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  1. PhilElliot

    Way too early predictions 2020

    Super bowl Pitt vs Rams
  2. PhilElliot

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Lol dude, what's with the down vote. I obviously just out it up there after the decision was made. Not trying predict
  3. this is how stupid the common man is. they dont have to be in on shit you moron. they follow just like your dumb ass. where are 100s of nurse videos pleading with the masses? I thought you were smart? you dont even know basic virus germ truth. from 3:00 mark, on. whats your excuse for this?
  4. theres no virus. not authentically. they are just borrowin flu numbers and giving it new heading.. all this is bullshit
  5. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    who knows what stupid remark Thanos is making. I blocked him. He's ignorant. probably something about Gematria ..you can make numbers say anything you want. How would you know Thanos? youve never studied it. If so, go ahead and show it. You dont know how. Joe Montana = 54 in Gematria. What two teams were in SB 54, Thanos? yeah, 54 is just any number, right? oh, remember when I said Panthers would lose to Denver? what happened? they lost. Then I told you theyd never be back for a long while. Well, thats 2-0. I did in fact pick Niners to reach SB before this season started. So Apparently i'm getting better and better at this. Next year, Rams should be in SB. Probably vs Giants in Conf championship. and the AFC will be Pats,Steelers, or Raiders. No other teams to pay attention to. oh, also, I said at beginning of Seaon the nfl told you it was the year of the black QB. who won SB? a black QB. but yeah, just a coincidence, right?.
  6. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    lol… oh well. you know.. I’m the guy that pointed out 2 years ago, that Black QBs on indian teams, won super bowls. but they were both in washington dc/washington State. and its the year of the black QB. i fucking abandoned that logic. And they still went for the sentimental Andy Reid Story….. oh well. No, i’m not shutting up or leaving lol. But i'll try to be a tad politer about it. the Andy Reid story still proves its staged. how lucky and magical for tv ,that he gets it. Saints, Eagles, Mannings last SB win.. the movie magic, feel good stories always happen on tv.
  7. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    49ers 20 Chiefs 7 Niners get 9 sacks. Mahomes might leave game with injury
  8. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    What do you mean miss? I obviously knew it wouldn't go down like that. But in actuality, this SB will mimic SB 1. The Niners will use a 1960s run game and beat KC by 2 TDs..13 points. Kc will lose..just like SB 1, lol
  9. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Youre just being a childish bitch now. I have this wired.
  10. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Predict? I already know I've made a fool of you 3 times. And I will again on Feb 2nd
  11. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    35-24 I wasn't far off. Also Kuechly #59 Point total of game 59. More proof its staged
  12. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Henry won't matter now. Kc 35-10, 34-20 SF 29-20, 27-16 Something like those scores
  13. PhilElliot

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    you numbnuts, I was quoting what YOU said, in bold. I just explained how there is no o-fer. Say your SB match up now and the score. I will beat you on both. You have no knowledge. I am 20 years your senior and intellectually superior and wisdom filled in so many more ways. I picked the SB winner in august and will give exact score. Who gives a fuck about wildcard losers? Your Ravens will lose SB just like Thanos Panthers did.
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