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  1. PhilElliot

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    it's all made up gossip crap. Its amazing how stupid the American public is,to take this seriously.
  2. PhilElliot

    The 18-Game Schedule

    If money is the reason for this, then it' the reason for everything the league does. Why wouldn't it be the reason it lets/makes certain teams win and certain players seem better than others. It doesn't' matter if they go to 18. They already take up 4 months. The 18 probably stands for/means something else about the coming season. ..and oh yeah. .enough with the chat ban. It's been far too long and entirely unnecessary. I still like football. I just watch it like wrestling/a movie now. No reason for you to not be able to handle a different perspective.
  3. PhilElliot

    Historical QB Rankings

    1. Otto Graham.
  4. PhilElliot

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    Brady is number 6. That means he stays at 6 super bowl wins this year.
  5. PhilElliot

    TGP IDP 2019

    Well kickers do score points. So, you can get 3 kickers..because punters wouldn't help. You can start a 3 kickers? And then the rest are cornerbacks, DEs, etc.
  6. PhilElliot

    TGP IDP 2019

    you only draft defensive players?
  7. PhilElliot

    Who improved most this offseason?

    49ers n Browns
  8. PhilElliot

    Historical QB Rankings

    1. Otto Graham.
  9. PhilElliot

    Aw yiss more replay.

    not at all. Just emphatic
  10. PhilElliot

    Aw yiss more replay.

    Lol Jesus fucking christ. You never fucking learn. This is pointless. It amounts to nothing. The same thing will happen that always happens. They make any call they fucking feel like, to fit what ever outcome they want. And you're a complete fool if you don't think they have the technology to alter a video in seconds, to make a call look a certain way. That may be extreme but it doesn't' matter.they still make any call they want. Last year's Saints-Rams game was another example how pliable and stupid the public is.
  11. PhilElliot

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Lol, um. .what's happened the last two years? Vikings ,Rams.. the League does not want the Saints in the SB. I'm absolutely correct that they will not reach the SB. They wont' be in the conf championship either
  12. PhilElliot

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Saints have never been a good bet. Never. they got their one gift. Look how they got ripped off the last 2 years. they wont even get that close this time.
  13. PhilElliot

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    vs or Deebo Samuel or Dante Pettis become big time jocks.
  14. Because of flag Waving, god fearing propaganda lol. Killing others is necessary for freedom!..and so is giving govt your money because they TOLD YOU to. No one under a national flag has ever been free on day in their life. You are property of the State. It' no different then the EARLY days when kings sent armies across land to tell the citizens, obey me or I'll kill you. Give me money or I'll kill or imprison you. World war two was each countries population control tactic. Near Genocide, disguised as a fight for freedom. And people are brainwashed to feel proud about it.
  15. PhilElliot

    What are we motivated by?

    that was govts entire purpose. to cause separation, through political parties, fear of crime outside the house. my sports team is better than yours. we stay insulated. hypnotized by the tv light in the house. we get irritated at a knock on the door instead of happy to see someone. we all get the same crap at the grocery store.. instead of, you grow carrots and i'll grow apples and share and help. because we let govt tell us they own the american soil beneath you and you cant do it without their permission lol. these movies are beautiful accidents. Its govt telling you, we are brainwashing you and youre too stupid to realize it.
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