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  1. BJORN

    The good news thread

  2. BJORN

    I'm just here to gloat

    At least he is not a rapist
  3. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    Obviously, its Trump and is usually extremely petty or over actual truths so it is dangerous and all that but lets not forget the US media has been arguably one of the biggest issues in our country...so a part of me is kinda happy some of them are getting shit on even if its totally irrational.
  4. BJORN

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Do you think the Eastern Conference champion banner would actually count for something then in this context? Got some squads forming in the East for sure.
  5. BJORN

    Best line in hockey right now?

    Not knowledgable enough on the Col guys...tbh... I know that Boston line is a great two-way line so im thinking it might be them but... Fuck Boston, I'm voting Col :smug:
  6. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    Love the quote "The party badly wants to nominate a woman" uhhh how about the best candidate? NAh, why do that when you have millions of potatoes who will vote on identity alone
  7. BJORN

    Need Advice w/ Losing a Pet

    My advice: do things she enjoys with her as much as you can and after the fact just be positive and think of her and all of the love and memories you share.
  8. BJORN

    Kicking Balls and magnets

    It was the wind... lol
  9. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    Putin will want whatever president in power that weakens/divides us the most from his perspective.
  10. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    Every politician is a fraud
  11. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    Booker groped a girl in HS...owned up to it 25 years ago...move on...not the end of the world and doesn't make him a bad guy.
  12. BJORN

    Ravens @ Steelers

    Definite mixture of both. I thought for sure the Steelers would win when they tied it up going into halftime but was pleasantly surprised. Steelers defense is just too suspect at the moment.
  13. BJORN

    Razor's QB Rankings 2018

    The Fitzmagic disrespect is real. Not good? Not number1? broooooooooo
  14. I agree, there are a few things in common that these groups share but as blots said/hinted, typically through completely different means. There are probably a few issues that are low-hanging fruit that all would agree on, sure. 1. To help provide stability and to counter/manage insurgent groups like ISIS until the Afghans are built up enough to manage things themselves. 2. Nothing? Had every reason to boycott the major parties last pres election and no one did.
  15. BJORN

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    F4E, you bastard
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