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    Was this before or after the Redskins make the playoffs?
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    May your day be better than the average, and the food much better than the average!
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    That's bad for Dems imo. If Bernie is your candidate, you lose. At least by my estimation lol.
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    As someone who started writing a series of fanfictions based off of a dumb joke on stream, just go for it. You know you want to. Eat the forbidden apple you leg having bitch.
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    One playoff team? These were your picks after the "Saints bit the dust." Packers, Niners, Bucs, Redskins, Lions, Bears Patriots,Chiefs,Browns,Colts,Steelers, Ravens You missed seven, lol. You'd think a guy who has cracked the code could do better.
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    Maybe man but that offensive line is also pretty damn good and keeping him on his feet and making holes for the run game. If the Saints can keep it close and give Brees a shot at the end, I'm not sure how you don't fear the Saints. They're a very complete team with a ballsy coach and a hall of fame QB who might be the most accurate thrower of the football who ever lived. If there's one thing that can beat great coverage, that'd be it. Edit: also in regards to the Eagles or any other NFC team who makes the super bowl, we saw the Giants beat the undefeated Pats. We saw the Steelers win the Super Bowl with Cowher at what? 9-7? Hell, the Ravens won it at 9-7. Any team hot enough to make it to the Super Bowl can win it.
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    Welcome to the world of big-budget filmmaking. Makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe even more impressive. All those films in the better part of a decade, and were any one of them bad?
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    It's not the first one you got wrong, you're just not as good as reading the signs as me, I can help you.
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    F4E is doing a pretty splendid job of spelling out my own thoughts, which is convenient. Star Wars is a franchise with lightspeed, lightsabers, and gravity in space. If you want to pick it apart with logic, have at it. If you want to enjoy the story, then enjoy it you will.
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    Drew Lock being the highest rated rookie just like everyone expected.
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    It felt rushed because it was. They changed directors extremely late. JJ even said there was literally no way to fix everything that needed changed under the time table he had. I wouldn’t have minded just delaying it but they chose not to do that. And what does fan service have to do with it? You didn’t enjoy Chewie getting Hans medal? Or Wedge coming back... or Luke raising Red 5 after never being able to do it while he was alive ... a true culmination and end to his journey in that exact moment. Someone needs to spark that cold dead heart of yours, my friend lol. It’s the intent and hatred for him that he wanted her to kill him with so that the rule of two could officially be fulfilled. Like he said... all sith live within him. The master of the sith was formerly the apprentice. All the knowledge and power stops with the master. That seems to be why sith would want to take on apprentices knowing they would eventually fall to them. He was hoping to sway her with power and greed.. it obviously didn’t work loL. She’s already committed to achieving balance . Him just sitting there at that point just... kills him and doesn’t transfer jack diddly . Chewie “dying” in the movie was stupid. They shouldn’t have done it. The lesson there wasn’t so much about killing chewy though, it was about Rey and showing what she is capable of and that she does indeed have those dark side powers at her disposal . Just foreshadowing her lineage and the struggle inside of her for 3 movies. Chewies death wasn’t about chewie. If they would have killed him off there actually this movie would’ve been awful. I definitely see where the disconnect is. You’re quoting a RT score of critics. Under 500 individual people who watch movies because they get paid to. Obviously there are some fans in that group ... but if you look on RT , the audience approval is over 80%. I went into the movie as a fan of the series and ready for it to come to an end. You (seemingly) went into it looking at it more like a critic. That isn’t bad mind you, but it does highlight why we each feel so differently about it. And yes and no. While Rey was a Palpatine, her parents were nobodies. Do they even have names? They were junk traders just like Kylo said. They weren’t individually significant in any way. Regardless of their (more the son) name, they chose a different path. Just like Rey does. Some things are stronger than blood.
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    TLJ did some great things though. What you really need is to go back and come up with a uniform story to tell throughout the trilogy before they get it going. Instead they let JJ do 7... then he washed his hands of it. Rian took over for 8 and totally did his own thing ... then whatever his name is came in and ducked with it even more before JJ came in super late and jerked off us fans in 9. As Stevo was saying... there’s no cohesion whatsoever between these movies and that’s what really sucks ass. and ya there are some weird things going on in Rise — but if you didn’t enjoy that movie as a fan, you suck. Lol Chewie dropping to his knees in agony after he finds out Leia is dead had me a hot mess. As I told Vin after I saw it on opening day, the movie gave me chills / goosebumps 4 or 5 times. Insane . I need to see it again actually
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    Movie was stupid. Not bad, just stupid. Rambling thoughts ahead.
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    @ThanatosWhat about the way they've covered Sanders for 5 years now? How about Tulsi? How about the debates they host where they spit Republican talking points at anyone for medicare for all? Whar war have they ever opposed besides Iraq ten years after the fact? MSNBC is controlled opposition designed to make you hate your uncle for voting for the other team.They want you to argue about gender and Russiagate lies so you don't stand up against the war machine, fossil fuel, the banks, the healthcare industry etc. You know, the people who own this country, and are running it (and thr planet) into the ground for profit.
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    Agreed,. Looking at the trilogy as a whole, you can (pretty obviously) tell that this thing changed hands every time. And ya, I realize JJ came back.. But even he admits it was very very late into the process and he couldn't save everything. Really unfortunate.. Hindsight is 20/20 but man how weird was it to pick a different director for each movie in a trilogy. Bizarre. I think they've learned though. I'm hoping Favreau gets a movie
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    I'm obviously a big adventure junkie hiking and roadtrip wise as this stuff is within a 3 hour drive from Seattle. I love the visual story telling aspect of adventures as well. People have been mentioning I should do this for awhile and this year I finally got around to it. I've noticed nowadays calendars are typically about $25 in the stores. Since this service only charges 9.99 I figured I'd price them at 12.99 so you're still beating the storebought ones after the shipping fee gets added on. Figured someone here might need an easy Christmas gift solution for someone, and every household needs at least a couple of calendars. http://www.lulu.com/shop/benjamin-church/opt-outside-washington/calendar/product-24347031.html?fbclid=IwAR2zc5tYPpHqE_wepPyVWaWqiVH3om8umQ7J5K31TNsLyZ1NYancRDj0YyY ^ Link to the product.
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    You dont' get it at all. They won't' make SB no matter what. They are just front runners that will die in playoffs like the Ravens.
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    Why are we bumping this? Could it be you're going to continue it?