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    Every fucking Republican and Democrat- Imma call out Feinstein since she's on the left- that went and did insider trading the DAY of the coronavirus briefings; and especially the ones that then turned around and told people on twitter the media was just hyping it up; should be arrested and thrown in jail and their seat vacated. I don't give a rats ass who did this, anyone who did this committed a crime and should be in jail.
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    So some cool things to note - Weigh-ins are fucking wild and I loved taking all the body notes. Planning to release some articles about it. - Joe Brady, conductor of the LSU buzzsaw, sat about 15 feet to my right during the practices. - Sean Payton walked into the tiny hole-in-the-wall pizza place I was eating at last night. - I sat and watched tape beside Reggie McKenzie in the XOS film room.
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    Let's get Teddy some bacon and eggs. With the 7th pick the Carolina Panthers select: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama The Arizona Cardinals are up
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    One advantage of Covid-19 forcing me to spend a lot of time at home? More time spent writing. (Vin, fire up that SOON picture again.)
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    Nancy Pelosi is refusing to discuss UBI without some form of means-testing. Fuck Democrats. EDIT: And to be clear.. if we were talking a permanent UBI I would be more open to a means testing. I don't really like it, but if it got the job done and both sides to the table with a VERY HIGH ceiling... I could deal with it. But in this emergency situation where the White House has already said we just need to get money into peoples hands as fast as possible... and the fact they want it done within 2 weeks. Now we have Pelosi slowing shit down both in legislature and slowing down those checks after legislation is passed for people to be approved for it? Such bullshit. Party for the working class my dirty asshole (sorry, TP is in very short supply here).
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    Tulsi Gabbard introduces legislation that would fund a temporary UBI for every American ($1k a month) to combat coronavirus. Meanwhile the Fed has authorized 1.5 trillion dollars to artificially prop up money markets and banks. This money could fund UBI for every American for the next 6 months. But ya know, fuck actually helping people.
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    The inability to accept defeat and instead turn to conspiracy theories is everything that is wrong with Bernie's supporters, both in 2016 and in 2020. Not that they don't have some reason to think there are issues, but to claim widespread voter fraud is Trumpian, and has been disproven in so many ways beyond counting. Widespread voter fraud does not exist. Just because the country differs with you- and with me, on this one, I would far rather have Bernie than Biden- does not mean there is some sort of conspiracy going on here. If Biden wins it outright, then I'm okay with that. I was more concerned Bernie would have a plurality and the DNC would steal it from him. Sanders not being in the lead here is shocking and disappointing. Biden vs Trump is just another ho-hum neither one of these people are going to be really any good for this country. Yay.
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    You know I'm down for it.
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    I agree. And those people should be helped. But fucking over low middle class people who are just getting by isn't the answer to helping those people. But there should also be a level of freedom of choice to it. Pass Madicare For All Who Want It.. You opt in, you get the security you want for extra money that doesn't break your situation. Someone like me... maybe I want to roll around a little risky for a few years betting on myself and my health. Maybe that changes down the road and I want to opt in... At least I have that choice, instead of taking it away from me and adding even more insane income tax on top of it. Plus, it will probably end up costing more anyway... When Bernie was pitching this last election I am pretty sure the his percent increase on poor people like 2% or slightly more... Now it's 4. He's gonna get elected and it's probably gonna be 8% because the government is inept. I like most of Bernie's ideas. I like that he is fighting the fight. I feel like he genuinely wants to help people. I just think his execution... blows. Like badly. You kind of started down this path a few posts ago... but why do we need to add a new 4% income tax? Why is THAT the only way any of these politicians know how to get money out of people. More specifically to your post... Why can't we cut defense spending. End these ridiculous regime change wars, stop being the world police... Shift that money to our communities, to UHC, to education. Why can't we take a portion of already existing income tax and just shift that to a UHC plan (yes, I realize this requires cuts elsewhere)? Why can't we put a VAT on non-essential goods ...? I am totally fine with(relatively) Apple shitting on humanity and raising their prices in US markets because they are off setting VAT... Why? Because that brand new iPhone is bullshit anyway and it gives me a CHOICE. It gives and allows me freedom to choose. If I or you want to make sure we get that brand new model iPhone and feel like it's worth the extra $200... fine. Do it. If you don't... wait a year.. get a different brand of phone, etc etc. Bernie says his plan is what like... $30 trillion over a decade? I think Warren's is $20 trillion... A VAT at half the EU rate would bring in almost a trillion per year, roughly 30% of Bernie's price tag. Bernie's 5,000,000 different "options" to pay for UHC only total 17 trillion and I pulled 10 out of my ass in under 60 seconds (thanks Andrew). I don't know what just the % of his revenue generated by the tax increases would be on the 4% or whatever but that needs to change and needs to be removed from his bill. Or just increase the cap which is what.. like 30k right now? Make it 100k... Or.. how about fucking THIS. BRAIN BLAST. Eliminate the tax increase for everyone but the exact people Bernie yells at everytime he hits the stage. BILLIONAIRES! Include all the millionaires too. While it's great that people like you and me want to help... We shouldn't be footing this bill. Absolutely not. At least not in the form of mandatory income tax.
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    I think he assumes that a lot of poorer people, (speaking as one myself), have medical conditions that they either A) pay out of pocket for or B) are simply not getting checked out due to price. I'm in camp B, to be sure, so while I think I would pay about $200 more overall, M4A is also about having peace of mind that if something big does happen I'm not utterly fucked like I would be at the moment. It also doesn't tie my insurance to my job, as it is at the moment, which makes it even harder to find another job if necessary. Health insurance is a damn racket. Ever since I figured out how to look up the actual cost of the drug versus what the insurance charges, (I work in pharmacy, I can access that information easily enough) my mind is blown on a daily basis.
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    Oh he's done plenty worse. First of all, Dems talk about Trump being accused by women- 24. A lot, to be sure. Bloomberg has been accused by 63. He's been quoted as telling a pregnant female employee to "just kill it," that it would kill her career to have the child. He got upset when one of his female staff got married, claiming "there goes another one." The man is utter scum of the earth. I could never bring myself to vote for Trump because Trump is in the same old good ol boys club, but for the sake of our democracy I'd far rather see Trump get 4 more years than have Bloomberg buy a Presidency. Fortunately I don't think there's any way in hell Bloomberg beats Trump if its get that far because the entire progressive wing will sit at home.
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    I shouldn't doubt Mahomes, but that 49ers D is just so good. I'm probably less confident in this pick than any Super Bowl pick I've made in a long time.
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    I can't believe we have been doing this since 2010. Holy shit. We should try to compile the 32 teams draft selections since then and see how some of us stack up. I've drafted some hall of famers, some all pro's and pro bowlers and some wtf's but i feel like i'm probably at least somewhat close to thit rate of an NFL team.
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    Every word of this post is gold.
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    Congratulations, Cherry. We're all so fuckin' proud of you. This is amazing, truly. And FUCK Mike Tomlin.
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    This is epic, Cherry. You are officially TGP's NFL insider.
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    With the 9th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select... Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson The Cleveland Browns are on the clock.
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    Tulsi needs to drop out. Needed to a long time ago. She has no path and hasn't had any for awhile. When Yang didn't have a path, he left, as he should have. Tulsi is not going to be allowed on the debate stage, nor should she, she's not a serious contender at this point. Just because someone refuses to face reality doesn't really mean they are still a candidate. I like Tulsi, quite a bit, but she has no business to still be running for the nomination. Needs to be just Bernie and Biden and let them go at each other.
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    Very good point about the people up for re-election in Congress. I actually just read an article earlier this week talking about that possibility. That is Sanders wins the nomination -- which looks pretty likely, especially as the states voting get less white... That he (Sanders) could very well end up costing Democrats the House of Rep and there would be about 0 chance of claiming the Senate. Very , very interesting stuff. I've been changing my mind on this a lot.. The thought of a progressive vs a moderate taking the nomination. At some points during this process, I felt like it would help to have the progressive. Then I would change my mind later and think that was crazy.. then I was reading all these stories about Warren buttering up to the DNC elites so I was back on the progressive train.. and now that Pete looks like the clear #2 after two votes (again, still a lot can change)... I am beginning to think a progressive nominee is good news for Trump. I think I am gonna stick here though. But, also a good point by you... It might not even matter, because the Bernie people will probably riot if he loses (the nomination). lol
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    Anyone who supports Mayor Pete after this rigged primary is a cuck. Plain and simple.
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    I loved Mayor Pete's victory speech before a single vote was reported, lmao. "You shocked the nation, Iowa" Ya, at just how corrupt we are and how much of a stranglehold on Democracy the Dems have. Gross. I know this is obvious, but what a garbage system and process we have for electing a leader. Lmao.
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    You missed what he is saying. There is no incentive to pay your own way or your kids if being fiscally irresponsible reaps more rewards. That is the dude’s point. His argument is logically sound. colleges should be paid for by those who will benefit from it, not the taxpayers. now should the system be redone? sure. does that mean it should be free? No. Warren is a Fucking idiot which is sad , because I used to be a fan.
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    With the 157th Pick in the NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select Gardner Minshew, QB, Washington State