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    It’s just an opinion piece but I’m glad that nuclear power is getting some attention. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/09/17/2020-democrat-president-climate-change-andrew-yang-nuclear-power-column/2342031001/ Also.... What really troubles me about Kavanaugh (other than him seemingly being a chode) is that the GOP goes to such lengths to protect him. Theoretically... He get a impeached. Trump still is filling that seat, so why fight to the death over Kavanaugh ? Oh... right.... because of Trumps known “short list” of nominees for the SCOTUS he Brett was the swampiest most corrupt piece of trash available. I guarantee his appointment came about through back door channels to fulfill or receive a favor down the line.
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    First off, underpaying is also a bad problem. Secondly, if those 14% are the most expensive ones, (hint: they mostly are) that's way too high of a number. Third, it completely depends on insurance. ACA's study showed it was completely dependent on insurance, with some insurances having as high as 45% claim denial and some having as low as 1% claim denial. Taking insurance across the board when we are talking specifically about poor people getting their insurance denied- who by definition almost certainly have low-end insurance- the claim of 14% is misleading at best. What you are looking at, I assume, is the American Medical Associations number. But that number has long been disputed by healthcare workers, because it only looks at at all itemized lines that are denied. It does not consider the type of claim that was denied. It also does not consider how long you had to wait to get your claim approved, its merely a blanket look at it. In 2017, the Doctor-Patient Rights Project found a denial rate of 24% among people with insurance who had chronic or persistent conditions- the ones who would be most affected by denials, since they are in constant need of medication. In addition, the vast majority of consumers- 70%- said they had to wait more than a month to even hear whether or not their claim was denied or approved, during which time a third of them said their condition worsened.
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    Yes, this is the general idea Yang has. Stop artificially restricting the number of doctors we have (through various means). Tuition costs... Number of approved residency slots... licensing BS... And as I mentioned earlier, allowing nurse practitioners to do their jobs. Why overpay for a doctor when it is something the nurses can do?
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    When the schooling for it costs a lot less you'd have more doctors entering the field, I assume would be the idea. You'd still be making a lot of money. I think most people who go into the health industry do it to help people, not make a million dollars. Forgot you have zero empathy for others, my bad. Let me try a different tack. You care about the world you will be leaving your kids at all, then?
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    I understand how close this hits home for you so I’m not asking you to change your mind or anything ... and I love doctors. Great doctors. The best doctors. However, when we’re looking at the insane cost of healthcare in this country we really do need to look at the fact that we’re paying doctors more than double any other nation in world. Most doctors in this country end up being specialists, which is way different than any other country in the world as well. We need more general practitioners ... he’ll nurse practitioners can write scrips without supervision in most cases, IIRC... why do we need to bow to the hospital mafia exactly?
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    Well if course it will be cheaper, it will be shittier. Also Yang blatantly saying he will be fucking with doctors salaries can go get fucked, fucking douchebag.
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    I find this hypocritical considering that Bernie Sanders plans to annihilate the poor and middle class with his health care plan. How can you like that but nitpick UBI like you do... lol An average family of 3 receives under $500 of assistance by the government. Upping that to 2k$ sounds like a win to me. Not to mention the roughly 50$B in fraud the government actually admits to... Nice to take care of that as well. Giving people too much money... too much freedom... is really weird complaint. lol “ I wanna help the poor but not that much “
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    Assange is a douche bag, as is Bradley Manning. Snowden is aiiight.
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    He's a pass for me dawg. Although given my dog shit options he is the least smelly of the shit options. I haven't given up on Gabbard yet.
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    Should be on their way: Von Miller Outside shot but needs a lot of work: Bradley Chubb, Philip Lindsay Is the hall really dumb enough to let every guy in who wins a super bowl at QB: Joe Flacco No Chance: Basically everyone else
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    Not trying to be condescending or whataboutism or whatever, but how many politicians do you think are legit honest ? Not that it should be excused I just expect it from everyone. I am a big Gabbard fan and know in my heart of hearts she is not being transparent with me. I don't care for Omar but she is not alone. I can only think of 3 I like. Her quote was dumb, but it's natural. When feminists are bitching about whatever they bitch about now, someone always gets lambasted for saying, it's some men. White people after Charleston, it's some white people did something and they get lambasted. Black person cheats welfare? It's just some black people, not all of them. And they get lambasted. It's just how it goes these days. All of those statements are true of course, but for some reason we only let it slide for people in the party, or who identify with our party, but fuck the other ones. It's sad but she should have known.
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    Hes just an actor he doesnt exist. He actually sold drugs and beat up women. Even tho drugs are a construct made up by the government. Did you know that Koalas are actually midgets in costumes? #TheMoreYouKnowTheBetter #WhatTheFuckAmITalkingAbout #PhilElliottHasSpoken
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    I'll start believing it's good news when Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and all these places are shattered. Hopefully Amazon and Walmart shortly thereafter.
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    Do you value him as a member of the Titans ? Because of so...
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    "The worker who votes the Democrat or Republican ticket does worse than throw his vote away. He is a deserter of his class and his own worst enemy." Eugene Debs
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    Oh, something I previously forgot to mention. Kirsten Gillibrand also failed to make the debate and has decided to drop out of the race. If you want to see rigged though, just watch CNN... They, very often, during election talk put up the top 5-6 candidates in the polls... Except for the fact that they leave Andrew Yang off who is consistently at 3% right now and put Beto up instead who is at 1% lol. Fuck Russia, the media plays such a huge role in who becomes President. It's really ridiculous.
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    Saints aren't a good bet? U a dumb
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    I think it's pretty fair to say that Tom Brady is in a better situation than Aaron Rodgers -- and probably any other QB in the league.
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    Cam Newton needs to retire, he's looked like one of the worst QB's in the league ever since his shoulder injury last season. Dude just doesn't have it anymore, and it doesn't seem like his game will adjust to his loss of athleticism. Bring on the Will Grier experiment