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  1. Zack_of_Steel

    Last Poster Wins!

    why for?
  2. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Yeah, I got surpassed after a string of rough weeks (last week I was 3rd, now I'm 2nd by 6). 8-0 to 8-3. -_-
  3. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Derwin James will be coming back for me in week 13, just in time for the playoffs.
  4. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Makes sense. It wouldn't be the first time I had a team that was DOMINANT in the regular season and get fucked in the playoffs. Like in 2012 I had 2K Adrian Peterson + 5K Drew Brees. Was highest scoring team by like 250+ points or something. Round 1 house had Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles, and Smith threw like 4 TDs to Charles and Jamaal and Smith combined for over 100 points. -_-
  5. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Well don't worry, Razor's likely got me this week.
  6. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Okay, Phil Elliot, I'm sure Duprre and Conner decided to blank the 4th quarter and Watt saw that I needed a win. Was that something to do with the settings ThanElliot was talking about?
  7. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Let me test it by dropping Dunlap. If anyone has any questions about me putting him back on my team, I will refer them here. Edit: Okay, so it didn't let me drop a guy in the lineup that had played. Looking at the settings, I'm not sure what setting would have changed this? https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/275730/settings Personally, I think it's fine allowing people to drop players on their bench from TNF so they can have a roster on Sunday if they missed the TNF deadline.
  8. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Half of my team is injured now. I might still be beating PD having started two players that were out. Can't be stopped. I will have to look at that, I'm not sure, but I don't think I changed any weird settings like that. I may be confused, though, can you spell it out to me like I'm retarded?
  9. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    "Anyone can get lucky" You've been running your mouth non-stop since you joined. I'm just following suit.
  10. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    I think Ed taking over an 0-4 team has a better shot at the playoffs than your sorry ass.
  11. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Clearly talking about LBs to LBs. My team has gone off every week and is so deep my bench outperforms people. Ain't no luck here, bro.
  12. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Until Luke got that gift PD on the last play I had 7 LBs on my team with higher totals than the top scorer on your sorry squad.
  13. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    I dunno if you'll make the playoffs at this rate. Just gotta have a deep team so your bench mistakes don't matter. Also, I waited until my very last 3 picks to take QB/RB/WR and I have the 3rd highest QB (Russ, behind by a couple points, the top RB (Cook), and Michael Thomas (27th, but he's only caught 1 TD so far).
  14. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    I didn't get to watch the game, but that'd be cool.
  15. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    After all the shit Thanny talked he's 0-3 while I have exploded to sole possession of 1st place.
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