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    Yeah Manchin was never going with them. It would still be good to not have Mitch be majority leader. I think there's a couple other dems for which that would be a hard sell. I object to the idea of it being "packing" the courts. That's what the GOP has been doing for the past four years.
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    Pfizer says their vaccine is showing 90% efficiency and could be made available before the end of the year.
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    Wrong. It has outlived its purpose. If you want everyone's vote to count as equal, then 1 person = 1 vote. Pretty simple. Ranked choice voting would be ideal, but anything is better than the Electoral College.
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    Get rid of the Electoral College.
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    Miscellaneous thoughts, in no particular order: Assuming current results hold, Biden held all Clinton states from 2016 and flipped all three blue-wall states, Nebraska's 2nd C.D., Arizona, and Georgia (!). That's a very solid victory. The polls were about four points off yet again. Is Trump just poll-proof? Did some Biden supporters not get out to vote because of Covid or other reasons? I look forward to statistical analysis on this in the coming months. Democrats definitely underperformed in Congress. The biggest question moving forward for them is why and how to fix it. Voters across the country may have been tired of Trump, but they're not ready to embrace liberalism just yet. What happens to the Republican Party now? Do they embrace Trumpism or resort to a more dignified conservatism a la McCain/Romney? Trump isn't going away. His Tweets will hold political power, for better or worse. And no, Trump running in 2024 is not out of the question. #PrayForPhil
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    Also, the nations biggest fears have mostly come true... at least early on. Biden's national security team has been appointed and is indeed led by some of the country's most dangerous war criminals in our history. People like Blinken and Michele Flournoy have been involved in every conflict the US has jumped into since around Clinton's administration. As well as been huge cogs in legislation that argue America must be able to constantly fight countless endless wars. It's naive to think they will all of a sudden change, but we can only hope. Hindsight is 20/20, but Trump may just have been better.