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    Some do. Also kind of random, but Kamala Harris introduced legislation to try and extend school days by up to three hours. Fuck that noise. She needs to go away.
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    If we keep playing this way, no team in the AFC is going to stop us.
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    If you kick your kid out for being gay or trans, you're a piece of shit. No offense, but this generation is the worst groups of parents in human history. It is astonishing how bad they are, and the dumb ones like to fuck....A LOT.
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    That's what I am saying. You can call psychology a science, but it isn't unless it is crossed with an actual science. Psychology by itself is no more a science than feminism. I also did that because you said when you say psychology it encompasses all sciences under it, thus a science. If we apply that logic to the word science we have to put feminism on the same plane as say molecular biology. When talking about something this broad you don't get to be lazy with your words, and claim things are all encompassing or you end up saying, well gender studies is a science according to stem, which it isn't. I have already said this. I will call them the he/she of their choosing. Where I draw the line is the Zim/Zir nonsense. You just made that shit up so how do you know you identify with whatever a Zir is? You were born a woman but want to be called him, no problem, I gotcha pal. You want me to call you Zim, nah dude. Get your ass on down the road. You don't feel like a him or her (nonsense, but whatever) I'll call you by your name. Dude are you serious? Like 3 posts ago you said I am going out of my way not to be a decent human being. Now you wonder why I claim you said that. You have a very nice habit of insulting me and when you get called on it, play the victim like I'm the one making shit up. Then you say stupid shit like I would not love my kids or put them first if they were trans. Dude, shut the fuck up. My kids are going to be my everything along with my wife no matter what. Macy wanting to be a guy would not take away all the gallons of imaginary Mio, I have drank with my head in her doll house. All the hours camping and laughing with my son mean the same if he wants to be a woman. As long as they're not the entitled, pretentious, shitbag trans people we read about, I'm good with it. We won't be doing that hormone shit either until their brain is completely developed, because my wife and I aren't shit parents.
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    Another post from Omerta where he twists my words to make a strawman argument. How unoriginal. And then we get the twofer, where you accuse me of personal insults when you're mudslinging right with the best of them. I said this country had no far left party. It doesn't. I never said it has no liberals. And every time you talk shit about me changing my position, this is what you're doing 99% of the time. You make shit up that I say and then say "But you changed your position!" I wasn't saying killing the game referred to internet points at all, let alone them only- there should have definitely been a hyphen in there, my bad. Im aware you were saying "killing the game" as in life. I was pointing out you talk about how good you're doing in life and then talk about "negatron" coming out, like I would care at all about points on a message board. You're the one who just said something about shitting on trans people, not me. All I said was you get triggered when we liberals want people treated equally. Freudian slip much? I really could care less if you think I had a mystique or something. I don't know where you got that idea from. Another example of you projecting onto me things I don't believe, I guess. I don't give two shits about your opinion of me. Your moral values are so far opposite from mine that I'd have to question my own stance seriously if you did think highly of me. Glad to see you agree psychology is perfectly valid so long as it backs up your own beliefs. Classic republicanism right there.
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    Until hormone therapy and catering to delusion actually curbs the suicide rate among trans folks, we haven't figured out how to treat it.
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    You're not very good at debating OR trolling, it seems. Good attempt, though. "I'm killing the game" talks about freaking internet points lol. You stay in your nice little everything is black and white bubble so us terrible liberals can't trigger you with our daring to treat everyone equally.
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    When you say the mere fact that there's a debate means it cannot possibly be a science, there is no point at all in continuing the conversation. The idea that there is no repeatable observations is just wrong, so many things in your statement are just fallacies. Again, no real point. The mere existence of a debate means it cannot be! Lol.
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    https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2019&wk=10 Chiefs/Titans Cards/Bucs Panthers/Packers
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    There's a significant difference between the absurd idea that gender has nothing to do with biology and the progressive insistence that the concept of gender identity dictates reality. "Reality is reality"? I'm not sure what you're getting at there. A biological male can't be a woman, and vice versa. Some of us are never going to pretend otherwise for the sake of feelings.
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    Going? America has been shit your entire life, man.
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    Biological men who are trans participating in women’s sports is total bullshit and shouldn’t be allowed. Absolute unfair advantage. And I hear and see more news about these trannies dominating/breaking records in women’s sports. Get that shit the fuck outta here.
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    1. No, and there isn't a clean answer to that, outside of something like a Trans League for those sorts of things. But then you run into the problem of people treating it like a freakshow, or other ethical and political strife. 2. Also no. I really don't have a clean answer to trans athletes in sports which is something that should be discussed. 3. Gender and Sex are different, and if most traits of gender are socially assigned, then it makes sense that ones gender identity may not always match 100% man, or 100% woman. Naturally, one's gender identity may not match their biological sex. 4. TERF's or FARTs (Feminist Appropriating Reactionary Transphobes) aren't feminists. I mean... not in the technical sense of what feminism is supposed to mean, but we've long since lost the point of what feminism is supposed to mean, just like what being a Good Christian or Good Muslim is supposed to be. It supposed to be about equal rights for all, not equal rights for women. But that's another long story. Point is, a real feminist would fight for trans women's rights all the same. 5. Gender Fluid people would typically like pronouns that work for them. Whether it be They (some people will bitch about grammar, but the english language has always been about beating grammar over the head until it suits our needs), or Xe/ZIm/Zer, whatever. There isn't any sort of one size fits all classification, which probably explains why so many people have issues understanding it, and why there are so many different pronouns out there. Most people you talk to on a daily basis will just give you their preferred pronouns to make it easier. It's kind of like not wanting to be called Matt when your name is Mike. 6. This one requests clarification. 7. Kids at 8 have spent at least four years in a schooling environment, dealing with pseudo people just like them, and have started to develop their traits. I don't think they're at an age to make a conscious decision on whether or not they may be transgendered, but they may be getting to age where they understand that they don't fit the typical mold of a man, or a woman, or whatever. I knew I was a weird outcast by the age of 6 and I had the opportunity to just go out and embrace it and live my best life. Kids are smarter than you give them credit for, they just have difficulty operating on the same playing field as adults due to lack of life experience. 8. No. I think it's unethical and irresponsible to put someone on hormone therapy until they have at least hit puberty, and even then, that's a decision a parent or guardian would have to agree to before allowing that to happen. If they're of age though, they can do what they want to their body. 9. The large part of having suicidal thoughts isn't because someone has gender dysphoria. It's that people with gender dysphoria often feel like outcasts in society, like they have no where they can belong, and if they speak out about their issues, they're ridiculed and targeted. It isn't safe to be transgender in a lot of places, and just because it is socially acceptable in some others, doesn't mean that there isn't going to be a vocal minority saying shit like "I DON'T WANT THAT MAN IN THE LADIES BATHROOM, I HAVE A DAUGHTER!" like all transgender people are sexual predators or some shit. If you're feeling constantly targeted every day of your life, like you're living with a red x painted on your back, wouldn't you entertain running away from it all, if even for a brief moment? I'm not trans myself, but I have a few trans friends I talk to about stuff. It's one of those things where you need to expose yourself to other people's lives and see what their lives are like. You don't have to agree with their ideals to understand that most people just want to live free. And I know I've been a real shitty person about transgendered people before I got to know some and realize... wait shit, these aren't weird psychopaths. They're just people struggling to live their lives and it was honestly a humbling experience.
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    And just to indulge my curiosity, I wanted to see if I could determine the best pass defenses in the league by just how much a player drops or rises when facing off against them. We've only got half a season of data, but I like what I have for results so far. Week 1 numbers are based on treating every player as 16th place before the game, and finding out how much the defenses kept them in check in those games. N/A's are games where the opposing QB didn't qualify for attempts, and BYEs should be self explanatory.