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  1. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Holding the American people hostage because you don't get every single thing you wan't is not an excuse. I am not saying the Mnuchin 1.8T is perfect, I am not saying it's a magic wand. But people NEED THAT RELIEF. Why give a check to the American people without money for the post office? Fuck youuuuuu. lmao. If this doesn't get done, which it likely won't... Trump isn't gonna do shit during lame duck because he's a loser and going to be busy whining and crying... People aren't getting relief until FEBRUARY maybe. Fuck that evil witch. She's a disgusting pig. Also, she was on CNN today and went after Wolf Blitzer for asking her the tough question. She was calling him a GOP stooge lmao. What. A. Cunt.
  2. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Biden cabinet starting to slowly come out... Not good news for the American people.
  3. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Axios posted a story today saying Biden is the least scrutinIzed and luckiest front runner in electoral history. The Hill has shared similar sentiments as well, saying Biden has had to promise very very little compared to others. Very little policy and almost nothing when it comes to promises in the first 100 days
  4. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Isn't that exactly what Pelosi is also doing? Steve fuckign Mnuchin is like... the only voice of reason on stimulus talks. Proposes 1.8T deal, Nancy releases some stupid statement about how she can't push it forward. People are losing their jobs... people can't buy food. How dare you reject a very large bill that would help a lot of people. At least get us kind of through the election and then pass 10 trillion dollars worth when Kamala is president and Dems own both chambers of Congress. Also... Biden said again today that he is running for Senate... and he couldn't recall Romney's name: “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor” I really wish he would've picked a non-evil scumbag as VP. I worry for the next 4 years.
  5. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    No, I was genuinely just pointing out the irony in defending him the same exact way. I’ve spent the last 10 posts making the comparisons between the two and how they aren’t that different both personally or legislatively . So when you came in with Trumper rhetoric , I felt it fell too perfectly in place not to say something . I am not against defending either candidate in that way. Too often people try to be funny or be sarcastic or whatever and they go get canceled for it lol. I’m not about that life. And at this point ... Biden or Trump I just hope it’s a blowout . I really don’t want to deal with all the legal challenges from either side. It’s going to be such a headache . A close race either way probably means rioting, looting, violence, etc .
  6. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Except I didn't say that at all. You're merely setting up strawmen for you to argue against, likely because you see the irony in making the same exact excuses. lol. Which is all I was doing. Pointing out the eerily similar way Trumpers and anti-Trumpers defend their man. It's one of those things that just is what it is. I don't care that you do it, not saying not to do it. If you feel strongly enough to defend his comments, that's on you. Good for you for taking a stand. ya, there's that one and a few of his racist comments as well. I don't feel good voting for people who just so casually say such things. Again, those comments alone.. maybe you can make excuses for. Not saying you would try. But even if so.. I look at his record... Not great for black people. So it makes him genuinely appear to believe the racist things he says. At least, in my opinion.
  7. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I would also like him to post such a list. I think it was a good idea when Trump did it, and I think Biden should do so as well. People would prefer a Biden judge because Trump is going to appoint someone who is will try to take out Roe and the ACA. Again. what evidence is there of this? All indicators say it's going to be Amy Coney Barrett, staunch pro lifer... who is also quoted as saying that abortion is a womans right. Roe isn't being overturned regardless of what the propaganda says. And the ACA is massively flawed. We need something better. Plus, Trump also promised to repeal the ACA like 4 years ago. Not convinced this is happening either but I would give it a better chance than Roe. The guy has one assault allegation against him that was pretty thoroughly investigated and found to be nothing. Trump has 26. Calling Harris evil is way off the mark. Sure she's fucked up a lot and she wouldn't have been my pick, but acting like she's evil is way over the line. Trump is evil. Harris is a politician. None of that really matters. Again, our democracy is at stake. Biden is not my first or second or third choice. He's still the only choice right now. There will nothing left to fix if you give Trump and the GOP four more years. Trump is gross. Again, we're not going to disagree on too much if you just want to bash Trump. lol. It doesn't excuse Biden's creepiness. Just because Trump is more of a creep, doesn't mean Joe gets a pass. It's actually kind of gross to me that it's shrugged off so easily. Harris is 100% evil. She deliberately withheld evidence that would free an innocent man because it would make her look bad. That's pure fucking evil and not just politics. She threatened parents of truant kids with prison. LMAO. Fuck her. I want her nowhere near the White House or in on any decision making when it comes to criminal justice. She is corrupt, she has no moral character worth defending. She is a disgusting human being. I'd love proof that the Dems rigged the primaries. I suppose I have less confidence in the Dem base than you do, because I absolutely believe they voted for Biden. The Green Party is a threat to the Dems, because they draw 2-3% of voters that would vote otherwise. We need a fundamental change of the system to have more parties. I posted the video of Democratic voter suppression earlier. Feel free to watch. And you are right, we do need more parties, which is exactly why Democrats fighting so hard to suppress those voters is one of the most anti-democratic things that can be done. It's very similar to how hard the GOP fights Libertarians. It's disgusting. Stop rigging fucking elections. He's absolutely nothing like Trump, that is downright ridiculous. Biden, at the very least, takes COVID seriously and will listen to the science. Trump actively denies science and mocks people for wearing masks. Biden is OK with science that agrees with him and his motives. I haven't heard him tell people to go outside or take Vitamin D, both of which have gone under clinical studies to show that A) sunlight inactivates the virus and B) Having sufficient levels of Vitamin D can both significantly hinder getting the virus and significantly increase your chance of not going to the ICU after contracting it. Again, what science is convenient? Plus, let's not forget that Biden is using it as a political ploy to win an election. Proof of this? After saying he would shut down the economy if scientists agreed it was the right move, he said a week later that there would be no need to shut down the economy... why? Because saying he would shut it all down hurt him in the polls. It isn't science driving his positions, it's peoples opinions of them. Which again, is completely the same as Trump . Trump's policies have results in hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths. He's actively removing protections from the environment. He's undermining Congressional authority and moving it to the White House. I agree he should've acted sooner. And he will pay for those poor decisions in the poll no doubt. With that said, it's hard for me to imagine Biden doing anything drastically differently. Mostly evident from above stated references of him just flip flopping on COVID issues to suit his political need. Biden is TERRIBLE on the environment. lol. Look at his fli flopping on fracking after his corporate puppet masters went after him after saying he would ban it. Look at his environmental policy when he launched his campaign. TERRIBLE lmao. It's pretty much do nothing, carry on with the status quo. He did adopt a few things once all the progressives dropped out as a lame peace offering but nothing very substantial. Groups in charge of pushing the Green New Deal said Biden's environmental plan was a " death sentence " . lol. Is he a little better than Trump... I guess. lol.
  8. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Ironically, you know you just sound like a Trumpster right? Anytime Trump says something really stupid or awful, they just rush to his defense and say he was "joking" or "taken out of context". Like, ehhhh. Lol. Do as I say, not as I do though -- right?
  9. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I can’t believe anyone wants to vote for this guy. Lol. Debate should be good. I’m still wondering if Joe will be surprisingly decent or a total train wreck
  10. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Right. We agree on that then. How do you define liberal per se? Most Democrats, centrists, and even center right voters aren’t exactly in favor of policies that Biden has supported throughout his career. I would very much like him to post a short list of who he thinks would fill that seat if her were president. If you’re just talking about your typical Democrat who is gonna vote strictly based on party , then ya... obviously they would prefer a Biden judge because they don’t really care about policy. They just want their team to win, like their counterparts in the GOP. What evidence is there that Biden is anyone other than who he has been his entire life ? Biden has been in politics for 20% of the lifespan of the United States — I don’t understand the faith in him to be radically different than who he has been over the last 50 years. Guy has assault allegations levied against him, makes racist comments, openly mocks the progressive wing of his own party... picked an evil woman who agrees with him on major policies he has supported in his life like mass incarceration, long jail sentences for low level offenses, further destroying and keeping down poor people which disproportionately impacts people of color. Look at his campaign ... he’s banking on somewhat well to do suburban white people to win this election. Lol. And it’ll probably work just because of COVID and anti Trump people like yourself. Yes, you get a victory for getting rid of Trump. However you get to take the Big fat L when Democrats roll with the “cater to uppity white folks even more” platform that they likely adopt going forward just because they want to win elections. Trumps pretty shitty. We all agree with that, except Phil and maybe Bware . But what is this “he will destroy America” stuff that is quite literally taken right from the DNC talking points ? Not saying his policies are even good but what specifically moves you to feel like America is literally going to be destroyed by Trump beyond what any other President has done ? And as I’ve previously stated why not rail against Democrats for rigging their primaries ? Why not rail against them for telling many of their incumbents to not debate their challengers because it would likely hurt their chances? Why not rail against them for suing to eliminate the Green Party because the DNC views the Green Party as a threat to establishment corporatist business as usual politics ? And to be clear, I only focus on the DNC’s corruption and literal destroying of our democracy because none of us would disagree that the GOP is doing the same thing. And that’s really the whole crux of this discussion , at least from my side. I don’t personally feel like being an anti-Trump vote is constructive at all. I get and accept people hate Trump. Nothing wrong with that....But I just can’t get my head around being anti-Trump just to vote for a party and a candidate who represents (largely but not wholly) the same exact things you’re voting against Trump for. That doesn’t quite click for me and I’ve had a couple similar discussions with friends and none of them offer anything genuinely concrete. It’s like I’m talking to a CNN headline randomizer. Lol I do agree though that the AOC wing of the party as you dubbed them can and will make a difference at some point. Don’t think it’s going to be under Biden though. AOC herself (IIRC, maybe it was a staffer) that Biden / his team has had very little contact with her about much of anything. Assuming Biden wins and lives hopefully she primaries him if he runs for re-election (doubtful probably, but I could see the DNC wheeling out Biden’s brain in a jar on the campaign trail so who knows). Or at least challenges Kamala heavily in the primaries because as VP she’d probably be the favorite going into the next cycle. I have hope , but very little for the next 4 years.
  11. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Democrats are pussies. None of that is actually going to happen. Not yet, not under Biden. I hope I am wrong, but leadership is mostly spineless pigs. Your blind loyalty to them and/or blind optimism would be inspiring if it wasn't so misguided and baffling. lol.
  12. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I mean this is either taking me out of context or you are just confused. I didn't say I was voting for Trump. I didn't vote for Trump last time either. What I did say though.. Was based PURELY on SCOTUS, I would prefer Trump. Biden's pick for the high court, in my opinion, would be much worse. Just an opinion, you don't have to agree. With that clarified / reiterated -- I have never voted for anyone based on one issue. Ever. Not starting now. And just as I was talking with Sean... I never called Portland a hellhole. I, however, can't support how they choose to get their ideas across. They are hurting themselves and others in their community more than they are the system or higher powers. I could be wrong, as I usually am, but I see no benefit to Portland whatsoever. None. At best they may get some new half-measure city ordinances? Wohooo? Eh.
  13. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I agree. It's a discussion that needs to be had and one that needs to lead to change. But then I also look at who a lot of those people are going to be voting for... And it's nobody who has their best interest at heart. You know how I view Bernie... Not super favorably, lol. But I hate seeing these corporatist hack Democrats just continuously fight the progressive wing of their party. Beating them back like they are some kind of evil voodoo magic lmao. I... again, respect the idea. The action itself to a degree, I just dislike the manner in which they chose to share their displeasures. I am perhaps being pessimistic, but it is going to be so hard to make these types of changes when our leaders don't believe in them. I've had trouble with this idea for years of going too big too fast.. starting the grassroots movements, start local and eventually the change will trickle up... But damn, is that a slow ass strategy lol. I just want it all, right now. Tomorrow. This election. And I am sure there has been some mention at one of his media outings so I am being a little facetious here.. But when was the last time Biden even talked about fucking health care? It. Blows. My. Mind. I
  14. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Nah. They ain't fighting for my anything. Same for those losers in Seattle who set up and enforce their autonomous zone. Maybe the original idea was pure, but when you're beating up random people going into your zone or even jsut people you don't like... You are officially a moron. I feel awful for anyone who owns a business in that zone, complete mayhem. Those pricks look out for nobody but themselves. Just more divisive egged on or allowed by the government to distract. I know they've been mostly scuttled by now but so many in the area still feeling the aftermath of them "fighting for everyones rights" lmao. Unacceptable.
  15. Favre4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Only problem with this is Biden has been up higher. Substantially so. It's weird seeing Biden camp out at his house and do nothing while Trump makes himself look like a moron and then look at polls that say Trump is (obviously still behind) but gaining. This isn't directed at anyone person specifically... but I find it sadly hilarious that people can be so Anti-Trump that they allow Biden to do a lot of what they hate Trump for. He's a corporatist, non-progressive pig with a long history of bad personal and legislative precedent on racial issues with a history of being very fucking weird with women and children. Creep level. Gross. Also, all these people talking about how Trump winning would be the end of democracy or whatever... Man, go check out Portland, is that shit democracy? Go look at the DNC literally rigging votes and elections RIGHT NOW. That isn't to say the GOP isnt't doing the same exact thing, of course they are. But if you vote for either broken wing of this shit bird -- I think you are just buying into the partisan, divisive politics that both parties champion. They want it to be Us Vs Ourselves and that's what they have. We are all too worried about my team beating your team to turn the attention on the systemic issues that got us here to begin with. Also, I am going to be honest... I have seen a lot of grandstanding in regards to voting for Biden just for the SCOTUS seat. On that note: 1) Trump's already packed the courts to the brim. The SC as well, but you've seen both Roberts and Gorsuch flip occasionally. This has supposedly pissed Trump off immensely. So if the main argument is the SC and the evidence is two conservative judges dissenting from the conservative pack, which pisses off Trump... eh, it doesn't hit as strongly for me as motivation to vote for Biden. 2) I do not trust a Biden nominee anymore than I would a Trump nominee. Biden and Harris are so pro-prison and pro-incarceration that I think I would be legit more afraid of the damage that person could inflict rather than some doofus extreme pro-lifer. With that said, I also don't believe the propaganda machine trying to convince me Roe v Wade is being threatened. Even with a mega anti-abortion judge like Amy Coney Barrett -- I don't think Roe is going anywhere. Coney Barrett herself has talked about abortion as a right that, which isn't going to change. Maybe it becomes more restrictive based on term or how close to birth the woman is? Idk. Even with a Trump packed SC -- I don't think they would have the votes to make drastic changes to abortion law though. With that said, purely based on the SC... I think I have to pick Trump over Biden. If Biden was an actual progressive I would think differently.
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