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  1. As I am sure some of you have been told, we have a new forum today. Many of you remember the old No Holds Barred where things got hairy, crazy, and lord knows what. We hope it'll be different this time. We've started with making restrictions on getting in, and we've made it invisible to all members without access. The reason for this is because anything goes in that forum, and in that forum alone. You have to have a certain level of maturity to handle the stuff in there, and keep it in there. People who wish to get into NHB must get past 3 obstacles. 1. Applicants must prove themselves to be 18 or older. This is our first attempt at a maturity clause, if you're this old you can legally handle anything that will posted in there. So scan your driver's license, or some sort of identification to prove your age. I'm sure there's some privacy issues there, but if you have a facebook account, it's not like corporations or anyone doesn't have everything they already need on you. 2. Applicants must have been on TGP for at least one year. This is to make sure that you know the guys on the site well enough to handle their ribbing, because it'll be a lot worse in NHB. 3. Applicants must have a majority of the upper staff (4 of 6) accept them. This is just so we can make sure there won't be some serious trouble, most of the people who pass the first two obstacles are in good standing with us and can get in pretty easily. This is to make sure people we know aren't mature enough to handle NHB, don't get in even if they make both prior requirements. That should be everything, so if you want in, start applying.
  2. RazorStar

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Let the country burn. Burn it to the ground.
  3. RazorStar

    Way too early predictions 2020

    AFC East: It's the Dolphins division to lose, think the tank job worked perfectly for them, and they're going to prey on the garbage that is the AFC East. AFC North: The Ravens are the likely favourites to take over the division, but I think the Steelers defense makes them just as threatening, and the blueprint to handle the one dimensional Ravens is there. Control the pace of the game and they can never catch up. Ravens and Steelers make the postseason. AFC South: The Titans didn't get worse, and more time with the squad means Tannehill should gel with his team enough to walk through the division. The Texans are collapsing fast, the Colts are trying to rely on an ancient QB but have a decent squad around him, and the Jags are tanking, but are bound to steal a few wins here and there. AFC West: Chiefs should sweep through the division with ease, The Chargers are all set for another high pick this season, the Raiders are bound to collapse, and the Broncos look poised for a wildcard spot, but seem apt to blow it. At least there's a 7th spot this season. NFC East: Cowboys are going to crash hard, this will be between the mediocre Eagles, and the Giants (only if Daniel Jones can take a big step forward). Give me the Eagles. NFC North: Aaron Rodgers may hate his life, but the Packers are still the best team in the division by a wide margin. Vikings should slot into a playoff spot as a wildcard though. NFC South: The most interesting division since the QB landscape has changed so drastically. Brady is washed, but he can still use that brain of his to eke a few victories the Bucs wouldn't have gotten otherwise. The Falcons are a agent of chaos and will finish between 7-9 wins. Who knows what to expect from the Panthers with Teddy Bridgewater, and we're still waiting for Drew Brees to fall off that cliff. I think the Saints have one last year of success, but they'll fall early in the postseason. NFC West: This is between the Seahawks and 49ers again, as long as Russell Wilson is Dangeruss. The 49ers have the offensive capacity and stout defense to go toe to toe with every team in the league, they just need to develop a killer instinct to shut teams down. I could see the Cardinals as a potential surprise playoff team with the addition of DeAndre Hopkins. It's not like David Johnson was doing anything for them anymore. AFC: 1. Chiefs 2. Titans 3. Ravens 4. Dolphins 5. Steelers 6. Broncos 7. Colts NFC: 1. Saints 2. 49ers 3. Packers 4. Eagles 5. Seahawks 6. Vikings 7. Falcons Wildcard Round: Colts > Titans 30-27 Ravens > Broncos 40-0 Dolphins > Steelers 22-20 Seahawks > Eagles 28-20 Packers > Vikings 17-14 OT 49ers > Falcons 31-20 Divisional Round: Seahawks > Saints 37-31 49ers > Packers 40-20 Ravens > Dolphins 28-12 Chiefs > Colts 30-27 OT Championship Round: 49ers > Seahawks 24-20 Chiefs > Ravens 38-28 Superb Owl Chiefs > 49ers 31-30
  4. The matches for the second round are: 1. 1984 San Fracisco 49ers vs. 64. 1992 San Francisco 49ers 32. 2019 Kansas City Chiefs vs. 33. 2017 Philadelphia Eagles 16. 1986 New York Giants vs. 49. 1971 Dallas Cowboys 17. 1987 Washington Redskins vs. 81. 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Judge Jerry Jeudy.

  6. RazorStar

    2020 Official NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    I really hate drafting a WR early, but Jeudy looks like the best of the bunch to me, so I hope it works out. If Fant can develop we have a pretty strong group of starters at the skill positions.
  7. 8. 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 72. 1969 Minnesota Vikings 25. 1996 Green Bay Packers vs. 40. 1995 Dallas Cowboys 9. 1976 Oakland Raiders vs. 56. 1986 Chicago Bears 24. 1992 Dallas Cowboys vs. 41. 1997 Denver Broncos Sorry it's been so long since I updated this, I've been sick as a dog lately and completely out of it. I'll be closing the day 1 polls soon, so if you haven't voted in that one yet, be sure to vote in this one. We've got a lot of tough matches here today.
  8. The Las Vegas Raiders select: Solomon Kindley, OG, Georgia and Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia
  9. RazorStar

    If you could play for any team...

    Somewhere with half decent weather, like Minnesota or Green Bay.
  10. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 2, Day 1

    My choices this time around are. 1984 49ers > 1992 49ers Winning a super bowl is a big plus, but the 1984 squad was dominant on both sides of the ball, going 15-1 and marching their way to a super bowl victory over an incredible Dolphins squad. The 92 squad just didn't have the same intensity on the defensive side of the ball, despite similar stats. 2017 Eagles > 2019 Chiefs This one was a really difficult decision to make. I think Patrick Mahomes is a cheat code unto himself, and pretty much equalizes any disparity there might be between squads. However I think the Eagles defense can really harass him, at least enough for their incredible offense to make serious dents on the Chiefs squad, who only got to face one threat teams in the postseason. 1971 Cowboys > 1986 Giants The very best of the Parcells' Giants teams, they could win without a QB, which is exactly what they needed to do. Joe Morris was a workhorse, and Lawrence Taylor with the rest of that defense went off. unfortunately, the Cowboys defense was incredible too, and Roger Staubach has a higher capacity in tight games than Phil Simms ever had. 2004 Steelers > 1987 Redskins The Redskins won this one on a strike shortened season, so there was a lot of chicanery afoot. I think they were a good squad, but the 04 Steelers were dominant on defense, and had a powerful run game to rely on, while the Redskins got by on their trench play. I think it'd be close, but give me those Steelers.
  11. RazorStar

    Greatest Team in the Super Bowl Era

    Well, we've made it to the second round after eliminating 32 wannabe contenders. Now the real titans of the tournament are going to be showing up.
  12. Hey guys, the offseason is a total drag, and this offseason might be even more of a drag than usual since there isn't even any basketball or hockey to stem the tides. So I'm starting up a new tournament to pass the time. A single elimination, 96 team tournament, to determine which team was the greatest of all time. In the Super Bowl era anyway, it was way too easy to have dynasties in 12 team leagues. The rules for qualification were pretty simple, all super bowl winning teams automatically got a berth, and automatically received the top 54 seeds. After all, winning a championship is the goal of every great team. I randomized the seeding order for those teams, so some of the really good ones didn't get a first round bye. From there I put in some at large teams. 10 didn't feel like quite enough, I was leaving out teams with 14+ wins in the regular season, so I expanded to include all of those, along with some more at larges that I picked based off of other factors. In the end, I came up with a 96 team bracket. https://challonge.com/xg209bla I'll be putting up polls shortly for the first round, I'll try to close them in a timely manner, but we'll see how results shake out.
  13. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 7

    Polls are now closed, the 83 Redskins, 04 Patriots, 01 Patriots and the 14 Patriots are moving on.
  14. 62. 1978 Dallas Cowboys vs. 67. 1983 Washington Redskins 35. 2004 New England Patriots vs. 94. 2019 Baltimore Ravens 51. 2001 New England Patiots vs. 78. 2002 Oakland Raiders 46. 2014 New England Patriots vs. 83. 2005 Seattle Seahawks It's the Patriot special this week. Stupid freaking dynasties. Vote away, chums.
  15. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 6

    Alright, going to close this one up as well. Be sure to vote in day 7 and day 8.
  16. Here are the matchups for today: 58. 1968 Baltimore Colts vs. 71. 1994 Dallas Cowboys 39. 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 90. 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers 55. 1967 Oakland Raiders vs. 74. 1998 Atlanta Falcons 42. 2013 Seattle Seahawks vs. 87. 2007 New England Patriots And here are the some tiebreakers as well: 1998 Minnesota Vikings vs. 1984 Miami Dolphins 2011 New York Giants vs. 2015 Carolina Panthers
  17. 59. 1976 Minnesota Vikings vs. 70. 1990 San Francsico 49ers 38. 1983 L.A. Raiders vs. 91. 2011 Green Bay Packers 54. 2018 New England Patriots vs. 75. 2011 New England Patriots 43. 1980 Oakland Raiders vs. 86. 2019 San Francisco 49ers It's the last set of matches for the first round! Who will come out on top?
  18. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 5

    and closed. The 79 Oilers, 66 Packers, 04 Eagles and 07 Giants will be moving on.
  19. Here are the matches for today: 63. 1979 Houston Oilers vs. 68. 1981 Dallas Cowboys 34. 1966 Green Bay Packers vs. 95. 2000 Tennessee Titans 50. 1968 New York Jets vs. 79. 2004 Philadelphia Eagles 47. 2007 New York Giants vs. 82. 2005 Indianapolis Colts
  20. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 7

    This is the 2005 Seahawks, with Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasslebeck
  21. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 5

    Get those votes in, we're coming down to the wire
  22. RazorStar

    Worst... List... Ever???

    Brees being so low is a joke yes. Until he actually fades into dust he should still be top 5 on these sorts of lists. Apparently the ranking is based on contract, age and future value to a franchise. So a talented player who only gives you next year is going to fare worse than a guy who looks poised to give you a decade of good work. but yes, the real joke is Gardner Minshew is not second on this list.
  23. RazorStar


    So I found one of those political compass type quizzes and I thought it was interesting enough to be considered worth posting. https://8values.github.io/index.html It's 70 questions and it rates you based on 4 axes, Economic, Diplomatic, State(Liberty v Authority), and Society (general progressiveness). Here were my results.
  24. Let the polling begin! Which team is truly the greatest of all time? 96 Super Bowl Era teams enter, only one can prevail. The matches today are: 64. 1992 San Francisco 49ers vs. 65. 1980 Philadelphia Eagles 33. 2017 Philadelphia Eagles vs. 96. 2016 Atlanta Falcons 49. 1971 Dallas Cowboys vs. 80. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals 48. 2012 Baltimore Ravens vs. 79. 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers
  25. RazorStar

    Greatest Team Tournie: Round 1, Day 4

    Alright, as for my picks: The 1975 Cowboys were one of the last teams I put on this list, but their resume is just lacking compared to so many of the others on the list. They barely got into the playoffs, and had a few lucky breaks go their way to make it to the super bowl, before getting handled by the Steelers. On the other hand, the Packers were the best team in the NFC that year, lead by an MVP QB and were close to winning a super bowl, if not for the Terrell Davis show. Give me the Pack here. The 1993 Cowboys might have been the best iteration of that dynasty overall. I think if I was seeding based on actual team strength, I'd put them in the top 10. The 2012 49ers were good, but they went to a worse QB to finish out their season and suffered greatly for it. Easy pick here. The Colts handled business based on a strong defense and an intelligent QB who was well past his prime, but had the most mental acumen of anyone who had played the game up to that point. They weren't nearly as good as their record would imply they were, and they had an easy road to the super bowl. On the other hand, the 99 Jags beat every team on their schedule except one. The problem is that they played that team three times, and that team had a copy of their offensive playbook. Ask the Dodgers how hard it is to win when the other team is stealing your signals. Give me the Jags here, that team was monstrous with Mark Brunell and those weapons, and that defense was aggressive as hell. Lastly the Steelers and Chargers. LT had an MVP season, Shawne Merrimen was a standout on defense, and Philip Rivers immediately stepped into the role of starter and leader. They suffered a tough defeat on a fluky play, but they were easily the best team in the AFC that season. Everything that has happened to them since is karmic justice. The Steelers may have been a 6 seed on paper, but they were still an 11-5 team even with their starting QB missing four games. That defense was oppressive, Willie Parker took his game to another level while the Bus became a short yardage specialist, and Roethlisberger became a larger part of the offense. It's the toughest matchup of the bunch, but I took the Steelers on the strength of that defense.
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