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  1. Zack_of_Steel

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    I'd never started GOT cuz I had too much other shit to watch or catch up on. Once the final season got announced I figured we'd try to power through to avoid series finale spoilers. Last night we finished Season 4. Tyrion smoking his dad and killing that dumb cunt Shae was dope as hell. The fight between Brienne and The Hound was super well done. If he's truly dead, it's too bad because he was one of my favorite characters. His leg was fucked, but idk about an off-screen death for him. I think we finished the first 4 seasons in about 10 days. So hopefully we'll get caught up before anything gets ruined for us.
  2. Zack_of_Steel

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    I like how hopeful you are.
  3. Zack_of_Steel

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Nobody is going to take GSW down. After the Thunder got bitched again I'm really just on auto-pilot as a fan until KD leaves this summer.
  4. Zack_of_Steel

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    This is exactly how I feel. I generally like Steve Keim's moves, but this whole situation was handled ridiculously unless Kyler truly is the real deal. To me, though, I think he has "bust" written all over him. He played 1 fuckin' year and had stats identical to the guy that played ahead of him in the same system...He's fuckin' tiny and frail and looks like a walking injury. The Cards were apparently worried about Rosen's outside interests, yet they drafted a dude that originally committed to baseball and whose agent insisted he wasn't going to the NFL...
  5. Zack_of_Steel

    Biggest Douchewad in the NFL?

    Yikes, I didn't get to hear any of it.
  6. Zack_of_Steel

    How did you find out about TGP?

    Haha. It's a newer (last few years) chat service where you can host your own servers. A lot of our members hang out in one for TGP.
  7. Zack_of_Steel

    Rip Todd Gurley

    Yeah, it definitely seems worse than they want to let on. He's a great player and by all appearances a super nice guy, so I hope it's something as simple as a cleanup scope like Rowdy mentioned.
  8. Zack_of_Steel

    Biggest Douchewad in the NFL?

    A lot of Steeler nation believes that the hit he sustained from Burfict fucked him up because that concussion coincides with the start of all of the drama with him. imo that's a bit of a stretch, but could definitely play a part. Brown was a big part of the christening of the "young money crew" in Pittsburgh (AB, Sanders, and Mike Wallace all got drafted around the same time and were all beating their chests and calling themselves that). Brown always had an attitude, but waited to exercise it until he had leverage. I am super pissed that the Steelers let him negate the Buffalo deal, because that would have been amazing to watch him suffer with a garbage QB. He'll prolly get his stats with the Raiduhs, but it still won't mean anything. Fuck him. Bell, to me, is not an asshole, but a colossal moron. He held out for a year thinking he was going to make money, but ended up taking less than the Steelers offered him to play for the fuckin' Jets. He turned down two contracts that beat his new contract to go vacation for a year, get fat, and go to a shitty team fighting to be the best of the scum NE stomps all over twice every year to guarantee a playoff berth. Charging $50 for his party when he was about to be worth millions?
  9. Zack_of_Steel

    How did you find out about TGP?

    So glad to have you! We're a tightly-knit community that has largely grown up together over the last 13+ seasons, but we have had a lot of wonderful people come and go over the years. Talk to BLUE about getting in on the discord.
  10. Zack_of_Steel

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Great first post and analysis! I confess that I've become super out of touch with the draft, but I don't think two high picks spent on protecting Ryan is a bad thing. He's one of the best regular season QBs in the mold of Peyton Manning, but he's had a lot less help than desired the past couple years. That being said, Indianapolis and the Saints have been intent on winning with great offenses spearheaded by HoF QBs with atrocious D and only each have one SB win for it. Maybe Atlanta should conjure up a top-flight defense while Matty Ice is around and see what happens? That's what I'd do, but who knows.
  11. Zack_of_Steel

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    idk anything about this dude, but if he fixes the D, screw it. I just like that they're pretending they want to win now. Also, this is hilarious
  12. Zack_of_Steel

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    "Not dedicated to football. Baseball announcement a concern." Really, though, he is RGIII part deux.
  13. Zack_of_Steel

    The good news thread

    Congratulations! We're all so old now.
  14. Zack_of_Steel

    Zack's Pokemon TCG Exploits

    Thanks, I will. Sadly, though, it's much more likely I don't Day 2 for a while. New set comes out in May less than month before my next regional in Madison, WI on the 31st. So I'll have to grind out a ton of testing in a few weeks and hope to anticipate the meta correctly. First tournaments of a new set always seem to be dominated by the pro players, the ones "in the know" that predict what the meta will be and what deck to counter it.
  15. Zack_of_Steel

    Zack's Pokemon TCG Exploits

    Definitely, especially the past two years as the game has exploded in popularity. Regionals used to be ~250 people, now they average ~600+. Of my group of five dudes I am one of two that has made Day 2 now, and the other guy did it back when tournaments were much smaller. Most of our trips see one or two of us last to Round 6-8 before losing our shot while the rest are done by Round 4. Luck plays a lot into that between matchups (both deck and player) and random shitty luck, no matter how consistent your deck is built. This was one of the few events that I didn't hit a handful of pro players during Day 1 Swiss. In STL 2 years ago I played 4 NA top 16 players in 6 rounds, this tournament I only faced one top player in Day 1. Next goal is to make top 8 ($750, 3 boxes), but top 16 would be nice also ($500, 2 boxes).
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