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    Tulsi Gabbard IS running for President! Let's go!
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    I know he is super talented... but I can't even fathom a team wanting this guy. He's one bad game or one other good weapon on your offense away from melting down.
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    They're doing the same thing to Bernie. Bringing up these harassment stories (again) at the same exact time Democrats are beginning to test the waters and announce their candidacy. Totally a coincidence, I am sure... lmao
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    She has to win the Dem nomination first.
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    Well well well, looks like we have ourselves a moron boys.
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    The coaching and supporting cast of the Vikings is 1000x better than the Packers. Throw Rodgers onto that Vikings team and they win the Super Bowl. Throw Kirk on the Packers and they're a bottom 5 team.
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    Mike Zimmer took a team to the conference championship game and then they decided to blow a quarter of their salary cap on a mediocre at best QB. Vikings would be incredibly dumb to fire Zimmer.