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    Chargers @ Pats

    Everything is set to go the Patriots way and there is no chance for the Chargers. It was a nice run, but ringless Rivers will remain Ringless with a big loss here. 27 23
  2. RazorStar

    Cowboys @ Rams

    The question is who gets sucked into the other's pace first? The Rams can't win if they're getting bullied by the Cowboys front, and the Cowboys won't win if the Rams build up an early lead. History tends to favour the defensive team in this equation, but the Cowboys aren't exactly a stout defense, so much as they are an aggressive one. If Goff has time to set up playaction, and their line holds for a few seconds, they can put up points on those weak defensive backs. This could go either way, but I like the Rams here. 34 21
  3. RazorStar

    Colts @ Chiefs

    RIP Colts, it's the Chiefs time. 20 27
  4. RazorStar

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    gotta remember that Josh McDaniels changed his mind too, so I'd not set that one in stone yet.
  5. RazorStar

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    I agree that the Packers needed to take a chance on someone who isn't a retread. Time to see if Lafleur has what it takes to get Aaron to listen to him or not.
  6. RazorStar

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

  7. RazorStar

    2018 Awards

    MVP: Your Daddy Drew Brees The league fucking owes him for Peyton stealing it... wait no they don't The actual MVP Winner: Patrick Mahomes BUT MY COMPILER STATS, they claim as I own the libs. 😛 I don't even know, but writers are gonna latch onto to Mahomies 50 TD's, 5000 yards, and incredible streak of scoring 26+ points in every game this season. Brees was the more efficient passer with lesser weapons, but people love those volume stats. --- OPOTY: Christian McCaffery Perhaps not the conventional choice, since I'm sure the voters will split the Brees Mahomes vote like the OPOTY is a pity prize. McCaffery is a god damn weapon, and made a case for being the best back in football this year. He's just difficult to stop no matter what situation you put him in, and the threat he creates opened up the Panthers offense greatly, even when their QB was playing with a missing arm. --- DPOTY: Aaron Donald This would be the conventional choice. Despite all the money they poured into the defense, it felt like Donald was the only guy doing things that matter. Suh and Brockers were invisible most of the season, the defensive backfield was banged up early, and their linebackers are still pretty raw, though I liked what I saw out of a few of them. Donald is a real force of nature and worth every penny of his contract. --- OROTY: Quenton Nelson They don't give these awards to guards, pick someone else named Baker or Saquon... but seriously, the Colts built an identity on strong line play and it's working wonders. Marlon Mack goes from an average bargain bin running back to one of the top producers in the league and it's all because of the fire and intensity put in by this kid. Colts really nailed their rookie class this year, which is a big reason why they're in the divisional round right now. So fuck all y'all haters, Baker and Saquon are sippin Pina Coladas on the beach right now. --- DROTY: Derwin James The eraser, the beast, the demon who lives in the shadows. Don't blink or you'll miss him making a key tackle, or a turnover, or a pass breakup. He's anywhere and everywhere and the Chargers maximized what they got out of this kid. There were a lot of great rookies this year on defense, but Derwin is definitely the highlighter right now. Small props to Darius Leonard, Leighton Vander Esch, Fred Warner, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Denzel Ward and Bradley Chubb for their work this year, as well as anyone else I may have missed. --- Comeback Player J.J. Watt I bet 31 teams wished he had just retired after his injury and went back to chopping wood, or fucking bears in the mountain or whatever this football robot does for fun. After notching 1.5 sacks in the past two years combined, he's come back in force and finished with 16 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 61 tackles and 18 TFL's. Dude is back, and the league needs to watch out because he takes over games, and was just a few spots out of consideration for defensive player of the year this year. --- Coach of the Year: Anthony Lynn I know what the popular choice is, and the popular choice is wrong. Nagy did a great job of game preparation and scripting early drives, but he couldn't make Trubisky a miracle worker like the media seems to believe he has, and poor decisions during gametime are at his feet for every one of the Bears losses this year. Anthony Lynn is my choice, and it's in large part because he's made the decisions to put his team in position to win the game. Sure, he's dealing with a cursed franchise who can't help but stumble over their own dicks in clutch situations, but he's got them keeping a level head and putting his team in the best position possible. I think in terms of actively detrimental calls, he's probably near the bottom of the list, but he's giving Ringless Rivers a chance at Redemption which is more than most coaches can say. ---
  8. RazorStar

    Colts @ Texans

    This is either gonna be the game of the week... or the Colts are gonna steamroll them. Give me the Colts steamrolling them.
  9. RazorStar

    Seahawks @ Cowboys

    Are y'all ready for playoff Russell Wilson bullshit? It's coming, and much sooner than you think. Seahawks > Cowboys in a close one.
  10. RazorStar

    Sports Illustrated's 2018 NFL Predictions

    Well they got that wrong, there's no way the Texans could only lose 5 games now.
  11. RazorStar

    2018/19 playoffs bracket

    Wild Card: > 41-10 > 13-9 > 19-10 > 23-21 --- Divisional Round: > 34-30 > 27-24 > 17-7 > 30-23 --- Conference Championships: > 24-21 OT > 20-13 --- Superb Owl 54: > 34-14
  12. RazorStar

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    By all account, Antonio Brown is a diva. I mean all WR's are, but he takes it to such an extreme I have to wonder if it can be allowed to work anymore. Most people are only focused on number 1, that much is true, but you don't let a WR dictate terms for the franchise, you don't let a egomaniac run a team who isn't the head coach, because at least the head coach is held accountable for his slip ups and failures. If I was Mike Tomlin I'd stop trying to apologize for Browns actions and start the smear campaign that is the truth. Let it be known to Brown, and the other people on the team perhaps thinking along the same lines that these sorts of actions won't be tolerated. And if you need to trade him away, you do that. But Mike TOmlin isn't that sort of coach, and he'll be gone when Ben retires, or the year after.
  13. RazorStar

    Alliance Of American Football

    It basically has all of of your favourite washouts from previous years. Zach Mettenberger, Christian Hackenburg, Zac Stacy... the list goes on and on. Mike Martz is the head coach of the San Diego Fleet and Mike Singletary is coaching the Memphis Express, who I'll be rooting for.
  14. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    Final results, writeup sometime in the future: WEEK 17 QB RANKINGS 1. Drew Brees 10 2. Matt Ryan 28 3. Patrick Mahomes 34 4. Philip Rivers 38 5. Tom Brady 47 6. DeShaun Watson 47 7. Russell Wilson 49 8. Andrew Luck 49 9. Ryan Fitzpatrick 53 10. Ben Roethlisberger 56 11. Mitch Trubisky 56 12. Kirk Cousins 57 13. Carson Wentz 59 14. Jared Goff 61 15. Cam Newton 65 16. Dak Prescott 71 17. Aaron Rodgers 75 18. Nick Foles 77 19. Baker Mayfield 79 20. Jameis Winston 80 21. Brock Osweiler 80 22. Nick Mullens 86 23. Eli Manning 86 24. Andy Dalton 87 25. Marcus Mariota 89 26. Derek Carr 89 27. Lamar Jackson 90 28. Matt Stafford 91 29. Joe Flacco 103 30. Alex Smith 104 31. Jeff Driskel 105 32. Ryan Tannehill 106 33. Blake Bortles 120 34. Case Keenum 123 35. Josh Allen 125 36. Sam Darnold 127 37. Cody Kessler 129 38. C.J. Beathard 131 39. Blaine Gabbert 140 40. Josh McCown 153 41. Josh Rosen 157
  15. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    Another season starts, and it starts in the worst way possible. Most of you are familiar with the general premise of what I do for these rankings, basing it solely on offensive efficiency. These stats are completion percentage, TD/ATT, TO/ATT, and Yards per Attempt, with sacks, rushing attempts and fumbles factored into the equation as well. For my numbers, a fumble counts as 1/2 of a turnover whether the offense ends up giving the ball away or not, as sometimes you have scenarios where a guy fumbles 15 times but never loses possession, while a guy who only fumbles 5 times and loses possession every time should not be punished more for variance. Any ties on my list are sorted by Yards per Attempt, as I find that is the best measure of determining a winning QB. Week 1 has already brought back the Lolions and Lolsaints corollary, where even mediocre QB's will take a dump on them and rise to the top of the rankings early. Sam Bradford was put in the number position after killing the Saints last year, so it does not surprise me at all to see Ryan Fitzpatrick of all people take the top spot early. Time will sort this out, I'm certain, it's just a perfect conflux of factors leading to Fitzmagic's early success. Nathan Peterman owns the bottom spot with a conventional passer rating of zero, and my rankings don't give him any more help in that regard. There have been a lot of poor starts this season though, and there is a clear dividing line between 16th and 17th place at this early stage. Week 1 Rankings 1. Ryan Fitzpatrick 6 2. Drew Brees 14 3. Patrick Mahomes 27 4. Aaron Rodgers 30 5. Joe Flacco 33 6. Sam Darnold 41 7. Philip Rivers 43 8. Andy Dalton 44 9. Alex Smith 51 10. Tom Brady 51 11. Ryan Tannehill 52 12. Case Keenum 57 13. Kirk Cousins 57 14. Cam Newton 57 15. Andrew Luck 57 16. Jared Goff 62 17. Derek Carr 75 18. Russell Wilson 77 19. Mitch Trubisky 77 20. Blake Bortles 80 21. Dak Prescott 85 22. Eli Manning 89 23. Ben Roethlisberger 90 24. Matt Stafford 93 25. DeShaun Watson 93 26. Josh Allen 93 27. Jimmy Garoppolo 94 28. Tyrod Taylor 94 29. Marcus Mariota 95 30. Sam Bradford 105 31. Blaine Gabbert 107 32. Matt Ryan 109 33. Nick Foles 114 34. Nathan Peterman 128
  16. RazorStar

    Week 17 Playoff Scenarios

    Competing Teams: 1. X-Kansas City 11-4 2. Y-New England 10-5 3. X-Houston 10-5 4. Baltimore 9-6 5. X-Los Angeles Chargers 11-4 6. Indianapolis Colts 9-6 ---- 7. Tennessee Titans 9-6 8. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-6-1 8. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-6-1 Potential Seeds 4, 6 The Steelers started the season rough, and they finished the season rough, penalties, turnovers and various other mental mistakes have put them in the outside looking in after leading the North for most of the second half of the season. They have two routes to the postseason, and they both require some help. The first is the path to the 4 seed, which is the easier method. As long as the Steelers beat the Bengals, and the Browns beat the Ravens, the Steelers will take the North, and the Ravens will miss the postseason. The second method is a little nastier, but the Steelers can still make the playoffs if they win and Baltimore wins. Indianapolis and Tennessee play on Sunday Night, and the winner will be the 6 seed at a bare minimum. However, if neither the Titans nor the Colts win on Sunday Night, the Steelers make it over the Colts and Titans by virtue of their tiebreaker (Common Games, which is broken on ESPN’s Playoff Machine), and sneak in as the unlikely 6 seed. 7. Tennessee Titans 9-6 6. Indianapolis Colts 9-6 Potential Seeds: 2 (Titans only), 3, 4, 6 I put them together because only the winner of their game can make the postseason, the loser is out entirely. If the Texans win against the Jaguars, the winner of their week 17 bout will be the 6 seed. If the Texans lose, then things get interesting. The winner of the game will become the AFC South champion (Divisional Record tiebreaker) and depending on results from the Ravens and Patriots, could jump higher in the seeding. If the Patriots and Ravens lose, and the Titans win, the Titans jump all the way up to the second seed. If the Pats and Ravens lose and the Colts win, the Colts only jump up to 3rd, since they lost H2H against the Pats. If the Ravens win, the best the Colts can do is 4th seed, and the Titans could be 3rd or 4th depending on the Patriots winning or losing. 5. X-Los Angeles Chargers 11-4 Potential Seeds 1, 5 The Chargers are rather simple by comparison. A Win and a Chiefs Loss will give them home field advantage (what home field?) throughout the playoffs. Anything else, and they’re the 5 seed, set for a road game against… someone. 4. Baltimore Ravens 9-6 Potential Seeds 2, 3, 4, 6 The Ravens can potentially be the 6 seed, but that requires them to tie the Browns this week and have the Colts and Titans tie as well, which is so absurd it may as well be impossible instead of just incredibly improbable. A loss won’t eliminate them, but a loss and a Steelers win will. If both AFC North frontrunners lose, the Ravens would be locked into the 4. The ravens have superior tiebreakers on the Titans, Patriots, and Colts, so in a scenario with those division winners at 10-6, the Ravens would be the lead dog, and could grab the second seed with a mere Patriots and Texans loss and a victory. They don’t have a good tiebreaker with the Texans, but it won’t be relevant at this stage. 3. X-Houston Texans 10-5 Potential Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 The Texans blew a shot at keeping control of a playoff bye with their loss to the Eagles yesterday. However, they could still gain a bye and even home field advantage thanks to the Chiefs slipping up against the Seahawks. The Texans have a playoff spot locked up, but a loss to Jacksonville means they will be the 6 seed unless the Colts and Titans both tie. They’ve got a lot more play if they do win however. They lost the H2H to the Patriots, so they need them to lose to the Jets to get a bye. If the Chiefs, Chargers, and Texans all go 11-5 with the Pats going 10-6, the Texans would have the tiebreaker on the Chiefs and claim the first seed. If the Pats are thrown into that mix, the Patriots have the first seed, and the Texans the two, while the Chiefs drop to third. 2. Y-New England Patriots 10-5 Potential Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4 They clinched their division this week so they are guaranteed a home game at the worst. A win would secure at least a first round bye, and if both the Chiefs and Chargers lost on top of that, they would secure home field advantage. If they lose to the Jets, then they can tumble. With a H2H loss to the Titans, they’d prefer the Colts winning if the Texans lost so they could keep a bye, and they’d also prefer to have the Ravens lose as well so they don’t tumble all the way to 4th potentially. A lot of teams could be looking for weird results in the Colts / Titans game if they don’t take care of their own business. 1. X-Kansas City Chiefs 11-4 Potential Seeds 1, 2, 3, 5 For the Chiefs it’s simple. Win and you get HFA. Lose… then things get really bad, really fast. The Chiefs have the division tiebreaker on the Chargers, but a loss and a San Diego win drops them to the 5th seed, and a road date against a nasty opponent. Supposing both they and San Diego lose, then they can easily tumble down the division winners because New England has a H2H victory on them, and the Texans would (likely) have Strength of Victory on them. I'll be doing the NFC later, but it's a lot simpler.
  17. RazorStar

    Browns @ Ravens

    Would love to see the Browns break .500, but they're gonna fall short. The Mayfield Express will crash and burn in Baltimore.
  18. RazorStar

    Jags @ Texans

    I sure hope the Jags win this one to sew maximum chaos in the playoff race.
  19. RazorStar

    TGP Pickem 2018

    Uh right, so normally I make a big spreadsheet, and do this whole thing week by week. However I really don't have a lot of free time these days to pull it off, so I'm using the assistance of NFL.com to make my life easier. We're still doing this, it's just we're doing this on NFL.com, that way I don't have to be the only eyes on keeping track of the standings and all that. http://weeklypickem.fantasy.nfl.com/group/191955 The password to enter is: tgp All lowercase, so it shouldn't be an issue to get in. Anyway, good luck and have fun guys.
  20. RazorStar

    Colts @ Titans

    One of the few games that matter today... and the Titans are gonna get rolled like a fucking french pastry. 40 17
  21. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    Brees absolutely will, especially if he takes week 17 off and doesn't do anything to damage it. This september through to November was an era of insane passing yards. Looking at just passer rating alone, we've got 23 QB's with over a 90 passer rating, and 9 over 100. Previous years have been high, but not like this. 2017: 15 over 90 PR, 5 over 100 2016: 17 and 5 2015: 19 and 6 2014: 16 and 4 2013: 11 and 7 So you kind of get the picture, this has been the culmination of the offense centric focused rules changes. Drew Brees is shattering his completion record at 74.4%, he's averaging over 8 YPA non adjusted, which is already insane considering how many passes he's completed. If it wasn't for his somewhat off December, he'd probably be league leading in other categories as well. As for the average score of the top 5... well this is all by comparison to each other, so I'd say the top 4 stand out a fair bit amongst the pack, but I wouldn't call it an overwhelming disparity or anything. Compared to other top 5's across other years, well I'd have to go digging to find out, but I'm leaning towards yes, considering the staggering efficiency rates put up this season. December has diminished the numbers somewhat, so there is still hope for defense oriented teams though.
  22. RazorStar

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    Week 16 Qb Rankings: 1. Drew Brees 12 2. Matt Ryan 30 (+2) 3. Patrick Mahomes 31 4. Philip Rivers 31 (-2) 5. Russell Wilson 40 (+1) 6. DeShaun Watson 45 (+1) 7. Ryan Fitzpatrick 52 (+1) 8. Andrew Luck 53 (+1) 9. Ben Roethlisberger 57 (+1) 10. Kirk Cousins 57 (+2) 11. Tom Brady 59 (-7) 12. Mitch Trubisky 59 (+2) 13. Carson Wentz 60 (-2) 14. Cam Newton 65 (-1) 15. Jared Goff 66 16. Baker Mayfield 74 (+6) 17. Aaron Rodgers 74 (+1) 18. Derek Carr 75 (-1) 19. Nick Foles 77 (+10) 20. Dak Prescott 79 21. Brock Osweiler 80 (-2) 22. Eli Manning 82 (+4) 23. Nick Mullens 84 (-7) 24. Jeff Driskel 88 (+4) 25. Marcus Mariota 89 26. Andy Dalton 90 (-3) 27. Ryan Tannehill 90 (-6) 28. Jameis Winston 91 (-4) 29. Lamar Jackson 92 (+1) 30. Matt Stafford 99 (-3) 31. Alex Smith 101 32. Joe Flacco 102 33. Blake Bortles 115 34. Sam Darnold 125 (+3) 35. C.J. Beathard 126 36. Case Keenum 127 (-2) 37. Cody Kessler 130 (-1) 38. Josh Allen 137 39. Josh McCown 152 40. Josh Rosen 154 Blame the holidays for not letting me get a proper writeup in. Baker Mayfield ends up going up to the top 20 for the first time, and Nick Foles shoots up 10 spots after dismantling the Texans on Sunday. The big drops are located in the AFC East, as Tom Brady tumbles out of the top 10 after being owned by the Buffalo pass D, and Ryan Tannehill falls after being embarassed by a jags defense with a fire under their asses. Nick Mullens also tumbled a bit against the scary bears D. The battle for first is locked down, Drew Brees probably won't even play week 17, but the person who gets second will be interesting. Matt Ryan has had an incredible year, overshadowed by the fact that his defense couldn't catch a cold if they tried. Philip Rivers and Patrick Mahomes have had their fair share of MVP talks as well. There's one week left to see how these all shake up. Look forward to it.
  23. RazorStar

    Who's The Best Team In The League?

    I think the most dangerous teams in the post season right now are the Bears, the Saints, and the Ravens. December and January tend to be the months where defense shines, and those defenses are looking poised to make big things happen. I could see Lamar Jackson and Mitch Trubisky accidentally making some dumb throws or turnovers to cost their teams, but I see it less so from the Saints, who have one of the best QB's in postseason history on their side along with a very good but not superb D. Otherwise, you can never count the Patriots out, because their preparation is always worlds above other teams, the Rams can make it far if they aren't challenged properly and are allowed to play their game. The Seahawks are playing good postseason football as well, a heavy run game, stout aggressive defense, and a QB who can strike efficiently and make first downs when the situation calls for it has always been a recipe for success in this league. I wouldn't trust the Chiefs, because that defense is a joke. I don't like the Texans although they feel like they're close. Another year of development from Watson and a few offensive linemen would go a long way. The Cowboys probably have the worst QB in the postseason right now, and the Cowboys can be figured out and overwhelmed. As for the playoff hopefuls (well the Ravens might fall short which the rest of the AFC would love), the Steelers are poor in preparation and will forget to show up against somebody they go up against, even though they could easily win the AFC if they had the proper discipline in place. The Colts are a very interesting squad, and if they snagged a home game I could see them making some waves in the postseason until they inevitably lose to the Patriots. The Titans are gonna ride that defense as best they can, and pray they don't need to start Blaine Gabbert for a playoff game.... but the game against the Colts is essentially one of those. The Eagles scream cinderella, but there are some real ugly stepsisters in the ball this year, and they need help from one of them to even make it in. I don't trust the Vikings, and they're the easiest team to slot in for a loss in the postseason if they even make it there.
  24. RazorStar

    Week 17 Playoff Scenarios

    Competing Teams: 1. Z-New Orleans Saints 13-2 2. Y-Los Angeles Rams 12-3 3. Y-Chicago Bears 11-4 4. Y-Dallas Cowboys 9-6 5. X-Seattle Seahawks 9-6 6. Minnesota Vikings 8-6-1 --- 7. Philadelphia Eagles 8-7 7. Philadelphia Eagles 8-7 Potential Seeds: 6 The Eagles only have one road to the postseason, now that Week 16 shook up like it did. They need to beat the Redskins and they need to have the Bears beat the Vikings. They can’t even hope for the Vikings and Bears to tie either, because the Vikings beat them H2H. With Seattle beating the Chiefs, there is no hope of pushing them out for a playoff spot, because the Seahawks have a superior conference record tiebreaker. 6. Minnesota Vikings 8-6-1 Potential Seeds: 5, 6 A Philadelphia loss or tie will put them into the postseason. A win or a tie will put them into the postseason. A win and a Seattle loss will allow them to take the 5 seed instead of the 6. It’s time to see what Kirk Cousins is truly worth, since the Bears are one of the few NFC teams who aren’t playing for nothing but pride this week. 5. X-Seattle Seahawks 9-6 Potential Seeds: 5, 6 With their win against the Chiefs they are guaranteed a playoff berth. Whether they play the Cowboys or the 3 seed depends on them. A win or tie, or a Vikings tie or loss gives them the 5th seed outright. A loss and a Vikings win will drop them down to the 6th seed, to play the Rams or the Bears. 4. Y-Dallas Cowboys 9-6 Potential Seeds: 4 The Cowboys are locked in after beating the Bucs last week. No matter what they do, they’re awaiting the Seahawks or Vikings in the postseason. 3. Y-Chicago Bears 11-4 Potential Seeds: 2, 3 The Bears can get a first round bye, but they need to beat the Vikings, and have the Rams lose to the 49ers to make that a reality. Otherwise they will be the 3 seed,and the most likely scenario would be playing the Vikings two weeks in a row. 2. Y-Los Angeles Rams 12-3 Potential Seeds: 2, 3 Losing to the two other powerhouses in the conference may have seriously hurt the Rams chances to buy a title. A win would guarantee them the 2 seed at least, but the Bears could take it if they lose. They’ll likely have to face both the Bears and Saints if they want to get out of the NFC and to the Super Bowl this year. 1. Z-New Orleans Saints 13-2 Potential Seeds: 1 Drew Brees and the rest can rest and relax for the postseason. They’ve got a nice little 19 day vacation before they play one of the Cowboys, Eagles, Seahawks, or Vikings in the third week of January.
  25. RazorStar

    Week 16 Playoff Scenarios

    Well all the teams current in the hunt or in the postseason have played their games this week, which means I'll crank out something for Week 17 sometime soon.
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