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  1. Milla4Prez63

    Way too early predictions 2020

  2. Milla4Prez63

    Way too early predictions 2020

    Super Bowl baby
  3. Milla4Prez63

    The Superhero Thread

    Venom looks cool, but I'm still worried that this movie will do well financially and Sony is going to get stupid making spinoff movies that people don't want. They already are trying to develop a Kraven the Hunter movie.
  4. Milla4Prez63

    The Pokemon thread!

    So, two years later and we are finally getting trading in Pokémon Go.
  5. Milla4Prez63

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    LeBron is screwing Cleveland over pretty good. He is the one who publicly clamored for them re-signing Tristan Thompson and JR Smith to big deals, he was the one who clashed with Kyrie and led to him demanding a trade. Yes, the Cavs do not have the talent to win a title, but it's partly LeBron's fault they are in the position they are in. He's going to leave and the organization is going to be screwed. At least they got one title out of it though, but it's crazy to think that out of all the seasons he spend in Cleveland that organization only got one title out of it.
  6. Milla4Prez63

    The Pokemon thread!

    I've been slaying it in Go recently. Go all three shinies from the last adventure avent (Kabuto, Omanyte, Aerodactyl) and now with this Water event I've already got shiny Magikarp, Shellder and Wailmer. Plus I've caught six Kyogre to this point and got my first Mewtwo earlier in the week.
  7. Milla4Prez63

    2018 Kickoff and Anthem Rules Changes

    I'm a huge supporter of the kneelers and their message, and I've even gotten huge crap for it on other websites. But I think a majority of players were ready to stop so nothing really needed to happen rule wise from the NFL. But, they wanted to send the message to pissed off 'Muricans hoping to see ratings improve in 2018.
  8. Milla4Prez63

    2018 Kickoff and Anthem Rules Changes

    ‚ÄčThat's exactly what it's about. They are trying to make the dumbass rednecks around the country who refuse to watch football over this happy and make it seem like they're doing something about it even though nothing really needed to be done.
  9. Milla4Prez63

    The Pokemon thread!

    Surprised nobody is talking about the huge Pok√©mon announcement from the other day. The first RPG games on a console are coming this November on the Switch, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee versions. They are loose remakes of Yellow version set in Kanto and only featuring the first 151. The wild Pok√©mon system is borrowing it's mechanics from Pok√©mon Go where it seems you won't battle wild Pok√©mon and that random encounters aren't a thing, you'll see wild ones on screen and choose who to encounter. The battling system will remain the same and not borrow from Go. ‚ÄčThere's a lot of debate on this, but I think it's a great way to get those giant crowds of people from when Pok√©mon Go first came out back into the Pokescene and with it being Kanto only, that nostalgia is going to hit hard. They also announced a brand new pair of games will release on the Switch in 2019 that will introduce Gen 8 and will resemble the main games more than these will. ‚ÄčPretty hyped for this, I'm going to pre-order my copy quick here and I can't wait until November. Pok√©mon on the big screen in HD is a dream come true.
  10. Milla4Prez63

    The Superhero Thread

    I think the first Deadpool movie was a better overall movie, but I had more fun and laughed more at the second. ‚Äč
  11. Milla4Prez63

    The Pokemon thread!

    I heard tickets sold out instantly and most of the ones bought were scalper bots and now they're being sold for $500 on eBay, lol. They should just hold multiple Go fests around the world in different cities and give everyone a chance to participate in one.
  12. Milla4Prez63

    The Pokemon thread!

    Gonna give this thread a bump, I just randomly got back into Pokémon Go and I'm playing every day again. New to this raiding and stuff but I finally got my first legendary raid today with Latias. Also got a couple Zapdos with the new research stuff but I feel like an idiot missing out on getting Moltres, Lugia, Raikou, Latios, Groudon, etc. Hopefully they bring them back in research. Anyone else still playing Go?
  13. Milla4Prez63

    The Superhero Thread

    New trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp is out, I'm very excited for this movie. People are going to sleep on this, but I still strongly believe that the quantum realm and other things tackled in this movie are going to come into play with Avengers 4.
  14. Milla4Prez63

    The Superhero Thread

    More thoughts on Infinity War/speculation on Avengers 4
  15. Milla4Prez63

    The Superhero Thread

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