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  1. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pick'Em Week 11

    Thursday: Steelers @ Browns Sunday: Jets @ Redskins Saints @ Bucs Broncos @ Vikings Bills @ Dolphins Jaguars @ Colts Cowboys @ Lions Falcons @ Panthers Texans @ Ravens Cardinals @ 49ers Patriots @ Eagles Bengals @ Raiders Bears @ Rams Monday: Chiefs @ Chargers Tiebreaker: 58
  2. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 10

    Raiders Cardinals Saints Chiefs Ravens Bills Lions Giants Colts Packers Rams Cowboys 49ers
  3. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 9

    49ers/Cards Texans/Jags Redskins/Bills Titans/Panthers Vikings/Chiefs Jets/Dolphins Bears/Eagles Colts/Steelers Lions/Raiders Bucs/Seahawks Browns/Broncos Packers/Chargers Pats/Ravens Cowboys/Giants Tiebreaker: 48
  4. Packers Dynasty 2010


    Redskins at Vikings Seahawks at Falcons Eagles at Bills Chargers at Bears Giants at Lions Buccaneers at Titans Broncos at Colts Bengals at Rams Cardinals at Saints Jets at Jags Panthers at 49ers Browns at Patriots Raiders at Texans Packers at Chiefs Dolphins at Steelers
  5. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Week 7

    Rodgers and the offense have really started to click and it's all without Davante the past 3 weeks. If he returns next week, which is his goal, this offense should be really fun to watch. I still think trading for Sanders would be the smart move and help catapult this team to being one of the top contenders. Rodgers is really buying into LaFleur and you are seeing all kinds of wrinkles in the gameplan/playcalling that Green Bay hasn't seen in a long time. RBs running corner routes, FB running a wheel routes off a PA, jet sweeps and pre-snap motion being used frequently, etc. Defense was lackluster between the 20s and can see the effect of not having Savage and Greene out there but the defense turned it up a notch in the redzone (with some help from Carr). Most surprising is that we didn't notch a single sack but the Raiders' o-line is pretty good even with Brown out. Other thoughts: I may be biased but I can't say I'm impressed by Nagy. Granted he is working with Trubs but his playcalling has been very questionable and I don't think he is as good as some try to say. He abandons the run, even when the game is still close, and when he is running it's stupid gimmick/gadget plays like a QB option when your QB is returning from a shoulder injury. Or running Patterson up the middle on 3rd and 1. Cohen is the 2nd best offense player for them and is hardly used. He hardly gets rushing attempts and is only used in short dumpoffs. Let him run a route against a LB, he will be wide open. Wouldn't be surprised if the Bears end up last in the division. After the Eagles came into Lambeau and beat the Packers, I figured they were going to start rolling and look good. But the past 2 weeks have just been more disappointment from them. Their secondary is a mess outside of Jenkins, which everyone knew and should not be surprising. But their offense has looked pretty bad as well and can't keep up with WRs torching their secondary. The Chargers are a giant mess. I know injuries have been aplenty but damn this team is terrible. Many thought they could challenge the Chiefs for the division, but instead they are headed for a top 10 pick. It seems like everything is going wrong and I could see Lynn being fired because the organization is run by idiots. Speaking of organizations run by idiots, it would be great if the NFL could find a way to make Snyder sell the Redskins. It's never going to happen, but that fanbase deserves better and it needs new ownership if it ever wants to turn it around.
  6. Packers Dynasty 2010


    Thursday Chiefs at Broncos SUNDAY Rams at Falcons Dolphins at Bills Jaguars at Bengals Vikings at Lions Raiders at Packers Texans at Colts Cardinals at Giants 49ers at Redskins Chargers at Titans Saints at Bears Ravens at Seahawks Eagles at Cowboys MONDAY Patriots at Jets point total: 54
  7. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Week 6

    Packers may have just got one of the sloppiest wins I've seen. It was not pretty for the Packers and they didn't lead until there 0:00 on the clock but a win is a win. Watching Rodgers trying to throw to 4 UDFAs was painful and illustrated how bad the Packers need another guy. If I was Gutenkunst, I would be getting Denver, Cinci, Tennessee, or Miami on the phone tomorrow. Need to make a move for another WR now. Also, I can admit that the Packers benefited from shitty calls but the same can be said for a lot of teams. The refs have been dogshit game after game and their leader needs to be held accountable. Riveron needs to go.
  8. Packers Dynasty 2010


    THURSDAY Patriots SUNDAY Bucs Seahawks Chiefs Dolphins Eagles Saints Ravens Rams Cardinals Broncos Cowboys Chargers MONDAY Packers
  9. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pickem week 5

    THURSDAY Rams SUNDAY Cardinals Bills Bears Saints Vikings Eagles Ravens Patriots Panthers Texans Chargers Packers Chiefs Monday Browns TB: 60
  10. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Week 4

    Last night's game was so frustrating with some boneheaded playcalling and shitty execution. Once Bulaga went down, the o-line could not block at all for Jones but have to at least give him a shot to punch it in from the 1 instead of throwing to Graham's corpse multiple times. Especially considering that Tae was out for those goalline attempts, made no sense trying to throw it everytime. LaFleur's inexperience definitely started showing last night as he was severely outcoached. Mentioned it earlier but losing Bulaga really hurt and even though Rodgers was able to do Rodgers things, could definitely see the effect of having Light out there instead of Bulaga. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and he can be back for Dallas. Although if Davante has to miss significant time, this offense may be dead in the water. Without Adams, they are in some serious trouble as neither GMo or MVS can be a #1, even being a #2 is questionable. Gute may need to make some calls and see who is available. As for the defense, pass defense is great and has enormous potential but damn does the run D suck. Games like last night make me more comfortable moving on from Martinez in the offseason unless he wants to stay for cheap-ish. He was repeatedly abused and the Eagles took advantage of him all game. He jumped inside gaps leaving gaping holes for Howard/Sanders, could not cover at all, and didn't stick his guy ever. Every single one of his 14 tackles featured Howard and co carrying Martinez for an extra 2+ yards. Need an offball LB that can cover and stick a guy. Still plenty of season left to play but LaFleur and Pettine have their work cut out for them if the Packers want a shot this year. In general, the league has no idea what it is doing with PI and should just drop this new rule. If a challenge like the obvious DPI vs MVS isn't going to be overturned, then what's the point of reviewing for PI? It's like they made this rule for no reason as they don't want to acknowledge they fucked up on the play. Both challenges last night were clear DPI and neither were reversed so the rule is useless. Finally, Thursday night games are bullshit and I'm hoping either the PA pushes to eliminate them or at least they have to line up with a bye in the next CBA. Players don't get a chance to recover in 4 days and that was evident by the players that were inactive/questionable as well as the ones that left the game.
  11. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pickem week 4

    Eagles at Packers Titans at Falcons Patriots at Bills Chiefs at Lions Raiders at Colts Chargers at Dolphins Redskins at Giants Browns at Ravens Panthers at Texans Buccaneers at Rams Seahawks at Cardinals Vikings at Bears Jags at Broncos Cowboys at Saints Bengals at Steelers TB: 42
  12. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Week 3

    The acquisitions that Gutenkunst made in the offseason are already paying huge dividends. The Smiths had 5 sacks combined yesterday. That is the same amount that Perry and Clay had combined last season. I had high hopes that the defense would be better, but did not expect it to be this better so soon. That said, they still have some problems. The run defense has not looked good the past 2 games with poor tackling and getting pushed off the line. Have relied on turnovers the past 2 games to make the defense look good, but who knows how sustainable that is. As for the offense, it's still a mess. Look great at first then the wheels come off and it mostly just sputters the rest of the game. I would like to think they are still working things out but the truth is that they are probably lacking talent at the skill position. Davante is great obviously but teams can focus on him and the other guys aren't good enough to make them pay. MVS has made some nice plays but also disappears while Allison and Graham have been nearly useless so far. I would be calling some teams and see what WRs are available if I was Gute. Need a guy that can consistently get open in that short-intermediate area and hold onto the ball.
  13. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pickem week 3

    Thursday: Titans Sunday: Eagles Patriots Vikings Chiefs Colts Packers Cowboys Bills Bucs Cardinals 49ers Saints Chargers Rams Monday: Bears TB: 34
  14. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Week 2

    Packers still need to show more to start being considered elite but I do think they have the potential to get there this season. Opening up the season with Chicago and Minny with new coach and system is a tough challenge so going 2-0 is a great start. Offense still has plenty to work on as they completely stalled out after those 3 first drives. Receivers not named Adams have to find to get open more consistently. Overall pretty happy with the defense but the 3 big plays they did give up yesterday almost sunk them, need to work on that and better tackling or a team like the Chiefs will make them pay. The 3 big FA acquisitions are already paying big dividends and that secondary is looking solid. If the Packers are actually interesting in Minkah Fitzpatrick and get him, they probably have one of the best young secondaries. Other thoughts: Trubisky has not looked good thus far and not sure if he is the answer. He was supposed to take the next step with another year under Nagy but has somehow looked worse. He needs to have a big bounce back game next week before facing the Vikes the following week. Otherwise tt's going to be up to that defense and running game to get them to the playoffs. Chargers are all over the place. I picked them to win the division but between injuries and Gordon holding out to go along with their inconsistent play, that's starting to look unlikely. If the Patriots could just stop being good, that would be great. I'm not really sold on the Eagles. I had them as NFCE winner before the season but I haven't been impressed by their play yet. Obviously injuries are taking their toll so I will give them some benefit of the doubt but they have plenty of room to improve if they want to challenge Dallas. I'll add onto SteVo's point and say both South divisions are a mess right now and will be interesting to see how both play out. As for the RB discussion, I have Cmac as my #3 RB right now behind Saquon and Zeke. Taking up to 8 RBs ahead of him is ridiculous.
  15. Packers Dynasty 2010

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 1

    Week 1: Packers @ Bears (TNF) Rams @ Panthers Titans @ Browns Chiefs @ Jags Ravens @ Dolphins Falcons @ Vikings Bills @ Jets Redskins @ Eagles Colts @ Chargers Bengals @ Seahawks Lions @ Cards Giants @ Cowboys 49ers @ Bucs Steelers @ Pats (SNF) Texans @ Saints (MNF Game 1) Broncos @ Raiders (MNF Game 2) Tiebreaker (total points for MNF Game 2): 45
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