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  1. BLUE

    TGP IDP 2019

    Bump. Let's do this again, fucker
  2. BLUE

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    TJ Rest easy, bro. I hope you're in a better place.
  3. BLUE

    Biggest Douchewad in the NFL?

    Burfict, without question.
  4. BLUE

    Bware's guy is actually a selfish cunt?

    It's okay, Kellen ... most of us root for douches ... look at the people that posted in this thread! Big Ben is a douche. Aaron Rodgers? Yeah, he's a douche, too! Guy in my avatar? He's an insanely likable human being tho LFG!!!!
  5. BLUE

    Bware's guy is actually a selfish cunt?

    Per Rotoworld.com: Responding to a January article questioning his character and 2018 attitude, Carson Wentz said "I'm not perfect." Wentz was surprisingly introspective responding to the wave-making PhillyVoice piece, disputing some specific assertions but acknowledging some of its broader strokes. "I know I’m not perfect. I know I have flaws," Wentz said. "So I’m not going to sit here and say it was inaccurate and completely made up. I’m not going to do that." Wentz also said he's unlikely to change. "I’m 26 years old; my personality, to some extent, ain’t going to change. ... It’s what’s gotten me here, what’s gotten me successful. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, now I’m going to have this free-spirited, Cali-guy vibe.’ That’s just not going to change." They are fascinating, candid answers from a quarterback who has had a bizarre 15 months since injury likely cost him the 2017 MVP award. Wentz will have plenty to prove in 2019. He has the skill to do it. Feb 4 - 2:16 PM Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
  6. BLUE

    AFCCG Pats @ Chiefs

    Source: Hosted.Stats.com
  7. BLUE

    49ers @ Packers

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  8. BLUE

    Chiefs @ Pats

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  9. BLUE

    Ravens @ Titans

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  10. BLUE

    Jags @ Cowboys

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  11. BLUE

    Panthers @ Redskins

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  12. BLUE

    Seahawks @ Raiders

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
  13. BLUE

    Colts @ Jets

    Source: Hosted.stats.com
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