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  1. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    I won!
  2. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Going for that win by default. Ill take KC tonight
  3. blotsfan

    Consolidate the forums.

    I think the forums are too cluttered with subforums that aren't used. I think the worst offenders of this are the College football forums and the other sports area. Both have a lot of subforums that aren't actually used much, and I'd argue that it makes the site less easy to peruse. The NCAA area has 6 Subforums for conferences, but the SEC one is the only one that has any posts in the last month. I'm not saying that getting rid of the subforums will make the college football area a booming place of activity, but I bet it will reduce the vibe of it being a completely dead area, especially since a lot of people just post stuff in the general area regardless. If activity really picks up there, then maybe subforums would be necessary, but for now I think they're detracting. The game day subforum is all you really need there. Other sports has the same issue. The only subforum that gets real activity is the baseball one. Either the forum is completely dead like MMA, or theres basically only one or two threads going on like in the basketball one. I don't think the general sports area would get too cluttered if you destroyed all the subforums other than baseball. Also, I think it doesn't look good to have so many subforums dedicated to things that the forum is done with. I wasn't involved with them, but the interactive league, best player in NFL, and All century teams games seem to be finished with, but their subforums still remain. Another thing I think should happen is the merging of all the division forums. I'd say one AFC and one NFC would be all thats necessary. In fact, I think you'd see more activity because I personally tend to just check the AFC East forum and generally don't venture into the other divisions. This would make the forums more closely connected. Lastly, I'd say the Miscellaneous football one should definitely be consolidated. I get that motm keeps the CFL part somewhat active, but it wouldn't be overrun with activity if they're all merged (especially since the UFL doesn't even exist anymore). I guess my main point I'm trying to make is that I think that subforums should only be used to separate topics when combining them its too overwhelming for one forum, not so everything can be perfectly categorized. If I look at a new forum and I see the vast majority of it is dead space, I'm probably not gonna stay there. This is a great forum, but looking at it from the outside, it definitely has this problem. Please consider my ideas. Even if you don't do all of them, I think they would make TGP a better place.
  4. blotsfan

    Guys I need some serious fucking advice

    I mean, its getting a kid. Kinda makes sense.
  5. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Thought I'd forget?? You were almost right. Saints Bucs Jaguars Texans Seahawks Cowboys Covid Cardinals Ravens Rams Bills Colts Eagles Chiefs Packers 69
  6. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    I don't know why I'm doing this. broncos.
  7. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Falcons Eagles Texans Patriots Rams 49ers Vikings Browns Chargers Colts Cowboys Cardinals Bucs Packers Ravens 54 points.
  8. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    If a man picks the Jaguars and no one is around to see it, did he really make a pick at all?
  9. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Atlanta Falcons Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts New York Giants Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers New York Jets Washington Arizona Cardinals Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints Las Vegas Raiders MNF Total Score: 53
  10. blotsfan

    Guys I need some serious fucking advice

    For one, I'm really sorry, that's just an awful situation. People literally travel to another continent to adopt kids so only meeting the kid once should be fine. For one: talk to your fiancee. This is obvious, but i didn't want it to be left unsaid. As far as if you'd do a good job, I'm almost 100% certain you'd be better than the kid bouncing around the foster system for the next 15 years. Obviously it'd be a lot of work, but I'm sure you could figure it out. Every parent justness started out at some point. i don't mean to undersell the responsibility adopting a kid is, but if your only concern is whether you'd mess up the kid or not, I'd tell you you probably won't.
  11. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    How long will I keep this up for until i get bored? Idk. Maybe I'll even keep track of scores if I'm not the only person Browns tonight.
  12. blotsfan

    TGP Pickem 2020

    Up 1-0 on the field. LFG CHI @ DET CLE @ Bal GB @ MIN IND @ JAX LVR @ CAR MIA @ NE NYJ @ BUF PHI @ WAS SEA @ ATL LAC @ CIN ARZ @ SF TB @ NO DAL @ LAR PIT @ NYG TEN @ DEN Titans Broncos total score: 52
  13. blotsfan

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    http://www.monstersandcritics.com/movies/news/article_1706092.php/Star-Wars-Episode-7-is-coming-2015-as-Lucasfilm-sells-to-Disney-for-4-billion I probably shouldn't be, but I'm excited for another star wars movie.
  14. blotsfan

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    It's been almost 6 months and I still just have moments where I remember that Rise of Skywalker happened, and it just hurts to my core.
  15. blotsfan

    Way too early predictions 2020

    My "interesting" predictions. 1) Patriots win the AFC East and I never get happiness. 2) Bucs disappoint big-time. Brady is washed. 3) Panthers are gonna be good. I can see them winning the division. 4) Ma boi Lock brings Denver to glory.
  16. blotsfan

    2020 Official NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    I'm reasonably happy with the Bills draft. We drafted players. To my knowledge, none of them support any far-right militias. If they're good they'll help us win games. Hooray.
  17. As the election is over and today is the day it truly begins, let's move this to a new area. Incidentally, Trump supporters seem to be very low-energy. Not willing to come out and support him the way Obama supporters were. Sad! https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/822470348725698561
  18. Fuck y'all for not taking the best TE in the draft/Ma Boi. With the 66th pick, the Washington Slurs take Albert Okuwegbunam, TE, Missouri.
  19. blotsfan

    The good news thread

    I bought a house.
  20. blotsfan

    If you could play for any team...

    Probably the Chargers. Get to make a ton of money, live in sunny LA, maintain your anonymity, and you will never have to worry about upsetting your fans.
  21. This seems problematic. https://twitter.com/Mimirocah1/status/1242993907107053574
  22. The county I live in completely cleared out a hospital that isn't used for a ton and made it exclusively for coronavirus patients. My guess is they'll do that for one or two more underused hospitals, and I think thats probably something all cities should be doing.
  23. It's already too late to avoid a massive economic downturn. The time to dodge that was a month or two ago. Having everyone start working on Easter would be a short term gain for an even worse longer term downturn. Not to mention, trump can't actually force stuff to happen. Every single shutdown order so far has been at city/county/state levels.
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