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  1. Superbowlbuc

    Does anyone do GFX around here anymore?

    Ghosts scare me.
  2. Superbowlbuc

    The TGP Hall of Fame

    Hey all, I know this is bit late, but just saw this thread and wanted to thank the current powers that be for your nomination and selection! I’d also like to congratulate NBB for being inducted as well. NBB’s dedication to The Football/Gridiron Palace is unparalleled, and even beyond the creation of the site, this place would never have achieved the success it has without NBB’s devotion. It’s surreal to think it was seven years ago this site was created. I was just a sophomore in high school then, now a college graduate. When you consider how rare it is for these types of communities to last even one year, it shows how special of a community TGP truly has. When I look at the online list, it’s pretty darn cool to see a lot of familiar names still here, even from back when we were just a little fledgling site on the InvisionFree network. It is an honor to have been a part of building something truly extraordinary. TFP/TGP is a place that will always be very special to me. I grew up and matured on this site, met a lot of great people on here, and even got to know quite a few of you on a personal level. The memories are priceless, whether the NFLSpot Wars, Timbok and the GUAG wars (Quack Quack anybody?), Sarge vs. Moss89, ZoS vs. Everybody. I think BMX is still rounding 1st base trying to get to 2nd, and MRAVEN probably has yet to leave Sarge’s head. There’s a lot more I’m sure I’m forgetting as well. Before I joined this site, I thought I was some kind of football genius. Reading this site, I learned a whole lot about the game, and also learned I am far from a genius… but I did boldly and accurately predict on TGP radio that the Bucs would beat Green Bay in 2009. Not bad considering we only won three times that year. And of course thanks to LW29, I was always updated on ALL the headlines from EVERY news source. Thank you again for the induction to the TGP Hall of Fame. Being an admin on this site was a very rewarding experience, and I am very proud to see it appears stronger today than when I passed the ball off a couple years ago. It might seem a little crazy to say some online site had such a positive impact on me, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. Even if I’m not as active or involved as I once was, I’ll always be a Gridiron Palacite! Go ‘Noles! Go Bucs! -Superbowlbuc
  3. Superbowlbuc

    A Changing of the Guard

    I am extremely excited to see both of you at work, and hope everyone else gives these two their complete support. There is no doubt in my mind that this in the best interests of the site, and that these two are utmost qualified to fill a role that has been essentially vacant for nearly the existence of the site. Congratulations Vin and F4E; I know you will both do great things for TGP!
  4. Superbowlbuc

    Temporary Downtime

    Due to unexpected circumstances, we are going to be making an emergency server change tomorrow, beginning after 12 PM. As with all server changes in the past, this will create a downtime of 2-24 hours, depending on your ISP. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. Superbowlbuc

    Probability Problem

    In the original problem, the other two have goats. I wanted to change the wording so people wouldn't google it. Here's a more mathematical explanation if you don't get it. We're trying to find the probability of winning if you switch doors. The probability of picking the correct door initially is 1 in 3. The probability of winning if you pick the correct door and switch to a different door is zero. The probability of picking an incorrect door initially is 2 in 3. The probability of winning if you initially pick the wrong door and switch is 100 percent. The gameshow host is never going to show you the car door or the door you picked. Therefore, if you picked the wrong one, switch, and don't switch to the wrong one the host showed you, the only door left to switch to is the one with the car. So... probability of winning if you switch = P(Picking Correctly initially) * P(Picking correctly initially, switching, and winning) + P(Picking Incorrectly initially) * P(Picking incorrectly initially, switching, and winning) = (1/3)*0 + (2/3)*100 = 2/3 chance of winning if you switch
  6. Superbowlbuc

    Probability Problem

    Correct. Have you heard this one before? I've shown it to a lot of people. You're the only one to get it right with the correct reasoning.
  7. Superbowlbuc

    Probability Problem

    I'm a gameshow host, you're the contestent. There's three doors, one has a car, the other two have nothing. I am fully aware of which doors contain what. You pick a door (for this example, say you pick door two). I then open door three and show you there is nothing behind door three. I now give you the option to change your door. Which choice above is correct? Should you switch to door 1?
  8. Superbowlbuc

    The Time Has Come For Change...

    I'm not an exercise guru or anything, so my logic could be completely faulty; just sharing my opinion on something that worked for me. My logic is that if you are weak with your cardio and completely out of shape, you're not going to be very productive with the weights. I feel like lots and lots of cardio in addition to a good diet is most effective for losing excess fat.
  9. Superbowlbuc

    The Time Has Come For Change...

    Get on a treadmill and run for as long as you can and as fast as you can (shoot for at least a mile at a time). You don't need to set the speed to 8 though; maybe set it at 6 or 6.5 at first, and see how long you can go. You'll be surprised how it doesn't take long for you to improve both speed and the length of time you can run for. The good thing about treadmills compared to actual running is you can pace yourself and run at a consistent speed. You want to try to burn 600 calories a day, and if you can get to the gym 5-6 times a week, that's ideal; especially if you really want to see results and shave off fat. Elliptical machines and stairmasters are also very good to use in addition to the treadmill. Focus on cardio before weights. Once you feel more energetic and see some results from the cardio, begin lifting weights which in addition to building muscles, helps trim fat. I'm about 5'6-5'7 and was 145 pounds going into the summer. I shaved about 10 pounds of fat doing the above over the summer. Unfortunately, school has made it more difficult to get to the gym, but I need to get back on that. I definitely felt better but physically and mentally when I was going daily. As for dieting, cut out soda, and drink only water. I began doing this when I got to college. It might seem impossible, but you get used to it. Now I think soda is disgusting, and it only makes me more thirsty. As for eating, limit the junk food as much as you feasibly can, don't stuff yourself, and most importantly: if you're not hungry, don't eat.
  10. Superbowlbuc

    Tapatalk or Berry Blab App

    Why not just use the IP. Board Mobile skin? I use it whenever I'm on my phone, and it works great. Those Apps look like they need to be purchased by the phone user as well.
  11. Superbowlbuc

    Are you pro-change or anti-change?

    Regarding significant things: anti-change. The grass is always dead on the other side.
  12. Superbowlbuc

    Question about badges

    Were these style of badges actually made for 2009? I know for fact all of the badge images transferred, so that's very unlikely to be the case.
  13. Superbowlbuc

    Bucs @ Chiefs

    Piscatelli on the Chiefs... Yes, that will be awesome!!! Can't wait for the game. Off-season always feels longer after a promising, but unrewarding season.
  14. Superbowlbuc

    USA Today Preseason Coaches' Poll

    I agree that pre-season rankings have a pretty big weight on the final polls; especially when there are many undefeated teams. That said, Auburn was ranked 23 and 22 in the coaches and AP polls respectively. It definitely is true though, that if there were three undefeated teams (not talking about Boise or TCU), then the one with the higher pre-season ranking is probably going.
  15. Superbowlbuc

    Test Post

    Ignore this
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