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  1. BJORN

    Trump Regime thread.

    I think we easily have the capability of coming up with solutions and there probably already are some, I just have a hard time seeing where you can make money doing it though. I kind of like the idea of a carbon tax, which is paid in credits to people who engineer ways to manage the chemistry of the atmosphere. I feel like NATO/EU countries could hopefully concoct an agreement to pool funds as well.
  2. BJORN

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    I realize you are probably just saying that to slight Curry but I hate how people are actually saying this...Like no duh, KD literally broke the league going to GS and without his presence we actually got good, competitive basketball. The series was really competitive with Klay, so its hard to even say that was the absolute difference, more so just the nail in the coffin. I thought the Raps looked to be the better team for the majority of the series.
  3. BJORN

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    So happy to see the Raps win. 100% well deserved. Of course, it is different if the Warriors are at full health, but they weren't and even then are still a top tier team. Hate to see Klay and KD go down right before free agency though. I think the Warriors sign both, assuming KD wants to return (I hope not), and hopefully can recover in time to make the playoffs. The Raptors are interesting, themselves. Kawhi and Gasol on the way out. Ujiri is getting interest from elsewhere. Talk of the Wizards offering ownership and $10m a year to be Pres of Ops. Can't say I blame them, I think Masai is the best GM in the league but ownership stake is an interesting ball to throw. Also, unsung, but I thought Ibaka was awesome in that series.
  4. BJORN

    Historical QB Rankings

    Cam is going to shoot up this list after next year, bet!
  5. BJORN

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been on a big Red Dead 2 kick lately
  6. BJORN

    Eagles give Carson Wentz a bunch of money

    Obviously the health concerns are high. But I think only going up to 4th highest paid in the period before the new CBA might be a decent trade off given Wentz has proven to be a good QB when he does play.
  7. BJORN

    Historical QB Rankings

    Do you think the Cowboys offense played a big factor in "good defense" since they were a ball control, run heavy team? I was surprised to see Aikman 8th in defense, I was just old enough to catch his final years and you never really hear about them apart from Deion, so I never thought his defenses were great or anything.
  8. BJORN

    Zack's Pokemon TCG Exploits

    Yeah, I play MTG, and I can't imagine playing under that much stress haha Really cool though. Glad you got to exact revenge on that dickhead in the second round. Look forward to seeing how you fare next go-round. Do you tend to change decks/theme often between tournies?
  9. BJORN

    Historical QB Rankings

    Fouts so low it, it hurts
  10. BJORN

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    I believe Gasol is on a player option, which doesn't ensure he re-signs. Kawhi is very much up in the air. He is a WC guy and the LA teams have $$$. I think he is likely leaivng, win or lose. Though, I will say this, Ujiri is the best GM in the game with what he has done in TOR, IMO. As far as this series goes, I think GS adjusts to mitigate Gasol from killing them, but with KD out, do they have an answer for Siakam? Also, they need to give Boogie more playing time.
  11. Zack, I agree with you one thing: GoT will age well. Not a fan of how people (no one on here) act like this season ruins everything. The season was at least entertaining and the rest of the series is pretty great. My one counterpoint to you blaming the fans for not liking it because it didn't happen the way they wanted it to: I assume you at least saw the negative reaction to this past season, right? So is it not fair to say that you went in with tempered expectations? I could see that making it more palatable for someone binging it after the fact. Ending != bad Delivery of said ending = bad
  12. Interesting. I think this would be a really cool stat to judge coaching staves over the long-term. Are they making half-time adjustments? Are they coming in unprepared? What are the long-term trends?
  13. BJORN

    Historical QB Rankings

    Rivers, Fouts, Brees? Does Unitas make the list, Razor? I assume he is out because of era or just not counted as a Chargers QB.. From a pure-rankings standpoint, Rivers is pretty low, in my opinion. But within these parameters it makes sense. There are a lot of excuses for why he is where is, most are probably valid. I think fans and analysts still recognize that Rivers, individually, is very good, with some thinking he is great. I'd say his position here tells a story of him just being 'Good.' I think there will be a ton of QBs ahead of him that, I think will have had the luxury of being on more stable teams. I think the key argument against Rivers being great, is that he just has not risen above the shit-storm that is the Chargers to get a ring. Usually a combination of fluke-shit, injuries, and poor coaching have usually come into play. Last year, I think most people would agree or thought, the Chargers were the most talented all-around team in the AFC. Yet, they still lost to the Pats.... and that is one of those games where a great QB can over-compensate for the terrible-coaching (my opinion, of course) and Rivers just didn't get it done.
  14. I didn't really like a lot of the ending. As for the season, D&D were given bullet points and that is what this season delivered. Is it all bad? Hell no. It was just very flawed and fell on its own face and couldn't live up to standards (writing). It being so condensed is probably the main killer, as I think the main points aren't a terrible end game by any stretch.
  15. BJORN

    Patrick Peterson Pegged For 6-Game PED Ban

    Sorry thought it was for PEDs. I don't think the article I read explicitly said what it was.
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