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  1. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

    The black uni was just a dumb add on
  2. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

  3. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

  4. Come on, admit it.you have no coincidence excuse for the above video. You're stumped. You're in denial.
  5. Voting polls are useless when information flow is legally captured. The ones in power are the ones who told you voting worked. They don't call it the "net"..the "web", for no reason lol
  6. yet it still thoroughly works.
  7. PhilElliot

    2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Really boring selections for season 100.
  8. anyone who says things outside the mundane repeated stuff everyone else subscribes to. anytime they use the term on tv. they train people to mock as soon as the word is heard
  9. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/conspiracy-theorists-crime-psychology-study-university-kent-staffordshire-a8797456.html some of the most ignorant ,base, low level propaganda lol. but fools will take it seriously.
  10. whats your lame denial/excuse for this? he's being sarcastic, if you cant figure that out
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/28/tech/ai-fake-faces/index.html this is the govts backhanded way of telling you theyve already been doing it for years. Ever watch the movie- Wag the Dog? right under your nose. they are showing you how they lie to you.
  12. I'm not even saying it defines anything about religion. It's' simply code and compliance.
  13. PhilElliot

    Patriots Get Happy Ending

    and you still cant figure out a pattern.... win? no, just get there at least. yawnnn another fake story. as fake as tapegate and deflategate. where did this happen? where is the next super bowl? figure it out
  14. you mean that fake ,propaganda holiday? yeah! i'm thankful our forefather overlords killed a bunch of indians !
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