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  1. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Alliance Of American Football

    Iron are too high. Barely beating a 3rd string QB at home isn't that impressive. Also needed a questionable call for 6 of their points.
  2. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    He's 31 and is going to want a new deal wherever he ends up. It doesn't make much sense to make that move unless you are just a WR away from being a contender. Which the Raiders are not. They are locked in with Gruden and have acquired all these picks to rebuild. Why use one to get AB? At least to me, it doesn't seem like a smart move. Only way I would trade for AB is if my championship window was closing and I believed he would be the difference maker. That said, I think he ends up with a team that is in denial about rebuilding and desperate to make some noise.
  3. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    If they trade a 1st for AB, they will look dumb.
  4. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    AB, or Mr. Big Chest, is an idiot and I really hope Green Bay doesn't try grabbing him. I believe he ends up in Arizona.
  5. Packers Dynasty 2010

    2018 TGP Mock Draft Discussion Thread (We're Rolling)

    If we're picking teams now, I'll go with the Packers and Chargers again. Unless somebody wants the Chargers.
  6. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Alliance Of American Football

    Watched the San Antonio and San Diego game yesterday and it was pretty entertaining. Nice seeing young guys get a shot but also the guys that either just couldn't make it or had a tough break in the league. Know they were talking about a corner for the Fleet that was with the Bills (I think) and playing games til suffering a pretty severe thigh injury and hadn't played in 2 years. So nice seeing him able to use this league to comeback to the sport he loves and potentially use it as a chance to make a comeback. Love the chance to listen to the coaches and players in the huddle. Really gives you more insight to the playcalling and what goes into it. Also amusing hearing the players swear and announcers apologizing. Definitely going to be keeping my eye on this league and see it how goes. Viewership and attendance were fairly good last night so that's good news.
  7. Packers Dynasty 2010

    2018 TGP Mock Draft Discussion Thread (We're Rolling)

    I'm down to do this again. I would prefer one team but could do 2 if needed.
  8. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Julius Peppers hangs 'em up

    Easy 1st ballot HoFer. Peppers was a beast from day 1 in Carolina and was always a professional. Too bad he was never able to win a ring, damn you Bostick...
  9. Packers Dynasty 2010

    AFCCG Pats @ Chiefs

    Whelp that ending sucked. Maybe it can finally convince the NFL to change the OT rules. Guess I'm rooting for the Pats in 2 weeks.
  10. Packers Dynasty 2010

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    I like the LaFleur hire. He wasn't my first choice since he is a bit inexperienced but guess you can't really sit around and wait for guys to become experienced when a quarter of the league is firing coaches. I'll take him over McDaniels anyday and that was who was supposed to be the frontrunner all along. As for LaFleur, he had a bit of a rough year but look at what he had. A Mariota that suffered nerve damage and couldn't feel the tip of his fingers for a while on his throwing arm, Blaine Gabbert, Walker going down week 1, nobody at WR outside of Corey Davis, and an o-line that was fairly banged up. Hard to hold all that against him. At the same time, he was with McVay in LA last season, in ATL with Shanahan for Ryan's MVP season, and with Washington when RG3 won ROY. Now is this all due to him? Of course not, but he has had some success. Time to see if he can carry it to Green Bay or if it was all Shanahan and McVay. Definitely some risk involved but Green Bay needed to take some risk. Playing safe and getting someone like Gase, Pagano, or Caldwell would definitely waste the rest of Rodgers.
  11. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Panthers @ Browns

    So Rivera has to be done at this point, right? 6-2 and looking like a possible contender. 5 straight losses later and now they will have to beat the Saints twice to even have a chance at the playoffs.
  12. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Green Bay Fires Mike McCarthy

    Everyone is obsessed with trying to find the next McVay but nobody knows who that could be. Maybe Carmichael Jr or Bieniemy, although both are older than McVay. Some really want Riley but the dude has been HC for 2 years now and was basically handed a powerhouse, would be risky to go with him. I wouldn't mind going the defensive minded HC route and getting Fangio or Kris Richard as coach then grab someone young for OC. The only problem is that I think Pettine is turning the defense around and prefers to stay as the DC. May be easier letting him continue to rebuild the defense and let the HC run with the offense. Personally, I would like Chris Petersen or Carmichael Jr for the next coach. Then probably Richard or Fangio.
  13. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Green Bay Fires Mike McCarthy

    Completely shocked. I know there have been reports about tension growing but figured there was no chance we would fire him midseason. Just doesn't seem like a Murphy/Packers thing to do. Mike did a lot of great things for this franchise and any rational fan should be grateful for that. But it was definetely time to move on. I hope McCarthy goes to Cleveland and helps develop Baker. For the Packers, I don't know exactly who I want but it should be an interesting offseason/coaching search. Curious if we target an offensive coach and try to keep Pettine or how the organization approaches it. Hopefully Murphy lets Gutenkunst run it and get his guy.
  14. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Packers @ Vikings

    Mike is absolutely a huge problem and has been for a long time now. I've wanted Mike gone for a while and at this point, I think the majority of the team does too. There is no creativity, adjustments, or anything. It's the same shit over and over. Receivers need to win their 1 on 1s and Rodgers has to make some magic happen. Well, we have had an injured Rodgers and our #2 and #3 WRs out for the majority of the season. That results in Rodgers trying to make something happen but the rookie WRs having no idea what to during the scramble drill. We may try one trick play and if it doesn't work, you will never see it again. Unless you count a toss to Cobb out of the backfield as a trick play. Some of this may fall on Rodgers and his refusal to hit the checkdown for a quick 5 yards but if your star QB is refusing to make certain throws, that eventually falls on your shoulders as a coach too. It is absolutely time to move on from Mike, the team at this point is way too stagnant. It would also be a good thing for Mike and I think he could do fairly well if he went to Cleveland or somewhere with a young QB to develop. Murphy also needs to give Gutekunst the reigns and let him run the show, not this stupid pyramid shit he has going on right now. Although there are reports that McCarthy was responsible for that.
  15. Packers Dynasty 2010

    Erbody in the league get traded

    The Packers are fucking stupid to trade Ha Ha for a measly 4th round pick. Look at who Green Bay has at safety now; Kentrell Brice and Jermaine Whitehead will be our starting safeties with Josh Jones and Raven Greene being the backups. Maybe Tramon Williams moves back there too. Still a horrible group and our need for a safety becomes critical along with a passrusher. Ha Ha may have left in FA anyways but to only get a 4th is stupid. He could fetch that as a comp pick, so unless Gutekunst is planning on being aggressive in FA it doesn't make much sense to trade him for that. If Green Bay wanted to trade him that bad, at least get a passrusher. Do a Ha Ha for Fowler trade or something. Instead we just made the defense worse. My only hope now is that the Pack miss the playoffs and McCarthy is gone. Then Gute can use the shitload of picks and cap space to give Rodgers enough talent to make a run for a few years.
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