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    I am also engaged as of two days ago, looking to buy a house up in northern Indiana where her family lives.
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    Yang got fucked too. MSNBC literally muted him outside of the TWO questions he was asked directly and the raise your hand quick fire answers they did. He said he tried cutting in on education and immigration specifically and his mic wasn’t hot. Marianne Williamson said her mic was also muted for most of the debate. Fuck Russia, we have media corporations here at home influencing our elections and undermining democracy. Everyone there qualified for those debates and had invitations. Let them f’ing talk. And if we, the people, don’t want to hear them we will make that known. Even though Yang got the shortest amount of time to talk (half of the 2nd least) he was still top 5 in search engine and social media searches. And he’s up over 130k unique donors I believe so he’s qualified for debate 2 already I think. I still prefer Tulsi because she has common sense when it comes to foreign policy (by far the best of any candidate and it’s not close)... but I still want to hear other candidates talk and share their ideas .
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    I'm getting a kitty! He's too young to take home for a few months but I love him already.
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    13. Jeff (Atlanta Falcons 1991, Green Bay Packers 1992-2007, New York Jets 2008, Minnesota Vikings 2009-2010) 2nd Place Packers and 1st Place Vikings QB Career Record 197-120-0 (62.15%) 18th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 144-29-0 (83.24%) 26th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 53-91-0 (36.81%) 16th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 173/317 (54.57%) 37th out of 102 (+24) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (1.795) There are only three things Jeff liked more than sending unsolicited dick pics to strangers. Throwing costly interceptions in postseason games, pretending to retire, and Vicodin.
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    $15 is absolutely a living wage in the midwest. And we are talking basic needs only. I'm not paying for people to get a big flatscreen TV. I could survive off $15/hr easily.
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    I agreed with you until the last few sentences. I'm not one of those people, we can address health care all day long, just because I don't believe in raising taxes for everyone for some convoluted plan that isn't going to work, does not mean I don't believe in health care reform. I believe there are many ways to do it without having to do that. As far as both parents having to work, you're absolutely right there. I am certainly for a living wage, I have also said several times over that I believe every job in this country should be unionized. I'm not saying that so that way everybody here can see how woke I am saying it because I truly believe that that would drastically change with the outlook of our country looks like. There would be more time at home with parents, now hopefully these parents are engaged, but under ideal circumstances we will be able to raise better kids, we would be able to have kids around their parents enough to know that they're there for them. We would have parents who would know there something wrong with their child. These are things I absolutely believe in. Any amount of money you wanna spend on repairing the American Family, spend it. I would donate 90% of my wealth if it meant the American Family were repaired. Now I'm not that rich, but I would certainly be all for the government taxing people like me and who make more than me over 90% of our wealth to repair the American Family. Well to a point, the US government has proven that throwing money at something doesn't really work Look at the war on poverty. In simple terms you would think it would work. These people have no money, let's throw more money at them. And yet poverty has risen. Although in principle I would be for a tax for the American family. That is the one thing in my life I could not live without. If we recognize we have a mental health problem, why do we lash out and decide to take guns from millions of people? It doesn't make any sense. There are some gun control measures I'm all for. If you wanna have universal background checks, all for it, you wanna have the gun show loophole closed, all for it, you wanna have a centralized database for people who have mental health issues or felony records, all for it. That being said, for law abiding citizens who have no mental health issues, there is absolutely no reason I shouldn't be able to own 1 because 3 or 4 assholes in this country don't know how to behave per year.
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    1. Tom Brady (New England Patriots 2000-Current)*** 1st Place Patriots QB Career Record 222-63-0 (77.89%) 1st out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 168-13-0 (92.82%) 2nd out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 54-50-0 (51.92%) 2nd out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 181/285 (63.51%) 12th out of 102 (+11) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (3.532) (3.560 after the 2018 season) Tom Brady cheated.
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    Unfortunately lip service is all that people who serve this country in any capacity will get. That is what fucks up so many people, is to realize the country that "loves you" could really care less about you. These firefighters have known for damn near two decades and keep having it proved to them. They are real life heroes, but this country doesn't care.
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    20. Randall Cunningham (Philadelphia Eagles 1985-1995, Minnesota Vikings 1997-1999, Dallas Cowboys 2000, Baltimore Ravens 2001) 1st Place Eagles and 2nd Place Vikings QB Career Record 81-58-1 (58.21%) 32nd out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 52-18-1 (73.94%) 65th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 29-40-0 (42.03%) 6th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 71/140 (50.71%) 60th out of 102 (+40) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (1.457) Randall Cunningham, QB Eagles, one of the most beloved players of the Tecmo Bowl Era, and one of the best and most dynamic players to ever step onto a football field. Cunningham was the Eagles second round draft pick in 1985, drafted to replace Ron Jaworski and hopefully guide the Eagles to the promised land. He spent most of his rookie season on the bench behind incumbent Ron Jaworski, and while he made a lot of costly mistakes in his limited time, he also showed a knack for pulling off the impossible, evading pass rushers with the subtlest of moves, like an all time boxer, and then hurdling a would be tackler like a champion high jumper. Cunningham's athletic prowess made him the most dangerous player in football whenever the ball was in his hands. Despite only starting 5 games in 1986, the Eagles offensive line managed to get him sacked 72 times in 1986, an absurd number that I had to actually check to make sure was actually true. In any case, despite all of that, Cunningham was named the full time starter in 1987 under new head coach Buddy Ryan, and that is where the fun truly began for the Eagles. The only problem was, they were in the same division as the Bill Parcells Giants, and Joe Gibbs Redskins. Cunningham still had a lot of success despite often leading the leagues in sacks because of his desire to make the most out of every single play. The Eagles would go 7-5 in 1987 with Cunningham starting, but he missed a few weeks with injury, and the Eagles lost all three of those games. 1988 would mark Randall's first pro bowl, and first playoff appearance as the Eagles would go 10-6, as Randall would throw for 3800 yards, and put another 600 down on the ground. However his first playoff appearance would be the dreaded fog bowl, a game in which the cameras could not even see what was going on in the haze. The Eagles would lose to the Bears in a 20-12 defensive struggle, despite Randall throwing for over 400 yards. 1989 would see the Eagles make the playoffs again at 11-5, Cunningham with 5 game winning drives in the 4th quarter, but when it came to the playoffs, the Eagles were stopped dead in their tracks by the Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles made it three for three in 1990, once again with Randall making incredible plays with his arms and legs on the way to a 10-6 record. he threw for 3466 yards, 30 TDs, 13 INT's and paired that with 942 yards and 5 TD's on the ground. Things were looking really good, until they played the Redskins in the wild-card and lost 20-6 in a game where once again the offense fell completely flat. 1991 was supposed to be the year that changed everything, as the Eagles defense had made moves to secure their legitimacy as one of the best in the league, and with the most dynamic QB in football, it was supposed to be their year. Well Bryce Paup decided to end the Eagles dreams, tearing Cunningham's ACL on a tackle in the first quarter of the first game of the regular season. The Eagles would go 10-6 that season, but narrowly miss the postseason in a stacked NFC. Cunningham would be back in 1992, but he wasn't the same athletic freak he once was, relying on his arm to take the Eagles to an 11-5 record that year. He would put up 29 unanswered points in the wild card round against the Saints to win 36-20 in his very first playoff victory. However, the Dallas Cowboys dynasty made quick work of them in the divisional round, pounding the Eagles 34-10. 93' and 94' would see Cunningham struggle with injuries as the Eagles finished around .500 two years in a row, and eventually saw Cunningham benched for Rodney Peete in 1995. Cunningham would return for the divisional round in the playoffs, only to be fed to the starving Dallas Cowboys in a 30-11 loss. Cunningham announced his retirement at the end of the year, and that was that. Until Dennis Green came a calling in 1997. Anyone with eyes could see that Randall wasn't done with the league just yet. He came in to replace the struggling Brad Johnson, and did just enough to right the ship from an 8-2 start, to keep the Vikings in the playoffs at 9-7. Despite being as cold as he was, he led a furious comeback against the Giants in the wild-card round to win 23-22 and secure the upset victory. However, Cunningham simply couldn't go toe to toe against Steve Young and the 49ers in the divisional round, losing 38-22. Green liked what he saw from the veteran down the stretch and named him the starter for the 1998 season. Along with the drafting of Randy Moss, the Minnesota Vikings became one of the greatest offenses in football. Cunningham had his best season passing, putting up at least 24 points in every single game, throwing for 34 TD's with only 10 INT's, as The Vikings cruised to a 15-1 record (13-1 with Cunningham playing). They put up 41 points on the Cardinals in the divisional round, but in Randall's best shot to win it all, the Vikings fell short against the dirty birds, losing in a game most fondly remembered for Gary Anderson missing a 38 yard field goal when the Vikings were up 27-20 with just over two minutes left on the clock. The Falcons forced overtime, and eventually won it on a Morten Andersen field goal on their second OT possession. So despite the narrative, the Vikings had plenty of opportunities to put the Falcons away in that game once and for all. Cunningham hit his twilight soon after that magical season, throwing a lot of interceptions early in the 1999 season, leading to him being benched for Jeff George of all people. He would go to Dallas in 2000 to back up Troy Aikman, and then to Baltimore in 2001 to backup Elvis Grbac. He officially retired as an Eagle in 2002, and ended his legacy as one of the greatest to ever step on the field. Randall's rate in games with good defense was merely average, as his desire to make the most out of every play early in his career often led to a bad sack, or a fumble, or something costly. However, when both teams were going at it, Randall has one of the best rates for when his defense gives up 21 or more points, going an outstanding 29-40. Only 5 players in the super bowl era have a better winning percentage in those games, and every single one of them is in the top 6 of this list. The rest of the top 10 finish in the top 11 players on this list. Randall's career was downright fascinating to watch and it is a real shame to watch two of his greatest opportunities for glory be snatched away by the whims of fate.
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    Re: gerrymandering and how to avoid it The problem with "nonpartisan commissions" is they're still run by humans, who are subject to both bias and bribery. It's 2019. Let the math dictate where the boundaries are.
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    The gerrymandering decision today shows, once again, despite people's claims to the contrary, both parties are absolutely not the same. The GOP can no longer win elections without a frankly ridiculous amount of voter suppression, be it voter ID laws that unfairly target minorities as they have tried to do in the whole nation, closing voting stations in poorer neighborhoods in the South, which predominantly vote Democrat, most recently in the Georgia election, where they also had one of the candidates overseeing the vote count for the election, closing down voting altogether on Sundays- and admitting in Court the reason they did so is because a lot of black people vote on Sundays- as they did in South Carolina, and now, from the Supreme Court of the United States, where they say that the federal judiciary somehow has no Constitutional authority to prevent a party from re-drawing lines with the intent of political gain. This decision- more than anything else that has been done by this administration or this SC- strikes at the very core of American democracy. Without the courts ability to bring a check on partisan gerrymandering, the party in charge will have absolutely no reason to not engage in extreme partisan gerrymandering. And while the myth is that both parties engage in this conduct- they do not- there is now absolutely nothing preventing the Democrats from doing so either, should they win in the next election. This was an easy decision if you wanted to be fair and keep America's democracy intact. The GOP has shown that they do not care about this in the slightest, only what keeps them in power, even if the average voter is against it. NC breaks about 53/47 in favor of the GOP, yet the GOP has a 10-3 advantage in representatives. A member of the voting committee for redrawing lines in North Carolina, David Lewis, flat out admitted that their goal was to maintain the partisan makeup of the Congressional Assembly. Why did he want to do this? Because he did not "believe it was possible to draw a map that will yield 11 Republicans to 2 Democrats." Yet this complete, unhidden, blatant ignoring of the voting rights of the citizens of North Carolina is no longer challengable in federal court because the SC has now ruled so.
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    So some of you may have heard me mention that I moved to Lincoln, NE a few weeks ago. We had some massive flooding in Kearney and the restaurant my gf and I worked at got wrecked and our apartment did also. Neither of us wanted to be in Kearney, but the money at Coppermill was great. So when we first decided to move I got a fat stack of applications to bars and restaurants that seemed "higher-end" and drafted a resume, scanned the apps and filled them out with my computer, and got shit moving. On top of that, one of our friends owns her own chiropractic practice in town and started reaching out to some professional contacts for me. Here's the current situation: -I just took a job at a family business that does art and cooking classes on one side of the venue and has a cafe/bar on the other side. They started out just with the classes and shit, but the cafe thing took off and kinda became the main draw, whereas the family has no real experience with running a commercial kitchen or bar. They had recently had some turnover and one of the sons took over as a manager in the past 6 months with basically 0 experience in this realm. The kitchen staff had been doing things a certain way under the previous manager and the family kinda let the cafe/bar be run by the employees. When I went to interview for a front of house (FOH) position, I was asked if I would be receptive to helping out in the kitchen (BOH) for the first 2-4 weeks since they were hurting for help and it would help me become acquainted with the business. I knew we needed money coming in and accepted despite the fact that I absolutely abhor dealing with food. I have the capacity for it, but I just personally do not enjoy it in the slightest. So I started Tuesday and ended up in a shitstorm from the first minute. I showed up and they had gotten a text from their last/main kitchen guy that he was quitting. The guy that handled all the prep and was supposed to train me was out before I got started. The family is comprised of some of the nicest people I've ever encountered and they have been treating me like their savior. I've worked 3 doubles in a row now, helped out as a server/bartender during a private party, and have been running the kitchen with some help from the family trying to figure it all out with me. They didn't have a shirt for me and so yesterday I worked 8 hours in the kitchen and then put on a fuckin' sweater to serve/bartend for another 8 hours. Shit has been bonkers. On top of all that, I've made some huge waves in getting shit fixed or noticing room for improvement. Their prep table had a Freon leak that I alerted them to and they had a dude come out to fix, I noticed yeast coming out of the beer tap drain line and let them know that they have to have the lines cleaned once every month at least. I found a bunch of mold in random areas people wouldn't think to clean in a bar unless you know what's going on. During the private party of about 50 people on my second day, I pushed the drink tab up to $330 before they sat down to eat by ignoring the dumbass 19 year old "bartenders" and going out to cocktail and get orders and fill the hands of the group. They kept insisting, "that's not how we do things here, they come to the bar." Well, for the first hour or two they were mingling and talking in the other room and if I hadn't done what I did their tab would have ended at less than half of what it did at the end of the night. So, with all of that long-winded context, the entire family has been bowing down to me, begging me to stay and trying to push me into management. They told me yesterday they're already bumping my pay $2/hr based on what I've done. My thing is, I wanted to come to an established place and jump in with no responsibilities and just make an assload of tips like I did in Kearney. I just don't know if I have it in me to start from a negative and build everything alone from the ground up unless they're able to pay me out the ass, which I'm not sure they can afford. I think it's a lot more sensible for me to act as a consultant and teach the family what to do so they can actually run the place themselves rather than having 5 family members on staff that are only competent in half the business while paying other management like myself. -My chiropractor friend has a colleague with a practice that just lost an assistant. She put in word for me and I met with the doctor and made a good impression, but she has a girl just out of chiropractic school that's coming in to help in an interim capacity until she opens her own practice. That could be 2 months, could be 2 years, just depends on how ambitious the girl is. This is the #1 job I want. Pays well, has great benefits, I would work amazing hours. The larger the practice, the fewer the hours, so they leave at 3:30 on Thursdays and have Fri-Sun off. I'd be working in an office and have time to chase a world's invite in Pokemon this year and earn a trip to London. I just have no idea when/if this job is going to be available or if I'd even get hired after the fact (feels likely). -Her other contact is an insurance adjuster about 30 minutes drive from here. He's looking for an assistant to help grow his business and deal with all the computer shit. He's got bonuses in mind and said I could do a lot of the work from home. This is another job I think I would like, but it just came about literally the first day I started working the current job. I'm going to draft up an email and see about an interview, but I think this seems like a good shot also. My only concern is that it's out of town and that my friend Dana has a tendency to...overlook the douchiness in people, especially guys (she's a lesbian, so she just doesn't "get" it with dudes sometimes). She sent me a screenshot of her conversation with him and it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I think one of my best qualities is my judge of character, so we'll see what happens. -In dealing with getting my internet set up I had some problems, but the one dude at the office I went to that knew wtf was going on and took the case over suggested that I apply to work there. He said I'd be working with him and it was a great job with benefits and he'd been there for 12 years in sales. I think I could wreck shit at this job also, but I'm not sure about working for a cable company by principle. I've also never worked in "commission" outside of tips, so I'm unsure of how volatile my income would be, but based on my research it looks like it could be lucrative for me. -Next, I just got a couple voicemails from other places in town. The first is a higher-end martini bar where I think I could kill it, but they're only looking for opening shifts on Fridays and 2 Saturday nights a month. I could maybe tack this on to one of the other jobs, but with everything being in the air, I'm not sure. -The last place is a high-end restaurant group in town that has a few different concept restaurants. I think if I made an impression I could get hired on pretty easily and make some money, the type of job I figured I could find quickly based on my experience. So, my question is...what do I do? I've always been a supremely empathetic person and put others before myself. I've never been in a position where I had a bunch of job offers/prospects and I'm not sure how to handle it--I feel selfish and I don't want to fuck over this family, but I know I have to do what's best for me because I want to start having kids. Do I just set up every interview and let them all know that I have some options to consider? Do I keep killing myself at this place while I do so? I worked 45+ hours in 3 days and I still have another day on Saturday. I don't have time to do shit and I feel lost and worn the fuck down. If you made it through all that, thank you for reading. I appreciate you all and anything you have for me.
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    Oh, something I previously forgot to mention. Kirsten Gillibrand also failed to make the debate and has decided to drop out of the race. If you want to see rigged though, just watch CNN... They, very often, during election talk put up the top 5-6 candidates in the polls... Except for the fact that they leave Andrew Yang off who is consistently at 3% right now and put Beto up instead who is at 1% lol. Fuck Russia, the media plays such a huge role in who becomes President. It's really ridiculous.
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    Guns causing suicides to be more frequent is not an agree to disagree thing. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/magazine/guns-and-suicide/ It's simply a fact. Also wrong is the idea that most people who want to commit suicide, will. There are 45 attempted suicides for everyone one that succeeds. I admit I was wrong on the funding thing, I was looking at what funds science, and not medicine in particular, article was lumping them together. I thin, however, we're just going around in circles here. You're stuck on not taxing rich guys more, you'd rather have poor people not have insurance, when it comes down to it, though you'd really prefer a system that does neither, which frankly, IMO, is a pipe dream. You still don't explain why everyone has to pay for firefighters and police but not for medical care, as in what the difference in logic is. Doctors and nurses are already overworked because the hospitals, in their infinite wisdom, decide that they need to do 12-16 hour rotations so the patients deal with the same people? I'm not sure on the logic here, that's what I've been told is the logic. Insurances and hospitals already literally make up prices for shit, so yeah I'm okay with not paying the hospital $10 for a single tylenol pill. I'm not arguing that medicare isn't ass, all insurance is ass. I deal with the fuckers every single work-day. They are all a bunch of money-grubbing, corner-cutting, how can I fuck the patient over to save my company money, scumbags. All of them. To argue that since the current medicare is ass and therefore medicare for all will be ass is just not really an argument. They're two entirely different entities. I really don't get where you're talking about your insurance getting worse. It would be taken out of your taxes, the vast majority of people that pay for health insurance would pay less. If we want to have like a ranking system or something where you can pay more for more service or something, that's fine. I really don't think its a tough sell at all if you have empathy for your fellow humans. I never said you owed society something, I said you had a responsibility to it. That's pretty different to me. Everyone in this country has a responsibility to others. It's great that you've created 83 jobs for people. If you're unwilling to wait a little longer for a cold to get some antibiotics, in order so that other people can see the doctor at all, that's just something that yes, is hard for me to grasp. We would rather have a society where people who are unsure about whether or not something is worth going in for just sits on it and hopes its not life-threatening? Really? The current status quo is insane. We have people rationing insulin and dying because they don't get enough. But god fucking forbid the government "steals" more money from people who can afford it to literally save other people's lives. I deal with this shit every day, as I said. It makes me upset that people lack empathy so much that they dont want to pay a bit more so that other people can afford the medicine they need to be healthy.
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    A lot of people think the Burfict hit ruined him, but according to people like Ryan Clark, he was always a headcase, he just hadn't been paid yet. Then when Wallace turned down the money to take more in MIA and they gave him the money instead, he settled in and let loose. Some random guy on reddit said he was friends with Lawrence Timmons and by extension, hung around AB multiple times. Said he always rubbed him the wrong way and that one time in particular after AB's payday Timmons even made a comment to him in private about how weird AB was acting. I think he came up shitty and money and attention are all he sees. Dude named all of his like 6 kids with the initials AB. Dude bragged about his personal stats in losses and was pissed in wins with low output. He's just a cunt.
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    Something else to think about... these drugs that cost so much money to do proper R&D on are 100x more expensive here in the United States than anywhere else. I understand the costs associated with doing business and that the point of doing business is to make money — but there’s a reason Americans foot the bill. It’s because our political “advocates” allow big pharma to run wild. ScientificAmerican did a study on this... take the 20 most common drugs. Americans spend 3x as much as Brits do. For the same. Exact. Drugs. We’re also 6x higher than Brazil. And 16x more expensive than India. Is the excuse that these drug companies aren’t making money in Europe? Brazil? India? Doubtful.
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    8. Steve Young (Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1985-1986, San Francisco 49ers 1987-1999) 1st Place Bucs QB and 2nd Place 49ers QB Career Record 103-49-0 (67.76%) 9th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 82-11-0 (88.17%) 5th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 21-38-0 (35.59%) 17th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 93/152 (61.18%) 18th out of 102 (+10) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (2.198) This study has talked about those great 49ers dynasties a lot in passing. From the effects they had on the Cowboys and Packers of the 90's, to the ones they had on the Redskins, and various other teams in the 80's. Steve Young was the first real example of a hall of fame quarterback succeeding another, or at the very least it's the first that comes to mind for most fans of the game. But Young didn't start his career in the Cherry Red 49ers uniform, he took a different path to the NFL than his predecessor. He was poached by the USFL's Los Angeles Express in 1984, and began his career as a USFL star. But the league was fraught with owners who didn't actually have the net worth they said they did, and in a season where the bus drivers wouldn't even take the players to the game unless they were paid up front in cash, the 1985 season was a total disaster for the Express. Young decided to give the USFL an ultimatum, get a new owner or let him buy out his contract and go to the NFL. Young was snatched up by the Buccaneers, where he proceeded to struggle immensely with the team. He went 3-16 over his two seasons there, and the Bucs were ready to move on, planning to take Vinny Testaverde to fill his shoes. Young was traded to the 49ers for a second and fourth round pick, and so began his time as Joe Montana's back up. From 1987-1990, he was riding the bench, but he did get to take over for Montana in multiple games, flashing his potential and showing what he could do with talented offensive players around him. He went 7-3 in his starts in those 4 seasons, with 23 TD passes and only 6 interceptions, making it seem like the future was bright in San Francisco, and he had earned two super bowl rings as a backup quarterback. And after Joe Montana suffered an elbow injury in the 1990 NFC Championship game, it was looking like Steve Young's time would start in 1991. The Niners would struggle early on in 1991, losing a lot of close games, and going 4-5 before Steve Young injured his knee and missed a few games. Steve Bono came in to replace him and on a heater, winning 5 of his next 6 games, before succumbing to an injury of his own. Young played the last game of the season and won to take the 49ers to a 10-6 record, but that wasn't good enough for the playoffs that season, leaving 49ers fans disappointing in Young, and wondering if he would really be the next guy up. Not only having to compete with Steve Bono, it appeared the Joe Montana was set to recover from his surgery, and Young was very nearly traded to the Los Angeles Raiders. But the trade fell through, Steve Young won the starting job and he tried to make his mark on the league once again. He suffered a concussion in his first start, as Steve Bono led the 49ers to victory over the Giants, then lost in a 34-31 shootout with the Bills. However Young would turn the corner after that, winning 13 of the next 14 regular season games to help take the 49ers to a league best 14-2 record, including winning the MVP for the season. They would beat the Redskins in the divisional round, but fail to outscore the Cowboys in the conference championship and had to watch the Cowboys win the super bowl in their stead. But this season made sure the league knew that this was Steve Young's team, and after trading Montana to the Chiefs, it was official. But Young would start cold in 1993, throwing 8 interceptions in the first 4 games of the season. However once he recovered from his thumb injury he was back on the prowl, leading the league in passer rating, touchdowns, and points as the 49ers went 10-6 and took the second seed that year. They'd beat down the Giants in the divisional round, but once again fail to overcome the Dallas Cowboys in the conference championship, losing 38-21. 1994 would be the year Young got the monkey off his back, as the 49ers added all-pro cornerback Deion Sanders to the mix, the defense that has been flagging the past few seasons got immediately bolstered by his lock down play. Young would have the best season of his career, and he'd credit it to telling George Seifert to jump in a lake after he tried to bench him in a 40-8 loss against the Eagles. Young would complete 70% of his passes, throw for nearly 4000 yards, 35 TD's and 10 INT's, while adding another 7 touchdowns on the ground, as the 49ers had the best offense in the league once again, and Young won his second MVP. The playoffs are where a player is truly measured, and Young brought his A game for the postseason as well. After putting up 44 points on the Bears in the divisional round, the 49ers took momentum in the NFC Championship, scoring 31 points in the first half and never looking back on the way to a 38-28 victory. Then the super bowl against the Chargers came, and Steve Young set them on fire, throwing 6 TD passes in the victory. It didn't matter what the Chargers did on the other end of the ball when Young was scoring at will. He won the super bowl MVP that season and the 49ers were the first team to five super bowls. (The Cowboys, Steelers and Patriots would catch up to that mark.) The 49ers would be playoff contenders for the next 4 seasons, and Steve Young would continue to combine passing efficiency with smart scrambles, but from 1995-1997 they would be eliminated each season by Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers, and Young would always miss a few games here and there with injuries. In 1998, they'd get their revenge thanks to rookie WR Terrell Owens making an incredible catch to beat them, but Young was unable to figure out the dirty bird defense in the divisional round that year, and lost 20-18 after throwing three interceptions in the second half. 1999 would be Young's last season, after he suffered a career ending concussion three games into it. While the 49ers would be competing for the playoffs for a few years after Young retired, his concussions truly marked the end of a historic run by the franchise. Young retired as the most efficient passer of all time, and it really isn't a stretch to say he was a virtuoso on the field. He could see the entire field, and when the pass wasn't working, he could roll out and make a few yards with his legs. The problem was that it left him susceptible to many hits, and eventually ended his career. Young ends up being in the top 5 for winning percentage with a great defense, and top 20 when the defense wasn't up to par. His defensive rating is also incredibly high, by virtue of being on that 49ers dynasty team, but it would have been even higher if not for the years he spent in Tampa. Young also shows the hypothesis that sitting and developing over your first few years ends up being beneficial in the long run, even though Young took his lumps in the USFL and Tampa first.
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    10. John Elway (Denver Broncos 1983-1998) 2nd Place Broncos QB Career Record 159-83-1 (65.64%) 13th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 119-25-1 (82.41%) 30th out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 40-58-0 (40.82%) 7th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 145/243 (59.67%) 21st out of 102 (+11) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (1.957) From one comeback king to another, let's talk about John Elway, the highest rated QB with less than 2 wins above the average starter. So you know, 10th place overall. John Elway is the most emblematic player of the team he played for, looking like a horse meant that he could only reasonably play for two teams, three if you're stretching the definition of a horse. Luckily for Elway, the Colts were planning to take him first overall, as the headliner of the 1983 Draft class. Elway and his lawyer parents wanted nothing to do with a team that was already making plans to leave Baltimore and refused to play for them. He was traded for the 4th overall pick, a backup QB, and a first rounder in the 1984 draft. Needless to say, the Colts got fleeced by the Broncos, but it's not like they had any other choice, since Elway could always refuse the NFL and go play baseball instead. In any case, Elway became the starter immediately, though he went through growing pains in his rookie season, and was off and on again with Steve DeBerg his entire rookie year. The Broncos made the postseason at 9-7, but were swept away by the Seahawks who had some consistency to the offense. Elway was made the full time starter in 1984, and on the back of a strong defensive performance that season, the Broncos went 13-3, and had the second seed in the AFC. However Elway would throw a pair of interceptions, and lose to the Steelers 24-17 in the divisional round. The Broncos would lean on Elway a lot more in the coming seasons, and he'd develop his reputation as a comeback artist, leading 6 4th quarter comebacks in 1985, as the Broncos made it to an 11-5 record. However, they missed the playoffs due to tiebreakers, being one of the few 11-5 teams in league history to do so. Elway would again go 11-5 in 1986, and playing with a bit more efficiency, the Broncos actually made it to the playoffs that year. Though Elway did not have a great game against the Patriots, he played his best in the second half, leading a comeback in a 22-17 victory. Then he begin his reputation as a Browns killer, facing the Browns in the conference championship, leading "The Drive" to bring the game to overtime, and then leading another so Rich Karlis could kick the game winning field goal. The Giants would end Elway's first super bowl shot, as Phil Simms went ham, and the Giants defense contained the hard to stop Elway. The Broncos would be back in 1987, even though Elway missed a few games early in the season due to injury. With a 10-4-1 record, Elway and the Broncos put up 34 on the Houston Oilers in the divisional round, and then against the Browns, they won in a game known for Earnest Byner fumbling on the goal line in a 38-33 offensive shootout. Elway would lose his second super bowl, as after putting up a 10-0 lead on the Redskins, they were shut out as Timmy Smith and Ricky Sanders killed them putting up 35 points in the second quarter on the way to a 42-10 victory. Elway won the MVP that year though, so that was cool. The Broncos took 1988 off to go 8-8, turn the ball over a lot, but made sure they were back and ready in 1989. Despite Elway spending most of the 80's being about 1:1 in his TD:INT ratio, the Broncos were still pulling wins out of their asses, and managed to finish 1989 with an 11-5 record, a record which would have had them barely make the wildcard in the NFC, but be the first seed in the AFC by one and a half games. They would face the Steelers in a back and forth game that was decided by a 80 yard touchdown drive in the 4th quarter. They would beat the Browns in the AFC Championship for the third time, and then proceed to get mollywhopped by one of the greatest iterations of the 49ers dynasty in a 55-10 beating. 1990 would mark a big step back, as the Broncos had their first losing season since Elway's rookie season. They went 5-11, and despite Elway throwing for 3500 yards for the first time in his career, the defense was awful. The Broncos would rebound in 1991, and go 12-4. The Defense would go from bottom five to top five and the Broncos would be the second seed in the AFC. They played Warren Moon and the Oilers in a thrilling 26-24 game, where even though the Broncos were down 2 points after scoring a touchdown, they refused to go for 2 instead opting to try and get the ball back to get another field goal to win. Dan Reeves was not a very smart coach despite his years upon years in the league. In the AFC Championship it would be a battle of defenses, and Elway was the first to make a mistake, throwing a interception returned for a touchdown that helped seal a 10-7 victory for the Bills. 1992 would mark a turning point for the Broncos, as they would draft Tommy Maddox in the first round to put the pressure on Elway to get them over the hump. Elway struggled that year after taking a shoulder injury 10 games into the season, and his relationship with the conserative coach was fraying. Tommy Maddox was brought in while Elway recovered, and turned their 7-3 start into an 8-8 finish. Elway threw 17 INTs to only 10 TD's, and the poor performance got Dan Reeves sacked. 1993 would see defensive coordinator Wade Phillips take over the head coaching job, and Jim Fassel the offense. That finalyl gave Elway free reign to sling it like his contemporaries in Marino and Kelly. And sling it he did, throwing for over 4000 yards, often finding hall of fame tight end Shannon Sharpe. The Broncos would lose a lot of close games that season, but make it to the playoffs at 9-7. However they were quickly dispatched by a hungry Raiders team that put up 42 points on them. 1994 also ended miserably, as Elway suffered a season ending knee injury to the Chiefs after taking the Broncos to a 7-6 record with a bottom 5 defense. His backup lost the last three games, and the Broncos missed the playoffs at 7-9, and Wade Phillips was fired. 1995 gave Elway his first offensive minded head coach, the young ballsy coordinator Mike Shanahan, who was known primarily for hating Al Davis, and helping Elway develop in his younger years as his offensive coordinator. The Broncos offense was developing quickly under his tutelage, as rookie runningback Terrell Davis ran for 1000 yards, and Ed McCaffrey and Anthony Miller emerged as receiving options beside Shannon Sharpe. They still went 8-8 that season, but the pieces for an offensive domination of the league were starting to form. The Broncos went 13-3 in 1996, good for the top seed in the AFC, but they were upset by the Jaguars in the divisional round, after Mark Brunell put up 30 on them. The Broncos were getting sick of playoff failure in Elway's time, and 1997 would be the season they finally broke through. They led the league in scoring offense that year, and were 6th in scoring defense, as Elway assembled his full suite of weapons. The Broncos went 12-4, which was only good enough for a wild-card that year, behind the 13-3 Chiefs. Still, they did their work even with the extra game, by first getting revenge on the Jaguars that beat them a year earlier 42-17, relying on the ground game to do their damage. They faced the AFC winning Chiefs in the divisional round, and after taking a 14-10 lead early in the 4th, the Broncos defense locked down Elvis Grbac and the Chiefs. The Broncos would beat the Steelers 24-21, after getting all of their points in the first half. And just like that, Elway was in the super bowl for the 4th time in his career, and he was up against Brett Favre and the defending super bowl champion Packers. They played in a back and forth struggle, but Elway wasn't winning the game with his passing prowess, instead relying on Terrell Davis to do the hard work, and when he needed to give up his body to make a key first down or a touchdown running the ball, he did it. The Broncos won 31-24, and Elway's status in NFL lore was cemented. So he did it one more time in 1998. Despite struggling with injuries throughout the season, the bevy of offensive weapons, and the Terrell Davis runs a train through your city tour meant that the Broncos were able to 14-2, after starting the season out 13-0. After losing to the Giants on a last minute comeback in week 15, they rested their starters for the postseason run to come. They would bully the Dolphins 38-3, as Davis ran for nearly 200 on them. Then they would put up 23 unanswered points on the Jets in the conference championship, after going down 10-0 in the third quarter. We were deprived of a Vikings / Broncos super bowl in 1998, but the Falcons were still a 14-2 team that season and just for a little while, maybe they had a chance to do something to the Broncos that day. But head coach Dan Reeves couldn't keep his dirty birds in line, who were riding high after upsetting the Vikings and just didn't show up in time for the super bowl. John Elway got his revenge on the coach who limited his offensive production in the name of conservatism, and won his second super bowl ring, along with the title of MVP, because the voters were pretty sympathetic to his story by that point, and had a reasonable argument for it. Elway retired the winningest player in NFL history, but that mark has since been surpassed by Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Elway is such an odd duck, because his numbers with Dan Reeves as a coach just weren't very good. The defenses he had most of those years were special though, and Elway seemed to play his best when the leash was taken off. It can be seen by his record when his defenses were poor, winning over 40% of those games meant it was nearly impossible to count his teams out of games until the clock struck zero. However he did have a propensity for making the big play rather than the safe one and that would kill him against the best of the best defenses. While his record in those games is still really fricking good, he's surpassed by a lot of guys who know when to fold a bad hand. But that's part of what made Elway an all time great. He has since become an executive for the Denver Broncos, and helped lure Peyton Manning to the team to try and win the city another super bowl. While his draft evaluation of QB's is garbage, at the very least he could play at a high level.
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    I think legitimately the best idea I have is just to add years where players were meant to be backups as some kind of negative score (either -0.5 per season as a backup's rate, or calculate a number that is less of an approximation than that), and then add that negative score to their careers. Like Jim McMahon had 5 seasons where he was simply a backup who played either zero or one games. If we say he played about 10 games a season normally (since he never did finish a full season in the league), that would lower his careers wins over average to 8.26, and then with an extra 50 games added to his career (now 151 or about 8.5 16 game seasons), his WAA goes down to 0.875, which would put him in between Eli Manning and Cam Newton currently. It's not perfect, but it was something I was thinking about.
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    I’m conflicted. I hate all these dumb stoppages, but I do want to make sure the right calls are made. I’m hoping with some of the wording that it was speed up and lessen the amount of time that the replay is going on
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    I think we easily have the capability of coming up with solutions and there probably already are some, I just have a hard time seeing where you can make money doing it though. I kind of like the idea of a carbon tax, which is paid in credits to people who engineer ways to manage the chemistry of the atmosphere. I feel like NATO/EU countries could hopefully concoct an agreement to pool funds as well.
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    Boys, I could not be happier for Kyle Lowry. My favorite NBA player by far. Incredible.
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    38. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers 2011-Current) 1st Place Panthers QB Career Record 65-50-1 (56.47%) 40th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 49-14-0 (77.78%) 45th (T) out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 16-36-1 (31.13%) 35th out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 63/116 (54.31%) 38th out of 102 (0) Wins above Average in a 16 Game Season (0.840) (0.652 after the 2018 season) The youngest quarterback to qualify for this list, Cam still has a lot of game ahead of him, and plenty of time to change the perception he's under. Old white women in the south may clutch their pearls whenever Cam does... literally anything, but the guy has been a revolution on the field and plays the game in a hard nosed physical manner that just isn't really seen all that often. Newton was the first overall pick by the Panthers in 2011, immediately aborting the Jimmy Clausen experiment. Newton started his career hot throwing for 400 yards in his first two starts, but his teams were porous on defense and Cam finished his rookie year 6-10 with 4000 yards in the air and 700 on the ground. His second year wasn't much better in the win column, but he turned the ball over less, and they finished the season winning four straight games, so the future was looking bright for the Panthers. 2013 would resolve those hopes, as the Panthers went 12-4, Newton threw 24 TD's and led four 4th quarter comebacks on the way to a division title. However, Cam's first playoff appearance would end poorly, as he would throw two interceptions, and ended every possession in the second half without scoring. He didn't start 2014, due to dealing with some lingering ankle issues that required surgery, as well as a rib injury he suffered during the preseason. He played most of the 2014 season, even though he also got into a car crash midway through the season and fractured his back. Although he only went 5-8-1 as a starter, because the NFC South was so bad that year, the Panthers made the playoffs at 7-8-1. And because of that, we were subjected to one of the worst playoff games in history as the Cardinals brought out their third string QB to try and do something against a team that couldn't even go .500. The Panthers won the wild card round, but fell to the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional round, as Cam fumbled twice, and thew a couple of interceptions, including a 90 yard pick 6 to Kam Chancellor. 2015 would be the Panthers best chance yet. As Cam wasn't dealing with a million injuries, and the defense was healthy and ready to ball out, the Panthers exploded to a 15-1 record, having the best offense in football. Cam threw for 35 touchdowns, and ran for 10, while combining for nearly 4500 yards through the air and ground. They cruised to the best seed in the NFC, and were well on pace to the super bowl that season. They faced their rival Seattle Seahawks in the divisional round and got revenge at home, winning 31-24, and basically taking the second half off after being up 31-0. They faced the Cardinals in the conference championship, and they crumbled under the lights, Carson Palmer threw 4 interceptions and the Panthers cruised 49-15. Cam didn't even need to break a sweat once they had gone up 17-0 in the first quarter. However, the dream died in super bowl 50, as they faced the best defense in the NFL. And when the best offense and best defense clash in the super bowl, the defense always wins. Neither Newton nor Peyton could get much going on offense, but the Panthers lost the ball four times (including two key Cam Newton fumbles), and the Broncos only gave it up twice. Cam would respond in 2016, by going ice cold. He had his career worst completion percentage at 52.9, threw only 19 TD's to 14 INT's, and the Panthers went 6-10. He even missed the start against Seattle because of a dress code violation but he played the rest of the game after the first series so I counted it as a start for him. But the Panthers are anything but consistent, so naturally they started to win again in 2017. They went 11-5, as Cam got back on track continuing the run and throw the ball all over the field, but as they could not handle the Saints in the regular season, they could not handle them in the postseason either, taking the rare 3 losses to a team in a single season. Cam played well in the game against the Saints, but couldn't match their field goals to the Saints TD's and lost 31-26. That's where my data point ends, but as is true for the Panthers, they followed a winning season with a losing one. And at the half way point, they were 6-2. The issue was, Cam injured his shoulder and it was a serious injury but they kept playing him and it's entirely possible that it's fucked for good because they didn't just pull him when they were supposed to. Of course it does no good to speculate on the nature of injuries until time proves the extent of it, but the Panthers went 7-9 in 2018, with Cam only getting the plug pulled by the penultimate week of the season when they were officially out of contention. We'll need to see how the rehab goes, but if Newton continues to follow this trend, I entirely expect him to win the comeback player of the year award this year. Going by his splits, we can see that while his defense is inconsistent from year to year, his defensive rank matches his rank on this list which sounds just about right for Cam. He plays very well in shootouts, winning 31.13% of his games, and his rate with good defenses is a hair above average. A part of this is due to his naturally inconsistent nature. Some days he's good for 400 in the air and 50 on the ground with a few TD's, other days he struggles to get 200 yards total. He's still in his prime, so there is still a lot left to write in this man's story and I'll be quite curious to see what he does after his shoulder injury. Will he still be the same dynamo, or will he have to adapt his game? I certainly can't wait.
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    Wut? Missandei says that, Grey Worm responds "But my people are not." My issue is less with Grey Worm and more with the Dothraki. When their Khal dies, the bloodriders have two jobs left in this world- to avenge their death, and then to escort the Khaleesi to Vael Dothrak. Obviously part 2 would be hard to do given A) they are across the sea from Vael Dothrak, and B) if Dany can be said to have a "Khaleesi" it would be... Jon, who killed her. After that, they all commit ritual suicide. So the Dothraki aren't going to compromise like that its not in their nature. They would have killed Jon no matter what, or died trying. I will say that Grey Worm leaving, again, makes no sense why Jon can't just return.