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  1. Lol at banning me from the chat box because you can't handle a different view. You are exactly what pc culture is defined as. When you are afraid to confront something, you use a delete button and push it to the side. I'm the only mature adult on this forum.im the only one who can actually handle a different opinion. Lol at taking sports on tv like it's a personal matter. You can't prove me wrong, so you simply think pushing a button solves the problem. Youre afraid of words on a page. A distinct sign of brainwashed conditioning. You can't have actual adult conversation with an adult ,older than you. So you run away.
  2. I'm not even saying it defines anything about religion. It's' simply code and compliance.
  3. PhilElliot

    Patriots Get Happy Ending

    and you still cant figure out a pattern.... win? no, just get there at least. yawnnn another fake story. as fake as tapegate and deflategate. where did this happen? where is the next super bowl? figure it out
  4. you mean that fake ,propaganda holiday? yeah! i'm thankful our forefather overlords killed a bunch of indians !
  5. Deflection. You can't handle the truth. There it is 16-3. It' neither a video nor coincidence. Of course I get invited. I have great,close friends. Personal views on trivial topics, aren' what you base friendships on.
  6. you say you want proof? thats what the above is. You have to be observant enough to see it and hear it.
  7. another kids commercial Odell with an atlanta player = super bowl in Atlanta = winning score 13. same commercial.. theres super bowl 49 of the modern era = super 53 , represented again
  8. 16-3. there is no such thing as a coincidence. Right in your face , yet Thanatos will act like a 5 year old and cry that you are just throwing out numbers and theyll say anything you want them to.... 16-3, right in your face! learn numerolgy and gematria. it will teach you more than any stupid high school or college class ever did
  9. pizza commercial, Rams. this was played just before the game started
  10. here in commercial, he's in endzone. ny player number 35 passes him by.. 2 guys.. in both front and back. 35 = SB 53. it is also the 49th Super bowl of the modern era. Rams player 49 in picture. Odell, number 13.. Pats win by 13
  11. do you see stock plummeting ? they do it to mock you. the fans are so stupid, they keep coming back. they are so stupid , they believe a 41 year old QB never gets blind sided for 20 years. its not about what you think you want. Its about what they influence you to believe and buy. youre admitting you cant handle a varied experience if it were real. you want scoring so theyll give it to and youll call it a better game. when in fact its as fake as the other one. the game was still in doubt till near the close. it kept you wondering.. and by the way.. SB 53.. the TD wasnt scored till exactly the 53rd minute of the game. only fools believe in coincidence. see this Odell, Head and shoulders commercial. it tells you the Rams would be in the SB and Odell's jersey is 13 = the winning score spread. I miss took it as that being the conference championship. now I know you pay attention to the numbers.
  12. PhilElliot

    Fuck Verizon

    Lol all corporations. All of them
  13. PhilElliot

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Browns or SF
  14. PhilElliot

    Should College Players Be Paid?

    More insults and deflection..but no ability to prove me wrong. You are using emotion, not logic.
  15. PhilElliot

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Probably SF
  16. plenty has been written. theyve straight up told you themselves. you just dont look or listen. I showed you Peter Gent's blatant quote. ive told you about 100 examples aside from hand gestures. Youve just been trained to call a lie a coincidence. not everyone needs to know. The guys who only last 2 or 4 years , know nothing. the guys that are made stars know. how? why? you ever heard of a thing called a contract? ever heard of.. we have billions and own media and lawyers.. this aint candy land. This is hardcore.
  17. that doesnt have shit to do with this. how inept are you people? right in your godam face they are mocking you. like i said, the Cubs manager did it when they won the series.. you think his old ass is in to metal? and these are taking place in the middle of games. in the middle of the game they are saying- hey,yo, dude, im into metal? develop some fucking critical thought. the camera makes sure to show them and the announcers keep their mouths shut. they are told to do it.
  18. yeah.. 2 black dudes... you simply are afraid to confront reality
  19. whats your excuse for the blatant pictures above? I also saw the Cubs manager do it , during the trophy presentation at the world series.
  20. I am in fact the most intelligent sports fan on this forum.
  21. went up to the crowd and did it after a score.. the camers showed it and the announcers said nothing
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