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  1. Zack_of_Steel

    Luke Kuechely quits football

    He and Patrick Willis both had nearly identical accolades and careers. I think they both deserve it, as not a lot of players had peaks like they did careers.
  2. Zack_of_Steel

    Cherry is at the Senior Bowl

    Congratulations, Cherry. We're all so fuckin' proud of you. This is amazing, truly. And FUCK Mike Tomlin.
  3. Zack_of_Steel

    Knights of Andreas: General Info Thread

    This is exciting
  4. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

  5. Zack_of_Steel

    Merry Christmas you buttholes!

    Merry Christmas, mofos. ❤️
  6. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Soy el campeon. Get fucked, Thanny. Great season, everyone, and thanks for playing and staying active. This was one of our best seasons for activity and competition. There was a point where I was literally in jeopardy of missing the playoffs, it was that competitive. My team started off hot, ripping off 8 wins, then losing 4 straight after a myriad of injuries and byes. Derwin James proved to be a difference maker in the end, though I totally drafted him in the 1st without realizing he was hurt. I was the top scorer in each of the two weeks of the playoffs and nearly set the only 160-burger of the year in the final game, though stat corrections gave me blue balls. I finished with the two single highest weeks and, despite my rough patch, felt like the team to beat the entire year. If history repeats itself, Thanny will take me down in the finals next season. But with the parity of the league and how things looked this year, I think anyone has a shot. Shoutout to Cuda for making the playoffs and finishing 3rd after a 1-4 start. Shoutout to JD for starting 3-5 and then ripping off 7 straight to make the Championship game. Shoutout to Thanny and Vin for scoring a few more points than me in the regular season, but missing the playoffs (including playoffs I was the top scorer, so eat my ass, Thanny!). If anyone has any suggestions or wants to talk about the scoring changes we made this year, let me know. I felt like our changes really rewarded good players and made it harder to correctly pick whom to start vs just taking guys that rack up tackles. Anyway, here's to a great offseason and an even better season next year. I need to get my shit kicked in next year, I believe in you all. Because I ain't tryna Patriots it up in my own league.
  7. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    I texted him to set his lineup or he'd have started a couple guys on IR. But I mean I was the top scorer this week regardless... Yeah, I got drunk and had the waiver screen up when I passed out or I'd have snaked a couple of them from you. Oh well, lol. Good luck, man, and thanks for playing this year.
  8. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Dude you got all of the good waiver pickups cuz you were always lowest active person on the wire.
  9. Zack_of_Steel

    NFL All-Time Top 100

    Sarge brought this up, but Singletary being left off top 10 LBs is pretty bad. He would remove Seau, I think I'd remove Ted Hendricks. This was my list when we did our last draft years ago: SAM Lawrence Taylor LB Derrick Brooks WIL/WILB Jack Ham WIL/MLB/WILB/ Bobby Bell LB Chuck Bednarik LB Ray Lewis LB Jack Lambert LB Dick Butkus SAM/SILB Derrick Thomas MLB/SAM/SILB Mike Singletary LB Ray Nitschke LB Junior Seau LB Willie Lanier SAM Rickey Jackson MLB/WIL/WILB Joe Schmidt
  10. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    That could be a consideration, yeah. This year DB scoring went way up with the change of PDs from 1 to 3 and INTs 4 to 5. After starting 8-0 I could legitimately miss the playoffs now. Lmfao.
  11. Zack_of_Steel

    Last Poster Wins!

    why for?
  12. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Yeah, I got surpassed after a string of rough weeks (last week I was 3rd, now I'm 2nd by 6). 8-0 to 8-3. -_-
  13. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Derwin James will be coming back for me in week 13, just in time for the playoffs.
  14. Zack_of_Steel

    TGP IDP 2019

    Makes sense. It wouldn't be the first time I had a team that was DOMINANT in the regular season and get fucked in the playoffs. Like in 2012 I had 2K Adrian Peterson + 5K Drew Brees. Was highest scoring team by like 250+ points or something. Round 1 house had Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles, and Smith threw like 4 TDs to Charles and Jamaal and Smith combined for over 100 points. -_-
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