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    "In order to move the major party that most closely aligns with your views, TOWARDS your views, you MUST, you MUST, be willing to NOT VOTE for them." If the left always votes Democrat, the Dems have zero reason to ever move left, and will continue moving towards the center.
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    It's too bad people can't protest police brutality peacefully like, for instance, kneeling during the national anthem. I'm sure that would lead to reasonable discourse and effective change.
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    @Thanatos One day you're gonna realize I'm right about most of the shit you've argued with me about here hahahaha I see you're beginning to see the light though.
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    I've read that before, but what I took from it at the time, was that it could've gone longer but that choice would've had to be made a long time ago. It's not like they got to season 8, and could've stretched that into... 9, 10, 11... I think it's more he (GRRM) was talking about all the stuff they had already actively cut. Stuff like lady stoneheart for example. I think HBO and D&D knew where they were going relatively early. I think that stuff would've just slowed the show down too much. Again, that's me thinking george was talking earlier cuts. I don't think the material was there yet in Season 8 to stretch that, but obv that would have been ideal because it was basically just an info / action dump.
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    I was about to type, "Holy shit Ferve, it hasn't been 30 years, calm down," but holy shit it almost has! Got damn we're old. But yeah, I definitely hope George sticks to his guns and writes the books the way he wants to write them. I read somewhere that the manuscripts for WoW and DoS are going to be 3,000 pages...EACH. That must be a typo, right?
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    Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that social media companies shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth. Kissing some ass so Facebook may escape penalty lol
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    One year later...has anyone's perspective on the final episodes/season(s) changed?
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    Also key for Biden is his VP pick because whoever it is, should Biden win, becomes the nominee in 2024. Biden is only serving one term. Yes, I know we've mentioned this but it's worth saying again.
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    He can't even claim he's not Trump when he keeps doing the same things as him lol. (But I get what you're saying and totally agree). Also... Not related but Libertarians nominated Jo Jorgensen to run for President. Less this year than any other election I have taken part in -- I was really trying to throw my eggs in the party (Dem). Obviously that failed and I have done so little research on these other candidates. I will have to start watching more of her and whoever the green party nominated (sometime in July IIRC).
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    Biden: 'If You Don't Let Me Sniff Your Hair, You Ain't A Woman' https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-if-you-dont-let-me-sniff-your-hair-you-aint-a-woman
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    You're not really worth wasting my time on now that I know you're a idiot who thinks we found a half-dozen natural cancer cures and suppressed them, bud. I'm perfectly fine talking with people on the opposing side- my best friend voted for Trump- but not when your brain is hard-wired shut from being in your cult. I sincerely hope you wake up some day. Until then, I have no further reason to respond to you.
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    Lmao the Bucs are in the NFCS twice and the Panthers aren't there at all.
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    So who's ready to visit a world where Covid-19 doesn't happen and the 2020 NFL season will undoubtedly start on time? My plan is to roll this out some time this summer so that it's over before the real-life season starts (if it does). As I mentioned before, this is a quality-over-quantity approach. The current outline is 7 chapters, and I'd be shocked if it ends up more than 8. By 2020 there are only a few of our characters still on the Knights anyway, so that allows for a deeper, more character-driven approach than in the past. I'm also trying to get the word count down. Near the end of Part VI I was pushing 6,000 words with each chapter. I'm going for the 4500-5500 range this time around. So, hang in there, everyone. I'll once again ask Vin for fire up the SOON picture, even though he did it a few posts back... @Vin @Maverick @BigBen07 @theMileHighGuy @Thanatos @BradyFan81 @Zack_of_Steel @Cherry @RazorStar @seanbrock @Sarge
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    Yeah, totally, so we can rig the election for Biden! There's already mass crowds at wholesale stores and your local Walmart, but going to the polls? Oh no, way too dangerous. Are "mass crowds" even a thing at polling locations? I was in and out like a robbery when I voted in '08 and '16 (sat out '12 because fuck that Mormon loser) . I love how the left is already strongly pushing for mail-in ballots when we're 6 months out from the election. That's cute. I cannot believe the amount of tyranny and power tripping control still being displayed by these Dems, including our (NJ) governor Phil Murphy. Americans are now being conditioned to think that wanting freedom is SELFISH and that work is a privilege and not a right. We are now living in a country where sex offenders/pedophiles are being released for their own safety while a hair salon owner can get thrown in jail and fined $7k for serving a customer. But, but, but the government is looking out for our health and well-being REEEEEEEEEE!!!