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  1. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Michael Thomas is now the highest paid WR in the league

    He had multiple poor games so not sure I would say he has no weak spots or a nightmare to play against. Just look at some of these lines, 4rec/47yds 4rec/38yds 5rec/40yds 5rec/29yds, although this was with Bridgewater at QB 0 TDs across those games as well If it wasn't for huge games like week 1 against Tampa or against the Rams, his stats wouldn't be nearly as good. Is he a top 10 WR? Absolutely yes, but he isn't the best and I just don't see him being worth $20M. Only way I can see $20M being worth it is if he keep developing and does become a top WR or the payscale for WR increases dramatically with multiple guys getting $20M or more over the next couple years.
  2. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Play GM

    This one is pretty easy. A WR averaging nearly 1,700yds and 11 TDs a season with 17.3 ypc? Make him the highest paid receiver. Do your HoF QB right and let him stay that last season then ride off into the sunset. Although I would try discussing with him that we could restructure his contract to move some money into next year as a re-structure bonus, which he can collect upon retiring. If still not interested, then talk with the corner and try to lower that additional guaranteed money a bit. Would also try getting most of that additional guaranteed money onto next season since you would have a huge contract coming off the books to offset it. The injury is a bit of a concern but at least it was week 1 so he has plenty of time to recover.
  3. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Your team's top candidate for end of season awards

    MVP: Aaron Rodgers - This is a give-away. If the team is successful, it will be because of Aaron. If he clicks with LaFleur, the offense has plenty of potential. Part of me also believes Aaron is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder in an attempt to prove all the naysayers wrong. OPOTY: Davante Adams - Was tempted to say Bakhtiari as he has established himself as one of the best tackles in the game but an o-lineman will never win an award. Adams is a top 10 WR and had a huge season last year. If LaFleur starts moving him around pre-snap and actually schemes guys open, he will just put up even bigger numbers. DPOTY: Jaire Alexander - This was a tough one. Jaire is GB's #1 corner and flashed the potential of being a great CB last season. He has room to grow and improve obviously but he has the look of being a lockdown corner, something the Packers have been missing for a while. Other candidates I considered are Kenny Clark and Za'Darius Smith. Kenny Clark is GB's best defensive player but a NT isn't going get much love unless they have a monstrous season. CBPOTY: Geronimo Allison - Really GB's only option for this award. GMo was on pace for a 1,000 yard season before tearing his groin. OROTY: Nobody - I can't see any GB rookie for this. The offensive rookies that the Pack drafted will most likely be riding the bench this year and serve as depth guys. DROTY: Darnell Savage - Will be starter week 1 and has playmaking ability. If the front 7 can create enough pressure and force some poor throws, Savage should be around to take advantage.
  4. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Michael Thomas is now the highest paid WR in the league

    That's too much for a WR, let alone one that isn't a top 3 WR. Interested to see what Julio gets now.
  5. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    Apparently you aren't watching him enough then. He has quietly become a beast and contributes against both the run and pass, which can't be said for many NTs. He was 5th in run stops among IDL and still put up great pass rush stats for an IDL. He was ranked 8th among IDL in pass rush productivity from PFF. PFF isn't the end all be all obviously, but pass rushing stats are hard to come by unless you just want to look at sacks. You are also conveniently forgetting another part of his job is to eat up blocks and not let lanes be established, unless you want to refer to that as ruining plays. Just walking two o-linemen and not letting the RB go anywhere. Is he better than Hicks? Not yet, but to think Hicks is twice the player is just being an extreme homer. He deserves recognition and any good top 100 list would show that. But this list has already shown how garbage it is with having the likes of Cousins, Conner, and Baker on it.
  6. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    You're sleeping on Clark. Twice the player? Lmao. You need go do some film study on Clark. Prepare to have your mind changed.
  7. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    Starting to wonder if Kenny Clark makes this list. Would be surprised to see him in the top 30 of this. If he completely misses, the players or whoever makes this list have no idea what they're doing.
  8. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    This Baker hype is beyond ridiculous. He has no business being on this list for this past year.
  9. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Top 100 NFL Players of 2019

    Kyle Fuller way too low. He was a top 5 corner last year.
  10. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Who improved most this offseason?

    Browns would be my pick but the Packers are a possible candidate too. Swapped out old Clay and always injured Nick Perry for Za'darius Smith and Preston Smith. Signed Amos who is leagues better than the combination of Brice, Whitehead, Jones, and Peasant. Savage looks to be the starter at FS and Gary is solid rotational piece to move around the front 7. Also signed Billy Turner and drafted Elgton Jenkins to replace the turnstile that was at RG last season. Can't see how the Bears improved, from a personnel standpoint alone. Ha Ha is a downgrade from Amos. Skrine is a downgrade from Callahan. Maybe Montgomery or Ridley are improvements but are they really that big of an improvement?
  11. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Eagles give Carson Wentz a bunch of money

    Except for they will be on hook for that $107M no matter what now.
  12. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Eagles give Carson Wentz a bunch of money

    Personally, I think it was too early to sign him to an extension. Would like to see how he does this season before throwing so much money at him. But I can see why Philly wanted to get it done now, if they waited there is the potential they would have to shell out even more money.
  13. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Razor's Ramblings: What if the 2018 Season ended at halftime?

    Saints and Rams both had some good halftime adjustments it looks like. Also the Packers had no consistency at first glance with 7 games having different outcomes but only gaining a half game through it all.
  14. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Place your Superb Owl bets now!

    Ideally, vs Rodgers vs Brady for all the marbles
  15. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Patrick Peterson Pegged For 6-Game PED Ban

    This is Pat Pete's first time being caught with PEDs, a 6 game suspension is fair. I have no idea why you are trying to compare this to Evans' situation since Evans was suspended for drugs of abuse not PEDs. For comparison sake, a NBA player would be suspended 10 games for first test positive for PEDs. That's basically equivalent to 2 NFL games.
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