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  1. Zack_of_Steel

    Anyone want to donate a kidney to Haynesworth?

    Fuck that fat cunt, he deserves this. Nobody knows or remembers because for some reason it never gained much traction, but he ran a dude off the road and disabled him right after signing the biggest contract in NFL history. The dude was bedridden and left to fight it in court for over 2 years before Haynesworth finally settled. He literally crippled a 25 year old kid that was a fan of the team he played for by running him off the road going over 100mph in his Ferrari and then gave him the finger when he could have easily paid for his medical bills. He even admitted to the officers at the scene that the accident was his fault. That was just his crowning achievement. He was also in court for punching a dude in a road rage incident and groping a waitress.
  2. Zack_of_Steel

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Westbrook is a WAY better fit for D'Antoni's system than CP3 was. They'll get back to run 'n gun. Also, it looks like they're trying to trade CP3 before he ever puts on a jersey, so that's a relief. I figured for sure they were trying to have him be the tank commander and save ticket sales considering OKC LOVES them some CP3 since they played there during the Katrina shiz. Guess that's a fine backup plan. Apparently MIA is in the mix for him.
  3. Zack_of_Steel

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    This is probably the worst outcome I could imagine. Chris Paul is without a doubt one of the biggest twats in the NBA. So ridiculously unlikable from the flopping to the whining to the dirty wrist-grab on D he's so famous for to the Stans trying to put him above Stockton. FUCK. Furthermore, I absolutely loathe the Rockets and their abortion of a fanbase (if LAL fans know they're a legion of cunts, you guys can accept it also). I was hyped to watch Russ and Jimmy in MIA, but this? For Russ, I'm happy that he's on a contender and that he's going to get to play with one of his good friends again. I just want no part of Chris Paul or the Rockets, but now I gotta root for them both? -_-
  4. Zack_of_Steel

    Historical QB Rankings

    I feel like you should have started over when you got to Flacco. Throw the project in the trash when McMahon ends up above Ben. Something is wrong here.
  5. Zack_of_Steel

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    So happy for Ibaka. He's still the only player whose jersey I own. Sad for Game 6 Klay going down when he was on a heater like that again. Took them losing their two best players for the Raps to win. Steph is like 0-20 in the last 20 seconds of playoff games. Klay would've taken them to 7.
  6. Zack_of_Steel

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

  7. Zack_of_Steel

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    Did they serve chicken and waffles?? Think you're making some pretty wild assumptions here.
  8. Zack_of_Steel

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Nooooo, not another one! Try to make the best of it.
  9. Zack_of_Steel

    The good news thread

    I went to Indiana once. It was like...Eastern timezone Nebraska. Welcome to hell.
  10. Zack_of_Steel

    Texans fire their GM

    Man, I was being facetious. There's never going to be a "good" time to fire the GM in a 365 day job.
  11. Zack_of_Steel

    Eagles give Carson Wentz a bunch of money

    Yeah, I'd have waited another year for sure, but maybe you and BJORN are right and they'll save money in the long run.
  12. Zack_of_Steel

    Texans fire their GM

  13. Zack_of_Steel

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    I put $50 on GSW winning the series tonight.
  14. Zack_of_Steel

    Zack's Pokemon TCG Exploits

    1st turn I was at 16 in deck after draw. 2nd of 4 jirachi turns I cynthiad (shuffle in hand, draw 6) to 20 cards in deck, 6 in hand and then nest balled for 4th jirachi and brought me down to 19 in deck. So 3rd turn I was down to 18 on draw, 3 jirachis (1 died)-> 15 cards. Draw for last turn 14, 3 jirachis-> last is with 12 in deck, becomes 11. Yeah, I remembered the exact numbers. Bad grammar cuz I dictated it and then edited it quick. @RazorStar
  15. Zack_of_Steel

    Zack's Pokemon TCG Exploits

    Maybe it's the fact that people have scooped to me to give me wins and the universe is balancing it out. Or it's what I said in discord: shit like this makes me wonder about god I mean, for that to happen and then literally my opening hand the next game has both of them in it and the other 4 switch cards I needed one of to win the game. (But I was sitting on that card the entire time) Someone somewhere was having a bit of fun with the situation But holy shit, man. Even if I misremembered the counts and the odds were a little better than that...What in the actual fuck? It was surreal sitting there and every turn being sure that I would finally hit it on one of them and just whiffing repeatedly.
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