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  1. I will take the Ravens. I can be a flex for some teams as well.
  2. BJORN

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Yup, now we are just hoping the farm system comes through. We were already hoping for a big year in the 2020/2021 window...I think grabbing Manny doubles down on that.
  3. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    I feel like every time I read descriptions or even her wiki page, she sounds good/decent. But almost every time she speaks or I see a quote, I end up cringing at some point.
  4. BJORN

    2019 Baseball Thread

    How about them Pads making moves? Don't think it is a terrible deal and I preferred Manny over Harper big time.
  5. BJORN

    Joe Flacco Traded to Denver

    Enjoy the elite Dragon, Razor. Just remember. Rahim 'the dream' Moore.
  6. BJORN

    Biggest Douchewad in the NFL?

    Likewise. OBJ and the corners listed aren't really dbags, nor is Bell imo.
  7. BJORN

    Who trades for Antonio Brown?

    Working hard <> good person He did quit on his team, which is dishonorable. Though, I am glad he finally aired his position as to why. I could see the Cowboys or Redskins going for him. Rebuilding Raiders could make a splash. Don't see the Steelers trading in the division or to contenders (Chiefs, Chargers, Pats, Texans).
  8. BJORN

    Fuck Verizon

    They admitted they made a mistake in the article.
  9. BJORN

    The Price of Winning

    While not always, there has definitely been a trend towards teams winning SBs with QBs on lesser contracts. The team in recent memory that didn't was the Broncos but the stars aligned in terms of assembling the defense for them. They were fucking STACKED and had cap space to snag Peyton. One team has had the greatest QB of this generation who has been paid MUCH below his market value: The Patriots. Now one could say Brady willingly sacrifices his salary so the team will be better off which is true. But Brady has one luxury most players don't: A motherfucking gold-mine for a wife. While, I am sure winning plays a factor in terms of contract decisions and such, the reality is that these players need to make the most that they can, while they can. So if every QB decided to take (much) less than they are worth, that shifts their collective market value down and screws everyone over. I think there is no doubt that Brady's contract has helped the Pats stay so consistent. But due to the fact that is he undercutting his felow QBs, is this something that should be looked into? It certainly effects the health of the league. (I know I am sure the owners would love it if everyone took less money!)
  10. BJORN

    Julius Peppers hangs 'em up

    I always loved Peppers because he played both basketball and football at UNC. That shows pretty much how good of an athlete he was.
  11. BJORN

    AFCCG Pats @ Chiefs

    60-51-7 - The record of team who got the ball first in OT..... Play defense. It wasn't automatic that the Chiefs score - just re-watch the first half for proof. It is however, fact, that the Pats did score and the Chiefs let them.
  12. BJORN

    AFCCG Pats @ Chiefs

    Yeah, I get annoyed at all the crying over the Chiefs not getting the ball in OT and such. They had a million opportunities on defense to take the game and failed.
  13. BJORN

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Wouldn't be the Steelers without some bs drama at the end of a season. I bet nothing happens.
  14. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    Bye Trump
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