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  1. BJORN

    Cherry is at the Senior Bowl

    This is awesome! Background on how you got invited? You must be turning some heads, dude.
  2. BJORN

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    The reality of the situation is this: The Last Jedi did not reach the fans. This movie had to course correct and I would argue they did just enough to make it work well. It had some brilliant moments, great action, and an actual story. A lot of it was rushed and sure there are nit-picks I could make or fan-fiction I would have liked to see but overall it was grade A material that had a lot of constraints. The trilogy and this movie itself would be greatly improved if you could go back five years and re-write TLJ to support this movie.
  3. BJORN

    Rams acquire Jalen Ramsey

    Vin, can you talk to Ramsey's play this year? I mean he was great two years ago but it seems like he has regressed since. The one game I watched this year, he didn't play all that well for someone of his reputation and that was vs the Titans.
  4. BJORN

    2019 TGP Fantasy Football

    PPR is a bit ridiculous, next year we should move to 1/2 point...
  5. BJORN

    Who wins in a fight?

    Sherman is a c level athlete who relies on zone coverage Baker via uppercut
  6. BJORN

    Razor's QB Rankings 2019

    The rise of the dual threat QB
  7. BJORN

    Stefon Diggs Fined Over 200K for Missing Meetings/Practices

    That's probably what he makes for one practice
  8. Lane is a lock? Ehhhhhhhh
  9. I think if you are interested in reality on those issues, you need to look at what is going on objectively, along with the facts and data supporting that issue.
  10. BJORN


  11. BJORN

    2019 TGP Fantasy Football

    Sorry I have been loafing....in
  12. BJORN

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    You shouldnt buy a home on min wage
  13. BJORN

    Gun Control Poll

    I don't think banning ARs will solve the issue at all, it will just push those people to other alternative guns that actually serve a purpose in certain areas like hunting, home defense, etc. It is important to also note that a large amount of states already have regulations on the capability of ARs and high capacity magazines (for all guns). I support a ban on high cap mags, can't really think of a functional reason for them other than you are up to no good or are just trying to make your dick look bigger amongst your buddies. I have seen experts on the subject of mass shootings say multiple times that it is basically the media's fault and I agree. It's being carried out by people in isolation, seeking infamy/attention and the media enable them by giving them their time in the sun. It has become a mainstream thing now and we have had access to guns forever. Can someone explain why this wasn't a thing up until the past 20 years? We have always had access to highly lethal guns. We can't really regulate what the media does because then 1st amendment comes into play but we the people control what they push (clicks). One other thing that bothers me, the statistics reported on this often lump in incidents that aren't mass shooting events so it makes it look way worse than it is. That's not to say hey, only .000001% get killed or whatever, it just frustrates me seeing misleading numbers pushed for a certain agenda. Lastly, Maryland already has made it a hoop jumping procedure to just get a gun and it has pissed off many gun owners I know since it is so difficult...I know you get/need a background check and it requires some form of training. So you know what they do? Go to PA or VA ...
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