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  1. PhilElliot

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Lol, um. .what's happened the last two years? Vikings ,Rams.. the League does not want the Saints in the SB. I'm absolutely correct that they will not reach the SB. They wont' be in the conf championship either
  2. PhilElliot

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Saints have never been a good bet. Never. they got their one gift. Look how they got ripped off the last 2 years. they wont even get that close this time.
  3. PhilElliot

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    vs or Deebo Samuel or Dante Pettis become big time jocks.
  4. Lol at banning me from the chat box because you can't handle a different view. You are exactly what pc culture is defined as. When you are afraid to confront something, you use a delete button and push it to the side. I'm the only mature adult on this forum.im the only one who can actually handle a different opinion. Lol at taking sports on tv like it's a personal matter. You can't prove me wrong, so you simply think pushing a button solves the problem. Youre afraid of words on a page. A distinct sign of brainwashed conditioning. You can't have actual adult conversation with an adult ,older than you. So you run away.
  5. Because of flag Waving, god fearing propaganda lol. Killing others is necessary for freedom!..and so is giving govt your money because they TOLD YOU to. No one under a national flag has ever been free on day in their life. You are property of the State. It' no different then the EARLY days when kings sent armies across land to tell the citizens, obey me or I'll kill you. Give me money or I'll kill or imprison you. World war two was each countries population control tactic. Near Genocide, disguised as a fight for freedom. And people are brainwashed to feel proud about it.
  6. PhilElliot

    What are we motivated by?

    that was govts entire purpose. to cause separation, through political parties, fear of crime outside the house. my sports team is better than yours. we stay insulated. hypnotized by the tv light in the house. we get irritated at a knock on the door instead of happy to see someone. we all get the same crap at the grocery store.. instead of, you grow carrots and i'll grow apples and share and help. because we let govt tell us they own the american soil beneath you and you cant do it without their permission lol. these movies are beautiful accidents. Its govt telling you, we are brainwashing you and youre too stupid to realize it.
  7. PhilElliot

    What are we motivated by?

    just a tidbit from the whole for now. its not biological. it is made up free market bullshit/social conditioning. it is the product of materialism. Early on, everyone was the same and did the same as a community. we were taught to bow to authority at some point so power became a thing. and just like materialism.. you have to be and do and act and be with, the biggest and the best or you are lesser then. we have lost the understanding to be able to just "be". to "be". to just be able to turn off the stupid tv shows and deadlines and answering to multiple authorities.. and just think, just ponder, contemplate your origin, meaning, existence. it all about what you do and what you have. thats the first impression. the first pointless questions in conversation... so, what do you do? what car do you drive? how much schooling have you had? that does not define you.. it shouldnt anyway. no one can actually say what happened in so called caveman days or even if there were those type of cavemen. you can cry all you want that science says this or that. the truth is no one knows shit about the origin of mankind. most fossil findings are propaganda bullshit or their origin and time frame are lied about. but thats a tad off track for now lol (and of course in this format, i'm giving quicky thoughts. I cant spell out every detail of what i'm thinking ,like how fast a conversation can be)
  8. open your mind a little more and realize its not just finite incidents
  9. PhilElliot

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Boring first round. Except for Marquise effing neck chain.
  10. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

  11. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

    Since they changed. I got a last year model jersey from fans edge for 35 bucks. White, Decker jersey. I wanted Hackenberg but they ran out. It's a large, nike "game" jersey. The body was fine, big on my, but not too big, but the sleeves go a tad past elbow. And the number on the sleeve seems to low for that type of cut. Why don't they get wise and make 60s style long sleeve jerseys for more teams and players
  12. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

    The black uni was just a dumb add on
  13. PhilElliot

    J-E-T-S New uniforms

  14. Come on, admit it.you have no coincidence excuse for the above video. You're stumped. You're in denial.
  15. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/conspiracy-theorists-crime-psychology-study-university-kent-staffordshire-a8797456.html some of the most ignorant ,base, low level propaganda lol. but fools will take it seriously.
  16. Voting polls are useless when information flow is legally captured. The ones in power are the ones who told you voting worked. They don't call it the "net"..the "web", for no reason lol
  17. yet it still thoroughly works.
  18. PhilElliot

    2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Really boring selections for season 100.
  19. anyone who says things outside the mundane repeated stuff everyone else subscribes to. anytime they use the term on tv. they train people to mock as soon as the word is heard
  20. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/28/tech/ai-fake-faces/index.html this is the govts backhanded way of telling you theyve already been doing it for years. Ever watch the movie- Wag the Dog? right under your nose. they are showing you how they lie to you.
  21. whats your lame denial/excuse for this? he's being sarcastic, if you cant figure that out
  22. I'm not even saying it defines anything about religion. It's' simply code and compliance.
  23. PhilElliot

    Patriots Get Happy Ending

    and you still cant figure out a pattern.... win? no, just get there at least. yawnnn another fake story. as fake as tapegate and deflategate. where did this happen? where is the next super bowl? figure it out
  24. you mean that fake ,propaganda holiday? yeah! i'm thankful our forefather overlords killed a bunch of indians !
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