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  1. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP Pickem 2018

    Have you done the math on that or are you just regurgitating what clocks have told you???
  2. Zack_of_Steel

    Bengals Re-Sign Atkins & Dunlap

    Man, Dunlap is such an underrated player. Sad that he and Atkins are so loyal to the mediocrity of the Bengals.
  3. Zack_of_Steel

    New Shiny Things Everywhere

    I'm really enjoying the new design and upgrade. Great job, dudes. As for NHB, I think maybe a password or something still. Opening beheading videos to randos seems weird.
  4. Zack_of_Steel

    Le’Veon Bell Skips Team Meetings

    I wish they'd have found a way to trade him for Mack or something.
  5. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP Pickem 2018

    I'm in, but I will probably still miss picks this year like a noob.
  6. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP Player Swap Results Thread

    This was fun. I want to do it again.
  7. Zack_of_Steel

    Post a pic of yourself...

    So how can I use this information to track you down and super murder you?
  8. Zack_of_Steel

    Post a pic of yourself...

    Yeah, holy fuck, blots! Congratulations, man. I'm super proud of you and wish I was as dedicated. Also, you seem pretty tall. @ OSUViking, I don't think I would have guessed you were blonde, haha.
  9. Zack_of_Steel

    Where Are We Now?

    Yo, I was just thinking about you the other day. Glad to hear from you and that you're doing well! As for me, I'm still in fucking Nebraska, unfortunately. I managed a bigass liquor store for a couple years and now I've just started managing the bar at a gourmet Italian/burger joint. Not a lot else is new.
  10. Zack_of_Steel

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    Man, the Lakers' new uniforms are badass https://www.nba.com/lakers/nike-jerseys
  11. Zack_of_Steel

    The Walking Dead

    Man, Scott Gimple is such a raging, imbecilic piece of trash. Holy fucking hell. "We promoted him and he made quick work of ruining TWD. Now let's promote him further to oversee the rest of the TWD universe and dismantle the great thing Fear The Walking Dead had going." I had seen S1 of FTWD when it aired and never picked it back up cuz TWD turned to such shit. But I recently got caught up and S1-3 were phenomenal. Then Gimple got promoted, replaced the showrunners, and imported FUCKING MORGAN. Literally wiped the slate clean and threw out everything S3 had built toward and turned S4 into TWD's shithead little brother that never showers. I would love to see that flaming piece of fuck get gutted the way both shows have.
  12. Zack_of_Steel

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    idk why you're not tryna see him on the Sixers, dummy Thunder just got Nerlens Noel. Ho boy. Now Presti gonna figure out a way to move Melo for a new piece. Oh and there was a big brawl at the World Cup Qualifiers between Australia and the Phillipines: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-03/boomers-philippines-basketball-brawl-see-match-abandoned/9932910
  13. Zack_of_Steel

    The Walking Dead

    Let's go full reset and have HBO take a turn.
  14. Yeah, I mean, he probably could have done this to women a lot younger. A testament to how sick he is that he decided to prey on the next step down from a child.
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