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    I agree with that 100%. The Dem party are morons. I hope Biden wins, but if he doesn't, yeah, let it all burn. Sick of this country. How can 40% of us be so fucking stupid as to support that conman?
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    Another lie from Trump and his cronies. He didn't forget he was running for President. It was a grammatical mistake. He was listing off the things he'd run for. He said Senator, then Vice President, and then President. Here is the full clip of that part: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/election-us-2020-54531569 And yeah he forgot Romney's name. He's old. I wish he wasn't. But he's far better than the traitor in the WH. Why would we give another trillion dollars to big corporations and just $1200 again to the American people, with no help for a postal service about to be deluged? It wouldn't help people in the long run at all. Now she absolutely should do what Trump said later, which is send him a bill just for the $1200 to the people and thats it. Absolutely do that. She's a moron for not taking that offer. Either he's serious, in which case the people win, or he's not and she calls him on it.
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    Holding the American people hostage because you don't get every single thing you wan't is not an excuse. I am not saying the Mnuchin 1.8T is perfect, I am not saying it's a magic wand. But people NEED THAT RELIEF. Why give a check to the American people without money for the post office? Fuck youuuuuu. lmao. If this doesn't get done, which it likely won't... Trump isn't gonna do shit during lame duck because he's a loser and going to be busy whining and crying... People aren't getting relief until FEBRUARY maybe. Fuck that evil witch. She's a disgusting pig. Also, she was on CNN today and went after Wolf Blitzer for asking her the tough question. She was calling him a GOP stooge lmao. What. A. Cunt.