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  1. PhilElliot

    Should College Players Be Paid?

    More insults and deflection..but no ability to prove me wrong. You are using emotion, not logic.
  2. PhilElliot

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Probably SF
  3. plenty has been written. theyve straight up told you themselves. you just dont look or listen. I showed you Peter Gent's blatant quote. ive told you about 100 examples aside from hand gestures. Youve just been trained to call a lie a coincidence. not everyone needs to know. The guys who only last 2 or 4 years , know nothing. the guys that are made stars know. how? why? you ever heard of a thing called a contract? ever heard of.. we have billions and own media and lawyers.. this aint candy land. This is hardcore.
  4. that doesnt have shit to do with this. how inept are you people? right in your godam face they are mocking you. like i said, the Cubs manager did it when they won the series.. you think his old ass is in to metal? and these are taking place in the middle of games. in the middle of the game they are saying- hey,yo, dude, im into metal? develop some fucking critical thought. the camera makes sure to show them and the announcers keep their mouths shut. they are told to do it.
  5. yeah.. 2 black dudes... you simply are afraid to confront reality
  6. whats your excuse for the blatant pictures above? I also saw the Cubs manager do it , during the trophy presentation at the world series.
  7. I am in fact the most intelligent sports fan on this forum.
  8. went up to the crowd and did it after a score.. the camers showed it and the announcers said nothing
  9. whats your cognitive dissonance excuse for this? no , they arent calling for 2 pnt conversions either.
  10. PhilElliot

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

    well, I was right about them not having the conference championship in LA
  11. I mean, seriously, how fucking dumb do you have to be to keep buying that the Pats can keep going to a SB, no matter who's on the team for 20 years? It's a copycat league but somehow, some way , Belichick, keeps fooling everyone? Including coaches who worked with him? For 20 years? Lol such a stupid storyline. How fucking hard can it be to game lan against constant passes to the flat to tight ends? Wow, so innovative, so confusing...... Sports fans are religious idiots apparently. You aren' adults yet. You can't handle someone thinking different from you. You still need to be agreed with to feel good. You still base your logic on your feelings. Not on actual truth or knowledge.
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