyline needed better wrapping up- and the plot and battle tactics were a mess- but 5 has singlehandedly redeemed 3 and 4 for me. At the moment.
  21. With the single exception of Drogon suddenly being able to dodge all the scorpion bolts and no one discussing why that is the plan despite what happened the last time dragons went up against scorpions, that was a good episode. Probably rate it just behind ep.2. More thoughts later I have to go to work.
  22. Agreed, its still entirely unrealistic that it can hit a moving target with that precision. I was more pointing out the "off-screen" things. I do, however, feel that people who argue Bran should be doing something have missed something rather large. Bran is not Bran Stark any more. He is the Three-Eyed Raven. And the Three-Eyed Raven's job is to keep the Others from destroying humanity. Mission accomplished. He does not care who wins the Iron Throne at all, because his job is simply to safeguard humanity. Again though, this is not really spelled out in the show.
  23. They just do things off-screen is the problem. The reason why the Scorpions can shoot further is because Qyburn gave them upgrades. Yet there is no mention of this in the show, just the directors telling us off-screen that this is the case. Dany believing Cersei will get stronger over time makes literally zero sense and the fact that no one has told her this is just stupid. They're rushing the conclusion to end it quickly, but cmon man. No one points out she has a merc company? That she has to pay? The longer they wait the WEAKER she becomes.
  24. Kevan completely takes over for Tywin and leads the Lannisters up until Varys murders him in his bed. I admit I forgot he was in the show at all, that's how little of an impact he had. The Blackfyres do not like the Targaryens, was my point. You were asking why Varys would turn against Dany if he was a Blackfyre, I was providing a reason. Do know, however, that the idea he's a Blackfyre is literally based solely on the fact that a man dressed in red wanted a part of him to use in the flames. It's a flimsy theory, IMO. He is definitely supporting Young Griff over Dany, he says so to Kevan. He may believe he is actually Aegon Targaryen, or he may think he's a Blackfyre. We don't know at this point. You are somehow still under this impression that the books are not going to seriously diverge from the series, despite GRRM saying exactly that. Young Griff is absolutely a major player. While I doubt he actually wins the game, he changes the entire landscape we have right now. I don't necessarily dislike show Varys, he's simply not the same character.
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