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  1. PhilElliot

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

    well, I was right about them not having the conference championship in LA
  2. Lol at banning me from the chat box because you can't handle a different view. You are exactly what pc culture is defined as. When you are afraid to confront something, you use a delete button and push it to the side. I'm the only mature adult on this forum.im the only one who can actually handle a different opinion. Lol at taking sports on tv like it's a personal matter. You can't prove me wrong, so you simply think pushing a button solves the problem. Youre afraid of words on a page. A distinct sign of brainwashed conditioning. You can't have actual adult conversation with an adult ,older than you. So you run away.
  3. I mean, seriously, how fucking dumb do you have to be to keep buying that the Pats can keep going to a SB, no matter who's on the team for 20 years? It's a copycat league but somehow, some way , Belichick, keeps fooling everyone? Including coaches who worked with him? For 20 years? Lol such a stupid storyline. How fucking hard can it be to game lan against constant passes to the flat to tight ends? Wow, so innovative, so confusing...... Sports fans are religious idiots apparently. You aren' adults yet. You can't handle someone thinking different from you. You still need to be agreed with to feel good. You still base your logic on your feelings. Not on actual truth or knowledge.
  4. PhilElliot

    2019 NFL.com Playoff Challenge

    Change lineups before each game? You just mean each week, right? I can' change to Seattle players right now, after I made choices last night
  5. PhilElliot

    Sports Illustrated's 2018 NFL Predictions

    SI magazine had Falcons over Steelers but as I told you in the beginning. Falcons hosting super bowl and wouldn't make it.
  6. PhilElliot

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

    If Bears n Seahawks win, I'll look, but I think Seahawks play Rams second round
  7. PhilElliot

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

    Sadly, neither will happen.
  8. PhilElliot

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

    Seattle v Chicago Colts v Pats
  9. PhilElliot

    Week 17 Playoff Scenarios

    Dang ,oh well, no Vikings. It' starting to look like a seattle,New England rematch boooo
  10. It was staged. Nothing more, nothing less
  11. PhilElliot

    Week 17 Playoff Scenarios

    You're kidding but I won't be wrong
  12. PhilElliot

    Who's The Best Team In The League?

    its a guarantee they wont make the SB
  13. PhilElliot

    Week 17 Playoff Scenarios

    doesnt matter. Vikings are in.. or rather, they will be no matter how it happens. already been decided
  14. PhilElliot

    Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

    Ok great, they won. They're still inconsequential in the ultimate goal. A side note, a momentary amusement
  15. PhilElliot

    Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

    the Titans are never interesting. theyll lose saturday anyway
  16. You keep those khakis packed

  17. just saying.. I just saw an email now
  18. PhilElliot

    Gay Cakes Are A Problem

    [media] [media]
  19. telling you they are doing it straight to your face but you cant figure it out. ball just veers to the right out of no where.
  20. PhilElliot

    Rams @ Seahawks

    this is his expression right after missing a field goal. He got paid to miss. yeah, looks real upset about it.... they showed this before commercial..the holder even head butted him. Seems to me he did exactly what he was supposed to.
  21. PhilElliot

    Packers @ Lions

    lol its so obvious now. A kicker doesnt miss 5 in the same game unless he's doing it on purpose. Wake the fuck up
  22. PhilElliot

    TGP Pickem 2018

    Nyuck, lol
  23. PhilElliot

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    was my name still in one and it auto selected? tell me where to find it and i'll play with the free agents anyway 😁
  24. PhilElliot

    TGP Pickem 2018

    Time doesn' exist in the first place..so there, neener neener
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