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  1. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The White House is now pressuring Senate Republicans to include a check to Americans in the stimulus bill. Probably smaller than 1200 but it's something.
  2. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Supposedly Yang is gauging interest of voters in New York if he were to run to replace Bill DeBlasio in NY. He's been testing (with voters) running as either a Democrat or an Independent. Daddy Yang is my only hope.
  3. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    LMAO Nancy Pelosi is supporting and trying to push through a 900 B dollar stimulus that has no checks going out to Americans after denying the REPUBLICAN WHITE HOUSES offer of 1.8 TRILLION . Holy fucking shit. This has to be a joke lmao
  4. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Biden picks a Wall Street insider to lead the department of management and budget... Biden looking at Abby Finkenauer for Secretary of Labor. Abby was a one term congresswoman here in Iowa. She won, literally went on a year long media tour talking about how awesome she was. Did nothing the entire time but worship the ground Pelosi walked on...Did the congressional debate against her republican challenger and was made to look like a FOOL. She had very little to no grasp on actual issues or policy. If you didn't know she was a member of congress, you would have never guessed she was. Baffling that she is even being looked at. This could be one of the words cabinets in modern Presidential history.
  5. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Also.. Biden is looking at a lot of fossil fuel guys for climate change positions... for whatever reason. Rep. Cedric Richmond who is expected to fill multiple roles, including liason on climate issues -- This guy is a representative in LA's district known as "cancer alley" for how polluted it is and he's done nothing. It's literally the most polluted congressional district in America... Gas and oil are huge donors of his. John Kerry as Envoy on Climate -- He's at least worked with climate change 'stuff" in the last few years but ... he's very right leaning on a lot of issues. Supports fracking, pollution trading schemes and loopholes, etc. Very old school and dated view on climate change. I guess the US is going to rejoin the climate accord and just give the impression they are going to care about the climate? Ernest Moniz as Secretary of Energy -- he held the same position under Obama IIRC. He isn't officially been placed yet but is on the "very short list". Yet another fossil fuel guy... Dude sits on the board of oil companies, has constantly sided with them on climate legislation and given them loopholes to do as they please with the false appearance of helping the climate. This guy is like 70 years old and his ENTIRE CAREER is built on the fossil fuel industry. His company literally wrote a paper telling California that the best way to reach their energy goals was to continue using fossil fuels lmao. This guy isn't a lock yet, but if he is... Why? Purely based on the people he is surrounding himself with: Biden on Climate: HORRIBLE Biden on Foreign Policy: HORRIBLE Biden on Stabalizing the Economy during Pandemic: HORRIBLE This fucking blows so far. I better get osme Andrew Yang because I can't tell if trump is even leaving office with the names Biden is putting out there.
  6. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Change his rhetoric more. Wish he would've gone after the establishment candidates more than he did. He had a really good ad against Biden but I think they really only ran it once, or like.. one run through of it because the establishment and establishment voters HATED HIM for attacking Biden on his shit record. Then at the debates he was always so friendly.. " My good friend Joe Biden" . Uh no. It's bizarre how you push a certain tone and rhetoric at your rallies then when it comes to the debates and facing the people directly responsible for the issues you want to fix... Call them your friend and talk about how great they are. He has no killer instinct. He talks a big game but doesn't act on it. EDIT: And that's just one more recent example. He literally bent the knee to Hillary in 2016 right. Fine. He lost, probably had it stolen from him.. whatever. But not only does he go around campaigning for her, but then he allows her to talk shit about him for like 4 years. He and his supporters were blamed for Hillary's poor showing, that they didn't do enough, that he wasn't part of the team, etc He says nothing about it. She comes back at him in 2020 says she can't get on board with Bernie very publicly 00 literally trying to ruin his campaign . She coincidentally decided to speak up RIGHT BEFORE voting started during the primaries. He again just let her talk. He's a jelly fish. Spineless except when he isn't up against any visible threat. It's disheartening, unfortunate. Sad. So what could've he done? A lot.
  7. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Forbes: Biden Privately Pushing for Smaller Stimulus Bill *sigh*
  8. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Also, the nations biggest fears have mostly come true... at least early on. Biden's national security team has been appointed and is indeed led by some of the country's most dangerous war criminals in our history. People like Blinken and Michele Flournoy have been involved in every conflict the US has jumped into since around Clinton's administration. As well as been huge cogs in legislation that argue America must be able to constantly fight countless endless wars. It's naive to think they will all of a sudden change, but we can only hope. Hindsight is 20/20, but Trump may just have been better.
  9. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    No it wasn't. His other option was him leading the revolution he promised. lol. Why is that not even remotely considered. This wasn't just a Biden v Trump campaign for years. Biden has only been the nominee since like.. April? Bernie's had 8 years to do something...He's been preaching about this for 8 years... lol. He's a coward, and not a leader. It doesn't just all boil down to the most recent 6 months that you selectively want to look at.
  10. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    It's also subverting democracy when you bend the knee to the establishment. Instead of leading the revolution you promise, you lure your followers into the kiln for slaughter. He's not wrong, but I can't take him seriously on anything. He's a phony. Anyway...
  11. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Good: Biden apparently is looking at Yang for Commerce Secretary or a new technology Secretary Role. Bad: Bernie threw his own name into consideration for Labor Secretary (kind of sad and pathetic after Biden's team said multiple times they don't want him lmao) Ugly: Hillary being considered for Ambassador to the UN.
  12. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Pfizer says their vaccine is showing 90% efficiency and could be made available before the end of the year.
  13. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The problem with Democrats winning the Senate by a small number (or 50/50 with a Harris tie) was always that they were going to need to coax Manchin on every. single. vote. Not a great start for Democrats.
  14. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Ya, that’s what I’m worried about. Depression is up, suicides are up, domestic abuse is up, child abuse is up... how far we are going to go to “ get rid of the virus “ is going to be interesting. Especially when we’ve gotten so much better at testing and treating coronavirus . During the first spike, the US had 2000 deaths a day. During this last spike we were at 800 a day. The new team won’t need to implement a plan until late January though so who knows what we’re looking at by then EDIT: And let me clarify. I am not saying do nothing different / extra. I would assume a nationwide mask mandate is going to be heavily considered / put in place. Only thing with that is, I think it would be mostly for show. I know Iowa is a small state, but we've been ravaged by the virus... We don't have a mask mandate, but I'd say a good 85-90% of people wear masks anyway pretty much everywhere. I am interested to see what the plan is beyond that though. The CDC has said that the two biggest places for transmission are work and small gatherings of friends & family. What are are gonna do? National lockdown? Tell neighbors and others to go full stasi and report people to the police? Not saying that's gonna happen,. just reiterating that I would like to know what logically comes after nationwide mask mandate.
  15. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Bware, you may just your way with extremist muslims. Biden's rumored cabinet front runners are very pro war/conflict. Biden has been a lot more... firm? on engaging the enemy, regardless of who it may be. Doesn't mean anything will happen per se. I hope he's learned from backing stupid wars like going into Iraq.... But only time will tell. In other news. Biden is supposed to announce his COVID team tomorrow, which... will say a lot. Supposedly Obama's surgeon general (Vivek Murphy) will be co-chairing the committee. He's promised economic recovery as one of his four pillars / priorities (with COVID response, racial disparity, and climate change). I am interested to hear how he/his team of scientists propose we both get stronger on the virus and the economy.
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