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  1. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Vikings @ Packers

    All 3 corners could be really good, it's hard to which one is better. King has that size and can WRs routes for them but has has a problem with injuries. While Alexander and Jackson both have some great playmaking ability but are still young and learning the game. I think Alexander is more consistent and a better slot guy but Jackson is definitely a ballhawk and has a high ceiling.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, there is no way to delete your vote and re-vote. I initially voted Phins on the first option but thinking about it I rather go Broncos. I'm not a believer of the Broncos, they have faced 2 bad teams at home that played more to their strengths. They still have to play the Chiefs and Chargers twice, which could be 4 losses easily. While the Phins get the Bills twice. Think both will miss the playoffs though. Last option may be a homer pick but the Pack got a chance. They should be favored in their next 4 matchups leading into the bye. So the Packers could potentially go another 5 weeks without losing and then face a tough matchup with the Rams that may just decide this. The Rams have multiple tougher matchups between now and then. While I can see the Jags laying a dud after their impressive win last week.
  3. Texans are the only team I could see potentially turning it around and making the playoffs. The NFC is too deep and strong, I don't think the Seahawks, Lions, Giants or Cards stand a chance. Whereas the Bills and Raiders are terrible teams and I can see both picking in the top 5 this offseason.
  4. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Vikings @ Packers

    He wraps his left arm around the leg very briefly, but ya I have no idea how you say that is lifting him up and slamming him down. Clay even puts his arm out trying to brace the fall for both. I just don't understand what you are supposed to do at that point, and you will either see more plays like the Daniels one where he just hugs Cousins and lets him go or I believe it was Chris Jones that just hugged a QB and wouldn't let him move til the whistle blew, was too afraid to slam a QB to the ground. There was no part of me that expected the NFL to come out and say it was a bad call, but to say it was the right call and then include it in a training video is completely ridiculous. I do think that call against Kendricks was pretty weak too but at least he does lift Rodgers. Still shouldn't have been RTP but these refs were horrible all game.
  5. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Vikings @ Packers

    Believe it was Rapoport that first reported it, but here is a link to an article about it.
  6. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Vikings @ Packers

    The league isn't just doubling down on the bullshit call, they are including it in a video of what not to do when tackling. Hope the league enjoys watching their product go down the drain, completely ruining it.
  7. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Vikings @ Packers

    What a shitty game. Probably the worst officiated game I've seen in a long time, and not just because of the BS roughing the passer call on Matthews. There were so many terrible calls on both sides and 0 consistency throughout the game. That said, the Packers really shot themselves in the foot and squandered so many opportunities. Kicking 4 times in the redzone is not acceptable. That sequence after the Ha Ha pick was questionable. I'm glad we didn't play conservative and just run it 3 times, but some short routes or something would have been better than 2 shots to the endzone. As for the defense, I'm not completely sure what happened that caused them to completely collapse. King going down didn't help and unit just looked gassed. One last thing, Daniels just hugging Cousins and then letting him go instead of an easy sack shows how much these new rules are affecting defenders. Players are so scared of getting penalized that it leads them to being overly cautious.
  8. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Evaluate Your Team, Week 1

    Wasn't pretty for the Packers but Rodgers found a way to get it done. For the offense: The o-line was pretty shaky to start the game to couple with the offense using long developing plays again. For going against Mack, Bulaga actually held his own when Rodgers was playing. It wasn't until Kizer came in that Mack really started going off and I'm not sure you could even blame Bulaga for any of it. Kizer rolled straight into Mack on that strip sack and on the int, Mack dropped back while the interior o-line allowed a free runner. The interior line is way more worrisome as they had no push in the running game and Hicks was running right through McCray to start off. Utilizing a lot of quick short passes helped in the 2nd half, but on some of the longer plays the o-line completely stonewalled Chicago's front 7 in the 2nd half so there may be some hope still. If Rodgers goes down, the Pack are screwed and that was shown once again for a quarter. Maybe it's time to stop trying to develop young guys and get a decent vet/journeyman backup QB? Jimmy Graham was really quiet but he was drawing plenty of attention which helped Cobb dominate the middle of the field, while Adams and GMo had 1 on 1 matchups for the majority of the game. For the defense: I like the D-line and the new secondary (specifically the corners), but the LBs are garbage and safeties are suspect. Clark and Daniels will continue being a force to reckon with and till make life hard on QBs by not allowing pockets to step up into. Perry was good in the run game and finally showed up in the passrush on the Bears' last play, but he needs to be better. Clay is done and at this point shouldn't even be a starter. He uses the same passrush over and over and isn't effective. While being completely horrible in run support and having no idea what containment is. Gilbert should be out there starting. Ha Ha has still been pretty meh. He had some nice tackles but other times where he hesitated and whiffed on the tackle. Twice he had Mitch lined up and whiffed, gotta deliver a huge hit on a rushing QB when you got the chance. Brice is good in run support but cannot cover. Should be an interesting matchup on Sunday. If Rodgers plays, think the game will be tight and the Pack may have a chance.
  9. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Khalil Mack is riding the winds of change

    Guess Green Bay did offer 2 1sts but that's it and Oakland saw the Bears' picks being worth more. Gute is definitely being active, will be interesting to see what he does next offseason with quite a bit of cap space and those picks.
  10. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Preseason Thoughts (and prayers)

    For the Packers: Burks is going to be great and could easily surpass what Ryan provided for the Packers. Pettine called a pretty simplistic defense last night and a lot of starters were out but overall I was fairly happy with what I saw. I was impressed by Josh Jackson and thought he did a great job sticking to his guys. Still worried about OLB depth as neither Fackrell nor Biegel stood out last night, while Gilbert got good pressure but was always a step or 2 late. Since both Clay and Perry are made of glass, we really need one of the young OLBs to step up. I'm all aboard the MVS hype train too
  11. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Pick 6 New Playoff Teams for 2018

    6 that stay: 6 that get bounced: 6 new teams that will make the playoffs: This was tough, initially I had 5 out and 7 staying, it was between the Jags and Vikings as that final team. Decided to go with the Vikes staying because Cousins > Bortles. And you never know with the AFCS.
  12. Packers Dynasty 2010

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    For some reason, Cris Carter is pretty close to Kawhi's camp and he's saying Kawhi might not even show up for his physical, press conference, or answer phone calls. If this is true, Kawhi and his dumbass family should be blackballed from the league.
  13. Packers Dynasty 2010

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    Kawhi completely tanked his trade value so I'm glad that the Spurs were able to get some good from him. Know a lot of the Spurs' fans were on the fence on whether we wanted another star or future assets for Kawhi. With Pop likely retiring within the next few years, it makes sense to acquire a player you can contend with over the next few seasons rather than build for the future. Nobody is beating the Warriors unless there is a major injury but the Spurs could be a top 3 seed now. Losing Danny Green hurts but he has steadily been declining on both ends of the floor and could just come back to SA next year when he's a FA. The Spurs did get a decent big in Poeltl as well, which is an undervalued addition since the only real center the Spurs had was an aging Pau Gasol. I feel bad for the Raps though, giving up one of the best players in franchise history for having to deal with Kawhi's uncle and not being sure if Kawhi will even play.
  14. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Early 2018-2019 Predictions

    Add 2 more years to that, he spent 4 years in Philly.
  15. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Early 2018-2019 Predictions

    Not sold on the Bears yet, their defense is good besides the lack of a good passrusher but I need to see that offense before I buy into any of the hype. Trubisky needs to show improvement and need to see if Robinson bounces back from an ACL tear fine or not. People are hyping up the weapons they signed but what is there really? Robinson coming off an ACL tear, a career backup TE that is a downgrade from what they had at the start of last season, and a speedy slot guy. Are the WRs improvements? Sure, but need to see that offense actually play.
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