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  1. oochymp

    Redskins @ Eagles

    So you put your backup qb in early in the second quarter, first play your rb takes 90 yards to the house, and you only give him the ball 5 times the rest of the game?
  2. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    In spite of the dead weight we had a great run for the playoffs with four teams tied for the last two spots, unfortunately I just missed the cut, but I'll take closing out on a four game winning streak (although admittedly two of the wins were against the bottom feeders) Also, for reference next year Phil had LeVeon Bell and Delanie Walker in his lineup all season even though neither played a game and Sean only made one change to his lineup after week 7 despite having bye weeks and injured players starting, if I'm running the league next year neither will be part of it barring some extenuating circumstances, which can be explained to me by PM. Regarding the other 2 win team, Rob Urish (not sure what his user name is) he seemed to keep his team updated except for a three week stretch from weeks 10 through 12, so I'm a little more likely to be forgiving of that.
  3. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Holy shit, I'm on the playoff bubble, how did that happen?
  4. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    And I'm playing sean, who started 3 players on byes, not a great showing overall
  5. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Okay, somebody has both Joe Mixon and Delanie Walker in their starting lineup, what the hell? EDIT: Le'Veon Bell too, c'mon man
  6. Alright, here's the thread about teams off to a hot start, who falters hardest, who misses the playoffs, who stays undefeated the longest? The polls are pretty self explanatory, the one about missing the playoffs is open to multiple votes, and Green Bay and Minnesota are included in the last poll because even though they aren't 2-0 they are undefeated.
  7. It's that time again, only about 12% of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs, we've got 7 0-2 teams, so by probability the expected outcome would have one team making the playoffs. I made the poll for which teams can make the playoffs multiple choice to hopefully boost conversation, so who do you think can make the playoffs? Who pulls together the best finish? EDIT: Added a third question of who will win last, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are included in that one because even though they're not 0-2 they are winless
  8. oochymp

    Titans @ Dolphins

  9. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Sorry, busy weekend and I just got back, we won't be doing the draft today because I still need to get the team owners settled out. I'm planning on doing the draft Wednesday at 9, if that doesn't work for anyone let me know now because we're down to the wire for getting the draft done before Thursday. As of now, the participants will be as follows: Me Ace Phil MHG BC Than F4E Ngata ATL Vin Bjorn Seanbrock Basically, it's last year's participants with Sean instead of my brother, that way we're back to just members of the board and it's a 12 team league, which I think is the ideal size. Sean has joined so at this point I'm working on getting my brother's team removed and switching F4E to a different ESPN account EDIT: Okay, so we're down to the 12 teams listed above, just waiting for F4E's new email so I can get his team updated, still looking to set the draft Wednesday at 9 ET, sorry for any confusion and inconvenience today.
  10. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    You werein the league last year so you should be good, check on ESPN and confirm, draft may not happen today, I'm still out of town so I'm not sure I'll get the draft set up in time
  11. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Alright, sean's in, which puts the league at 13 temporarily, I'm waiting to hear from F4E, but I think I'm gonna be removing my brother to get us to 12, still planning to do the draft at 4 or 430 depending on when I get home and how quickly I can get it set up
  12. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    So, I'm an idiot, or I can't follow when we user names that aren't people's current user names, but it looks like seanbrook is the only person who's expressed interest that wasn't in the ESPN league last year, and F4E is the only person from last year's league who hasn't expressed interest this season. This leaves us with two options, seanbrook can either take F4E's spot or by brother's, F4E will greet first shot at claiming it. I'm still hoping to do the draft this afternoon, bit it's contingent on getting the league set in time, I'll plan to reschedule it for late Wednesday (8 or 9 eastern) if we can't get everyone on board today.
  13. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Also, if anyone who was in the league last year wants back in let me know, I'll be purging the list tomorrow
  14. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    I've had a request for earlier in the day Monday or some time tomorrow, I have no confidence in my ability to get everyone in the league by tomorrow, so someone else will have to take over for that to work, but I could do Monday afternoon, 3 or 4 eastern, it is labor day so I'm off, but I'm not sure how many other people have the day off, but we need to get everyone signed up by then
  15. oochymp

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Okay, I'm gonna go with Monday at 7 for the draft, if that doesn't work let me know soon. As for getting people in, thank you MHG, Bjorn, and Ngata four updating your team names, everyone else who was in the league last year needs to do the same, anyone who was not needs to PM me your email. I'm out of town but will have my computer up tomorrow afternoon and can do some work on adding people, bit most of that will happen Monday afternoon. Please have your information to me by 2PM eastern time Monday and if you weren't in the league last season look for an email Monday afternoon. EDIT: than, vin, and ace y'all are good too, just saw you'd put your usernames in your team abbreviations, that works too, so we've got 7 confirmed and the only two who have sent me email addresses are already in the league
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