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  1. Ad Astra. Can definitely see why people wouldn't like it, but I really enjoyed it.
  2. This. Do it, people in power!
  3. So I figured it was time to post a thread detailing the content that is currently able to be embedded via the media tag, and also use it as a request for more items, should you so choose. The following can be embedded, some are probably antiquated content types that will never be used, but they're here nonetheless: Google Video Myspace Video Youtube .MP3s Gametrailers Flickr Image Sets Vimeo Tweets Instagram Vines Dailymotion Imgur .Gifv
  4. Vin

    General Ideas Thread

    Alright, TGP, it is time for some more input from you. I know you've got some ideas to contribute, so now it is time to hear them. Anything you guys feel that could improve the board, post it here: board enhancements, forum ideas, anything (with the exception of suggesting someone be banned, or ideas in the same vein). Get to it.
  5. I'll let you know when I see it.
  6. Ford vs. Ferrari. Good movie, though not knowing the story behind it makes it sorta less enjoyable. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Kinda meh? The movies parts are greater than the whole. Rick Dalton is a moron, and not really an endearing moron, just a moron. Really glad we get to see Margot Robbie's feet a few times, that was neat. Last half hour or so is the best part of the movie, so at least it's got that going for it.
  7. Vin

    2020 Mock Game?

    I'm game, just gotta get enough people to where each of us don't have to get ten teams. Maybe a mass email or something would work.
  8. Vin

    Past TGP Mock Draft Results

    Gonna have bust out the ol' mass email to get some people back.
  9. Finally found it digging through one of the old incomplete databases.
  10. Whoever wins, I'm ok with it. It's nice not having to root against a team for once.
  11. Vin

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    It has been written.
  12. Vin

    Editing signature

    It's under the account settings tab instead of under the profile tab. Doesn't make any sense, but there you go.
  13. Vin

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    How did Phil miss the Super Bowl 1 rematch during the 100th anniversary season. Cmon, Phil.
  14. Vin

    Cherry is at the Senior Bowl

    Remember us when you're king of the world.
  15. Vin

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    I need them meaningful flashforwards. Probably won't get any until the finale.
  16. Vin

    Disney buys LucasFilm

  17. PI should just be a fifteen yard penalty. But we'll never get it cuz "well then DBs would just tackle dudes every play lulz"
  18. Vin

    Yeah, I'ma need a new AFC Banner

    We should just do a poll on whose career we should end.
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