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  1. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    Swept the Flyers, Lightning on Wednesday. Not looking forward to that one, then Matt Duchene's return to Colorado on Saturday. the top line right now is ridiculous. rofl at those people who thought Landeskog should be moved to the 2nd line. We have nobody else right now who is worthy and plus those 3 have insane chemistry especially Mackinnon and Rantanen who are DESTROYING the league.
  2. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    Huh, Paci has been garbage so far so maybe you could pull the trigger. Parise has been great, Oshie been good, the young dude okay I guess. Up to you.
  3. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    I probably wouldn't do it. Edit: Which brother Andrei or Evgeny
  4. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    MacKinnon and Rantanen continue to be great together. Compher and Soderberg, Kerfoot with the nice secondary scoring. Varlamov looking sharp, just need Jost to chip in and this team is solid.
  5. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    of course Nemeth gets hurt. Barberio making Zadarov looks horrible from what I've seen. Not a good pair. Ugh Edit: Nemeth, Kamenev Set To Play Against Sabres Semyon Varlamov will start in goal for the Avalanche
  6. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    Just watched the highlights.
  7. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    Me you and Bware all Central division rivals...
  8. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    2 points for the Avalanche's Mikko Rantanen. Hopefully another big year. Last season was 84 points.
  9. Bay

    Official Hockey Thread

    That Rantanen to MacKinnon goal though. Only faced 21 shots, can't believe it. I know the Wild's offense sucks, doesn't matter - the Avs always give up high shot totals
  10. Brofl rowns

  11. lmfao Mariners, dear lord, quit baseball

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiblmGnet2Q
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