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  1. Vin

    2019 TGP Fantasy Football

    Yeah, I'm back in.
  2. Vin

    The 18-Game Schedule

    More games, less preseason. Win-win for everyone.
  3. Vin

    The Superhero Thread

    Oh no, don't get me wrong. He's good. It's just that he reminds me of Jason Bateman and it bothers me.
  4. Vin

    The Superhero Thread

    I was really expecting that we were gonna get dolphin relations. Somehow what we got was more tame.
  5. Vin

    The Superhero Thread

    I was watching episode six, then the show ended and I tried to watch the next one. Turns out it was actually episode eight. I don't know what it means, but it means something. I really don't like that Homelander looks like a budget Jason Bateman.
  6. So, I reactivated the league from last season. Last year had twelve teams, I'd like to get the same this year. Details: ESPN, PPR 2018 participants: Oochymp Ace Phil MHG BC Than F4E Ngata ATL Vin Bjorn Seanbrock 2019 participants: Vin Ace BC Oochy Than MHG Just confirm in here if you are playing again this year, and be sure to vote for the type of draft you want. Placeholder draft date is set for Sep 1, 2019 @ 9:00 PM EDT, we can figure out a time as we go.
  7. Vin

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    I'll run it. I'll throw up a thread tomorrow and we can figure out that details.
  8. Vin

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    It's time. Also, why do I remember nothing about this league from last year? Did we just do a standard draft or was it an auction? I'm getting old and forgetful.
  9. Vin

    Ass down, eyes up

  10. MVP: Nick Foles. Aw yeah. Bring on the 20+ INT season now. OPOTY: Leonard Fournette (I don't actually believe this, but I suppose it's possible) DPOTY: Calais Campbell. Getting older. It's probably either him or Yannick, but I don't think Yannick has it in him. Ramsey doesn't get enough INTs to be considered. CBPOTY: Marqise Lee OROTY: Josh Oliver. TEs never win, but I gotta good feeling. DROTY: Josh Allen
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