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    "In order to move the major party that most closely aligns with your views, TOWARDS your views, you MUST, you MUST, be willing to NOT VOTE for them." If the left always votes Democrat, the Dems have zero reason to ever move left, and will continue moving towards the center.
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    It's too bad people can't protest police brutality peacefully like, for instance, kneeling during the national anthem. I'm sure that would lead to reasonable discourse and effective change.
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    @Thanatos One day you're gonna realize I'm right about most of the shit you've argued with me about here hahahaha I see you're beginning to see the light though.
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    I've read that before, but what I took from it at the time, was that it could've gone longer but that choice would've had to be made a long time ago. It's not like they got to season 8, and could've stretched that into... 9, 10, 11... I think it's more he (GRRM) was talking about all the stuff they had already actively cut. Stuff like lady stoneheart for example. I think HBO and D&D knew where they were going relatively early. I think that stuff would've just slowed the show down too much. Again, that's me thinking george was talking earlier cuts. I don't think the material was there yet in Season 8 to stretch that, but obv that would have been ideal because it was basically just an info / action dump.
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    I was about to type, "Holy shit Ferve, it hasn't been 30 years, calm down," but holy shit it almost has! Got damn we're old. But yeah, I definitely hope George sticks to his guns and writes the books the way he wants to write them. I read somewhere that the manuscripts for WoW and DoS are going to be 3,000 pages...EACH. That must be a typo, right?
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    Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that social media companies shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth. Kissing some ass so Facebook may escape penalty lol
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    One year later...has anyone's perspective on the final episodes/season(s) changed?