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  1. Sarge

    Trump Regime thread.

    Please don't.
  2. Sarge

    Trump Regime thread.

    Jobs are lost for a variety of reasons though, not just technology. That was only one example. And a lot of the new jobs that are created each year don't pay a whole lot. The UBI protects unemployed people for whatever reason they might be unemployed. Additionally it gives people to ability to pay off debt, save for retirement, take vacations, and leave shitty dead end jobs that aren't going anywhere. It could potentially also lead to families spending more time together since both parents won't have to work their lives away in jobs they hate just to get by. I like it, but I understand why others don't.
  3. Sarge

    Trump Regime thread.

    I like Andrew Yang a lot. UBI makes the most sense, and everyone gets it no matter how much they currently make. Technology has already permanently stolen lots of jobs, and it'll only get worse. Alaska has been doing something similar with oil money for some time now.
  4. Sean is right: most people are much more "moderate" in their general political views than both the vocal far right and far left minorities make it seem. And there will always be "single-issue voters" too. I used to consider myself a liberal in nearly every sense of the word. If I had to tally up my views, I'd still hold more liberal views than conservative views. I just don't feel the need nor the desire to get upset at things that the extreme left does. So what happens to me is liberals call me a racist, sexist Trump voter and conservatives call me a bleeding heart Obummer sucking snowflake. I hate labels. I know why they exist. I just wish they didn't. I wish I could have one conversation about one issue without someone saying of course you believe that, you voted for Obummer! Or you think some racist jokes are funny! Why aren't you outraged? Go vote for Trump again, moron. I get it from both sides. We're not allowed to admit that both sides have good and bad ideas. But I've never cared about society's rules, and I won't start now.
  5. Sarge

    Gun Control Poll

    I more or less agree with every point you made. I've shot an AR-15... That is scary power even for me as someone who likes guns. If I owned one, I would trust myself to be meticulously careful with it so that it didn't fall into the wrong hands at the wrong time. That said I don't really like the idea of any Joe Schmo getting his hands on one. I carry a Smith and Wesson Model 442 for self defense. If I found myself in the middle of a mass shooting, there's no way I'd draw my gun and charge down a guy unloading an AR-15 into a crowd of people. Even as proficient as I am with my trusty revolver (my pap started me on his Model 19 when I was 12), my first instinct would be to escape the area entirely. If that were impossible, I'd find the best cover I could and THEN draw my weapon. The bad part is that if he compromises my cover, yea, he's within the deadly range of my gun, and I could probably put him down. But I'm still in more danger than him. All of this is to say: carrying a revolver for self defense doesn't make you Clint Eastwood. It is strictly a defensive weapon to be used as a last resort when escaping is impossible. I hope I never have to use it, not only because I'd have to kill someone, but my own chances of getting killed are high if it comes down to me drawing my weapon.
  6. Sarge

    I could use some advice.

    I read through the entire post twice just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. You said you wanted to start having kids soon. Is there anything else you've been wanting to do? Which of these jobs do you think you would enjoy the most? And which would put you in the best position to smash your goals? Maybe the answer to your question lies within the answers to mine.
  7. Sarge

    The good news thread

    I'm catching the plane on Sunday morning. I'm really excited because I had previously planned to live in this city, but it didn't happen at the time. I think the first 6 months would be difficult for you, but after that, you would more or less be able to live your life without many issues. Alecia, on the other hand, would find the treading even more complicated. Without a degree, you'll have to accept the lowest jobs on the ladder for a few years until you get the experience and contacts necessary to move up. Nepotism is an even bigger thing in Colombia than in the U.S. If people know you and like you, they bend over backwards to help you navigate through the red tape. If you're interested in knowing more, I can send you a detailed PM next week.
  8. It's a lot of money. He's real young and real good. I guess that's just how it works.
  9. Sarge

    Gun Control Poll

    I love guns, more specifically handguns, more specifically revolvers. A revolver is old school technology, but for a real self-defense situation, you can't beat a J-Frame Smith and Wesson or a small Ruger in .38 special. People call the .38 special weak, but to this day nobody has volunteered to stand in front of me while I shoot it. Other people can do whatever they want, for the most part. But my little 5-shooter is all I need to feel safe. If I'm too far away to use it, I'm in a good position to do the right thing in a dangerous situation: run.
  10. Sarge

    The good news thread

    Colombia's doors are open to you, Zack. And anyone else who wants something different. Speaking of Colombia and different, I'm moving to a totally different part of Colombia in 2 weeks. I don't have a new job lined up yet, but I have plenty of savings. It won't be hard to find work anyway.
  11. Sarge

    The good news thread

    What's new with everyone? I feel out of the loop. Tell me your recent accomplishments and what you're aiming at next!
  12. Sarge

    2019 Baseball Thread

    The Pirates have a decent group of young guys this year. With a bit of help they could definitely be a playoff team. Need more production at SS and another starting pitcher. Too bad Bob Nutting is a stingy fuck.
  13. Sarge

    Best Defense of The Decade

    Legion of Boom followed by Denver
  14. Sarge

    Trump Regime thread.

    Maduro isn't going to play a game he can't win. I wouldn't worry.
  15. Sarge

    Handling Disrespect

    We also have to be careful of subtler forms of disrespect and aggression on the part of others. Examples: someone trying to get us to do free work/work for less than we deserve, requests that go against our values (if anyone asks, lie for me so I don't get in trouble), etc... I wrote this recently on Facebook and wanted to share it here: It is neither selfish nor immoral to negotiate for what we deserve. We must stop being afraid to "rock the boat" in order to "keep the peace." Why do we think being peaceful 100% of the time benefits us? It doesn't. We ought to grow some teeth and show them to the world once in a while. There is a nasty, sleeping monster inside of us. Let's feed it carefully, but let it play. Maybe then we will respect ourselves and require that others do the same. Being agreeable to the point of harming ourselves isn't morally righteous, nor is it going to make us "good" people . It's cowardice. Let's not use morality to excuse ourselves for being cowards! A good person is capable of anything and has the strength to use their darkness when they pursue what they want and need. We must not let anyone make us feel bad for looking out for ourselves. That doesn't mean be selfish. It means standing our ground in the presence of others who are. Aggressive and selfish people won't battle us if they think they can't win. They will go find the next pushover, because we can be sure that there is always a hopeless, hyper--agreeable person lining up to be abused. We will not let that be us any longer. Understand?
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