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    Fellas I've finally made my way to the big time. I'll be at the weigh-ins and media stuff in the AM, and will be attending the practices from Tuesday through Thursday. Let me know if you've got any questions for players or anything you want me to keep an eye out for. Some early notes - Utah DL Leki Fotu and Louisiana OT Robert Hunt are fucking huge. - Heard a Patriots scout chatting with Maryland S Antoine Brooks for like an hour and a half. Insane how in-depth they went compared to a lot of the other interviews I heard around here. - I really liked Utah EDGE Bradlee Anae on tape but he struggled pretty badly in the interview I overheard. Seemed a little bit out of his element and a tick slow with understanding questions. Think some scouts will give him the meathead label. - Cal S Ashtyn Davis and Washington C Nick Harris were pretty impressive. Harris seemed a little small for an interior lineman though. I'm curious to see what he weighs in at tomorrow. BTW I made eye contact with Mike Tomlin and got a "why are you here" look lol. Passed Mayock as well later on in the afternoon. Crazy hearing him up close.
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    Update: I'm taking Razor's advice. I've had a rough outline on my computer for years, but now I'm fleshing it out, and I'm pretty excited about the stories still left to tell. For now, I think I'll just start writing and see what happens. If I think it's good enough, I'll publish it here. I know not many left on TGP would read it, but that's ok. I know those who would read it will enjoy it. So, brace yourselves. The Knights of Andreas may yet appear on TGP again... @RazorStar @Sarge @Vin @Thanatos @seanbrock @Cherry @Zack_of_Steel
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    He also is an unfortunate combination of crazy sounding (his voice), crazy looking (hair/eyes), and old. He's ripe and ready for scare-tactic criticisms from the right.
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    Dude that is fucking bomb. I’m super proud of you and I don’t even know you. This is the American dream. A young dumb kid with an obsession who is relentless. Look at you dude. So fucking stoked. This is why you NEVER listen when people say the American dream is dead. They are pathetic losers who try to keep others from realizing success. Good job dude.
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    Bernie apologizes for one of his people saying Biden has a corruption problem. bernie trying to please everybody is why he will never win.
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    Who even is DJT? And yeah, Than is considerably smarter than him.
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    Sean rushing in to Than's defense... very cute, bro. Touching. And I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about me on this forum. I won't exactly be losing sleep over opinions/thoughts from strangers on the internet. Not one fuck given.
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    I predict that the winner of the super bowl will score more points than the other team. Beat that PhillElliot.
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    I think that's what thana's suggestion addresses. I'd thought about that too, but it's really similar to the old facemask rule they got rid of because of issues with distinguishing them. You could probably accomplish the same thing by with calling the reality bad ones unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that can be added to the PI call.
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    From the sounds of it, it seems like this was a smear on Bernie by Warren supporters, or just Warren sticking her foot in her mouth again.
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    I knew Thanatos is an extremely naive, snowflake libtard, but I didn't think he was actually this retarded. Jesus fucking Christ. Wow. I have no words.
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    As someone who started writing a series of fanfictions based off of a dumb joke on stream, just go for it. You know you want to. Eat the forbidden apple you leg having bitch.
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    F4E is doing a pretty splendid job of spelling out my own thoughts, which is convenient. Star Wars is a franchise with lightspeed, lightsabers, and gravity in space. If you want to pick it apart with logic, have at it. If you want to enjoy the story, then enjoy it you will.