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    Got the deal of a fooking lifetime on a home, so now my fiancee and I are making money moves
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    Trump is only president to enrich himself which is ironically impeachable lol. He's not actually running the country. He's not capable of it nor do I even think he's interested in it. He's a spoiled rich kid and he just wants to be on TV and play golf. It's mostly people who were part of the Reagan and Bush's admins which is another reason why it's fucking laughable to think Republicans would ever remove him from office. He's easily the most popular Republican politician in the country right now.
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    Oh it definitely does. I believe we're all equal, I believe in climate change, and everyone should have healthcare. I am not left in the slightest. You are left and that's a good thing. You are the decent face of the left. You could be a massive pile of shit like Blots left. You are the left this country needs to negotiate towards a middle.
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    He wants to actually tax the shit out of the 1%, so yeah. Fuck 'em. They make a killing off of underpaying common man employees and overcharging common man customers. Bleed them dry.
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    I really don't see extreme liberal values- currently- as a threat. At all. The GOP has a racist president who lies non-stop in charge of the country and they are stacking the courts. Far more likely that the extreme right is going to be the issue in the near-future. Racism- Is on the rise. It was slowly dying, IMO, Trump and co. have revived it full force. Just remember, kids, there are fine people on both sides of a Nazi rally and their protesters. Sexism- Also on the rise. "She was bleeding from her wherever" "Nasty woman" "Okay sweetheart" When the right is led by a person who is clearly a racist, sexist, narcissistic moron- and said moron was elected by 50 million people- you can't tell me we're getting past this. LGBTQ- Fortunately getting better, no thanks to the GOP who is still trying to block marriage equality, equal adoption rights, (wtf man let the kid have a home over the foster system), and making sure that that person who looks like a man actually uses the ladies room since he was born a female. The radical left has Antifa, which to my knowledge has not yet resulted in anyone's death, (they're still horrible, in my book, just pointing out the differences here). And Antifa is a problem and should be dealt with. But I don't feel like Antifa threatens the very nature of this country. They simply aren't big enough.
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    Vin is the white bread of opinions.
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    I think that's what I hate the most about this. The left frames the other side as a bunch of out of touch gun nuts, and the right screams the left is nothing but a communist party trying to take our guns. It generally surprises people that most people are much more moderate about this. We want background checks, strict regulations on assault weapons, and red flag laws at least for law enforcement. People don't just fall into two categories.
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    This is one of the worst outcomes I can imagine, outside of Ben having a career ending injury or something.
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    $15 is absolutely a living wage in the midwest. And we are talking basic needs only. I'm not paying for people to get a big flatscreen TV. I could survive off $15/hr easily.
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    So I found one of those political compass type quizzes and I thought it was interesting enough to be considered worth posting. https://8values.github.io/index.html It's 70 questions and it rates you based on 4 axes, Economic, Diplomatic, State(Liberty v Authority), and Society (general progressiveness). Here were my results.
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    Nah, they aren't. Look what Democrats have done to the black community alone... It's disgusting. And they still vote for them (Democrats). Both parties are full of losers. Having faith or loyalty to a party is leading you to heartbreak, ignorance, or both. Also: “According to Reuters polling data, Sanders supporters are three times as likely to choose Yang as their second favorite than backers of either U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren or former Vice President Joe Biden, the other two leading contenders.” I don't quite think I believe that, but I would be interested to see it for myself. Adios Bernie!
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    There's a ton of evidence that Biden is guilty.. he says it himself. He literally admits to blackmailing / extorting / strong arming Ukraine.
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    I'm not saying people shouldn't be outraged over this. That's not what I meant, I was more speaking to the way they go about winning the election. It seems as though we're always trying to accent things that divide us instead of talking about things that unite us. I don't mean this as a campaign slogan or anything like that, I'm just pointing out the way that Democrats have gone about winning the election. Just as an example reading Cortez Green New deal is a bunch of generalities that are behind a good principle. I don't think anybody is going to argue that if the climate changed dramatically, that we would be in for something nasty. What we're debating about is the timetable, and I am all for taking the conservative estimate here. As somebody who owns an electrical contracting business, I would love to see a huge push in green energy from a money standpoint. I would also love to see it from an environmental standpoint, so if we want to make radical changes to the way we power our nation I'm all for it. That said, there are two different strategies in the political sphere for how we deal with this. if you're a Democrat they talk about getting away from fossil fuels, lowering our carbon footprint, and moving towards renewable energy sources. All of that's a good thing. And then we have to taint it by getting drawn into a fight with Republicans because we like to point out the fact that oil money is a primary motivator as to why we have not gotten away from non-renewable energy sources. it is true that many Republicans benefit from the oil industry, but it's not like they're alone. There are a lot of Democrats who make oil money to. it is at this juncture that the conversation starts to devolve, and as a consequence diverges from what we really need. So in the green New deal, it hardly lays out anything in specificity about achieving green energy about , instead it's about the traditionally impoverished and people of color. this really has little to do with the environment, but it's a way to rally a base behind what you're saying. This is when we start to diverge from things that are actually important. we would rather talk about the pronouns that we used to address less than 5% of 1% of this country. We are so constantly worried about checking each other's privileges, that we very rarely see what we have in common. Your pole was a great example of this. You and I have been going round and round about banning assault rifles. outside of people who know me, even in an internet setting, people would assume that I'm a far-right whack job. That being said the problem is when we say terms like common sense. That means that if I don't agree with you that I am lacking in common sense, instead of just a minor disagreement over an issue. I am all for background checks, I am all for different laws that will keep guns out of the hands of people we know to be dangerous. Are we going to stop them all? No, of course we're not. Do I think that we should be able to keep all of the rights that are in the Constitution? Absolutely, and I don't think they should be bent using the logic that while most of us agree we should ban them. That's why they're there. That being said we pick one issue and divide ourselves into camps. The entire Democratic strategy for winning the election for the last 10 years or so has been catering to our differences, instead of establishing what we have in common, and then taking one issue at a time. Everybody on this site was able to find middle ground on the gun issue. But when you don't approach the topic from a holistic standpoint, it quickly devolves into your in your camp, and I'm in my camp and we're going to fight to the death for it. Foreign policy is another one. people like Sean absolutely hate Israel, and there's going to be no middle ground on it. We are all for an isolationist viewpoint when it comes to war in another country, until we see things like Syria, or even the Russian interference in the election, some people are wanting to go to war behind that. maybe it's because I have a personality that doesn't really see a lot of gray area, at least from a moral standpoint. But that is the biggest draw to Tulsi gabbard for me. She leaves no room for interpretation on what she thinks of these regime-change wars. We're going to stay out of them, this really isn't a debate for her. whether she's arguing with her party or the Republican party, she sticks to her guns on that, and that's something I can absolutely appreciate. as to Trump being impeached, if I'm being 100% honest, I could not care less either way. That is what I was referring to when I was talking about the Democratic party being maddening. At this point in time in our country, the Democrats have some things that they need to work out, and they say a lot of stupid things. That being said on most issues they find their selves in the enviable position of having facts supporting your argument. And yet there's all these appeals to emotion. I think they would be much better served to get out of the mud slinging competition with a pig. Trump is absolutely counting on this in the next election, he wants the next Democratic candidate to sling mud with him, because he likes it, and because he's good at it. That is his only path to victory. What is maddening to me, is that Democrats won't use things to their advantage. Right now all of the climate change data supports their hypothesis, and yet they want to use it to sling mud. Rise above it, stay calm, and present your case. It works. sure you're not going to have those reaction videos about you dunking on someone, but it is far more effective. Yet again, looking at Tulsi gabbard, what she did to Harris was a thing of beauty. Harris was running a campaign to strictly appeal to the black and impoverished people, and she was using that issue to champion them. She had no real facts to back up her argument, but it didn't seem to matter. Until somebody stayed calm, used fact as ammunition, an open fired in a way that left absolutely no room for retreat, only surrender. Every since Tulsi dropped that bomb on her she went from a top-three candidate to now she's actually pulling lower then the top five candidates. This is how it campaign should be run. Tulsi attacked her in a way that was calm, articulate, in laden with facts. After that debate people are scouring Google to check the veracity of her claims, they found out she was correct, and Harris no longer has a path to victory. I just don't understand why Democrats are going to refuse to use this, they would rather deliver fiery speeches about taking down the man, or wiping out racism, and using a set of unrealistic ideals and goals to pander to a base that is more prone to use emotion as a decision maker instead of logic. I actually don't want Trump to get impeached. I would rather see him beaten at The ballot box. If we were able to get somebody like gavotte in, with a whole nation behind her I think that set her up for success. Or any candidate for that matter. If you impeach Trump you're going to do two things immediately. You're going to make him a martyr to a very very powerful ease who has a lot of money, and you're going to make him a martyr to a base that votes. The second thing you're going to do is cheapeb a Democrat win. people are going to say that you could not have won an election straight up, and they very well could be right. So it's going to immediately undermine The credibility of the democratic nominee. Should he absolutely. if it turns out that the whistleblower is an impeccable source, and they are not lying, and it can be corroborated, then absolutely impeach him. It's going to be a tough road to hoe though, mainly because of the Mueller investigation. People are going to conflate the two as the same thing. they're going to use the logic that how come it's okay that Democrats do it, but when a republican does it it's a problem. The answer is obvious, but as we've already established the truth doesn't really matter does it? Something else this does is take Joe Biden completely out of the race because if Trump was searching for something, then he probably had a lead. Out of all the countries in the world you picked the Ukraine? Biden did something dirty, so he's no longer in the race in my opinion. if he is it would be a colossal strategic error. that leaves us with Warren to fight the Republican candidate, and if it's Trump she's going to get absolutely lambasted. So then who's next? That leaves Bernie Sanders, but he is already been kept out by his own party once. this leaves a path to the presidency for people like Yang and gabbard, although it's a small one. The Democrats have ran themselves out of options by backing terrible people that's far, now the elections next year and they have plenty of time to put money and resources behind it decent candidate, or at this point I would even settle for a decent human being. They have time to turn it around, but as of right now if Trump can escape this inquiry oh, it's going to be very hard times for the Democrats. that is all I was saying, I was trying to keep it brief, because as you can see when I explain my full point oh, it gets windy.
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    They will impeach him, but McConnell probably won't even let it go to trial in the Senate. If he does, it'll be because there's zero chance they get a supermajority vote to remove from office, and he will try to market it as a defeat for Democrats before the general election. And re: the poll F4E posted, I'm really glad to see Yang surging. Need more discussion with him. Need more talk about UBI. Not saying I support it or don't, but we need to have conversations about it.
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    I'm voting for Sanders if he wins the nomination, but Yang has convinced me that Sanders' ideas will not work in the long run. They are a band-aid solution to the real problem. Bringing minimum wage up doesn't help if the jobs aren't there in the first place. Yang has my full support at the moment. He needs to start interrupting the moderators in the debates though, they don't give him enough time.
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    And he's gone. Dude should never play again.
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    Do you value him as a member of the Titans ? Because of so...
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    I find that family businesses tend to unravel fast, so unless you're quite certain this place you're currently working will be there 10 years from now, I'm thinking you should consider moving on simply because you can't be positive that they won't mismanage money and fold at a moment's notice. Quite honestly, Zack, you have all these options but your gut instinct is telling you something and you should listen to it. If you can have these kinds of options now, you can have these kinds of options later if what you choose now doesn't pan out. I've got more to add but have to go for the moment.
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    From what I hear, Missionary is the best position to get some kids.
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    my 2 goals in life are pretty much to not be fat and get pussy.
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    "The worker who votes the Democrat or Republican ticket does worse than throw his vote away. He is a deserter of his class and his own worst enemy." Eugene Debs
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    1. We literally push people to a) think in partisan terms politically=never happy b) run away from the idea of healthy, committed relationships= never happy c) choose to feel like a victim for our misfortunes when they're brought on by our own personal failings= never happy. Essentially, we no longer push personal accountability. 2. Traditional family values are the nuclear family. Mother and father married, raising the children. Nearly every single mass shooter was fatherless. That's caused by 2 things--shitty men, and women who choose shitty partners. Raise your sons to be good men, raise your daughters to desire good men. It's really that simple. It shouldn't take til after 25 or 30 for a woman to realize she probably shouldn't fuck somebody who wouldn't make a good father or partner, and it shouldn't take til 25 or 30 for a man to grow the fuck up and realize that there's more to life than having as much meaningless sex as possible. 3. Do I really have to explain how we're moving away from living with a moral compass? Look around. Listen to the news. I'm much, much more well-spoken than some overweight slob on Fox News blabbing on about the good old days. I don't care about reverting back to anything other than teaching young people what really leads to happiness, and that is purpose. And the simplest way to have purpose is to have a family. Most people won't get to work in a field that they love, so they should worry more about a healthy, stable home life than anything.
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    "Demand that Isreal and Palestinian leaders sit down and start working out their differences" Nice one Bernie