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    Mike Zimmer took a team to the conference championship game and then they decided to blow a quarter of their salary cap on a mediocre at best QB. Vikings would be incredibly dumb to fire Zimmer.
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    Chiefs aren't even going to win a game in the playoffs lol. They have no defense, a first year starter at QB and Andy Reid as their HC. Saints are gonna be very tough to stop, though.
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    Got me my Switch! Starting with Smash, Breath of the Wild, Odyssey, and Pokemon. Idk when the hell i am gonna have time to play all these... I am still trying to get through Red Dead and Kingdom Hearts drops at the end of January...
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    Uh... none. I don't even care why it was done really. Trump only is doing it because it will help him in the polls... fine by me. Trump is getting paid off by the Syrian government to leave them alone.. fine by me. We don't belong there. No reason to stop at Syria. #BringOurTroopsHome
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    It's that time of year again. As a reminder, I will update all official changes in this post, feel free to post any speculation you want in the thread and any news relating to interviews can be centralized, but until a firing/hiring is officially announced on NFL.com or a team's website I will not update this post. Here we go: Team - Old Coach - New Coach (2018 position) Bengals - Marvin Lewis Broncos - Vance Joseph - Vic Fangio (Bears DC) Browns - Hue Jackson - Freddie Kitchens (Browns RB Coach, interim OC) Buccaneers - Dirk Koetter - Bruce Arians (None, retired as Cardinals HC after 2017 season) Cardinals - Steve Wilks - Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech HC) Dolphins - Adam Gase Jets - Todd Bowles - Adam Gase (Dolphins HC) Packers - Mike McCarthy - Matt LaFleur (Titans OC)
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    My preference ranking of teams: How much fun would a Saints/Chargers Super Bowl be?
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    I'm convinced Saints and Chiefs are gonna cruise to SB.
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    Competing Teams: 1. X-Kansas City 11-4 2. Y-New England 10-5 3. X-Houston 10-5 4. Baltimore 9-6 5. X-Los Angeles Chargers 11-4 6. Indianapolis Colts 9-6 ---- 7. Tennessee Titans 9-6 8. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-6-1 8. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-6-1 Potential Seeds 4, 6 The Steelers started the season rough, and they finished the season rough, penalties, turnovers and various other mental mistakes have put them in the outside looking in after leading the North for most of the second half of the season. They have two routes to the postseason, and they both require some help. The first is the path to the 4 seed, which is the easier method. As long as the Steelers beat the Bengals, and the Browns beat the Ravens, the Steelers will take the North, and the Ravens will miss the postseason. The second method is a little nastier, but the Steelers can still make the playoffs if they win and Baltimore wins. Indianapolis and Tennessee play on Sunday Night, and the winner will be the 6 seed at a bare minimum. However, if neither the Titans nor the Colts win on Sunday Night, the Steelers make it over the Colts and Titans by virtue of their tiebreaker (Common Games, which is broken on ESPN’s Playoff Machine), and sneak in as the unlikely 6 seed. 7. Tennessee Titans 9-6 6. Indianapolis Colts 9-6 Potential Seeds: 2 (Titans only), 3, 4, 6 I put them together because only the winner of their game can make the postseason, the loser is out entirely. If the Texans win against the Jaguars, the winner of their week 17 bout will be the 6 seed. If the Texans lose, then things get interesting. The winner of the game will become the AFC South champion (Divisional Record tiebreaker) and depending on results from the Ravens and Patriots, could jump higher in the seeding. If the Patriots and Ravens lose, and the Titans win, the Titans jump all the way up to the second seed. If the Pats and Ravens lose and the Colts win, the Colts only jump up to 3rd, since they lost H2H against the Pats. If the Ravens win, the best the Colts can do is 4th seed, and the Titans could be 3rd or 4th depending on the Patriots winning or losing. 5. X-Los Angeles Chargers 11-4 Potential Seeds 1, 5 The Chargers are rather simple by comparison. A Win and a Chiefs Loss will give them home field advantage (what home field?) throughout the playoffs. Anything else, and they’re the 5 seed, set for a road game against… someone. 4. Baltimore Ravens 9-6 Potential Seeds 2, 3, 4, 6 The Ravens can potentially be the 6 seed, but that requires them to tie the Browns this week and have the Colts and Titans tie as well, which is so absurd it may as well be impossible instead of just incredibly improbable. A loss won’t eliminate them, but a loss and a Steelers win will. If both AFC North frontrunners lose, the Ravens would be locked into the 4. The ravens have superior tiebreakers on the Titans, Patriots, and Colts, so in a scenario with those division winners at 10-6, the Ravens would be the lead dog, and could grab the second seed with a mere Patriots and Texans loss and a victory. They don’t have a good tiebreaker with the Texans, but it won’t be relevant at this stage. 3. X-Houston Texans 10-5 Potential Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 The Texans blew a shot at keeping control of a playoff bye with their loss to the Eagles yesterday. However, they could still gain a bye and even home field advantage thanks to the Chiefs slipping up against the Seahawks. The Texans have a playoff spot locked up, but a loss to Jacksonville means they will be the 6 seed unless the Colts and Titans both tie. They’ve got a lot more play if they do win however. They lost the H2H to the Patriots, so they need them to lose to the Jets to get a bye. If the Chiefs, Chargers, and Texans all go 11-5 with the Pats going 10-6, the Texans would have the tiebreaker on the Chiefs and claim the first seed. If the Pats are thrown into that mix, the Patriots have the first seed, and the Texans the two, while the Chiefs drop to third. 2. Y-New England Patriots 10-5 Potential Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4 They clinched their division this week so they are guaranteed a home game at the worst. A win would secure at least a first round bye, and if both the Chiefs and Chargers lost on top of that, they would secure home field advantage. If they lose to the Jets, then they can tumble. With a H2H loss to the Titans, they’d prefer the Colts winning if the Texans lost so they could keep a bye, and they’d also prefer to have the Ravens lose as well so they don’t tumble all the way to 4th potentially. A lot of teams could be looking for weird results in the Colts / Titans game if they don’t take care of their own business. 1. X-Kansas City Chiefs 11-4 Potential Seeds 1, 2, 3, 5 For the Chiefs it’s simple. Win and you get HFA. Lose… then things get really bad, really fast. The Chiefs have the division tiebreaker on the Chargers, but a loss and a San Diego win drops them to the 5th seed, and a road date against a nasty opponent. Supposing both they and San Diego lose, then they can easily tumble down the division winners because New England has a H2H victory on them, and the Texans would (likely) have Strength of Victory on them. I'll be doing the NFC later, but it's a lot simpler.
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    Reminder that Strahan only has the record because Favre took a dive.
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    Nice ! I liked playing a variety too back in the day. Marth and Samus were my go to options tho . Looking forward to it . Still haven’t even set up my switch yet... ugh. lol
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    Marth is probably my best character, but I'll use just about anybody. I'm pretty good as far as casual players go, but I'm not going to be playing in any tournaments. I've held up pretty well online so far.
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    Seattle is looking good, man. I'm not saying they're the best in the league but they're playing at a very high level. They don't have any great receivers bit they all are solid and they all know how to run the scramble drill. The run game is going for them, the defense is looking stout. The WC's this year are dangerous in both conferences. I could see a lot if teams making a run. It's gonna be fun.
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    Well, Jacksonville and Tampa went into complete freefall, but what's most interesting to me is that only two of these teams are in the playoffs, the other five are eliminated, meaning just as many teams that started 2-0 made the playoffs as teams that started 0-2, truly a weird season for the nfl
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    The Saints just looked bad, mediocre, and bad three weeks in a row. How is not even close, lol? BC with more stupidity.
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    Sane or not, we don't need a warhawk Secretary of Defense. Obama pulling troops out of Iraq was bad. Trump pulling troops out of Syria is bad... I am sure they will say Trump wanting troops out of Afghanistan is bad... There's a pattern. Supporting perpetual war, death, and destruction seems like an odd stance to take. We've been there long enough. ISIS will never 100% eradicated and the only thing we are doing by invading their lands, blowing up buildings, and killing innocent people is that ISIS will be around for generations to come. #BringOurTroopsHome
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    Smash Bros. baby! It's so fucking awesome. Definitely fits the "Ultimate" version.
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    Fallout New Vegas and Borderlands had a baby and it looks awesome:
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    I used to let people get away with disrespecting me. I found that while I personally didn't feel bad about it, this ultra-passive behavior also lowered my esteem in the eyes of others as well. And I think it hurt my chances in getting raises at work and getting a few women I was interested in. If I don't stand up for myself in the face of disrespect, other people shouldn't trust that I will stand up for them either, right? I recently started a new trick. I give people a compliment first before I bring up my valid complaint about their behavior. Here's a recent example with a secretary at work, with the Vice Chairman of the school board present, verbatim: "I consider you a fair and honest person. So I'm sure you understand that I mean no offense when I ask you to please not interrupt me when I'm in the middle of a conversation." It worked. Due to my giving her a stellar reputation to live up to, she had no choice but to immediately and emphatically apologize. I think I earned her respect as well as a feather in my cap from the big boss.
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    Saquon as your #1 overall player makes me immediately laugh. But then its BC. I concur with Fart, you have a huge risk/reward and I doubt all of them fall your way.
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    It's the New Orleans Saints and it isn't close.
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    Stwayhan has turned into such a little bitch now days. Let a real football player have the record. :Yep: