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    With the 69th (nice) pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select... Juan Thornhill, S, UVA With the 70th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select... Lonnie Johnson Jr., CB, Kentucky
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    With the 82nd pick in the NFL draft, the Lions select.... Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt
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    Proxy for Favre With the 79th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select... Michael Deiter, OG, Wisconsin
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    With the 78th pick, the Denver Broncos select: Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State
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    With the 77th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select: Elgton Jenkins, C/G, Mississippi State.
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    I will take whoever if necessary as a last ditch effort. If you have somebody else or prefer a BPA, please do so.
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    Biden says he has the most progressive record of anyone running. LoL. Maybe he should try stand up comedy.
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    Next year we should should start this after the first week of FA.
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    Since we're through 2 rounds in 8 days I'm not even going to bother changing the clock to 12 hour limit. Just keep rolling smooth, y'all.
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    With the 63rd pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select... Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State With the 64th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select... Charles Omenihu, DL, Texas With the 65th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select... Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida
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    Eagles take RB Devin Singletary outta FAU.
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    How to put a kibosh on a team 101: So yeah. No more unbeatens, no more perfect teams, as an Arizona team fighting for their playoff lives took down the 5-0 Apollos. First our scores: Salt Lake Stallions 22, Memphis Express 9 Arizona Hotshots 22, Orlando Apollos 17 San Antonio Commanders 37, Atlanta Legends 6 Birmingham Iron 32, San Diego Fleet 29 8. (1-5, 15 PPG #7, 22.5 OPG #7) (-): The Express were soundly beaten by the Stallions in a matchup between two teams that always have trouble finishing games. At 1-5, the Express are almost certainly out of the playoff picture barring a miracle. Fortunately Johnny Manziel, fresh out of being kicked out of the CFL, is on his way to save the day! 7. (2-4, 12.2 PPG #8, 26.7 OPG #8) (-2): A week after I praised them for their back to back wins, the Legends got beaten like a red-headed step child. 37-6 gives the Legends the two most lopsided defeats this season, and they looked like their old selves. They could not stop the Commanders, nor could they score themselves. Just ugly all around. Now two games back of Birmingham for the 2 seed in the East, they're gonna need a lot of help for any chance at all. 6. (2-4, 18.7 PPG #6, 20.2 OPG T#4) (+1): The Stallions beat up on the Express, finally finding another team that is also unable to play four quarters of good football all the way to the end. This is not a bad ballclub, they just seem to have issues finding the last bit to push them over the hump. They are definitely still alive in the West, just a game out of a playoff spot. 5. (3-3, 21.9 PPG #4, 20.5 OPG #6) (+1): Well done, Arizona. The Hotshots had their backs against the wall as dropping to 2-4 in the East would have left them in a tough spot. Instead they scored a huge upset on the road versus the previously 5-0 Apollos. And they held that offense to 17 points, and answered any scoring drive the Apollos made. 4. (3-3, 23.3 PPG #2, 20.2 OPG T#4) (-2): The Fleet lost a close one to the Iron at home, their first home loss all season, to fall to .500 and a game behind the Commanders in the West. San Diego really should have been able to pull this one out, but a defense that seemed unable to stop the Iron unless they got a turnover (which did help, to be fair), couldn't hold on at the end to give them a chance. 3. (4-2, 20.5 PPG #5, 15.5 OPG #1) (+1): The Iron's defense gave up a lot of points tonight, partly due to a pair of costly turnovers by Luis Perez. Keith Price had better have been hurt, because coach Lewis nearly threw this one away if that is not the case. Perez is making some boneheaded throws now, maybe as a result of having pressure put on him to perform better. A win is a win, but this one is ugly, and if your ultimate goal is to pull an upset of the Apollos in the Eastern Finals, the Iron have to get better on all sides. Still, it is nice to snap a two-game losing streak and get in the W column again. 2. (4-2, 22.2 PPG #3, 19.3 OPG #3) (+1): The Commanders looked in complete... control against the Legends, shellacking them 37-6 in a game that was never in doubt. They have a one-game lead on everyone else in the West, and are on a 3-game winning streak. The Commander's defense hassled Murray all day long, and their offense took advantage of costly mistakes as well as putting together some nice drives of their own. They look to be the biggest threat to Orlando, already having played them close earlier this season. 1. (5-1, 27.7 PPG #1, 16.5 OPG #2) (-): The Apollos remain at #1 despite the loss. They have put together too good and consistent of a season for one loss to drop them from the 1 spot, but San Antonio is right behind them. Orlando's Garret Gilbert turned the ball over twice uncharacteristically, the second time being an absolute backbreaker. The Apollos are still in command of the East, but the myth they are unbeatable has proven to be just that.
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    Tulsi is very strongly anti world building and regime change. and the little attention she gets in the media is spent attacking her for it. A lot of sheep chime in with similar thoughts. It's disgusting how... normalized and accepting of war we have become as a country. Very scary.
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    With the 74th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select... Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia Give Josh Allen someone to throw to. With the 75th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select... Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M Give him a year to sit behind Graham and bulk up and he could be a good TE for years to come.
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    Apparently Weapon is quitting and giving his 3 teams up. If he can confirm this, it would be nice. I can take the Bills if we just want to hand the 3 teams out or come up with some bpa/autopick system.
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    They say games are won in the trenches, and so far how the draft has fallen the trenches is what I've been fortifying for the Texans. While not a pressing need, Tillery was just too good to pass up in the late 2nd. They did just lose Christian Covington to the Cowboys, so it does need to be addressed eventually. Mercilus-Tillery-Reader-Watt-Clowney ^ That d-line would be ridiculous! Now obviously the biggest need is to protect Deshaun Watson, so that's why I even reached a bit on McGovern. He's likely more a 3rd round prospect, but I feel like there's a big drop-off in talent at Guard after him and I didn't want to risk him being gone by the next Texans pick. As far as the Cowboys go it sucks they don't have a pick until #58, but they'd have to be ecstatic to have a first round talent like Parris Campbell fall into their lap. More of a BPA pick, still Dak needs more weapons to throw to other than Amari Cooper and I feel Campbell would be a great complement to him. Sidenote: Cowboys are also interested in trading up in the 3rd round, so if you want to trade down shoot me a PM.
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    With the 62nd pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select . . . IRV SMITH JR. TE. ALABAMA. How are you still available my friend. Saints had Ben Watson retire and never really replaced Jimmy Graham. Until now. The Saints don't need a lot, but with someone like him you'll have to think twice about doubling Mike Thomas and/or Kamara.
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    With the 59th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina.
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    Which means literally nothing when it comes to the Steelers and how they have operated since the 70's. The Steelers honor their star players' contracts even when it does not benefit the team to finish out their last couple years. He'd have seen all $45M of the guaranteed money plus his base salary. And like I said before, the contract details had not been released until today. The SB Nation article you posted is incorrect and claims the only money he had fully guaranteed was $10M for year 1 when in reality it was $20.5M. They and Rapoport (a stupid fucking hack--why are we even entertaining his reporting as fact?) both incorrectly assume that the only guaranteed part of a contract is the signing bonus when in reality any part of the contract can be deemed "guaranteed," which is the case with his current contract as well as the one the Steelers offered. That dumbass SB article spent a bunch of time whining about "establishing a narrative" while in the same breath quoting Rapoport and pointing only at the $10M signing bonus to slant the narrative toward Bell being the winner. It would behoove you to read this article comparing the fine details of the contracts. They estimate that he lost $19M in real cash by sitting out '18. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/leveon-bell-contract-details-revealed-heres-how-much-jets-new-star-may-have-lost-by-sitting-out-2018/ LeVeon is only getting $25M fully guaranteed money total. This year he will get $14.5M guaranteed while the Steelers' deal offered $20.5M guaranteed in year 1. Year 2 with the Jets bumps up to $26M total while the Steelers deal rose to $33M. Year 3 moves to $45M from the Steelers whereas the Jets gave themselves an out. In 2021 he's only going to get a $3M training camp bonus as well as $500k from per game bonuses ($31.250*16). This situation is laughably bad for LeVeon considering all the posturing and spouting off he did. I guess if we're being positive he got a year's vacation at the cost of ~$19M.
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    With the 58th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select... Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State
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    67. Jay Cutler (Denver Broncos 2006-2008, Chicago Bears 2009-2016, Miami Dolphins 2017) 4th Place Broncos QB and 2nd Place Bears QB Career Record 75-75-0 (50.00%) 65th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 57-18-0 (76.00%) 56th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 18-57-0 (24.00%) 74th (T) out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense (50.00%) 64th (T) out of 102 (-3) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.165) I don't care to do a writeup.
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    72. Jeff Garcia (San Francisco 49ers 1999-2003, Cleveland Browns 2004, Detroit Lions 2005, Philadelphia Eagles 2006 and 2009, Tampa Bay Bucs 2007-2008) 6th Place 49ers QB and 3rd Place Bucs QB Career Record 58-63-0 (47.93%) 74th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 44-13-0 (77.19%) 50th (T) out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 14-50-0 (21.88%) 84th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 57/111 (47.11%) 73rd out of 102 (+1) Wins Above Average Starter in a 16 Game Season (0.075) So a fun fact about Jeff Garcia, he's the only player I've ever actually met on this list. Back in his days before the NFL, he played in the CFL for the Stampeders, and he was a very strong replacement for Doug Flutie. He and Allen Pitts were kind of like the Young and Rice connection of the CFL, at least for a few seasons. In any case, the team came to my elementary school one day and I got to shake his hand. I was not expecting a moist and limp wristed shake, but that's what I got. Funny how those things stick with you. Anyway, players who do well enough in the CFL often get at least a passing chance in the NFL. Garcia took his and ran with it. He joined the 49ers as their dynasty was ending. Jerry Rice was on his way out, Steve Young had succumbed to concussions, and that praise worthy defense kept losing pieces to free agency or retirement. Still, Garcia was able to keep the motor running, even if the engine was a bit shaky to start. He was press ganged into the starting role in San Fran after signing there as a backup after winning a Grey Cup for the Stampeders. While his rookie season was rough, he showed the mental toughness to keep the job even after the 49ers drafted two QB's in the 2000 draft, and began to flourish as a passer, throwing for 4000+ yards, 31 TDs and only 10 INT's. The team was still shaky around them, but the 49ers had something at QB for a few seasons. The 49ers made the playoffs in 2001 and 2002, and he had one of the greatest comebacks in postseason history, coming back from down 38-14 against the Giants to win 39-38. However, the pressure got to Garcia as he couldn't continue the legacy that entitled 49ers had hoped for, and was released at the end of the 03' season. He struggled with injuries, a DUI and playing for the Browns and Lions in back to back seasons before getting a little mini career revival in Philadelphia as Andy Reid's backup, another inheritor of the Bill Walsh offenses. He took over after McNabb suffered a season ending injury, and drug the Eagles from below .500 into the postseason. He couldn't clear the Saints, but his play was good enough for him to get a starting job elsewhere... under Jon Gruden. He took the Bucs to the playoffs for the last time in their history in 2007 (as of this writing), but Gruden's awful tendencies with QB's and desire to funnel money out of their championship defense led them to blow up in 2008, and left Garcia jobless once again. He closed out his career with the Eagles, but was released when Michael Vick came back into the league. He stuck around the league for a few years but never saw the field again and retired in 2011. Garcia's numbers are very up and down, and while that led him to a certain midpoint on this list, his career was definitely marked by ups and downs. Terrell Owens called him gay multiple times to the media, he often felt like he had to put too much on his shoulders when the situations were rough, and like Pastorini before him, those decisions didn't always pan out. Still, he made quite a few pro bowls, made a few good playoff runs, and did run the WCO with proficiency, even if he didn't really find a niche anywhere else. Not bad for a guy deemed to small to play in the NFL.